Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 36

“No. I want to find my Master!”

When Dian Wei saw that the little girl was unwilling, she used spiritual power to set the silhouette of Wan Yu there, and then found a slightly comfortable place to put Wan Yu there.

And Wan Yu could only watch Dian Wei and them with tears in her eyes, but this was useless to Dian Wei. Everything was less important than Lin Lei’s life, so she chose to ignore it.

Not only Wan Yu, but even Lin Tian, ​​who came back later, also used this method to put the two of them together.

Lin Lei, who practiced in the room, has reached an important juncture and must not miss a bit. He has gathered all his energy and hit the threshold of the Foundation Establishment Stage with 100% of his spirit.

With the passage of time, Lin Lei’s overnight efforts, the spiritual power within the body was finally liquefied with one drop left, and seeing this scene, Lin Lei’s heart was very excited.

“Hu, next is the key time. As long as you reach the Foundation Establishment, Divine Consciousness can be condensed.”

Don’t underestimate the last Spiritual Qi, but at the same time he is the essence of all Spiritual Qi. It took Lin Lei three hours to refining it.

A “hong” sound, just listen, there was a muffled sound in Lin Lei’s body, and the Spirit Qi of Lin Lei within the body announced that it had become a liquid, which means that Lin Lei has now become a Foundation Establishment Early-Stage There was a hint of news on Lin Lei’s face, and the coercion on his body was noticed by Dian Wei and Bai Qi outside the door. For a moment, two people’s faces showed smiles, and there was a hint of shock, but they did not know Yes, this is just the beginning.

“System, immediately use the opportunity to break through the two layers of cultivation base.”


At the moment of speaking, the days of Lin Lei rose again, and slowly the cultivation base was raised to Foundation Establishment Middle-Stage, Foundation Establishment last period, Foundation Establishment Peak.

An hour later, Lin Lei improved from Foundation Establishment Early-Stage to Foundation Establishment’s Peak Peak in one fell swoop with the opportunity of two layers of breakthroughs and the remaining medicine efficacy of the Building Foundation Pill in his body. Lin Lei is still very satisfied with this, If you let people outside know that there will be an urge to kill.

For a while, when Lin Lei was at the Breakthrough Foundation Establishment Peak, Lin Lei ’s initial Divine Consciousness changed from the original 1000 meters to five 1000 meters. According to the general Foundation Establishment Stage, when the breakthrough Foundation Establishment Early-Stage was just The range of Divine Consciousness is only five hundred meters, even Peak is only three thousand meters, but Lin Lei is just a few times theirs. If anyone notices the mass of liquid in Lin Lei within the body, they must be surprised. Because the energy in this liquid is more than ten times that of the ordinary Foundation Establishment, this is incredible.

When Lin Lei ’s Divine Consciousness was released, I saw Wan Yu and Little Tian as soon as possible. It was time. Lin Lei hurriedly Divine Consciousness took it back, then stood up and walked towards the door.

With a “Zhi Ya” sound, Dian Wei and Bai Wei closed the door a day, and knew that it must have been their own Young Master, so they stood on the side and looked at the door with respectful eyes.

“Lin Lei came out and hurried towards Wan Yu and Lin Tian.”

Wan Yu and Lin Tian also saw Lin Lei thinking of them coming, and Wan Yu looked at Lin Lei with a poor look for a while, and then cried.

After coming to Wan Yu and Lin Tian, ​​Lin Lei waved his hand, the energy imprisoned on them disappeared at this moment, without any trace. Dian Wei and Bai Qi, who saw this scene, were shocked. Their strength still knew, they But Foundation Establishment Peak, if the other party wants to unlock, it must be Foundation Establishment Peak or higher, so the two of them looked at nodded, as if they knew something.

“You are all right!”

Lin Lei asked Wan Yu and Lin Tian with concern, and his face was also apologetic. He told Dian Wei to inform them about Lin Tian and Wan Yu after his death.

“It’s okay Young Master, Master.”

The two quickly stood up, watching Dian Wei and Bai Qi behind Lin Lei, with a puzzled look on their faces.

“Oh, I forgot to introduce them to you. They are all my subordinates, and they will all live together in the future. Yesterday I felt that the cultivation base was about to break through, so I asked them to protect me. Tell them you exist, so that’s what they are today. “

Seeing Lin Tian Wanyu’s appearance, Lin Lei knew that she was still worried about what happened yesterday.

“Well, I forgot to tell them, it’s okay for the moment.”

When Lin Lei saw his disciple slumped, Lin Lei immediately surrendered.

“Hmph, Master, you can’t do that. I’ve been freezing here all night. Didn’t you show a little bit?”

Listening to what this meant, Lin Lei knew it, so he took out the suit he had just got today and handed it to Wan Yu.

“Here, hurry up. This thing is a good thing. He can resist cold and heat, and the most important thing is that he can place three palms of high-level cultivator.”

“Ah, really?”

With that said, Wan Yu took the clothes on with surprise and put on her clothes, and then dropped a drop of blood on it, which was a simple confession.

“Well, he will be your thing in the future. As long as you don’t actively cut off the contact, no one can take it away. Now you can be angry with the Master.”

Seeing his disciple liked this thing so much, Lin Lei quickly came up and said to Wan Yu with a smile.

“Well, just let you go this time. If you don’t listen to the next Master, you must tell your men. Don’t tie me up.”

“Well, I will pay attention in the future.”

Then, Lin Lei took them towards the room.

“Okay, let’s do it! Next, we will continue our journey to Pill Sect, so pack up and get ready for the journey!”

Lin Lei, who was sitting there, talked to Dian Wei, and Dian Wei stood up and packed up Lin Lei’s clothes. They packed up quickly and didn’t have a few clothes.

“Well, Wan Yu and Little Tian will follow me for a while, Dian Wei and Bai Qi, and the two of you will follow Yu Jian’s flight!”


Lin Lei divided them into the next action group, and set off for the west.

When setting off, Wan Yu reacted with Lin Tian when she saw the Red Flame Tiger, but the difference was that one was to protect Lin Lei and the other was to hide behind Lin Lei for fear.

“On the way, during his free time, Lin Lei picked up the cultivation technique from the real people of the zodiac and chose the cultivation technique that can be cultivated to the Immortal World for Wan Yu and them today, and they were very hard-working, and they were crazy on the way Lin Lei’s cultivation was very surprised. Coupled with Lin Lei’s medicine pill, within a month, forcibly raised Lin Tian’s cultivation base to Refining Qi 9-Layer Peak, and Wan Yu, because innate talent is very Good and two spiritual roots, so the speed of cultivation is naturally fast. The cultivation base reached Refining Qi 4-Layer. Lin Tian saw this scene for a while.

Among them, Pill Sect is getting closer and closer. Just a few days ago they have come to the western continent, and after constantly asking about it. They learned that Pill Sect is part of Grade 1 Sect in the west, and is located in Tianchi County.

“Well, everyone, pay attention. The teenager is Xianchi County. They all hide their cultivation base, and try to keep it low-key as much as possible, but don’t cause trouble, but we are not afraid of things, do you know?”

Lin Lei entire group came to the city gate building of Xianchi County, and they ordered to Lin Tian.

“Yes. Got the Master (Young Master)”

Having said that, Lin Lei took them towards Tianchi County, but was stopped at the door.

“Several people, please hold your steps, look at some people, I don’t know if they have a residence permit for Senchi-gun. If you have one, you can go in. If you don’t, please hand over ten Spirit Stones. Passable and get a permanent residence permit. “

When Lin Lei heard this was the case, he immediately took out fifty Spirit Stones and handed them over to the gatekeeper.

“Can we go in now?” Lin Lei said looking at the guard.

“Ah, you can, some people please come in!”

After hearing the guard’s words, Lin Lei entire group went in and came to the city to see a peaceful scene. There were small vendors selling everything, selling food, selling fun, selling jewelry, There are a lot of things for selling cultivation supplies, and the excitement in Wan Yu’s heart can’t be restrained, as if it wasn’t for Lin Lei’s urge to rush and rob him immediately.

“Hehe, okay, you can go, but you must bring Dian Wei, if it is dangerous, it can protect you.”

Looking at his disciple’s eyes, Lin Lei was very clear about her thoughts, and sighed in her heart, no matter where it is, women are a kind of natural shopping gene.

“Ah, really?”

Wan Yu was very surprised, so she bid farewell to Lin Lei, and ran Dian Wei towards the crowd.

“Hehe, it really is a child, let’s go and find an Inn to order, order some wine, and sit and wait for them!”

Speaking, Lin Lei went towards Inn in the city.

“Soon, Lin Lei asked a few people and found the best Inn in the city.”

“I don’t know what this Young Master wants to eat!”

This is, as soon as Lin Lei came to Inn, a shop junior came to Lin Lei and asked.

“Well, first let us know where there are windows, then give us some of your signature dishes here, and finally a few pots of wine will do.”

Lin Lei said everything he wanted to eat and drink all at once, so as to sit down quickly, he didn’t want to just stand still.

“Okay, we really have such a place, and it’s the last place in our store. A few of you, please follow me.”

Having said that, the shop’s second child took Lin Lei to a place with windows to make it, and waited for the meal.

“Hey, did you hear that? Wanbaozhai is going to have an auction tomorrow, and there are many good things in it. I heard that the most valuable one is the alchemic furnace of Dan Mu Xuran a thousand years ago. Beast Treasure. “

“Well, who doesn’t know about this, it came to Tianchi County long ago, and I still use you to say.”

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