Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 12

Heavenly Dragon old man When he heard the man say it, he was reluctant.

“Purple Wing Venerable Lord, how can you say that, no matter how I am also guarded in this space, there are no trillion years and there are hundreds of billions of years, how do I know why Chaos Energy went away by itself, and said, I You ca n’t look at this every day. ”

“Heavenly Dragon Venerable Lord, then you talk about what is going on here, how many years, this space has been peaceful, why is this happening today, what the hell is this?”

I saw another old man stood up and said to the two of them.

The two people who heard these words alleviated a lot, so Heavenly Dragon Venerable Lord said to everyone, “Did you all forget that, at the lower level of cultivation, there is something in the legendary Chaos Energy sea, This phenomenon may occur when this thing is turned on, but it has not happened for a long time. If I do n’t expect it to be bad, this should be caused by the person who opened the sea of ​​gas. ”Speaking of which, all Venerable Lord froze.

What Lin Lei, who was far away from Xuantian Continent, didn’t know that his move had caused several Venerable Lords in Chaos World, and what Lin Lei couldn’t think of was that these people sat slowly and began to treat him slowly. Pay attention.

“Shua”, I saw a crack in space and time on Lin Lei’s head practicing in the spiritual liquid pool.

The breath emanating from the cracks in time and space is not something that the powerhouse on the Xuantian continent can bear at all, but Lin Lei during the cultivation did not feel it at all.

“A wave of gray gas rushed out of the crack in time and space without stopping, as if it had reached the summon of Lin Lei. As soon as the space crack emerged, it went straight to Lin Lei’s within the body.”

“Well,” just when the grey gas just entered Lin Lei within the body, Lin Lei had a sense, not a sense of the grey gas, but Lin Lei felt that his progress towards Chaos Energy Sea was slowly moving. Speed ​​up and realize Lin Lei is excited.

For Lin Lei, speeding up Chaos Energy is a good thing, but for Xuantian Continent, it’s like terrifying the end of the world.

When the space crack appeared, the air on the entire Xuantian continent, Spiritual Qi and some rivers and rivers changed. The most significant one was Spiritual Qi, which gradually dilute as much as possible, and began to become qi instead of spirit. .

And the mountains and rivers have begun to change their position. The place where the river had originally become a mountain peak, and the place where the mountain peak has also become a river at the same time. Even the air has become thinner. The most incredible thing is pressure. These coercion can only affect the cultivator. The higher the coercion base, the higher the coercion.

As soon as this phenomenon appeared, it was sensed by the powerhouses in the central part of Xuantian Continent. Slowly the entire Xuantian continent was felt, but all the people who arrived at Nascent Soul felt it.

On a mountain peak in the middle of Xuantian Continent, an old man suddenly appeared, watching a kind of divine poise and sagelike features, and as soon as the old man appeared, his eyes looked in the direction of Lin Lei. Come.

At the same time, it didn’t take long for the old man to come, and a few old men appeared before, and their actions were the same as those of the first old man. Everyone thought of Lin Lei’s The direction seems.

But after looking at it for a long time, several people looked at the tacitly shook the head, sighed.

“Well, what the hell is going on here, why did Xuantian continent have such a natural phenomenon, and with such weird coercion, nothing can be detected at the source of the probe? What is the cause of this? “

One old man looked at the side after speaking, and several looked with sad expressions in his eyes.

“Well, it is impossible to detect or speculate, and no one knows what it is, or whether it is a blessing or a curse on Tian Xuan. Is this the fixed number of Tian Xuan?

“Well, don’t even think about it, we have no choice but to do so. Besides, we have lived for so many years. Are we afraid of death?”

I saw the old man talking, and his eyes were not afraid of death. This action made the old man next to him speechless.

But these are just the ideas of these old man, but the cultivation base is low and there is no cultivator without the old man angry. They don’t think so. They didn’t expect that this situation would happen again one day. The entire Xuantian continent would be messed up for a long time. Burning and plundering, grabbing cities, and all kinds of crimes all emerged at one time. At the same time, Lin Lei, who was sitting in the spiritual liquid pool outside, was bathed in the feeling of enjoyment.

“Hurry up, hurry up, at this point Lin Lei watched that the sea of ​​air in his body had reached the brightest moment of purple, and it would soon turn gray, but in the process, Lin Lei was not very satisfied, Lin Lei always feels very slow. “

“In this way, Lin Lei’s movements continued for half a month. At most, it was slow time for Lin Lei, but for the entire Xuantian continent, I was suffering.”

“Hurry up, it’s almost time to hurry,” Lin Lei looked at the place where it hadn’t turned gray, and was immediately anxious.

“Hong”, just when Lin Lei was anxious, the place that hadn’t turned gray finally changed, and the whole sea of ​​gas turned all gray, Lin Lei was immediately excited when he looked at his gas sea.

“Ha Ha Ha, Lao Tzu’s should finally be created. Such a capital depends on who dares to bully Lao Tzu in the future.”

Looking at Lin Lei who was angry at him, he suddenly crooked in his heart. However, at the same time Lin Lei opened the successful Chaos Energy sea, the space-time crack appeared on his head also healed.

“Boom ka-cha”, just as Lin Lei was happy, the whole sky suddenly thundered and thundered suddenly, and the sound was very sad, as if something had threatened it.

“Well,” Lin Lei seemed to feel that this thunder seemed to be true to him, so he stood up and walked towards the cave entrance, and it was already pouring rain outside.

At the same time, it broke through Lin Lei on the ground floor of Refining Qi and Chaos Energy. The strength has increased, not only on the cultivation base. What makes Lin Lei incredible is that his fleshhy body is also strong. Lin Lei was most pleased. It didn’t take long for Lin Lei to reach the entrance of the cave, and when he encountered the overcast wind that just came in, Lin Lei didn’t feel the cold.

Looking at the rain in front of him, Lin Lei’s heart suddenly twitched. In the heavy rain, he was alone in the Morin mountain range, and there was no one to talk to.


Sighed Lin Lei, turned around and headed towards Shandong. On the way, Lin Lei let Chi Yanhu release it. When it was released, Chi Yanhu could n’t wait to put it on Lin Lei’s body immediately, tongue. Non-stop licking the clothes of Lin Lei.

“I, I rely on, can you please, go quickly, what is so disgusting to me, I can tell you what clothes I keep, if you stain me, I will strip your skin off When wearing clothes. “

Lin Lei saw that his clothes were licked by Chiyanhu’s saliva, and he immediately felt very funny, but he felt very warm. Although he said so, his heart was not so long, and Chiyan As if the tiger was faceless and skinless, he took Lin Lei’s words as a breeze and ignored them.

“I said, Xiaohu, you’re enough. I didn’t call you out to make you tired by my side. I called you out to get your strength and quickly break through to the Refining Qi period, so you can continue to be my mount. Let me ride you to see all corners of this heaven, “

After that, Lin Lei looked towards Red Flame Tiger, and Red Flame Tiger, the whole eyes immediately lit when I heard the breakthrough Refining Qi period.

“Hehe, since you want to break through, quickly go to the pool for a few sips, and quickly break through. If it still doesn’t work, take a few more sips, until you know the breakthrough, you know?”

Lin Lei did not care about that many after finishing talking, but jumped directly to the spiritual liquid pool to practice. Although Lin Lei used a lot of time to make breakthroughs, but Lin Lei as a whole achieved water in the pool. It’s just that you can show up. You can imagine how many spiritual liquid pools there are.

When Red Flame Tiger saw Lin Lei went into the state of cultivation, he quickly came to the pool of water and swallowed a few mouthfuls of Spiritual Qi. He turned and walked to the side and practiced on the ground.

Lin Lei during the practice naturally felt the action of the Red Flame Tiger. Lin Lei did not care about it, but directly operated the chaos, and devoured the cultivation technique. All of the spiritual liquid and Spiritual Qi in the air were all in a while. Crazed into Lin Lei’s body and turned into experience points.

Three thousand experience, five thousand, three thousand, this speed is four or five times as happy as before the breakthrough, I saw Lin Lei’s experience value is rising crazy.

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host for breaking through Refining Qi first order, with additional rewards for taking on cloud boots (Spiritual Qi top), Ziyun Taopao (Spiritual Qi top), Ziyun inner armor (Spiritual Qi top).”

“Ding dong, may I ask the host to put on these equipment?”

“Well,” Lin Lei didn’t hesitate to hear what system said. Directly nodded promised, for a long time Lin Lei’s torn clothes were all changed to be not gorgeous, but it seemed that the whole person was much more comfortable.

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host’s attack power tripled”

“Haha, that’s great”, Lin Lei’s mentality was taken seriously.

The newly relaxed Lin Lei, when he heard the next sentence of system, it seemed as if he had been splashed with cold water, and the whole person was not good.

“The host should not be too happy. Your mission is to kill the Evil Spirit of the Zodiac within three months. Now one month has passed, and two months have passed. Among these two months, The host must break through Refining Qi 7th grade to be able to compete with Evil Spirit. “

“Um, okay,”

Lin Lei didn’t say anything more because he felt that system was right.

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