Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 1194

“Actually, I want to say, I want to be with you!” Looking at the two leaving silhouettes at the door, Liu Chengfeng muttered in the heart.

“Fairy. Remember, if you look for a husband later, you must not find such a weak one.”

“My daughter of Lin Lei, no matter how you say, the future husband-in-law must also be the kind of man who can hold on to me.”

“I want Liu Chengfeng like this Yes, even my subordinates can’t beat it, too bad. “

” Remember! “

” I … “Liu Chengfeng’s face collapsed, his heart grinning Endlessly.

Although Lin Lei is far away, there is no ordinary person present, even more how he is still a cultivator of Early-Stage, which is not much distance.

I heard that sentence was awkward. Liu Chengfeng really wanted to buy a piece of tofu and hit him. How often has he been so shameful?

Looking at Hongyuan who was busy at the front desk, Liu Chengfeng was not staying. The previous scene was deeply remembered in his mind, and his heart was even more determined. He must work harder in the future. dignified Young Sect Master, defeated every time.

Lin Lei will laugh if he knows what Liu Chengfeng thinks.

His people are naturally very clear. The reason why Hongyun was able to kill Liu Chengfeng in one stroke was entirely because of one stroke.

If you don’t give Hongyun a chance to be killed, if you continue to fight for a long time, you can win, but it’s not so easy.

On the street, Lin Xianer thought about what Father had just said, she was red with red ears for a while, and there was something that could not be said.

She never thought about the husband-in-law. Since birth, she has been in cultivation. She really does n’t understand this. The only obsession in her heart is to help her father. .

Xuanyuan Imperial Capital is very large. Its internal forces are intricate and complex. There are families, powerhouses everywhere, and they can have a place in Imperial Capital. Except for others, they are basically cultivator families.

Tianping Inn. This is the largest restaurant in Imperial Capital. The power behind it is huge. I heard that even the Imperial Family has to give some face.

Even if it is Myriad Treasures, I dare not impudent at the balance Inn.

Lin Lei, although he has n’t been to Imperial Capital for a month, but I ’ve heard of this force, he can give a top-level sect to his face, and dare not impudent the Inn. He really wants to see this. What about Home Inn.

Lin Lei, they should be on the bustling street. Looking at all kinds of people around, they are very tired of this model.

Especially Lin Xian’er has been in cultivation. There seems to be a kind of resistance to such a crowded place.

“Father, what are we going to do this time?”

“I haven’t heard that we are going to come out today? Isn’t it just to hide from the will!” Turning his head and looking On Lin Lei, he asked.

“Hide him?”

The look of contempt flashed, withsaid with a smile: “He doesn’t have the qualification to let me hide.”

“I came out this time mainly to inquire about something, and …” Then, he pointed his finger at a 4-Layer building in front of him and continued: “I heard that there is a restaurant in Imperial Capital, and all the major forces must Give me some face, even the Imperial Capital Imperial Family dare not impudent in it, and make trouble, so … ”

“Maybe there is an answer for my father that I want to know, or I want to see what is special about this restaurant.”

“Ah? That ’s it!”

Hearing this, Lin Xianer lost interest instantly. At their level, there is no need to eat and eat. The reason why there is restaurant is just to satisfy the appetite that’s all.

“Why, you don’t want to go?” Lin Lei looked at the daughter’s disinterested face and asked.

“No … no, it just doesn’t make sense.”

“Of course, since father is going, then go, there is nothing wrong with the shop anyway.”

“Well, okay!”

The two reached a consensus and came to the balance Inn door soon.

“Oh, a restaurant, it’s so quiet inside.” Upon arrival, Lin Lei found one of them.

Indeed, a restaurant can’t be so quiet no matter how difficult it is to say that needle drop is audible, at least at the door, there is no noise at all.

“It ’s weird.”

The eyes fell on the restaurant. There were many people in it, but there was no hustle and bustle, which caused her a sense of curiosity.

“Let ’s go!”

The two stepped into the door of the restaurant. Suddenly, a clerk saw Lin Lei and they came in instantly, bowed saluted, very Be polite, and say: “Two people, I don’t know if I’m a sharp or staying at a restaurant?”

Lin Lei: ………………

Lin Xianer: ……………… > p>

Lin Lei was shocked at the spot, especially Lin Lei.

He is very familiar with this line. When he was at Aqua Blue, the Inn ’s Xiao Er in the TV series all said so.

But now I ’m here, it ’s true …

Xiaoshen returned to God in an instant, and waved his hand: “How about preparing a meal for us?”

“Private room?”

Looking at Lin Lei, the clerk exposed the color of the counter, and his utter endlessness aroused Lin Lei’s idea.

“Why, no more private rooms?” Divine Consciousness was released, and the entire balance Inn appeared in Lin Lei’s mind. There were not many private rooms on the three floors, but there were still.

So, looking at the clerk, Lin Lei is not slightly wrinkled. He is not a patient man, and he has a longing for the clerk, and he is a little upset.

“This … this guest, I’m really sorry, all the above third floor needs to have a strong identity to enter, and in general, they have to eat on the first floor.”

“At this moment, the rules of our balance Inn are not small and embarrassing. It’s really …”

“Oh! Power.” Lin Lei laughed directly. To eat a meal, you need a powerful identity to order a private room.

cultivation He has heard this for the first time in many years. Even if he was in God World at the time, it was enough to dominate. However, there was no such regulation in the Chamber of Commerce for nine days.

“Guest, look at …” Looking at Lin Lei, did the clerk say something.

Learing the call of the clerk, Lin Lei turned his head and looked towards all around, suddenly looking up, then no longer arguing, anyway, he came to eat, there is no need to be unhappy.

He felt the impatience next to Fairy, and he wasn’t tangling these things, and nodded echoed, “OK, in this case, please arrange a window by us.” > p>

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