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Lin Lei immediately came up, no matter whether the child was dirty or not, he took it in his arms. Lin Tian next to him didn't stop it. If he changed it, he would do the same.

Lin Lei only saw it when she was holding the child. The child's face was very pale, and there was a little scar on the face, and the whole body was shaking and cold. Looking at the child, Lin Lei lost his consciousness, tears Just fell off.

"Young Master, I'll go out and get some hot water and get some wild beast or something. You look hungry when you look at the little child."

Hearing today, Lin Lei raised his head and smiled at today and said, "Go, get some more water. As for wild beast, try to make it as a pheasant, so that it can be digested quickly and it can be replenished.

"I see."

Talking, Lin Tian went outside, seeing Lin Tian going out, Lin Lei looked down at the child in his arms, and he couldn't bear to let go for a while, and also said that if the age of Lin Lei's soul was added It is estimated that there are children now.

"Well, this world is really not as good as the 21st century. At least there is no such poor child there, and at least there is an orphanage."

Lin Lei warmed up the little child's body with the Spiritual Qi of Chaos Zhenjing, and slowly it became effective.

"cough cough ......"

A cough came from the child's mouth, and Lin Lei hurriedly came to the child's back with pats to smooth it out.

Time passed quickly, and Lin Lei, who hadn't been here long, saw that it was dark outside, and Lin Lei quickly took a few clothes from the space and spread them under the child's body, then came to the side and some The firewood ignited, and for a time, the entire room darkened in the darkness lit up.

"Lin Lei was busy packing and packing. The originally messy and dirty room was clean for a while, and there were no scandals in the room."

"Hehe. It's so much better to live in it for a long time without getting sick."

Looking at the neat room, Lin Lei was relieved a lot, then went to the small child and hugged him, letting him sleep on himself.

"Zhi Ya" came out from the door, a Lin Tian with pheasants in his hand, with a smile on his face, looking very handsome.

"came back"

"Well, the harvest is not bad. I beat four pheasants and three rabbits, and there was one who didn't grow up. They were so cute, so I caught them and played with this little child."

Hearing Lin Tian ’s words, Lin Lei laughed, which means that you are doing a good job.

"Well, where do you put it, I'll make it later, and make something for the child to drink."

With that said, Lin Lei put the little child on his clothes, and he also stood up and took the rabbit and pheasant in the hands of Lin Tian and walked outside.

"Um, Young Master can cook, too?"

Lin Tian went out with Lin Lei with skepticism, but when he saw Lin Lei's craftsmanship, he was stunned for a moment.

"Well, just use that thing!"

Lin Lei originally intended to stew the chicken soup with water for the little child, but later thought that the effect was not obvious, so Lin Lei took out a bottle of spiritual liquid water he had collected in the cave and poured it into the pot. The whole chicken leaked Guanghua throughout the time. Lin Tian drooled when he saw this scene, especially after seeing the bottle of water that Lin Lei took out.

"Young Master, what is your water?"

I didn't want to ask Lin Tian really couldn't help but asked him, and Lin Lei said laughed not at all, and then continued his cooking.

About an hour later, Lin Lei looked at the muscles in the pot in front of him, and then took out the spiritual medicine he picked from Sentian from the storage ring of the zodiac, put it in for a while, looked very tempting people.

Lin Lei took the spoon, took a sip, smashed it, screamed OK, and held the pot towards it.

"Well, how tired can this child be for so long?"

Lin Lei saw that the little child lying there was not awake, so he put down the pot and came to the little child's side and said gently, "The child wakes up, wakes up and eats."

In his sleep, the little child seemed to hear someone telling him to eat, so he slowly opened the eyelids that had no strength to lift, and as soon as he entered the eyes, a young man squatted and called himself.

"You, who are you?"

When I heard the voice of the little child, she first stunned her, then lifted the little child up and said to her, "Don't be afraid, I'm not a bad person. I just passed here and saw you sick, so I stayed to take care of him. you."

The little child heard Lin Lei's words, but his eyes were turned into tears, and he cried completely.

"Okay, don't cry, eat quickly, otherwise your small body is probably sick."

Having said that, Lin Lei took the little child and came to the chicken soup, then put him down and gave him a bowl and brought it to the little child.

Looking at the bowl in front of him, the little child swallowed it, then snatched it and went madly into his mouth.

"Drink slowly. Drink slowly. These are yours. No one will grab them."

Looking at the little child eating, Lin Lei knew that he must be hungry and did not manage it anymore, but watched silently beside him.

After a long time, the little child ate the whole chicken all by himself, which surprised Lin Lei, and sometimes it was even more unbelievable to see the small body of the little child.

"Hehe, now I have eaten and eaten too, can you tell me your name, and your parents?"

When Lin Lei had just said this, she regretted it, and when it came to the death of child's parents, the young child's eyes were obviously dark, so it can be seen that it is either dead or an abandoned child.

"Well, then tell me your name, I can't always call you little child, right?"

Lin Lei quickly shifted the topic, for fear of talking about the pain of the small child. In this case, it is equivalent to once again tearing a scar that has already been bloodied and tearing it apart again.

"I don't have a name, they all call me little beggar. As for my parents, I have never seen it, and I don't want to see it. Since they gave birth to me and abandoned me, it proves that I have no parents.

When the little child talked about his parents, his eyes were full of hatred, and even there was an urge to kill them. Lin Lei was shocked to see this scene.

"Then I'll give you a name, so they won't have to call you little beggar in the future."

Lin Lei felt that this little child had a good relationship with him, so he said to him.

The little child did not speak, but the longing look in his eyes had not been seen by Lin Lei.

"Really, really?"

The small child's weak tone seemed to Lin Lei to be completely afraid, and he felt that there was no good person in the world.

"Lin Wanyu, is Lin Wanyu good?"

Lin Lei said the name he thought of to the small child. For a while, you can see the kind of happiness that appeared on the child's Wan Yu's face. It is something from the heart, the most fundamental of a person. which performed.

"Well, thank you big brother Xie, I have a name, and I'll be called Lin Wanyu in the future."

The little child jumped up and down and happily called his own name. Looking at such a pure child, Lin Lei also laughed at the same time.

"Host, if you want to keep her by your side, you can take him as an apprentice. His innate talent is sky-high, and he is still a dual attribute spiritual root. One is fire, the other is wood. You can Inherit inheritance from your pill concocting. "

Suddenly, the voice of system came out, and the message came out was what Lin Lei wanted to hear. Lin Lei's eyes on Lin Wanyu became even more spoiled. Although she was only fourteen years old now, he The soul and the age of the fleshhy body add up to more than thirty.

"Well, I will take her as an apprentice today, and in the future you will be able to be a high-profile arrogant."

Thinking of this, Lin Lei got excited, Lin Lei, who has not smiled for a long time, finally showed a smile at this moment, which is not easy.

"Wan Yulai"

Lin Lei said to do it. Quickly waved at Lin Wanyu and called him to his side.

"What's wrong, big brother."

Lin Wanyu faced Lin Lei again with a blank expression, and asked in a low voice.

"Wan Yu, I want to take you as an apprentice, and take you to a better place to live, I wonder if you want to?"


A scream came out of Wan Yu's mouth, and Lin Lei frowned thought he was unwilling.

"If you are okay, I will give you some money so that you can live a high position and great wealth in your life."

When Lin Lei spoke, there was disappointment in his tone, but he didn't show it.

"Ah, no, I'm willing, I just didn't expect that you would keep me."

"Hehe, I don't know now, and I love such a cute child."

Hearing Lin Lei's words, the little child cried, but did laugh and cry.

"Well, then let's go to the teacher. As long as you worship me as a teacher, I will make you the most shining existence in the entire universe, even if Huang Tian is above, it is impossible for you to do anything."

When Lin Lei looked at Wan Yu's speech, her eyes were firm, as if everything could be realized, but it was actually realized in the future.


The little child immediately kneeled in front of Lin Lei, and slapped nine heads to Lin Lei respectfully and said, "Disciple Wan Yu, stepped under Lin Lei's door today, and then he will keep his energy and practice well, and he will never lose the Master. If it violates the rules, it will never fall without a burial site. "

After speaking, the sky suddenly became dark, as if it was a voucher made by hearing Wan Yu's words.

"Well, all right, there are no many requirements under my door, I just hope you can live in peace, or the days you want, as long as you are comfortable."

Lin Lei heard his disciple's words, not at all to stop, but to speak out his thoughts.

"Well. I know Master."

After speaking, Lin Wanyu came to Lin Lei's side and stood there.

"Well, now that you are all disciples for the teacher, you can't be wrong for the teacher."

Having said that, Lin Lei took out the Marrow Cleansing Pill that he got from the novice package that he opened the system, and handed it to Lin Wanyu.

"You can take this, but I have to tell you in advance that eating this food is very painful, you have to be mentally prepared, but eating this food is good, he can let you go in and practice faster State, can increase your speed of cultivation. "

Lin Lei took out Marrow Cleansing Pill and made clear the pros and cons of medicine pill, for fear that Wan Yu would receive inhuman pain if he did not make it clear, he didn't want to be a pit in the system.

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