Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 33

“Well, I know Young Master.”

“Yes, is there anything special happening here over the past few months, you tell me.”

Lin Lei suddenly thought of something and asked Lin Tian.

“What’s special?”

Lin Tian thought about it, and suddenly eyes shined as if thinking of something.

“By the Young Master, when I was eating a few days ago, I suddenly came with a group of people. One of them was about my age and saw my cultivation base and suddenly gave me a token and said what Pill Sect, and then an old man said that he would check my Spiritual Veins, and when he finally left, he asked me to wait for you to come back and go to them with you as their disciple. “

Listening to Lin Tian’s words, Lin Lei sighed. This incident left Lin Lei unthinkable, especially when he heard Pill Sect’s name, which made Lin Lei unexpected.

“Really, their sect is there, have they told you?”

Lin Lei was excited. This time he came out of Mori to find a sect that would pill concocting. I didn’t expect it to take no time. Sect came by himself.

“Oh, they said it was in a place called Tianchi County in the west, and they said it was far away.”

Lin Tian did not expect that he was unintentionally selected by sect, which helped Lin Lei’s help.

“Oh, I didn’t expect this Pill Sect to be a Western Sect.”

Hearing the address of Pill Sect sect, Lin Lei knew that the so-called west was the entire western continent, which was the same as the east land where they were.

“Okay, then pack up quickly, let’s go to their Pill Sect and break in.”

Lin Lei’s mood is now very happy, many things have been resolved, as if it was the arrangement of heaven.


Lin Tian hit complied and quickly ran upstairs to pack up. Packing up was actually just a few worn out clothes, and there was nothing else.

“Small dragon, small dragon”

“What’s wrong, host?”

Listening to system’s words seemed to reluctantly answer Lin Lei.

“Well, am I able to learn the spiritual fire I got two days ago.”

Lin Lei thought of the spirit fire that had arrived a few days ago, and his heart tickled.

“Hehe, if the host wants to die now, there is no residue left. Then learn it.”

“you you…”

Lin Lei listened to the words of the system, and sweated all over him. Listening to the meaning of the system, it would be dead if he studied now.

“So, when can I learn?”

“When the system arrives at Foundation Establishment Middle-Stage, we can barely learn. If we want to fully integrate, we have to wait until the light environment, so that the host can use the soul’s ability.”

Hearing what the system said, Lin Lei already had an idea, and after thinking for a long time in his heart, he finally gave up.

“Let ’s do it. After Pill Sect, I learned pill concocting, and I am merging the spirits.”

Lin Lei gritted his teeth and suppressed the heart that wanted to learn the spirit fire.

“Young Master, I have packed everything and we can go.”

At this time, Lin Lei heard Lin Tian’s words and retreated from the conversation with system.

“Oh, take it!”

Having said that, Lin Lei took a piece of gold and put it on the table. He took Lin Tian and set off for Pill Sect. Lin Lei wanted to go around when he came out. Now it ’s no longer needed. After the goal, Lin Lei’s speed of action It gets faster.

Lin Lei, who came to the outside of the town, stopped and stood there. Lin Tian didn’t know what was going on, but his young Master stopped and he didn’t leave.


Suddenly, Lin Lei’s Red Flame Tiger came out of the system, but this scene frightened Lin Tian. He didn’t know that the demotic beast was Lin Lei’s.

“Young Master, you go quickly, I block it.”

I thought Lin Lei was in danger of Lin Tian, ​​and he fought in front of Lin Lei, looking like he was ready to fight.

“Hehe, Ha Ha Ha …”

Seeing this scene, Lin Lei smiled, smiled happily, and moved her heart.

“Well. Alright Little Tian, ​​if you step back, he won’t hurt me.”

Lin Lei pushed Lin Tian aside and looked at him with a smile.


Before waiting for Lin Tian to ask why, I saw Lin Lei walked directly to Chiyanhu and sat up, and Chiyanhu also lay on the ground so that Lin Lei could sit on it easily.

“This this…”

Seeing this scene, Lin Tian was dumbfounded. He never thought that his own Young Master would not be afraid of this Demonic beast, and this Demonic beast seemed to be willing to let Lin Lei ride.

“Well, let’s go quickly. One after another will not find the town or village, so you can only stay in the wilderness.”

Lin Lei looked reluctant to stay in the wild and waved at Lin Tian.

“Oh, oh”

Lin Tian came to the side of Red Flame Tiger, and when Lin Lei pulled him, he clearly felt the trembling of Lin Tian.

“Hehe, Little Tian, ​​don’t be afraid. He is very good. Will you get along well in the future?”

Lin Lei knocked on the head of Red Flame Tiger with a shudder, and said to him.

“roar roar”

The Red Flame Tiger yelled awkwardly under Lin Lei’s body, then turned his head to look at Lin Tian aggrieved, looking very skinny.

“Hehe, hello, my name is Lin Tian and I need to communicate more in the future.”

Lin Tian introduced himself to Chiyanhu very formally. If Chiyanhu is an individual, I believe Lin Tian will still shake hands with him.

“Okay, okay, let’s go now, or we really have to eat soil at night.”

Hearing Lin Lei’s words, Chiyanhu slammed his head and ran towards the west.

In the mountain range in the distance, a familiar silhouette came here with a flying sword. If Lin Lei was here, he would definitely recognize it. This is the Lu Feng who forced him to jump off the cliff and hurt Honglian.

Lu Feng, who came here, ran down from the air, and immediately arrived at the location where he left.

“What happened, how could there be no one.”

When Lu Fang came here and found his partner’s fire here, Chao wanted to search all around.

Coincidentally, some places are exactly where Lin Lei kills people. Lu Feng observes as he walks. This is Lu Wei’s bloody taste, so he speeds up his pace, and quickly arrives at the bloody place. At first glance, six or seven of his companions were lying on the ground, and their bodies were stiff.

Lu Feng, who was watching this scene, cried. These are the brothers who were born and died with him. Although they are usually harsher on them, this is not enough to their brotherhood.

“How could this be, how could this be?”

Lu Feng was like crazy. He kept saying this sentence in his mouth, his eyes stood there with no eyes, as if a gust of wind could blow him to the same place.

After a long time, Lu Feng woke up, with a backache in his eyes. At this time, he had the results. He knew that since these people were dead, the others were probably also bode ill rather than well, but let What worries him is that he never thought of who killed them after he left.

He thought of Elder who was sect, thought of speaking them, and thought that they had an internal conflict, but he didn’t think of Lin Lei, who jumped off the cliff as soon as possible, and when he saw the bodies of these people, Lu Feng was in his head. Flashed over the silhouette of Lin Lei, but was quickly excluded.

“Hmph, no matter who you are, I will surely get you out and let you suffer heartbreak.”

Lu Feng yelled at the sky, and after venting the vented anger, he dug a pit in front of him and buried it.

“Well, this time is a heavy loss, I don’t know what the big Elder Council is.”

After Lu Fengba should do what should not be done, he quickly stepped on the flying sword toward sect and quickly flew.

Lin Lei, who is walking west, naturally did not know this scene. If Lin Lei knew it, he would probably die with a smile.

“Young Master, it looks like the teenagers have a rural village. Why don’t we go there tonight?”

Lin Tian, ​​who was sitting on the Red Flame Tiger together, showed Lin Lei excitedly after seeing the village in front.

“Well, okay, let’s get down, otherwise I’m afraid they will scare them by riding the Red Flame Tiger.”

Talking about Lin Lei, he jumped down directly, and Lin Tian, ​​too. As for the Red Flame Tiger, one hundred were unwilling to come to the system, but there was no way, so he could only return to his old nest obediently.

“Go, go.”

With that said, Lin Lei and Lin Tian walked towards the village in front.

The village is very close here, and before walking for a while, Lin Lei they came to the village.

This is a little eagerly who ran to Lin Lei, shouting at Lin Lei milkily.

“Who are you, what do you want to do in our village?”

Lin Lei laughed after hearing this, and looking at the little child was cute and chubby. Most importantly, the corners of the little child’s mouth were still stained with unsmoothed milk.

“Hehe, little younger brother, you tell us this is the village, and there is no room here. If you tell the big brother, then the big brother will give you this food.”

Talking about Lin Lei, he took out the chicken legs in the bag, and it was very fragrant. After looking at it, the little child pouted, and finally did not resist the temptation and opened his mouth.

“We are in Quyang Village, and we have such a village in Fangyuanli. I don’t know where we live, but there is a house there, it seems that no one lives there, but there is a small beggar in it.”

The little child’s mouth was full of meat, and vaguely pointed to Lin Lei.

Lin Lei looked around, and there was only a small thatched cottage and nothing was left.

“Okay, little child, let’s go play.”

Having said that, Lin Lei left here directly, and walked towards a thatched cottage next to him.

As soon as he arrived at the door, Lin Lei felt something was wrong. The breath in the room and its faint breath, so Lin Lei quickly went in and saw the sight of Lin Lei in his life will not forget.

I saw a very small child curled up in the corner and looked very pathetic. Seeing this, Lin Lei almost cried when his nose was sore.

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