Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1192

Liu Chengfeng is not disgusted by this person Lin Lei, but he is also a little admired, but just appreciate that’s all, want to be his son-in-law, not to mention Child of Destiny, at least he can live in his hands Going down.

When Liu Chengfeng said that he would come to see his daughter, Lin Lei’s old face had completely darkened.


Lin Xianer saw his father ’s expression at the moment, and one did n’t hold back the laughter, and the smile was like a spring breeze. In place.

As for what Lin Lei said just now, he was thrown away to beyond the topmost clouds.

“Father, what do you think? How could Chengfeng brother see me? Besides, I’m still young and haven’t played enough.”

“And …”

Speaking, looking up at Liu Chengfeng, he continued, “Chengfeng brother is too weak. Compared with father, you can’t bear to look at it.”

“Even if it’s Hongyuan, I’m afraid of Chengfeng brother …” Shaking his head, he stopped talking.

But her expression is enough to make Liu Chengfeng understand clearly. To put it bluntly, he is too weak to be a rival to Hongyuan.

“I …”

Looking at Lin Xianer, Liu Chengfeng was very guilty, what made him too weak? It’s never been compared, why is he weak?

Although I didn’t agree with it, my face was awkward instead of a polite smile. Nodded promised, “Yes, yes, what Fairy Girl says is what.”

Said not yet Forget about Hongyuan Hongwei, “Hongyuan is indeed very difficult to deal with.”

Speaking on the mouth, but not thinking in the heart, men can’t say that they can’t, women can’t say that they don’t, As a pure man, how can you say that you can’t,

But in front of your favorite girl, daughter said it’s understandable.

“Ha ha …”

Of course, Lin Xianer did not believe what Liu Chengfeng said at the moment, nor did he click, and turned his head and stopped speaking.

Indeed, she does think so. Although it is not clear what Hongyuan ’s battle strength is, it can enter the killing department, which is not in ten-thousand does not have one.

The conversation between the two fell in Lin Lei’s eyes, with a smile on his face, looked towards the far side of things to do.

“Yu Young Master, you said that you were too boring just now.”

“If that’s the case, why don’t you try to compare with Hongyuan? How about your cultivation base for First Young Master. “

” See what you said in the end. “

” Okay, I agree. “


At this moment, Lin Xianer has successfully become the perfect cuckoo stick and slime.

When this remark came out, Hongyuan, who didn’t want to compare, pulled it out in one step and came to Lin Lei. He answered, “Yes, his subordinates understand.” The pampered young master in front of me is indeed a little uncomfortable. If the friends of the killed department know that they are bullying a small child here, I am afraid they will be laughed to death.

“Get started, I don’t want to waste time.”

“Uh … this … okay? Would you like to go outside, after all, this level of engagement, I am afraid it will be here … “

” No. “Hongyuan shook his head and refused.

“Get started!”


tone barely fell, a murderous aura burst out of Hongyuan within the body instantly, if Hongyuan was before A seemingly ordinary clerk, then Hongyuan is now like the blood corpse killer who just rushed out from the depths of Jiuyou.

The change of identity made Liu Chengfeng somewhat unacceptable. The suppression of this Murderous aura made him a little breathless.

His eyes widened and he looked at Hongyuan. In addition to shock, he lost all other expressions.

“Hongyuan, you are too …” I just want to open my eyes and praise, but when I look at the blood, it ’s like a meteor and instantly cuts through the space moved towards myself,

“I Fuck, it’s so good when you come up, it’s not necessary! “Feeling the terrible pressure, Liu Chengfeng raised his hand and wanted a place.

“It’s too slow.”

blood light When Liu Chengfeng put his arms crossed on his chest to resist, the cold voice with no emotion came to his ear.


A shivered, turned his head and looked towards where the sound was, but it was empty.

“It’s too slow, God’s Early-Stage? Oh, joke.” A cold voice came from the other side, and suddenly, his cold hands kept his arms around Liu Chengfeng’s neck. In the other hand, the middle finger of the index finger merged and turned into a sword finger and clicked on several Bloodline points on Liu Chengfeng.

The method is fast, ruthless, accurate, and accurate. Liu Chengfeng seals a cultivation base. After doing all this, he shakes his hands and throws Liu Chengfeng out of the shop. He looks very embarrassed.

At this moment, Liu Chengfeng has lost the look of the pampered young master before, and the entire covered in dirt decline is not far from the shop door.


Rolled out on the ground for a long time, and then I stopped hard. The whole person was lying on the ground dumbly, and there was no came back to his senses for a long time.

The situation of the shop, and where Liu Chengfeng is located at the moment, has undoubtedly caused the ideas of everyone around.

The people here are basically rich and powerful people, even some of them are from the Big Four.

When someone in the crowd saw Liu Chengfeng lying on the ground, his face changed suddenly, and he didn’t control the exclaimed sound for a moment.

“I fucking a friend, isn’t that Liu Young Master of Myriad Treasures?”

“What? Liu Chengfeng Liu Young Master?”

“It’s impossible, but at Imperial Capital, how could anyone dare to treat Liu Young Master like this? Maybe I don’t want to live, bring about one’s own destruction? “

” tsk tsk is indeed Young Master Liu. I was in the shop at Myriad Treasures before. Fortunately, I have seen Liu Young Master. It is indeed very similar to Young Master on the ground.


Finally, the argument did not point at all. The young man lying on the ground at this moment was the Young Master of Myriad Treasures. After Liu Chengfeng, the scene exploded.

Although the power of Myriad Treasures is not in Imperial Capital, anyway, the young master who is also the top sect, how can he be thrown out now?

Are there no guards and so on around me?

This idea came to the scene instantly, everyone looked at Liu Chengfeng lying in a daze on the ground, and no one knew what Liu Chengfeng was at this moment.

I’m afraid he understands it alone.

Think of what I said before, I still looked down on the other side in the last moment. Now, nowadays …

A trick, even to see how the other side ’s hand is clear, Was thrown out so embarrassedly.

It’s like throwing garbage, it doesn’t get a little energy, and it makes him helpless. This is still in front of the girl she likes.

At this moment, he finally understood why Lin Xianer had spoken like that before, indeed, now he did believe it.

“didn’t expect, didn’t expect I think it is very strong, but now it is such a disable to withstand a single blow.” I believe that the loss in my heart, the unwilling.

I feel that without the Spiritual Qi, the complexion is pale and weak, and the eyes of everyone around him have seen and ignored. Compared to these eyes, he is more concerned about the blows he receives today.

Inability to stand up and re-enter the Jiutian Store. At this moment, he is unwilling to look down on everyone here.

The eyes fell on Hongyuan, thinking of the Murderous Aura exposed on the other side before, shaking his head with a bitter smile, and arching back and thanking him, “Many thanks for his mercy.”

“No, Boss does not Let’s kill you, so you live, and hope not to be like this next time. “

” I don’t want such things to insult me. “

” I … will only kill people! ”

not at all Stay more, tell your true thoughts, turn back to the counter again, and become a clerk who collects money.

Liu Chengfeng: ………………

Without speaking, I looked towards Lin Lei, and for a moment, he looked at dreading to this person who didn’t seem to have the slightest cultivation base.

“My father is very strong, and you are not an opponent.” Thinking of Lin Xianer said before, I did n’t believe it before, but now …


“Okay, that’s all!”

Lin Cheng looked at Liu Chengfeng, Lin Lei waved his hands, and looked free and easy on the surface, but his heart turned over to the extreme.

“Let you fight Lao Tzu daughter’s idea, can’t kill you, a little bit.”

Thinking, raising my hand to take care of Lin Yu, “Go, put Shui Yun on the second floor Dan brought it here. “

” Yes, Boss. “

After receiving the order, Lin Yu didn’t dare to stay in the slightest, turned around on the second floor, and waited to appear again, with one more in his hand. jade bottle.

Receiving jade bottle, he threw it to Liu Chengfeng, and said, “This is the gift of Hongyuan’s rudeness.”

Speaking at Liu Chengfeng, he sang God, The sword rushed out, turned into one after another pure Holy Spirit, and rushed into Liu Chengfeng’s several closed points.


within the body There was a roar, and the purely Spiritual Qi that was originally blocked in Danfu seemed like a long time when the dew came out, and it poured into the inside of the body. among the meridian.

“Okay, the seal is lifted.”

Speaking, sitting back in place, greeting the daughter, and taking out a mule.

The sister-in-law is red, quaint and generous, although it does not have the luxurious feeling of gold and jade in glorious splendor, but this sister-in-law is a Holy Grade 2 Holy Artifact.

The material used is the hibiscus divine wood that I got before. When I insisted on the tea tray before, I made this dumpling by the way.

With it, later Daogu Saint do n’t want to break through this layer of defense in a short time. With it, he is not afraid that his daughter will be in danger outside.

“Xianer, don’t buy clothes during this time, first refine this bitch and put it on your head, it will resist the continuous strikes of the later Dao Saint.”

“Thank you father.”

Speaking, I reached out to take the bitch, and immediately put it on my head. For this thing, she should take it, who should let it be given to her by father. What about it.

“Well … this is the hibiscus … made from hibiscus divine wood?”

A surprise came out of Liu Chengfeng’s mouth, and his eyes locked on the bitch on Lin Xianer’s head, He recognized Fuso Divine Wood. He was also present when Wu Ding exchanged Fusong Divine Wood.

“Oh, your kid’s eyes are very poisonous, and you can see at a glance that this is made of hibiscus divine wood.” Liu Chengfeng’s response made the type a little surprised.

The mule is made by him. Ordinary people can’t see the material of this thing. Even some Artifact Refinement Master can’t recognize it at a glance.

“How is it possible, the rank of this bitch …”

The eyes fell on Lin Lei, and the color of shock grew stronger. If it was shocked by Hongyuan’s strength before, now He was even more shocked.

Is this World crazy? How can I even send the bitches to Holy Artifact? Is Holy Artifact so worthless now?

“Boy, I have just refined this thing. You are the second one to see it, what are your thoughts?” Liu Chengfeng’s shock was collected into the eyes.

This is exactly the result he wants. If he can talk to him on the spot to help the refiner, it will be very good.

“You …”

“Is this what you made?”

“Everything … they all come from your own hands?” “Tentatively asked, I regretted it as soon as I said it. One person has multiple positions, and they are all holy. Who can do it through the ages.

“Yes, everything here is from my hands.”

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