Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1193

“Really … everything…”

“Really really it ’s him…”

The pupils were very windy, and they looked at Lin Lei with shock and disbelief. For Lin, Lei, he knows the strength of the other side now.

The reason why I did n’t feel the existence of Spiritual Qi in the other person ’s body may be because the other person is too strong, and he ………

too weak…

Especially when I think of the strength of Qiong Lao, even those strengths can’t see whether Lin Lei has a cultivation base, which is what shocked him most.

For this shocking look, Lin Lei’s heart is so refreshing, he likes this look.

But … Lin Xian’er didn’t give himself the face of father at all, looked at Liu Chengfeng who was so calm, and waved with a smile: “Chengfeng brother, you might be a little bit big.”

“Although my father is strong, compared to your Myriad Treasures, my father has no advantage at all.”

Speaking, Little Missy had an idea and continued: ” Brother Chengfeng, you see, your Myriad Treasures is so powerful, and the disciple in the door wants to come in ten-thousand does not have one. “

Lin Xianer said, she didn’t see her face turning black. Lin Lei, and said more and more vigorously, did not stop at all.

“Our Jiutian shop is short of everything, but it is not short of elixir, charms, weapons, even if you want to decorate Sect Protecting Array and so on, you can come to my Jiutian shop.”

“Uh … this, Aunt Fairy …”

“Also, we are all so familiar with each other, you ca n’t hang in any way you are not, so, 20% off, 20% off, What do you think? “Without giving Liu Chengfeng a chance to speak, he reached out and took out a piece of paper.

“Come, Brother Chengfeng, give me your hand.”

Liu Chengfeng: ………

Although it ’s very helpless, it still does. She handed it to Lin Xianer, and cast her gaze on her in doubt, a good rare treasure.


As soon as the rays of light flashed through, there was a pain in the fingers, a heat flow came out, and Liu Chengfeng came back to his senses. I saw Lin Xianer Those daggers on the other hand, and his fingers broke through a wound, and blood poured out.


Put your fingers firmly on Liu Chengfeng’s hand and press directly on the paper on the table.

“Uh, fairy … Fairy girl, what are you doing?” I do n’t understand why Lin Xianer is doing this nearby, looking down, suddenly, seeing what was written on the paper, Liu Cheng Feng is like a woodcarving in his place.

“I fuck a friend, this Nima …”, the three characters are written very clearly, the contract.

It is reliable to write down. It reads that in the future, all purchases in Myriad Treasures will have to be purchased from the Jiutian shop.

Which is covered by the eye-catching blood, his name is intact, and what makes him aggressive is that the method of writing his name is his own.

“Fuck, I said why this Little Missy had me write my name on a few white papers, and co-authored here to wait.” Think about Lin Xianer’s appearance before, Liu Chengfeng collapsed.

The actions of the two, together with the contract book on the table, Lin Lei really saw it. At this moment, he very much wanted to give his daughter a thumbs up.

But …

Although Liu Chengfeng is not suitable for the son-in-law in his heart, anyway, as a friend, it is not annoying. Nowadays, this method is a bit shameless.

Thinking, reaching out and holding Lin Xianer’s hand holding Liu Chengfeng away, with an apologetic look towards Liu Chengfeng, saying: “Yu Young Master, really sorry, I don’t know the little girl will do this. “

In order to convince Liu Chengfeng, he picked up the paper on the table and tore it in front of him.” In this matter, Liu Young Master should make a joke, don’t take it seriously. “

” Father. “

Lin Xianer is unwilling to do all of her hard work. She is not trying to earn some cultivation resources for sect, but now …

Now it is easily torn by father and he apologizes to Liu Chengfeng, which makes him very upset, extremely upset, and extremely upset.

“Okay, don’t say it.”

Speaking, he reached for a shot on the medicine cabinet, a suction appeared, and one bottle contained ten Breaking Emperor Pills. The pill bottle flew up and landed on Lin Lei’s hand.

“In this way, this bottle of elixir is not worth a few bucks, and it should be treated as a rude gift to my daughter.” Then, handed it to Liu Chengfeng.

“I … this, I …”

Looking at the elixir in front of me, I did n’t take it, did n’t take it, and it was n’t, and … I did n’t seem to say anything from beginning to end. Right!

“Huh, hate the ghost, hold it quickly.” Lin Xianer also spoke, perhaps knowing that something she had done before was a bit wrong.

“Even this bottle of elixir has not been sold even by Pill Refining Guild. In this way, it should be able to add a cultivator to your sect.” Indeed, Liu Chengfeng was very excited. Although the Dijing Powerhouse is nothing in the holy realm, it can be a small sect. It is indeed very precious, especially those with great potential.

“I …”

“How do you look like a girl?” Liu Chengfeng couldn’t stand it, so Lin Xianer couldn’t stand it. He stepped forward and avoided the pill bottle. Tucked into Liu Chengfeng’s hands,

“Let you take those, or you won’t come to my nine-day shop in the future.” He resigned and remained silent.

Looking at the elixir in his hand, Liu Chengfeng wanted to say something, but unfortunately, before he spoke, Lin Lei took the lead and said, “Okay, let’s be busy today.” /p>

“I just came to Imperial Capital, but I haven’t turned around well yet.” Then, turning to look towards daughter, a soft smile emerged, opened the mouth and said: “Little Missy, let’s go around, maybe After a while, your father and I are busy and can’t take care of you. “

” Ah? You … want to go out again? “

I heard that I went out shopping, but some Excited Lin Xianer, after hearing the second half of the sentence, her face collapsed, her expression of loss was not concealed.

In the past, in order to be able to follow Father, he did not hesitate to cultivate Xuanbing Tianjin, so as to be able to have enough strength, and now say in front of Father, I am strong, I can follow you Around.

It’s a pity …

“You Little Missy, you are very young. How can you feel a bitter hatred all day? I just said it, but I did n’t say I would n’t take you, you see You … “Understand Xianer’s thoughts, Lin Lei spoke with a reassurance and stabilized each other.


“………” Shake my head helplessly.

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