Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 19

“What happened, when did I kill the granddaughter of Windcloud Sect Great Elder, didn’t I let it go?”

Lin Lei, who opened his eyes, scanned the surrounding area and found that there was one person missing, so he turned his head and looked towards Dian Wei behind.

“What happened to Dian Wei, where did Honglian go?”

Hearing Lin Lei’s words, when Dian Weizhi was about to tell Lin Lei, a silhouette emerged from the grass next to him.

“Let me do it.”

Honglian’s voice reached Lin Lei’s ears, and the sound was exhausted, which made Lin Lei listen and hurried up.

“What’s the matter, are you going to kill the woman I let go?” Lin Lei hurriedly stepped forward to support the tired Honglian, and asked anxiously.

“I went to kill that woman”

Lin Lei looked at this red lotus full of murderous aura and smiled twice.

“Why, did he provoke you?”

“No, what did he think of Young Master, and I didn’t want Young Master to be in danger, so I killed her directly. I didn’t expect it to be stopped in the end. She sent jade talisman directly. Our information passed through Windcloud. Sect believes it won’t be long before they will come here to trouble the Young Master. “

Speaking of which, Honglian bowed her head apologetically, as if she had done something wrong.

“Well, it ’s always coming. Even if they do n’t come, I ’ll go back and look for them. It ’s just a matter of time. That ’s all. You do n’t have to do that. Such people will kill it’s nothing”.

When Lin Lei saw Honglian’s appearance, her mood improved for an instant.

On a mountain in the distance, it is smoky, as beautiful as the Immortal Realm on the earth, and here is a large sect Windcloud Sect.

At this time, in a palace at Windcloud Sect, three people stood there, with some paper and pens in their hands, remembering something, and suddenly some strange noises appeared.

“Crack crack”

I only heard the sound of crack cracks appear constantly. This phenomenon really scared the three people who were taking notes.

One of the best people grew up came first to his senses, then climbed out of the gate and walked towards a room next to him.

“dong dong dong ”

The man came to the door of the room and knocked them hard. Listening to this voice, the man beat a drum in his heart.

“The Master said during the retreat not to disturb his cultivation, but at such an urgent moment, I can’t control so much.”

After speaking, I knocked them hard again, and finally got shocked in the room this time.

“Who, who is disturbing my cultivation, haven’t I said that, don’t you have anything important to interrupt me?”

An angry roar came out of the room. The man heard he was kneeling on the ground, his body shivered, and he shivered into the door and said.

“Master, this time, it is not discipple who intends to disturb you to practice, but that the disciples are undecided in this matter.”

“Well,” the complied man inside was super quiet.

With a “Zhi Ya” sound, the door was pulled open from the inside, and a man in his forties or fifty came out of the room and looked angrily at the person kneeling on the ground.

“Hmph, what important things need to bother me, don’t you know that for the teacher this time, I would have to break through the Golden Core. As long as the breakthrough is Golden Core, the teacher can become Elder, but because of you, I I ’ve been interrupted. You tell me what is happening now. If it ’s not important, you do n’t have to go back today. ”

The man kneeling on the ground shook even more noticeably when he heard his Master’s words.

“Master, this is it. Just now, while disciple and several Junior Brothers were copying samples, all of a sudden, the soul brand hanging on the wall broke more than twenty, and they were all inner sect disciple. So disciple came to you. “

The man trembled and told the truth.

And those who are called Master by the man are the direct disciple of the third elder. They are also the deacons who guard the soul card. When they hear what their disciple says, they are immediately stunned, and then kneel unconsciously. People, but went directly to the palace of the soul card.

As a character in Piqu Peak, can speed be rare? Soon after coming to the hall, a pair of eyes looked towards the broken life cards, and the eyes stopped in front of the two broken life cards. Take a closer look. For a time, Goola didn’t breathe and immediately fainted. Die past.

“Ah, Master, what’s wrong with you?”

Seeing this, the nearby disciple quickly stepped forward and supported the hook.

“How can this be, who is good, and it must hurt me so much.”

Goola feels aggrieved now. At the same time, they were also scared. At the same time, two grandchildren of Sect Elder died, and so many inner sect disciple were killed. This is no joke.

“Well, Xiao Du, come and bring Su Fang Young Lady’s life card to Great Elder, and when he asks you, you do n’t know, did you hear it?”

Goola stood up, and ordered to the little science next to him.

“Oh, master the master”

The disciple named Xiaodu didn’t say a word. He went directly to the place where Great Elder went to Great Elder, and Gou himself also took Wang Jian’s life card in addition to the temple door, and walked towards his Master’s training place.

On the way, Hook came as if he was going to hell. It felt so long, and all his clothes were wet with cold sweat.

My heart was very afraid of his Master’s anger. When he thought of his Master’s anger, his legs trembled.

However, I quickly came to the place where Golai was afraid to come now. Looking at the palace in front of me, Goola’s body seemed to keep screaming, and immediately fell on his knees accidentally.

“Well, isn’t this playing with me, how does this support me to say that Master’s anger can not be afraid of me?”

Koulai kneeling on the ground forgot about it, but he was thinking about ways to not be suffocated by his master while wondering. He didn’t know that he was still behind the hook.


I saw a cough behind Goola, but Goola didn’t seem to hear it, there was no movement.

“cough cough”

It was another coughing sound, but at this time, the look behind him was obviously the reason why spiritual power was used, and the sound was particularly loud.


With a scream, he shouted from Hook’s mouth, turned his head to see the person behind him, and one sat on the ground without squatting.

“Master, your old man is back”

After seeing it, the hooked face collapsed in time, and said to the old man with a bitter smile.

“I said young, come here, this usually busy time will come back, why are you back now?”

The words I looked at were questioning, and I was so scared to stop in the ears.

“Well, Master, today I found that more than twenty cultivators were dead in the hall of fortunes, and the fortunes were also broken at the same time, so the discipline came.”

“Oh, what’s going on. How could so many people die at once?”

The old man was shocked when he heard what he said. This time, he died more than XNUMX times. This is not a century. Unless a relic is opened, otherwise many people will not die.

“Master, please listen to Disciple to finish his speech, and his life card also includes Wang Jian’s.”

A sentence like a thunderbolt went straight to the old man’s head.


The mind that was watching for a while was blank, paused for a while, the consciousness of watching returned to reality, and a pair of bloodshots looked at the kneeling hooks with Murderous aura.

“Do you know who killed my grandson?”

The sound of Asura from Hell passed into Hooked’s ears, and Hooked’s body collapsed instantly, shaking all over.

“Oh … Master, I don’t know, but Great Elder will definitely know”

Goola saw that the old man was on the brink of a runaway, and suddenly thought of Great Elder, so Goola directly led the clue to Great Elder.

“What, Great Elder knows why.”

When I heard myself disciple, I looked puzzled.

“Master, not only your grandson died, but also the granddaughter of Great Elder died at the same time. Although it does not seem to be the same time, I can definitely find that the granddaughter Sufang Young Lady is also dead, her life card I’ve asked someone to deliver it. “

Hearing this, the old man didn’t say a word, directly took out the flying sword, and directly stepped on the flying sword towards the Great Elder, and when the old man and the go were arguing, the Great Elder side also happened The same scene.


A broken voice passed directly to Great Elder.

This is Fang’s Sound transmitting talisman. When he saw what was in his hand, Great Elder was instantly excited, so he quickly injected spiritual power into Sound transmitting talisman, and a woman came out with a voice of fear and hatred.

“Grandfather, you must take revenge for me, you must kill that little beast, she is now in the area of ​​Sentian mountain range Refining Qi Demonic beast. I do n’t know his name, but I know the name of the woman under his name. She ’s called Honglian, grandfather, you must take revenge for me, no matter it is me, even Wang Jian died in that man’s hand, remember to help me … “

Before the words were finished, Su Fang’s voice disappeared, and at this time Great Elder’s eyes had a heavy killing intent and looked towards the direction of Moriyama mountain range.

“Wait for me, this life, this old man must kill you to avenge my granddaughter”, a terrifying voice came out with the whole body’s cultivation base.

The Xiao Du, who was next to his death card, had already been released by Great Elder, which directly killed him.

“Aaaaaahhhh ……”

The sound kept coming towards the entire Windcloud Sect, and all the disciples heard the voice of Great Elder.

At this time a silhouette came to Great Elder’s room, facing the angry Great Elder.

“I know who killed your grandson. I want to tell you that I have a condition. As soon as you agree, I will tell you immediately.”

At this time Great Elder, when he felt that the person behind was third elder, he already knew his purpose.

“Okay, you said, as long as I can do it, I will do it,” Wang Shen gnashing teeth popped out of his mouth a few words.

“Okay, when I break through Nascent Soul, be sure to help me through, nothing else.”

When Wang Shen heard what Great Elder said, he directly agreed.

“Okay, when you break through, just inform me. You can tell me now.”

“The one who killed your grandson and my granddaughter is the same person, and is now in the area of ​​Sentian mountain range Refining Qi Demonic beast. You must be quick to get revenge, or you will run away if you don’t make it.”

Wang Shen had left before he heard what Great Elder had said, leaving only Great Elder.

“Go, convene the dark, must find the person who killed Fanger, I want them to die.”

After Wang Shen left, I saw Great Elder say something in the air, but a silhouette suddenly appeared.

“Yes, let the subordinates do it.”

The man kneeled on the floor and complied, then stood up and wanted to step back. The whole person was absorbed into the air again, just like no one there, it was amazing.

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