Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 35

“As for whether you eat or not, I will have a way to raise your cultivation base even if you do not eat.”

Lin Lei not at all asked Wan Yu to eat Marrow Cleansing Pill, but to let her choose. In case Lin Wan Yu couldn’t stand it, Lin Lei couldn’t help but hurt her.

“Master, I eat.”

This sentence has determined his determination to go this way in the future.

Looking at Lin Wanyu’s firm eyes, Lin Lei’s eyes flashed with relief.

“Well, since you choose to eat Marrow Cleansing Pill, then I will protect you for today.”

Having said that, Lin Lei gave medicine pill to Wan Yu and then went cross-legged to the side, and Lin Wan Yu did the same as Lin Lei did, and put Marrow Cleansing Pill in his mouth.

“Aaaaaahhhh ……”

Lin Wanyu, who had just been served, came out with a scream, and Lin Lei quickly came to look around.

“Hu, fortunately, no major event.”

Lin Lei watched Lin Wanyu’s body tremble and screamed, Lin Lei looked very distressed.

“Well, light rain, you must hold on, as long as you pass this level, then the road of future cultivation must be smooth.”

Although it was Lin Wanyu who ate the medicine pill, Lin Lei also had a lot of pain, and he didn’t want Wan Yu to suffer like this.

Time passed quickly, half an hour passed, Wan Yu’s screams slowly stopped, and then saw that Wan Yu’s body had a layer of stinky sticky matter, looking very sick.


This is, Lin Lei came to Wan Yu’s side, and saw that he had opened his eyes, those smart eyes, looked better than before.

“Oh, light rain, now that you’re all right, let’s get up. By the way, let Little Tian take you to take a bath. You see you’re almost sad,” said, pretending to pinch my nose today, as if it’s smelly Look.


A harsh scream yelled from Lin Wanyu’s mouth. Wan Yu, who was originally disapproved, had heard Lin Lei’s words, relying on herself, and found that there were a lot of black smelly things on her body, and she couldn’t help pointing Call out.

With the sound of “sou”, Lin Wanyu exerted more explosive power than usual, and ran out, so as to wash off her own body.


Lin Lei laughed and shook the head without saying so, but sat back cross-legged again.

“Ding dong, when the host is tomorrow’s Seal of Evil Spirit breakthrough, do you want to enter your mind and destroy Evil Spirit?”

This is, the voice of system came out. Lin Lei’s smiling face suddenly gloomed for a moment.

“Well, it’s time to solve everything, plus Xiao Yu and Little Tian have no cultivation technique at this time, and it’s time to get that inheritance.”

After speaking, Lin Lei took Dian Wei and Bai Qi as their guards, and let them guard the door. No one could come near him without his order.

Since the last injury, Dian Wei and Bai Qi began to practice madly after their injuries. Knowing that today their cultivation base has all reached the Foundation Establishment Peak, they can break through the door and open the light. .

“Yes, I will definitely protect the safety of the Young Master.”

With that said, Dian Wei and Bai Qi came outside the door, one left and one right now, like a door god, motionless.

“System, let my soul go where Evil Spirit is being held now!”

After seeing that his security was properly arranged, he quickly contacted system.

The system didn’t speak, and Lin Lei’s eyes closed. At this moment, after the eyes opened, everything that he saved was changed. What used to be a shabby door has now become a sea of ​​clouds like before.

Slowly, Lin Lei flew up and flew towards the center of the sea of ​​clouds. All the way, Lin Lei saw all his own Mental Power.

And in the middle of the sea of ​​clouds, Lin Lei saw the Evil Spirit lying with no breath.

“System, let him go. I want to resolve him as soon as possible. I don’t have so much time wasted here now.”


Hearing Lin Lei’s words, I saw the clouds in the whole sea of ​​clouds rolling up, and the central cage slowly opened.

“Ha Ha Ha, I am finally out.”

As soon as the cage was opened, a fierce voice came out.


Hearing Evil Spirit’s voice, Lin Lei laughed slightly, and laughed with disdain.

It didn’t take long for the cage to open completely, and a silhouette of a man stood up, looking up at Lin Lei, his eyes full of hatred.

“Hmph, boy, you are finally here. I have been waiting for you for a long time. If you accidentally hit your tricks, this time must kill you and take away your body. By then, all the secrets on you will be mine. Yes. “

Hearing the words of the zodiac, Lin Lei’s mouth showed a disdainful expression, and Murderous aura in his eyes could not help but leaked out.

“Hehe, that must have that fate!”

With that said, Lin Lei didn’t talk nonsense with him either, and a flashing body rushed towards the zodiac.

“Hmph, half of the ants are there, and they want to prestige in front of the deity, it is a courting death.”

I saw disdain in the eyes of the real zodiac, and at the same time he raised his hand and patted it towards Lin Lei, but the next real zodiac stopped him.

“How could it be, how could you raise the cultivation base so high in such a short period of time.”

The zodiac real man wanted to kill Lin Lei with one stroke, but when he came into contact with Lin Lei’s fist, he felt a huge power from Lin Lei’s fist and passed it into his body. Suddenly, the internal organs were severely damaged.

“Hmph, nothing is impossible. In my world, you are just a ant, so die.”

With that said, Lin Lei came up, and then grabbed the arm of the zodiac Evil Spirit to restrain him, but at the same time, Lin Lei ran to death and devoured the cultivation technique.

“What’s going on, why is my soul slowly disappearing.”

The zodiac Evil Spirit felt that his soul was dissipating, and it was time to think of Lin Lei.

“You, you don’t.”

For a moment, the zodiac Evil Spirit panicked. He was scared. He did not expect Lin Lei to have such a move.

“Hmph, do you think I will let you go?”

For a while, Lin Lei turned the Devouring Act to the extreme, and the power of that Devourer immediately increased several times.

Slowly, the soul of Evil Spirit gradually faded. I saw the terrified expression in his eyes and looked at Lin Lei, but in the end it didn’t help.

Ten minutes later, when the soul of Evil Spirit was completely young, Lin Lei exhaled and completely relaxed. Originally, he planned to fight hard for Evil Spirit, but the cultivation technique swallowed up and operated by himself. None of this happened to Lin Lei. It occurred to him that he did not expect that the cultivation technique could be absorbed by Soul Power.

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host for absorbing Soul Power of Evil Spirit, so the host ’s Soul Power has been upgraded to a level. If the host will pill refining technique, you can immediately try the ordinary medicine pill.”

“Ding dong, the host can get rewards for killing Evil Spirit, which can increase the cultivation base of two levels, as well as thehundred thousand experience value. There is also a set of blue purple yarn set (belonging to the Top Grade Treasure Item, which can be attacked. Defend, can resist three attacks from Nascent Soul masters. “

“Wow, how old is the cultivation base of this old boy, why are there so many good things.”

For a while, Lin Lei was excited. He didn’t expect that killing Evil Spirit could enhance his Soul Power and even become an Alchemist of the ranks. He also gave Lin Lei a chance to advance to two levels of cultivation base.

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host on completing 10% of the mainline affiliate tasks. I hope the host will continue to work hard to cultivate Wanyu, so that she can become the heaven’s sweet girl as soon as possible.”

“Um, delicate girl?”

Lin Lei was very happy, but heard the sweet girl behind the system. Suddenly, he stopped.

“Fuck, No way, my disciple is all daughter?”

Lin Lei was very puzzled. He had taken care of him for such a long time, but he didn’t know that he was a daughter, and flushed when he thought of it.

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host for completing the mission and successfully killing Evil Spirit, you will get the true inheritance of the zodiac, please accept it.”

The sounds of the system come one after another, and they are all what Lin Lei needs now.


“Okay, inheritance memory transfer begins.”

Immediately after the system was finished, Lin Lei felt that there was a lot more in his mind. That part is the memory of the real life of the zodiac, and a small part of the combat experience, but Lin Lei’s heart is still the smallest part. Cultivation technique.

Ten minutes later, the inheritance of the zodiac is finally over. Lin Lei deleted all his useless memories in the process of acceptance, only the cultivation technique experience and combat experience, and other memories Lin Lei chose I forgot that he was afraid that the memory of a real person who had left the zodiac would affect his thinking.

“Ding dong, inheritance is over. The host is now the true owner of the storage ring, and can control everything in the ring in the future.”

The voice of system disappeared after speaking, still the same as before.

“Hehe, it is imperative to quickly raise the cultivation base to the Foundation Establishment Stage, and then use the opportunity to upgrade the two cultivation bases to the Foundation Establishment Peak at one time, so that we will step into the task one year later.”

Just finish talking, Lin Lei immediately found a clean place to make it, then took out a Building Foundation Pill, and swallowed it. Lin Lei, who had experience, and killed Evil Spirit With hundreds of thousand years of experience, Lin Lei is already infinitely close to the Foundation Establishment Stage. Now he has eaten the Building Foundation Pill, so his momentum is even stronger, and with the digestion of the Building Foundation Pill, Lin Lei ’s coercion has also It is getting stronger and stronger, and the cultivation base is gradually improving.

I saw that the Spiritual Qi of Lin Lei within the body is slowly turning into a liquid, and the speed is very fast, but the Spiritual Qi of Lin Lei is very impressive. Even if it ’s extra fast, you do n’t have to think about turning it into a liquid in a day.

Lin Lei didn’t know. When he raised the cultivation base, when Wan Yu returned from the door, he found that there were two more people at the door, and he quickly came up to Dian Wei and Bai Qi at the door.

“Who are you, why are you at my doorstep, and my Master?”

Dian Wei saw Wan Yu. I was stunned for a while. Sometimes he asked him about the Master. Even more confusing.

“Little girl, who is your Master?”

At the first sight of Dian Wei, Dian Wei recognized her as a daughter.

“Hmph, who my Master wants you to control.”

Speaking, Wan Yu rushed towards the door quickly, but was stopped at the same time by Dian Wei and Bai Qi, and said to Wan Yu with a killing intent.

“You can’t go in. My Young Master is practicing in it, so please trouble the girl a little bit and wait for my Young Master to leave the house.”

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