Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 32

On the way back to Lin Lei, in the cave of the cliff of the Morin mountain range, the blood in a blood pool was boiling, and the scene looked very scary.

“Hahahaha, it ’s a godsend me. Today is the time when my blood smells reality. Wait, I will definitely return all the tortures I have suffered.”

This is, a terrifying dark voice came out of the blood pool with anger. The sound was very loud, almost everyone in the whole forest heard it. The most terrifying thing was that the whole pool of blood water disappeared in an instant, all Are integrated into the ground.

As soon as the sound of blood heard, the entire mountain range of the mountain range vibrated, and all the demonic beasts flew into the depths of the mountain range. All the people, including those who were looking for a companion, Windcloud Sect, disciple, all silly at this time.

“What’s going on, whose voice is this, listening to it, this person’s cultivation base is definitely above Sect Master, who is it?”

For a while, everyone at Windcloud Sect talked about it, and the people who walked away were hurrying to leave.

“Don’t worry about his cultivation base. Listening to the voice of this person must not be a good stubble. Let’s go quickly, or we all have to explain here.”

“Hearing the words of their companions, everyone agreed to the proposal, so they quickly took out their flying swords and were not flying towards the Morin mountain range.”

The moment they took off, a beam of red light suddenly shot from the cliff, straight into the sky, carrying Blood Fiendish Qi very thick.

“What the hell is going on, why is there such a heavy Blood Fiendish Qi.”

The Windcloud Sect disciple who was about to escape, suddenly saw the red light not far away, and felt the Blood Fiendish Qi, and all of them changed their faces for a while.

“Hehe, God is so interesting, knowing that old man sent me so much fresh blood today.”

When the Windcloud Sect disciple was different, a sound came to mind from behind them. This sound was the same as the sound that vibrated the whole sky just now.

“What, how …”

Before they finished talking, I saw an old man with a bone, and there was a ragged clothes on his body, and his hair was very messy. If you look closely, you can see many blood red small Insects dangled in their hair and looked very oozing.

“Well, it’s not bad. Although they are all Foundation Establishment ants, these are almost as soon as they come out.”

With that said, the old man knew the front flutter and thought about the disciples of Windcloud Sect.

“The old man is fast. It takes two to kill them all. The death is extremely ugly. All of them are skinny. There is no blood.”

“Hu, cool, so delicious, it has been so long since I drank such delicious blood, hehe is fast, Chen Jianghe, and soon I will find you so that your descendants will become my body. a part of.”

As far away as a Great Clan in the middle of a continent, a person hurried to the door of a room, and his voice seemed very urgent as if he had encountered a major event.

“Patriarch major event is bad.”

The man came to the door and shouted loudly, and did not care about the usual manners.

“Hmph, don’t look at your identity for anything, 咋咋 hu hu, what kind of system.”

A man opened the door and came out. If anyone is here, it will startled. Is n’t this Chen Family Patriarch? There have been rumors that Chen Family Patriarch is crazy because of cultivation, but now it is good here.

“In the end, what is it that makes you a lost self-control person for so long in the house.”

“Patriarch, the major event is not good. You asked me to observe the seal of the Ancestral Hall. I didn’t know what happened. It was just unsealed just now, and there was a ray of Blood Fiendish Qi flying from afar. “

“Oh, it was the seal that was unsealed. I thought … what, what did you say, that seal of the ancestral hall?”

Hearing the words of the man, Lord Chen Family did not turn around for a moment.

Yes, just now, it suddenly exploded. I don’t know what happened. Previously, Patriarch said that whenever there is a problem with the seal, no matter when and where, the contemporary Patriarch must be notified immediately.

“What to do, what to do, now Father doesn’t know where to travel. If that thing comes to the family for revenge, even my whole family is not enough to kill him.”

When he heard that the seal was unsealed, the man froze, trembling, and murmured in his mouth, looking like he was scared.

“No, you can’t just wait like this, go, tell me the movie department, and let them send a team of the first team, go to the Sentian mountain range in the east to see what’s going on, and send a pair of people, you must find Old Patriarch as soon as possible Tell him about it and let him come back quickly. “

For a while, the Chen Family owner came back to his senses, and quickly ordered the man next to him to pass, and when he heard it, he wanted to go outside.

“Well, it seems that Xuantian is not quite flat.”

The master of the Chen Family stood outside the door with sorrow and sighed. They didn’t know that all this was done by Lin Lei. If Lin Lei had opened the door to the hole, the blood smell would not have been so Wake up early, if he did not take away the cultivation technique that suppresses the blood smell, it would not make the blood smell wake up.

At this time Lin Lei didn’t know that he had made such a big mistake, but even if he knew it, Lin Lei would probably dismiss it and say that it was something to me.

“It should be this Inn.” After Lin Lei hurried overnight, he came to the door of Inn where Lin Tian lived and looked at the plaque on his head and said.

“Well, you little young Master, you are back.”

At this moment, a small second stepped out of Inn and recognized Lin Lei at a glance when he saw Lin Lei.

“Well, you know me.”

Lin Lei said a little uncertainly when he looked at Dian Xiao Er, but Dian Xiao Er laughed.

“Little Young Master, you forgot, remember that you did not come to our restaurant for dinner a few months ago and gave me a piece of gold as a reward, think about it.”

Not to mention, after the shop Xiao Er said so, Lin Lei really remembered him.

“Oh, it’s you, okay. You can order me another table, the style, it’s the same as the last time, but you only need to open two pots of wine.”

Having said that, Lin Lei headed towards it, came to Inn without stopping, and quickly came to the door of Lin Tian’s room.

“peng peng peng ”

Lin Lei knocked on them gently, he was afraid that if Lin Tian cultivated in it, it would be bad.

“Who is it.”

This is, a tender voice came from inside, and slowly heard footsteps.

With a “Zhi Ya” sound, the door opened, and a juvenile boy’s eyes stared out across the door slit.

“Hehe, Little Tian, ​​when did you learn to watch people across the door?”

Lin Lei connected to this situation and laughed for a while, so teased to today.

“Ah, Young Master, you are back.”

Hearing Lin Lei’s voice, Lin Tian quickly opened the door and came out. If there was any excitement, he went to Lin Lei’s arms and cried.

“Wu wu, Young Master. Where did you go, didn’t you say that you would go for a few days? It’s been a few months, how did you come back, wu wu wu …”

The more he said that Lin Tian was crying harder, and Lin Lei was also speechless. This is all about engaging in that, how can you cry when you meet.

“Okay, okay, am I not back here, is it necessary to do this?”

In the end Lin Lei was watching. So it was comforted today.


and. Lin Tian was also very obedient, and quickly left Lin Lei’s body, standing respectfully behind Lin Lei’s body.

“Well, okay, I ordered the food. Let’s go eat some food and leave for another place. Now you should join and sect to exercise well, and you can’t continue to practice like this without a brain.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

Having said that, Lin Lei took Lin Tian to the reserved seat in the living room and sat down.

“Hurry up and eat and get on the road. These things are not common on the road.”

After talking about Lin Lei, he didn’t care about Lin Tian, ​​but ate it alone and drank while drinking.


Lin Tian laughed when he saw Lin Lei’s eating, he saw that Lin Lei was so fragrant, and he lost his appetite for a while. So his meat and wine pushed Lin Lei in front of him.

“Well, why don’t you eat?”

Seeing this, Lin Lei immediately hurriedly drank the meat on hand and let him look down at Lin Tian.

“That, Young Master, you eat, I have already eaten.”

Although listening to Lin Tian’s words, Lin Lei doesn’t believe that he will eat well today.

“Shao Luo, let you eat as much as you want, don’t grind like a girl.”

Lin Lei finished speaking, and slapped the rice in front of Lin Tian, ​​then continued his great event.

This meal made Lin Lei feel very comfortable. There is no such good food in Moriten.

“Well,” Lin Lei touched his belly and ate a wine meal, satisfied laughed.

“Okay, I’m full, I should ask you how you’ve been in the months I’ve been away. Are you lazy.”

After seeing Lin Tian full, Lin Lei asked him what had happened in the past few months, and what he had cultivated and achieved in the past few months.

“Young Master, I am not lazy. In the past few months, I practiced from the training level to Refining Qi 5-Layer. I just broke through yesterday. It may be because there is no cultivation technique. I practiced after 4-Layer. Well, the speed has obviously slowed down a lot, if there is a cultivation technique. I guess I can break through Refining Qi 6-Layer or 7-Layer in one fell swoop. “

When it comes to this, you quickly brag about my expression, looking very embarrassed.

“Well, it’s okay, but don’t be anxious. This strength is just just entering the threshold of cultivation, and you need to cultivate well in the future. As for the cultivation technique, I will find you a suitable book in a few days. “

Having said that, when I heard that Lin Tian’s cultivation base was Refining Qi 5-Layer, I was really stunned by Lin Lei.

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