Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 20

The same thing, Wang Shen who went back also found someone to go to Sentian mountain range to assassinate Lin Lei.

The client was in the Sentian mountain range at this time, bathed in the sun, his head lying on Honglian’s thigh, whistling and raising Erlang’s legs, and he felt uncomfortable.

And when Dian Wei and Bai Qi came back, one person carried the Demonic beast tiger all the time, one of those firewood came to Lin Lei’s side, lit the fire and looked at the Demonic beast.

What Lin Lei didn’t know at this time was that the danger was not far from him.

“Well, it’s good to be able to drink Loulou at this time. It would be nice if I could live like this for a long time.”

With a sigh, the atmosphere became a little dull at once, and a sigh of longing was carried in the sigh, as if enjoying this life at this time.

“Young Master, do you yearn for such a life?”

Red Lotus, who was pressing Lin Lei’s shoulders, heard Lin Lei’s words, and her mouth was uncontrolled for a while, and she directly expressed her doubts.

“Well, of course I yearn for it, who does n’t yearn for such a life, when I am free, I bask in the sun and go out with my wife, child, and watch my wife do it for myself and my son. It ’s a wonderful thing, but time is like this. What you get from Senior, he wo n’t let you get it. ”

Speaking of which, Lin Lei paused. I talked a lot in a while, and I remembered my parents and younger brother younger sisters.

“Is there really such a life?”

At this time, Red Lotus was confused. After hearing Lin Lei’s words, the entire person of Red Lotus was thrown into the world in Lin Lei’s words. After seeing the scenes, Honglian’s face could not help but a hint of happiness. Smile.

“Red lotus, red lotus”

Seeing Honglian’s appearance, Lin Lei knew that Honglian had fallen into magic, so he quickly screamed into Honglian’s ears with True Qi.


Honglian screamed, woke up, and looked at her floating cultivation base. Honglian was suddenly scared. If it wasn’t for Lin Lei’s shout, maybe Honglian had already become a walking dead.

“Thank you, Xie Young Master Xie. If it weren’t for Young Master, maybe there is no red lotus in this world.”

I saw the wake-up Honglian, thanked Lin Lei all the time, and Lin Lei blushed.

“Well, it’s okay. If I didn’t mention it suddenly, you wouldn’t give birth to your own demon. If I’m sorry, it should be me.”

After speaking, the two raised their heads and looked at the smiling laughed. Then Lin Lei’s head was lying on Honglian’s thigh, and Honglian did the same action as before.

“Yes, Young Master, did the thing you said just now really exist?”

Seeing Honglian impatiently asking, Lin Lei suddenly felt helpless, complaining in his heart, why did he have to talk more about this and say this.

“Yes, there is no Immortal Cultivator like us in this place, nor is it dominated. The world there is relatively peaceful, and everything is controlled by people. It will not be like this. Killing is like stepping on a trivial ant. There, You kill someone. You will pay for the person killed, and you will be sentenced to death. At the same time, you will have to give the family of the deceased a large sum of money. “

Speaking of this, Lin Lei’s face had a smile on her face. The smile was full of happiness. In the eyes of Honglian, it was so warm, she didn’t want to be ordinary and cold.

“Have you been there, Young Master?”

Looking at the curious Red Lotus, Lin Lei said to her: “Well, I used to live there for a while, but I will go back, and I will take you to the World I said Look, feel the customs of that World. Maybe you wo n’t adapt after that. There are no Spiritual Qis there, and all of them are high-tech. Alas, it ’s still early to say this, or wait for me to reach a certain strength. And I’ll take you to see you. “

After speaking, Lin Lei closed her eyes directly, while Hong Lian looked at Lin Lei with a pair of eyes, at this moment, Lin Lian’s heart had been captured by Lin Lei.

“Ha Ha Ha, Young Master, my meat is roasted. Come and eat. I haven’t had a good meal for so many days.”

A laugh from Dian Wei directly startled Lin Lei, who had just fallen asleep.

“Hehehe”, seeing this scene, Honglian smiled, and that smile was just a fairy in the sky.

Lin Lei’s eyes were already looking straight, staring directly at Honglian, and the face of Redlian was red.

“Young Master, what are you looking at?”

When Hong Lin couldn’t help Lin Lei’s gaze, she finally spoke and broke the warm scene.

“Hehe, of course it’s the red lotus of our family. Besides, you are so beautiful, don’t you allow others to watch it?”

Lin Lei uttered this sentence very shameless. The sloppy smile on his face was really a market hooligan.

“Okay, okay. I won’t be able to watch it, yes, let’s go eat meat”.

After that, Lin Lei pulled Honglian’s hand directly and walked towards the place where the barbecue was.

And Dian Wei looked at his own Young Master with his hand moved towards Honglian. When Dian Wei watched Lin Lei and Hong Lian smirked.

“Hmph, what’s the laugh, if you’re laughing, believe it or not, you can’t get up.”

Seeing that Dian Wei was looking for herself, Hong Lian was instantly reluctant and threatened Dian Wei.

“Uh, hehe, I don’t smile anymore. Hurry up and let the Young Master sit down and eat the meat. The hands can be seen in this line.” Dian Wei saw the threat of Hong Lian, and instantly turned her eyes to Lin Lei’s body. .

“Ah, yes, Young Master, sit down quickly, and I’ll give you the best piece of barbecue”, saying, Honglian stood up and took out a blade from herself, the best one in the demon tiger. Part of it was cut off, at least about ten pounds.

“Come to Young Master, I’m sure, this one is the best.”

After that, Honglian handed the meat directly to Lin Lei, but Lin Lei not at all picked it up with her hands and opened her mouth with a smile, reaching out to Honglian.

Seeing this scene, Honglian was helpless, and he never thought that there was such a scene in his Young Master. Suddenly Honglian laughed, and then sat next to Lin Lei, and then slowly torn off a piece. The meat was put into Lin Lei’s mouth, and a piece was torn off and put into his mouth.

In this way, a meal was eaten for an hour, and for an hour, Honglian was feeding Lin Lei by herself. In the end, Lin Lei didn’t say that Honglian herself took the initiative to wipe Lin Lei’s strongest oil with a handkerchief. went.

“Ha Ha Ha, why do women ask for such a husband and wife?” Lin Lei immediately laughed and rose heartily.

The face of Honglian next to him turned red instantly, like a red apple, which made people want to bite up.

“Well, now that you’re full, you can start working. Good times are over here. If you want to have such a day forever, you must strengthen yourself. Only in this way can you cover the moment.”

After speaking, Lin Lei restored her former domineering and indifference, and then went to the depths alone, while Dian Wei Baiqi went to clean up the mess in the place, and Honglian saw the back of Lin Lei and was instantly lost. I was thinking that the warm Young Master just now had become cold and strange.

At this moment, Hong Lian’s mood was very lonely, as if she saw what she wanted to see in an instant, she changed and became the thing she didn’t want to see.

“Leave Sister Hong”

“Yes, Sister Hong, you can’t catch up with the Young Master if you don’t leave.”

The Dian Wei and Bai Qi who came at this time said to Honglian.

“Well, hurry up, the demonic beasts in the front are all very advanced.”

After hearing Dian Wei and their words, Hong Lian remembered the strength of her Young Master and caught up with him in an instant.


After roaring from behind, Honglianentire group was even more worried about Lin Lei when it heard it, so it accelerated its pace again.

“Hehe, it’s just an 8-Layer’s Demonic beast, as good as arrogant in front of me,” said Lin Lei, raising his fist and rushing out.

“roar roar 吼”

The magic clouded leopard seemed to know Lin Lei’s meaning, and was instantly angry, and at the same time he could rush out and rush towards Lin Lei.

“Hehe, do you want to fight for the flyhy body, then come on!”

Lin Lei was like crazy. When he came to Moyun Leopard, he hit his fist all the time.

With a “peng” sound, I saw the magic cloud leopard’s body back three steps, while Lin Lei took two steps back.

“Unexpectedly, the hair on your body is so hard, my fists are a little bit painful.” Lin Lei looked at the magic cloud leopard, looked at his hands, and for a moment, Lin Lei became excited.

“Come, come again”, and said, Lin Lei rushed forward, but this time it was the magic cloud leopard, and saw that the forefoot of the magic cloud leopard lifted his whip leg and drew it to Lin Lei.

And Lin Lei did not to be outdone, a fist smashed against the forefoot of Demon Cloud Leopard.

“Peng”, the two silhouettes went back six or seven steps each, and do n’t crush the ground under your feet.

“Okay, that’s the feeling. The fleshhy body I feel is evolving. That’s it, don’t stop.”

Talking about Lin Lei rushing out here, just like this, you punched me and punched, but slowly, Lin Lei’s body seemed to get through, and the momentum slowly grew stronger.

“Hehe, little leopard, can you just stand up to that, and if that’s the case, I’m sorry.”

Having said that, Lin Lei’s fist speed is accelerating, and no punch is hit on the body of the magic cloud leopard, and the faster and faster fist is only phantom.

The sound of “crack crack” came from within the body of the magic cloud leopard. As long as Lin Lei punched every big Lin Lei, the magic cloud leopard would make one more sound. Ten minutes later, after the battle ended, the magic cloud leopard lay on the ground and died. Lin Lei also sat next to the magic cloud leopard. Looking at the first achievement today, what surprised Lin Lei most was that the fleshhy body broke through here.

“Tiger, come out and breathe, by the way, solve this thing.”

Before Wang Jian, Lin Lei put the Red Flame Tiger into the system. Xiao Wei was no longer available, so he could sum up the Red Flame Tiger again.

With a roar, Red Flame Tiger suddenly appeared next to Lin Lei, with a little dissatisfaction in the roar.

“Okay, okay, this magic clouded leopard woke me up as your gift of reparation,” and said, pointing to the side of the beating half-dead who lived only in one breath.

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