Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 31

After killing the two, Lin Lei has 21 years of experience. After this incident, Lin Lei completely likes to die of this life for you. If Lin Lei suddenly returns to life in the XNUMXst century, it is estimated that Lin Lei Will completely not adapt.

“Big brother, what’s going on? Didn’t you say you’re all together? How about we?”

At this point, after Lin Lei killed the two, before he had time to leave, one’s voice came over.

With the sound of “sou”, Lin Lei flew into the tree not far away, and hid his silhouette, leaving no breath.

“Who knows, maybe sleeping with that cat?”

Several people were talking about you and me, and everyone’s face was disdainful.

“Well, that’s wrong.”

This is, the four people stopped suddenly at the place where Lin Lei killed, and the headed big brother noticed that something was wrong.

“What’s wrong, big brother, what’s wrong with them? Maybe they really sleep with cats. Don’t believe it, I know them especially.”

The man behind him quickly retorted when he heard the words of his boss.

“Get off, I’m not talking about that. I mean I just noticed a bloody smell. It seems like something just died here, maybe it’s a demonic beast, maybe …”

Speaking of which, the boss did not go on, but glanced at all around with his eyes.

“It’s impossible. The night demon may be dead here. Maybe it ’s the Demonic beast that was killed here. Maybe it ’s the old Demonic beast that they killed. Then they did n’t deal with it, so the bloody smell stayed . “

“Yes, boss, don’t be suspicious, let’s quickly find Old Third and let them go back.”

As everyone knows, the king they said, Old Third, had been killed at the place where the boss stood before they came, and it was still a one-shot kill.

“Well, maybe I’m too nervous. Let’s go to him and ask, one party will be late.”

Then they walked forward, but suddenly, the boss walking forward seemed to mention something, so he looked down.

“No, everyone is vigilant and vigilant.”

After saying this, the boss bowed his head and looked towards the thing. This looked startled, wasn’t this the Old Third I just said, but he was lying here at this time.

“Boss, what’s going on, maybe the Demonic Beast came out and killed him and asked.”

Now the vigilant man in the rear comes to this scene, and for a while, this matter is linked to the Demonic beast.

“No, this is not possible with the Demonic beast. The wound was clearly caused by a long spear, and it looks like Old Third, it will be killed in one blow.”

“What”, after hearing his boss looking at King Old Third’s body, he made such a conclusion. I knew that Old Third was the last period of Foundation Establishment. The only thing that can be killed in one shot is Kaiguang or Peak. Otherwise, it is not. possible.

“It is impossible. In this forest, only our leader and the leader sent by third elder have such strength, but it is impossible for the other party to kill Old Third. Our leader has gone back. Can it be said in this forest? It’s not just us but others. “

A bold speculation appeared on the team member, but what they didn’t expect was that the cultivator they thought of in the last part of the glory period was actually Lin Lei who had been forced to jump off the cliff before.

“Hehe”, now Lin Lei, not far from here, saw the scene through the leaves, and immediately laughed.

“No, it is estimated that the person did not have the last opening period, it should have just entered the opening period.”

“What to do, no matter if he opened the previous period or not, in short he is in the open state, this is not the scope we can deal with.”

The player was scared for a while, and the thought of his situation suddenly gave a layer of cold sweat to his head.

“Boss, let’s go quickly, or maybe we will die here, I haven’t found Dao Lu yet, I don’t want to wake up yet, wu wu wu ……”

Everyone was panicked, and even others were crying.

“Hmph, a group of unpromising things, which is afraid of the ability of the leader who has not seen him before, what is there to fear.”

That being said, when the boss said this again, his legs were shaking and his hands were tight.

“Well, if that’s the case, then let’s go and hurry up and take care of this matter. Otherwise, they will be hit by accident.”

The talking boss walked forward, and the tree where Lin Lei was was exactly where they came from.

“Hehe, really heaven helps me, there’s a road to Heaven yet you don’t walk it, hell has no way to come, since it is so no wonder I am.”

Talking, Lin Lei grasped the long spear in his hand and hid in hiding behind him, preparing for an opportunity to come.

Slowly, the first group of people were only ten meters away from Lin Lei, eight meters, six meters, four meters, two meters. Watching a group of people come to Lin Lei in front of them, and immediately started to work when it was not enough. Already.

With a “sou”, I saw that a long spear with cold light and blood stains had arrived in front of the boss.

“Peng”, a long sword blocked Lin Lei’s long spear, and it can be seen that the boss still had some precautions.

After Lin Lei’s one-shot kill failed, he quickly turned his gun and killed several people behind the boss.

This meeting is not like the last one. Several people behind the boss have been killed before they understand what happened. I saw Lin Lei fire a few shots. Except the boss did not die, everyone else died.

“Hehe, it turned out to be a cultivator of Refining Qi 9-Layer. Since you can kill them, it is considered that you have the ability, but if you want to kill me, that is impossible.”

I saw the boss calmly standing there, saying this to Lin Lei, who turned his back on him.

Lin Lei was also standing there at the moment, with his back to the boss, and the long spear in his hand was still dripping blood, looking very terrifying.

“Oh, since I can kill them, you don’t even care.”

Talking Lin Lei swiftly turned around and held a gun towards the boss. The action was very agile. Every place where the stab was a human key, and it was a dead key.

“Hmph, at such a young age, he has such a ruthless heart. It seems that I cannot keep you today.”

Looking at Lin Lei’s gun skills, the boss was eager for a while. He could see that Lin Lei’s gun skills were a very advanced martial skill.

“Hmph, an insatiable guy, now that I’ve seen my gunshot, I’ll just say, where’s that nonsense?”

Lin Lei wanted to laugh when he heard what the boss said. Whatever young age was too hard to shoot, it was just for the shooting in his own hand.

“Hehe, since you know it, I can’t keep you anymore.”

Said that the man rushed towards Lin Lei here, the movement was very fast, there was no trace of muddy water.

Flowing Clouds Sword Arts. The sky was full of clouds. At one time, the man had used his skills, and I saw this move. The whole area seemed to be able to see clouds floating in front of it, but each cloud Both carry heavy murderous aura.

“Hmph, it’s shameful to dare to show it off just because of this ability.”

If you stay at Lin Lei without breaking through 9-Layer and 8-Layer, then it must be unstoppable. But now it is not necessarily.

Looking at the rushing sword cloud, Lin Lei quickly lifted up the long spear in his hand and rushed forward. There were no gorgeous martial skills and no gorgeous show. Some just took the killing intent and baleful aura long spear. On that cloud, it was broken in an instant.

“But Lin Lei’s long spear didn’t stop, but stabbed straight towards the boss’ head.”

“What, how is it possible.”

Watching the tip of long spear getting closer to his head, for a while, the boss was silly and didn’t know to avoid it. The only thing in my mind that I wanted to know was why Lin Lei didn’t have the strength of Foundation Establishment and could with No difficulty to break his own attack.

“hehe, die!”

Lin Lei’s long spear passed directly from the boss’s eyebrow without a pause, only to see a white thing flow out, looking very disgusting, with red blood mixed in it.

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host for killing the cultivator of the Foundation Establishment last time. He has rewarded XNUMX experience points, XNUMX Spirit Stone, and one psychic blood fire. (The psychic blood fire comes from the world’s top fire. He can help. The host quickly enters the medicine pill industry, and can also improve the degree of the finished product of the medicine pill. Most importantly, he can upgrade. As the host’s strength increases, the magic blood will open the next layer of flame. ) “

“Fuck, such a good thing, wouldn’t I be able to become Alchemist quickly with him?”

Thinking of this Lin Lei, I have no intention to kill anyone here, her only goal now is to quickly become Alchemist and then save Red Lotus.

Lin Lei hastily put his Martial Emperor divine spear in his locker, and then looked towards the sky outside the mountain range.

At the same time, a group of people who had been waiting for the prey noticed that something was wrong, and they all came to Sentian 2nd-layer to look for it, and Lu Feng who returned to sect also received his own men’s continuous killing. Non-stop rushing towards the Morin mountain range, and the initiator of all this is heading to the town where Lin Tian is located.

“Hu, not coming out for a few months, now it feels really different.”

After coming out of Lin Lei, after months of hard work, and the tightness of the divine essence, now that he is experiencing the outside world, Lin Lei is really shocked.

In conclusion, Lin Lei still likes to be chased and killed in the mountain range. The key to this is strength.

“Hehe, I do n’t know how Little Tian has cultivated in the past few months, I do n’t know if there is a breakthrough Refining Qi period.”

Lin Lei has been thinking about what cultivation technique to practice for Lin Tian on the road, but if he wants to make it, he can only practice inheritance and see if there is a good cultivation technique for Lin Tian. If it does n’t work, he can draw it from the system. A cultivation technique for Lin Tian. Anything in the system is the best thing in the world.

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