Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 29

“Yes, but with the current strength of the host, I am afraid that this ability is not available, and even if there is no way to save it.”

Hearing what the system said, Lin Lei languished for a while, and thought he could make Honglian alive, now.

“However, if the host reaches the Nascent Soul period and cooperates with medicine pill, it may be possible to reshape the red lotus body, but this is costly, and on the basis that the host does not have pill concocting now, It’s delusional. “

Lin Lei, who was already desperate, heard what the system said behind him, and his eyes were as bright as hope.

“Really? If I really arrive in Nascent Soul and have a medicine pill, can I really help Honglian get better?”

Lin Lei confirmed this to the system, in order to prevent himself from hearing wrong.

“Yes, as long as your conditions meet the requirements, 100% of the red lotus can be saved, but before that, you must find a way to save the last breath of red lotus, or else people will die like a lamp, there is really no The way. “

Hearing what System said, Lin Lei’s relaxed heart lifted up instantly, his body tightened.

“Small dragon, tell me exactly how to solve all the problems, you don’t have to endlessly sentence by sentence, it’s easy for you. I’m scared to death.”

Lin Lei launched his temper towards system. He should have appreciated system. But it can’t be like that.

“Hehe, okay, then I’ll finish it all in one go. You want to keep Honglian’s last breath is the chaos true scripture from your body. The chaos true scripture originated from chaos itself, and this province took World Primitive, as long as you come in once a month, use the Chaos True Scriptures to hang the breath of Red Lotus, but the premise must be within three years. The Chaos True Scriptures can be all of a sudden and then the Red Lotus is fine, but you It ’s too weak, is there any subsequent layers of cultivation technique, so now I can only use this stupid method. “

Hearing this Lin Lei, instantly sighed in relief, as long as it can keep the breath of Honglian, as for cultivation base and medicine pill, Lin Lei believes that as long as he cultivates and refines medicine pill in the next three years, he must be Able to rescue Honglian.

“Do n’t think of the host so beautifully. You do n’t have any experience in pill concocting. You can say that you are not even an apprentice. How can you become a heavenly Alchemist in three years? The entire Xuantian continent is just a few of them. “

The words of system will be like a basin of cold water every time. When Lin Lei has hope, he will put out a basin of cold water.

“Can’t others mean I can’t, can’t I still have you?”

Lin Lei ignored the words of system and said firmly to system.

“You can want system to help you, as long as you can afford the corresponding compensation later, system can help you, otherwise system will not help you on your own.”

Hearing Lin Lei’s words, system told Lin Lei things in advance.

“Okay, as long as you can help me become a Tier Alchemist, I will give you whatever you want.”

Lin Lei didn’t hesitate, he agreed to the system’s request as soon as he bit his teeth and stomped his feet.

“Okay, the deal, but first of all, you need to find a sect for refining medicine pill, and let them value you, so that you can have the ability to refining medicine pill. Otherwise, you have a family, and it is useless. It’s over. “

Hearing what the system said, Lin Lei nodded, that is, what the system said was correct, and it also agreed.

There was a solution to Honglian’s affairs. Lin Lei also relaxed a little. Looking at Honglian in her arms, Lin Lei stayed with Honglian for a while, then got up and went out.

“Hehe, I will be the next to play. I forgot to let you know that oppressing Lin Lei is the last thing you regret in your life.”

Lin Lei’s action quickly came to the original hole. It was difficult to get up, but the spell that Lin Lei arrived was exactly a footwork, so Lin Lei boarded without any effort as easy as pie. At the entrance of the cave, I came out of the cave.

Looking at the moon in the night sky, Lin Lei showed a cruel smile, his eyes leaked Murderous aura, and the Martial Emperor divine spear in his hand also showed cold glow, as if he could not restrain the urge to kill immediately. of.

“Let me compose a symphony of death for you, red lotus, with the body and blood of the enemy.”

After that, Lin Lei rushed towards it. The speed is very fast. I could still see a shadow when climbing, but when I came to the edge of the cliff, Lin Lei seemed to disappear suddenly and I could do nothing. Nothing was left, even the breath could not be captured.

This phenomenon is well known by Lin Lei, it is time that Lin Lei is happy.

Lin Lei shuttled through the sky as fast as possible in order to find a silhouette of Lu Feng’s group.

While Lu Feng was looking for Lin Lei’s body at this time, he still wanted to find a way to go under the cliff, but after searching for a long time, he couldn’t find a way, so Lu Feng gave up and had to make a little preparation to return to Sect.

“Boss, why don’t you go back and tell Elder what’s going on here. We’ll stand here for a few days. In case Elder says he wants to keep looking for us, he won’t have to run on both ends.”

At this time, a group of Lu Feng, who was preparing to return to the sect at the first floor of the forest, discussed it for a while.

“Yeah, leader, you said that we failed to kill those people. If Elder pursues it, we will be able to talk. If we go back now, we will first suspect that we have not exhausted our efforts, so please ask the leader Tell me about this. “

“Yeah, yeah.”

After hearing the two people’s remarks, everyone spoke for a while, and Lu Feng was silent at this time.

“Well, well, this is not your fault. Besides, the abyss is not something I can afford to go down.”

“Yeah, leader”

“Okay, then I’ll go back and talk to Elder about the situation, and then I’m planning.”

After speaking, Lu Feng took out his flying sword, left in the air, and left a group of people waiting for the news. They did not know that their decision today was when they died.

Lin Lei came to the group not far away when Lu Feng left, and saw this scene clearly.

“Hehe, really heaven helps me. I originally thought that Lu Feng was not good at it, but I didn’t expect them to help me. If this is the case, then I’m welcome.”

Lin Lei, who talked to himself, hid the silhouette, and slowly looked at the group.

20 meters away from them, Lin Lei stopped and watched in the tree waiting for them to order or sleep.

“Well, you’re waiting here, Chuyun and I will go and grab some prey and let’s eat something.”

At this time, a person stood up, ordered a few people and walked towards the distance, and the rest of the people picked up some firewood and became angry, waiting for the return of the prey.

“Hehe, it’s no wonder you are dying.” When seeing a group of people stood up and went deep, Lin Lei laughed, worrying about how to kill them, and it turned out so good. opportunity.

After seeing the hunting group go away, Lin Lei slowly touched it, and just followed it, waiting for the opportunity to prepare for each break.

“Well, catch the blaze tightly, the car goes too far. In case of an accident, everyone will take care of it.”

The hunter of the organization ordered a whistle to the others and then went to the other place alone. The two or more of the ten or so individuals of the colleague left here.

And Lin Lei also picked a couple with a little strength and slightly weaker followed.

“Hey, brother, have you been out for so long, aren’t you afraid your daughter-in-law is carrying you on other men?”

This is a man talking to another person, and that person’s face changed after hearing it, and he didn’t do anything, but there was a little worry in his eyes. To be honest, he was really worried, but he didn’t say so on his mouth.

“How could it be, my wife is very good. He never touches other men, let alone with other men. You laughed.”

There was a flash of worry in the eyes of the talking man.

“Hehe, just kidding, why are you so nervous, you said that we have n’t been able to go back here for so long, how can we leave something for the family, let ’s go and find some spiritual grass or something, so we can change it Buy some money for your family. “

Hearing this from his partner, the man breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed, and at this moment, a long spear with a cold glow of rod stock pierced out of the man’s back, and for a while the man hadn’t understood what was going on He was already desperate when he died.

A man came out from behind the deceased and said to the living man, “You have no chance to go back to see your family.”

“You, you are not dead.”

The man who heard this sentence was caught on the spot for a while, and the scene of the death of his companion was still in his mind.

“Hmph, if I didn’t kill you all, how could I die, that is, you are forcing me, forcing the person I love, and resisting that hand beside me, and still in a coma, you say me What a death. “

Every sentence that Lin Lei said carries a heavy murderous aura, and he also carries a baleful aura on his body. The whole person is like a god of killing who comes out of existence.

For a moment, the living man was scared, and the whole man shivered.


Before the man finished speaking, he saw that Lin Lei’s long spear had come to the man.

“Hmph, is just a refining Qi ant, dare to move hands in front of me.”

I saw the man reacted and quickly took out his magic weapon to resist it.

With a “peng” sound, the two weapons collided together, but at this moment, the man’s weapon was completely broken when it hit Lin Lei’s long spear, and Lin Lei’s long spear seemed to be directly attacking The root of the problem, as if in a no-man’s land, directly stabbed the man’s neck after breaking his weapon.


A sound of persecution came from the opposite side, and I saw Lin Lei’s long spear had been inserted into the man’s throat, but there was still a palm on it.

“Hmph, this is just the beginning, you guys are waiting for my harvest!”

I saw Lin Lei talking to the distance after killing a person, with a bloodthirsty expression on the corner of his mouth.

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