Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 3

“I don’t know what happened to mother. I really miss them!”

Just when Lin Lei learned that after returning to Earth after completing the task, Lin Lei’s homesick mood was completely hooked by the system, and he did n’t know if the system was intentional, but now Lin Lei ca n’t control that. Many, Lin Lei was anxious at the thought of the situation at home.

“System, can I really return to Earth as long as I complete the task?”

Lin Lei confirmed to the system again, because now he has not fully trusted the unknown number of systems, and he doesn’t know how many pits there are before, so he must be careful.

“Well, as long as the host’s cultivation base reaches a certain realm, even without Space-Time Tunnel, it can be done with its own strength. This is just a matter of time.”

Hearing that from system, Lin Lei was finally relieved.

“Okay, then I have to practice well. For the family and myself, I must redouble my efforts.”

At this time, Lin Lei was so eager for the cultivating Peak. This was not just for the family, or for himself. After this experience, Lin Lei finally knew that as long as he has strength, he can be really strong.

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host for understanding Dao Heart. In the future, cultivation will be doubled.”

“Ding dong, please check for a package?”

“Well, is this all right?”

Just as Lin Lei’s thirst for power, he accidentally realized Dao Heart, so system randomly gave a gift package.

“Well, accept it and take it apart!”

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host for receiving 5 Detoxifying Pill prizes, 2 healing heals, and 2nd-layer cultivation technique.”

“Fuck, this can explode 2nd-layer, I am a person of this character!” Just when Lin Lei was grateful for his own luck, a cold basin of water woke him up instantly.

“Do n’t be too happy for the host. Because your strength is too scum, Chaos 2nd-layer cannot learn. When the host raises the cultivation base to the corresponding level, the system will remind the host.”

Immediately after the system had finished speaking, it disappeared immediately, no matter what Lin Lei called, there was no reply.

“Well, it’s strength again. It seems that the top priority is to raise the cultivation base first.”


Just when Lin Lei wanted to improve his strength, he suddenly heard a sound from the bed. Don’t think that Lin Lei knew that Lin Tian was awake.

“Wake up, do you feel uncomfortable, just say something, don’t hold it.”

Seeing Lin Tian awake, Lin Lei immediately asked and cared, he didn’t want to let this first friend who came to the other world die in front of himself.

“Well, Young Master, I’m much better”

Talking about Lin Tian, ​​he got up and got out of bed, but was intercepted by Lin Lei before it was too late.

“Little Tian, ​​it seems that you don’t even listen to me”, Lin Lei quickly made an unhappy look at Lin Tian.

“Ah, no … it’s not the Young Master, it’s just, this is the bed of the Young Master. How can you sleep as a master?”

Hearing Lin Tian’s words, Lin Lei was instantly unhappy.

“Whatever you do, mother wanted to accept you as a righteous son when he was alive, but she died before it was too late, and I never saw you as a human being. In my heart you have always been mine. younger brother, my only loved one. “

“wu wu wu ……”

“Young Master, this sentence is enough for you, even if I am dead now!”

“Hehe, what is immortal, we still have a long way to go. In this way, I want you to be a witness to the powerhouse, and not only me, you must also become stronger, so that you do n’t Can you follow me all the time? “Lin Lei hurried to see Lin Tian crying again.

“Well, I don’t cry, I will definitely follow the footsteps of the Young Master so that I can always follow the Young Master.”

Lin Lei doesn’t know, because a word of his own has created the giant of the future World, of course, this is already a story.

“Come, eat this first, I’m afraid if it’s not treated.”

After that, Lin Lei took out a healing medicine pill from the item column and handed it to Lin Tian. However, at this time, Lin Tian didn’t have a lie, he picked up the medicine pill and ate it. After a while, Lin Tian The injuries on his body were recovering at a speed that was visible to the eyes. It didn’t take long for Lin Tian’s injuries to be all within a few minutes.

And at this moment, Lin Tian who was aware of all this was very surprised. He had never seen this kind of medicine pill, especially with such strong resilience. What surprised Lin Tian even more was that this medicine pill was from his own home, Young. Taken from Master.

“Hehe, what’s wrong, why look at me like this, don’t you know me?” Lin Lei saw Lin Tian’s expression and couldn’t help but get up with Lin Tian.

“No, Young Master, I just didn’t expect you to have such a magical medicine pill, and I also discovered that after Young Master woke up, my temperament has changed. If I hadn’t been by your side, I wouldn’t have I dare recognize you! “

“Uh”, after hearing Lin Tian’s words, Lin Lei froze for a moment and didn’t know what to say.

“Small waste, come out here, my Young Master is here!”

Just when the atmosphere was extremely embarrassing, a very uncoordinated voice came in.

“Well,” Lin Lei’s frowned, got up and moved towards the door.

“It’s you again, what do you want?” Lin Lin, who came to the door, saw at the first sight Lin Ergou, who was walking a short time ago, and was followed by a group of people.

“Well, I haven’t seen them for a few days. My cousin is so stingy? And I also heard that you threatened my men and said that you were subject to clan rules? Is this true?”

The young man asked Lin Lei with disdain.

“Lin Zhi, what the hell do you want to do, no matter how I am your brother, your elder, how can I help you to teach a few people to me?”

“Hmph, as long as you want to be my elder, you do n’t pee and look in the mirror. What kind of ability and qualifications do you have, you are just a little child born out of it, and you have no practice innate talent at all. You have been abandoned, and you still shamelessly say you are a Second Young Master. “

The speaker, named Lin Zhi, is a brother of Lin Lei’s family. When the teenager heard Lin Lei’s words, his face suddenly gloomed, and the thick murderous aura burst out instantly. It seemed that there was a desire to kill Lin immediately Lei’s urge.

“Hehe, Lin Zhi, I do n’t say anything else, let ’s just talk about my Bloodline. Regardless of whether Patriarch recognizes me, no matter how I am born of him, do you think he will let his son be left home Does the adopted slave humiliate and bully? “


After hearing what Lin Lei had said, Lin Zhi had just gotten into his mouth and was taken back with a rich expression on his face.

However, after listening to Lin Lei’s words, Lin Zhi calmed down and considered it carefully. It is really the same thing. In any case, Lin Lei is always the son of Patriarch, thinking that Lin Zhi suddenly showed a cruel smile and stared at Lin. Lei.

“That according to what you said, my slave can’t teach you, then you can always teach me the master!”

Then, Lin Zhi suddenly moved.

With a “hong” sound, I saw that the floor under Lin Zhi’s feet had been shattered by the strength leaked out by Lin Zhi.

“Hehe, let me die! I don’t believe Patriarch will punish me for such waste?”

Seeing that Lin Zhi’s fist was about to hit Lin Lei, Lin Tian standing next to Lin Lei moved. I saw Lin Tian came forward in front of Lin Lei with a flash, and looking at Lin Zhi’s fist, Lin Tian was not frightened and Fear, there are just those firm expressions who want to protect Lin Lei.

“I don’t allow you to hurt my Young Master.” Lin Tian, ​​who said this, looked at Lin Zhi who rushed over with a gaze that wanted to kill.

“Hehe, so loyal, since you want to die, go to die, but your Young Master will also come to you immediately, so rest assured! Hahahaha ha …”

Looking at the Murderous aura emanating from Lin Zhi’s fist, Lin Tian turned his head and smiled and said to Ray Lei: “Young Master, I’m sorry, I can’t wait for you anymore!” After speaking, Lin Tian seemed to close his fate. Eyes, waiting for Lin Zhi’s fist to arrive.

However, after waiting for a while, I didn’t feel anything, so I opened my eyes and saw that a hand appeared from his face and grabbed Lin Zhi’s fist.

“Hehe, Little Tian you think like this die! But Young Master, I haven’t made you a powerhouse yet, how can you die?”

Hearing Lin Lei’s voice came from behind, slowly Lin Lei’s silhouette appeared in front of Lin Tian’s eyes.

“This … how can this, how can you catch my fist?”

At this time, Lin Zhi was not as calm as before, and looked at Lin Lei with a surprised look. He did not expect that his fist would be caught by a wasteful person for XNUMX years.

“You do …”

“Oh? What’s wrong with me? Am I surprised? It’s hard to believe!”

After hearing Lin Lei’s words, Lin Zhi was unconsciously undded, but Lin Zhi soon woke up from shock.

“Hmph, isn’t it enough to cultivate, no matter how you are not my opponent, I just gave out 50% of the power just now, and now I see if you can catch it.”

When I saw Lin Zhigang finished speaking, he was punched again, but at this time Lin Lei could feel that Lin Zhi had already exerted all his strength.

“Hmph, you are too arrogant. Do you think that was just my full power? It’s ridiculous.”

Talking, Lin Lei’s cultivation technique worked to the extreme, and he too slammed his hand into Lin Zhi’s fist.

“What?” After hearing Lin Lei’s words, Lin Zhi observed the power on Lin Lei’s fist. Lin Zhi’s heart was suddenly frightened, but this was no longer what he could do.

“Crack crack ……” Just as Lin Zhi’s fist met Lin Lei, a huge force was uploaded from Lin Lei’s fist. Suddenly, the sound of bone fracture was uploaded from Lin Zhi’s hand. Infiltration.


Hissing, shouted from Lin Zhi’s mouth. At this moment, all the people standing in Lin Lei’s yard were all in situ. They couldn’t believe it. Lin Lei, who had always called the waste, turned his body to refinement 7th grade. Lin Zhi hit a fracture. How strong a cultivation base can this be.

“Ah … you, how can you have such great power? And you’re just the fourth-order body refinement, how did you do it?”

“Hehe, how can it be impossible, and you are nothing in my eyes, not even your loved ones. As for the father of the so-called Patriarch, I am even more rare.”

Speaking, Lin Lei walked towards Lin Zhi step by step, his eyes leaked Murderous aura, and the corners of his mouth were slightly bloody.

“You … what do you want to do? I tell you, killing clansman is subject to clan rules, you can’t do that.”

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