Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 28

“Well, it’s awkward. If it hadn’t been for the precaution, I would have seen Lord Yan.”

Lin Lei looked at the hole in front of him and jumped into it without thinking about it. There was a strange wind from time to time in the hole, which was very powerful.

“It’s better to live than to die, I don’t believe any flood beasts in this cave will fail.”

Having said that, Lin Lei bit his teeth and stomped his feet, clenched Martial Emperor divine spear, gave himself a little courage, and rushed towards it, but the cave was not so easy to enter, and the strange wind was endless. Lin Lei blew, Lin Lei was half an hour away, and he walked a dozen meters away.

“I depend, you play with me.”

Lin Lei went at that speed no matter how far he went. Lin Lei, who had lost his temper, was discouraged. No matter how he tried, no one could hear him.

In this way, until three hours later, Lin Lei finally saw a ray of light, so he speeded up his steps and saw that it was about to reach the place of light. As a result, when one foot was empty, the whole person fell directly. Into a bottomless hole.

“Fuck, big brother, do you play with me?”

Lin Lei, who was speechless enough, had a heart to die at this moment. No one expected that this was a hole in the hole, but also a hole in the ground.

After falling, Lin Lei used the long spear in his hand to insert it into the wall to reduce the sliding force, so that he would never fall to death.

“Your mother, if I let Lao Tzu know who opened this cave, Lao Tzu promises not to kill him.”

At this point, Lin Lei had scolded the person who started the Cave Mansion, and he called out his ancestor eighteen generations, and finally stopped in a dry mouth. To the person who opened the Cave Mansion Abusive.

“Why isn’t this the end? It’s not really bottomless pit!”

Lin Lei’s heart lifted at the moment, he was really afraid that it was bottomless pit. If that was the case, he would fall like this all the time, knowing that he would die.

But I still want to be an illusion after all. Just before Lin Lei finished talking, Lin Lei’s feet touched the ground. At this time, Lin Lei was very happy.

Lin Lei came to the ground and looked at all around. It can be said that it was dark and could see nothing, so Lin Lei let out the Red Flame Tiger, and the bottom of the cave lit up immediately.

“Roar roar roared”, and as soon as the red flame tiger came out, he got to the feet of Lin Lei, licked the corner of Lin Lei’s dress with his tongue, and licked Lin Lei at the zero flame of the red flame tiger’s tongue. In seconds, I saw a flash of Lin Lei’s body flew directly away from the Red Flame Tiger.

“Wu wu”, the red flame tiger wu wu’s grievance called twice, and gave up after seeing Lin Lei indifferent, so he stood up and walked to Lin Lei’s side and waited for the order.

“Hehe, I know you’re grieved, but you can rest assured that after this period, I will let you play outside every day, but now it really isn’t working, you ca n’t beat the strong enemy I face now. What to do if you die. “

I saw Lin Lei bitterly persuade the Red Flame Tiger, as if an adult was coaxing a small child, and the scene was very warm.

“ao 嗷”

After the red flame tiger screamed with excitement, it released its own flame, and the bottom of the cave suddenly became brighter, just like there was no difference.

Lin Lei’s situation at the bottom of the cave has been fully appreciated, and what is in sight is a particularly quaint stone door. It has been a few years in terms of style.

Lin Lei slowly walked forward and looked at the door. Inexplicably, Lin Lei suddenly felt a sense of awe and worship.

“Hu”, a heavy gasp exhaled from Lin Lei’s mouth, and cold sweat was exposed on his head, and he looked at the door in front of him with incredible eyes.

“What’s going on, how can I have such a feeling for a door”.

Just now, Lin Lei seemed to be under the coercion emanating from this door, and his heart and body were completely uncontrollable, and he wanted to kneel on the door, but fortunately, he suddenly realized that, otherwise, he could n’t even imagine it. Fear later.

“Small dragon, come out quickly and see where this door comes from, and you can control the human heart as much as possible.”

Lin asked the system, his actions were very respectful, and he looked like a student asking for advice with an open mind.

“Okay, scan it right away, please wait.”

“Ding dong, lock the target and start scanning”

After a long time, a prompt from system came, and Lin Lei immediately came to the spirit.

“After the scan was completed, the host was in a magic cave. It was the place where a Demon Sect was, but then I did n’t know what the reason was. The door was destroyed overnight. As time went by, Tian Xuan continued The layout has changed, and this sect has permanently disappeared in the eyes of the world, and the door in front of you is the forbidden area that was extinguished by sect sect.


Lin Lei cry out in surprise and shouted out of his mouth. He didn’t expect to fall into an ancient sect’s forbidden area after such a fall, which made Lin Lei mentally unprepared.

“So, I don’t have the ability to open this door now.”

Lin Lei cry out in surprise and shouted out of his mouth. He didn’t expect to fall into an ancient sect’s forbidden area after such a fall, which made Lin Lei mentally unprepared.

“So, I don’t have the ability to open this door now.”

Lin Lei looked at this door, and was very helpless in his heart, but in order to survive, even if he couldn’t open, he had to ask if there was a way, or he would really die here.

“Well, it can be opened. To be precise, it can open me, but this has a price, and system will not do a loss-making business.”

Hearing what the system said, Lin Lei suddenly stopped talking, but the results were still very good, at least I knew there was a way to open the stone door.

“Say, what is the price”

“It’s nothing. You also know that system works. It can’t work without energy, so the price this time is all of your Spirit Stones.

Hearing the words of the system, Lin Lei suddenly had an urge to hit people, but there was no way. In the end, he could only throw all the Spirit Stones in his body to the system according to the words of the system.

“It’s okay now, open it for me!” Lin Lei glared at the system and threw it to the system, very speechless.

“Okay, host, please wait.”

After speaking, I saw a light shot out of Lin Lei, and shot towards the stone gate in front of me. I saw some light spells appeared on the gate, and slowly the stone gate moved.

A loud sound “hong long long hong long long” was uploaded from the door, and slowly saw that the door slowly opened, and a bloody smell came out the moment the door opened.

“Let me,” Lin Lei jumped up quickly, avoiding the bloody smell, but the place where the bloody smell drifted all turned into a smell.

Ten minutes later, the stone door opened completely, and the contents inside were clearly seen.

“You m, have you made a mistake?”

Lin Lei almost fainted when he saw the situation behind the door. There was nothing in it. Some were only red stones. Then there was the pool in the middle of the cave. There was nothing except the dry blood pool. Already.

Lin Lei walked closer, looked at the cave where he could see the margins, was very speechless, knew that this was the case, Lin Lei would not open it.

After a few laps, nothing was found. Some only had bloody smells and red like blood baptism. Lin Lei could not see any more.

“Ding dong, a local grade top grade spell, may I ask the host to learn?”

Suddenly, Lin Lei froze, but made a conditional reflection at the same time.

“Yes”, just after system said, Lin Lei said it. After a while, Lin Lei came back to his senses and realized what was going on.

“I rely on it, why didn’t I find it?” The first thing Lin Lei reacted to was this problem. He searched the entire cave and found nothing. How to get to the system?

“Well, no matter what, let’s hurry and see what it is.”

Lin Lei didn’t struggle with this matter for a long time, and immediately felt like the spell obtained, and saw that there was something in his mind, and it looked like very difficult to deal with.

“Ding dong, the host gets a spell nether shadow that can be hidden in the night sky. This spell is suitable for assassination. It is recommended that the host hurry to Peak.”


Hearing what system said, Lin Lei was completely calm, especially when he heard that the spell could be hidden into the night, Lin Lei had a plan in his heart.

Thinking of this, Lin Lei quickly moved Honglian out of the system space, looking at the red lotus in front of her, Lin Lei’s tears couldn’t stop flowing.

It’s better to see the face of Honglian’s shame, and the blood on the corner of the mouth is not dry. Lin Lei came to Honglian and squatted down, and slowly wiped the blood on the mouth of Honglian with this hand. .

“Hehe, why do you want to do this, I already thought of a way out, but why do n’t you wait for me, why do you let me suffer this kind of pain, I really regret it, I regret that I did not break away from your arms, I regret it I didn’t stop the palm for you. “

Speaking of Lin Lei holding Honglian tightly, it seemed as if she was afraid that she would disappear when she let go of her hand, but Lin Lei was crying and no sound, and looked very pained.

“Cough cough cough cough”, a coughing voice came from Honglian’s mouth, and then a spit of blood spurted out.

“What’s going on, you can’t die.”

Lin Lei was anxious to see Honglian spitting blood, and quickly ran the chaos. The Sutra was conveyed to Honglian within the body. The painful expression of Honglian was relieved a lot.

“What the hell is going on with small dragons, and how can Honglian do this?” Lin Lei, anxiously, turned to the system for help.

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