Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 26

“Young Master, I feel a lot of people are thinking of us approaching quickly.”

At this time, Lin Lei, who was running, heard Bai Qi’s words and was shocked.

“I didn’t expect them to be here so quickly. I thought I could get more time. Now it seems that the only way is to speed up and run away.” After talking about Lin Lei, a group of people accelerated, especially Lin Lei. Although there is only Refining Qi 8-Layer, but the speed is not low at all. They are slow.

As Lin Lei moved forward at a rapid speed, the next red lotus winked Dian Wei and Bai Qi, and then said in a honey sound transmission, the secret sound sound only capable of reaching the Foundation Establishment Stage.

“If they catch up in a while, they must not be allowed to threaten the Young Master. Even if I wait for my death, I will not let them move the Young Master. At least we can hold them back and give the Young Master some time.”

Hearing the words of Honglian, the three eyes flashed firm eyes at the same time, as if holding the determination to die.

Lu Feng behind Lin Lei also speeded up and had the look to catch Lin Lei.

“Everyone is speeding up. I feel like they are in front. As long as we catch them, we can sect, and there will be Elder rewards at that time.”

Lv Feng’s words seemed to stimulate them. Each and everyone was like eating Viagra. They did not all take out the skills of housekeeping, and everyone’s speed has been improved by one level.

Seeing this, Lu Feng raised his mouth slightly, revealing a mysterious smile.

“What’s going on, how did they speed up.”

At this time, the speech style in the rear became different. Just as they followed Lu Feng at a moderate pace, suddenly Lu Feng increased their speed. You wo n’t understand the whole thing.

“It won’t be”, suddenly, the words seemed to think of something, so the complexion changed, and then came to his subordinates.

“Give me a quicker time and prepare for the fight. Maybe you will have a tough battle to fight.”


When a group of people heard what they said, they all froze. They didn’t know what was going on.

“Ah, what, take orders.”

After speaking, you are not talking nonsense, so you can speed up and chase Lu Feng.

Lin Lei is also here, running away madly, if anyone is here, he will definitely feel that this is a chasing battle.

“Young Master, otherwise we should flee elsewhere, I always feel that there will be someone reading us at the exit.”

A word of Red Lotus behind Lin Lei, Lin Lei stopped immediately, so he turned his head looking towards all around, and finally Lin Lei’s eyes locked in one direction, then they pointed at that direction toward Red Lotus.

“There, just go there, I think it will allow us to survive.”

Having said that, Lin Lei walked in the direction of his finger without asking for their consent.

“Let’s go and see the machine in a while”, seeing Lin Lei walking away, he turned his head and said to the two of them.

“Well, we know Sister Hong. We must not let the Young Master get hurt.”

“Well, let’s go and catch up with the Young Master.” After talking about Honglian, the three of them chased up. As for the earth bear, he was dismissed by Lin Lei halfway.

However, no matter how hard you run, you can’t run a cultivator during the opening period, and soon, Lin Lei is caught up.

“Head, they’re right in front.”

This is, following a man next to Lu Feng, after seeing Lin Lei’s back, he quickly said excitedly.

“Hehe, finally caught up, everyone is hurrying, don’t let them run again.”

Fang Feng’s group of people intensified, chasing crazy towards Lin Lei.

“Well, they still caught up with it, can’t this time escape?”

Thinking of this, Lin Lei’s eyes leaked unwillingly, and her body also exudes a sadness. After Lin Lei’s changes were felt by the red lotus behind her, the heart of the red lotus instantly agitated.

“Boy, don’t run, you won’t be able to run any further, the acquaintance is still obedient!”

Soon, Lu Feng and his men chased after him, and one of them suddenly stood up and looked at Lin Lei, who was trying to escape, with a disdainful tone.

“Hehe, run, it’s already like this. Can I still run?”

Lin Lei was very desolate when he spoke, but his gaze was still firm. He didn’t believe he was going to die here today. He still had a lot of things to do.

“Well, it looks like you haven’t seen the current situation clearly!”

The man who had been staring at Lin Lei, saw Lin Lei’s gaze and became interested in a moment.

“Hmph, I just want to know if you are from Great Elder or third elder.”

Hearing Lin Lei’s words, everyone was stunned, thinking that Lin Lei would beg for mercy, but unexpectedly he became a person asking questions.


“To shut up”

This is the man who was still trying to say something and was stopped by the leader.

“For your dying sake, I’m not afraid to tell you that we are from Great Elder, but then again, this is not to blame Great Elder, who made you kill someone’s granddaughter, all of this is you having only oneself to blame.

“Oh, it’s the Great Elder, Hahahaha …”

Lin Lei stood up, talking, and there was a slight disdain in the laughter.


What are you laughing at? This is what Lu Feng saw when Lin Lei laughed in this situation, and instantly felt a little unusual.

“What am I laughing? I laugh you guys can’t kill me today”, when saying this, Lin Lei leaked extremely confident, because just now, Lin Lei found that there is a magnificent cliff behind him, although it is a magnificent cliff, until Generally speaking, there is still a vitality.

“Hehe, you still destiny! Come on, kill me.”

When Lu Feng saw Lin Lei’s look, especially Lin Lei’s extremely confident eyes, he felt that he had to kill Lin Lei as soon as possible, otherwise he would have trouble late.

“Yes,” Lu Feng ordered to his men, and then stood there waiting for the scene where Lin Lei was killed.

“Hugh hurts my Young Master”, all of a sudden Dian Wei Honglian stood up and protected Lin Lin’s side.

“Hehe, I didn’t expect you to know that there are such beautiful women around the crickets of the Refining Qi period, and since that’s the case, I’m welcome.”

The people who rushed over saw the red lotus, and they had an undivided heart and wanted to own it.

“Hmph, then you have to have that life”, Bai Qi next to seeing Red Lotus was released when she was teased, she let go of her breath, rushed to the full-mouthed person, and the sickle in her hand waved out .

“Shua”, when I saw Bai Qi’s head approaching that person’s head, suddenly, a sword appeared beside Bai Qi and stabbed at him.

“Hmph, a group of young people who only know sneak attacks, do you think he doesn’t have to die?”

The man thought he could be saved by calling his companion, but he was wrong, and saw Bai Qi’s sickle reaping from the man’s neck without a pause, and then when he saw the The direction was adjusted and he threw at the sneak attacker.


The man with the sword was frightened. He thought he could kill Bai Qi, but now he is in danger.

“No, don’t.” Seeing the flying sickle, the man holding the sword immediately persuaded.

“Hmph, do you know what’s wrong now? But unfortunately”, speaking of this, Death God’s Scythe in Bai Qi’s hand didn’t stop, and at the same time passed the man’s throat and died.

“Who else”

Bai Qi turned his head and said to Lu Yan a group of people extremely domineering, the appearance of Bai Qi’s killing was instantly reflected in the hearts of everyone.

“Hmph, ants”, at this time, Lu Feng, who hadn’t started to move, was terrifying fast, and instantly came to Bai Qi’s side, and saw that Lu Feng hit one hand on Bai Qi’s chest with a heavy weight. For example, Mount Tai’s power poured in from Bai Qi’s chest.

“Pu”, for a moment, all the internal organs of Bai Qi were severely damaged, and the whole person flew back towards Lin Lei’s place.

“Hmph, I wanted to give you some chance to live, but now I regret it, I will kill you immediately to comfort my brother’s spirit in heaven.”

Lu Feng looked at Lin Lei and rushed towards Lin Lei while talking. Looking at Lu Feng, Lin Lei felt the pressure of his body instantly.

“If you want to kill my Young Master, kill me first!”

Dian Wei, who was standing next to Lin Lei, stood out and blocked Lin Lei.

“Peng”, a dull sound, rang from in front of me, and saw that Dian Wei’s appearance was the same as that of Bai Qi, and even worse than that of Bai Qi.

“Hehe, I didn’t expect that everyone around you was abandoning Life and Death for you, but even this can’t escape the result of your death today, die for me?”

Lu Feng shot in this chapter Lin Lei, Lin Lei at this time was ready to resist himself. However, there are always people who take the lead first. This is Honglian coming to Lin Lei, turning over and hugging Lin Lei, and giving Lu Yan’s attack range behind her.

Lin Lei froze, looking at Honglian who was smiling happily in front of her, Lin Lei’s heart seemed to be fiercely choked, and the pain was unbearable.

“No, no”

Lin Lei reacted and tried his best to refute with all his strength, but no matter how much he refuted, he could not be a good opponent of Foundation Establishment.

“Lei, this is the first time I call you this, and it is probably the last time. Thank you for giving me so many good memories. I am really happy. If I have the next life, I hope to lie quietly in your In your arms, do nothing. Just watching you so quietly, I’ll be content. “

“Pu”, Honglian spit on Lin Lei’s face before she finished speaking. This is the blood of Honglian. It was the blood that was hit by Lu Feng on the back and shattered the internal organs. Mixed with visceral debris.

“Wu wu… aaaaaah …………”

A roar like a wild beast roared out of Lin Lei’s mouth, Lin Lei struggling to hold Honglian sitting on the ground and crying.

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