Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 38


“Ka-cha, ka-cha”, only one sound of bone fracture, was uploaded from the arm of the Upright Sect child.

“Aaaaaahhhh ……”

A scream yelled from the doorman’s mouth, and the body constantly wanted to fall backwards, eyes full of fear, and at the same time an incredible expression, as if all this could not happen.

“Hehe, do you still say I’m poor?”

Lin Lei slowly walked in front of the doorman. Talked to him with a slight disdain.

“You, you dare to hurt me, you know that I am the doorman of Wanbaozhai, and you offend me like hitting Wanbaozhai’s face, you …”

Before the waiter had finished speaking, Lin Lei lifted up the doorman by the neck. Walk towards the Wanbaozhai lobby.

“Well, it’s another courting death. Just like the cultivation base, I want to go to Wanbaozhai. I have lived on him for a while.”

“Who said no, let’s go in and see the excitement and see how this boy will die.”

“Yeah yeah, hurry up.”

A group of people who were watching outside could not wait to go inside Wanbaozhai. They were following the people who wanted to see Lin Lei would be Wanbaozhai.

When Lin Lei came to the lobby, everyone in the hall focused his eyes on Lin Lei.

“Who, who is good at our Wanbaozhai.”

“This is a very, very strong man who came out, muttering.”

“Hmph, another courting death.”

“I will meet you”

This is now the side of Bai Qi who saw Lin Lei’s eyes and looked towards the robust man who came forward.

“Hmph, are you kings and calves making trouble in our Wanbaozhai?”

Speaking of, Rob Man’s eyes saw the doorman in Lin Lei’s hand, and the anger on Time’s face was revealed unabashedly.

“Hmph. Courting death.”

After seeing the miserable appearance of the doorman, the robust man came towards Bai Qi, and saw that the man’s fist held a terrifying power, but this was only an ant-like power in Bai Qi’s eyes. I saw Bai hit a punch and went up.

With a “peng” sound, I saw the difference in one move, and saw that the robust man fell to the rear like a mass of garbage.

With the sound of “peng”, the robust man’s body sat on the table, and a big pit appeared instantly, and the whole body of the robust man sank into it.

“Hmph, the ants dare to go with Sun Moon Zheng Hui”

I saw a scornful expression on the corner of Bai Qi’s mouth. After curling one’s lip, looked towards Lin Lei’s body.

“Well, good job.”

Lin Lei was nodded to Bai, and then looked sharply towards the front. This is a group of people who have come here, headed by a very beautiful and beautiful girl, followed by a The characters who are terrifying, Lin Lei can feel the fluctuations from them, and their cultivation base was previously on the valley, or even higher.

“This Young Master, I don’t know if my Wanbaozhai was not entertained or did you deliberately find fault?”

When I saw the girl headed by Lin Lei, she opened her mouth and said, with a tone that must be answered, she looked strong.

Lin Lei is also vigilant, his body is tight, and he is ready to fight at any time.

“Hmph, it’s not too much, and I don’t waste that spare time here.”

“Oh, what’s it for, and you’re still holding our doorman in Wanbaozhai, do you have an explanation?”

“Hehe, I have to ask you about Wanbaozhai. Do you need to see what clothes your customers are doing in business? If it is Minghui’s clothes, you should be a noble guest. Rules? “

Lin Lei got it right in the most concise language. It is often so concise that it can make people speechless.


Seeing the girl un’ed, her eyes looked towards the doorman in Lin Lei’s hand, with a murderous aura in her eyes.

“Say, what’s going on.”

This sentence scared the doorman in Lin Lei’s hand, shaking, looking as though he was scared.

“Mumbling,” the doorman swallowed scaredly, his face was pale, and Lin Lei didn’t behave like that when he hit him. But the girl ’s explanation is not the same. Lin Lei ’s eyes on the girl are different.

“Small, Young Lady, it’s not like this, it’s not like this. I just read that he didn’t have an invitation.”

Speaking of which, the doorman was completely speechless, because he saw the girl’s face, and the gloomy could drip water.

“Oh, that’s great. I never thought that we Wanbaozhai still had such a dog-like thing. Who recruited this person?”

When the girl heard the first sentence of the doorman, she could be sure that what Lin Lei said was basically certain, so she turned to the group of old men and middle age persons behind her and asked, her tone was cold.

“Little, Young Lady, this person was recruited by me.”

this is. A middle age person flinched. With fear on his face, his body was shaking.

“Okay, it turned out to be Deacon Wang. No wonder he can do such a dog fight. I didn’t expect that there was such a big figure behind you as he was staring.”

The girl was talking to Deacon Wang with a touch of sarcasm and disdain, staring directly at him as if trying to kill him immediately.

“Well, I don’t want to hear anything else. This person will leave it to you. As for what to do with you, as for you. Just go to the family’s law enforcement hall and convict yourself.”

After speaking, the girl did not make nonsense, walked directly towards Lin Lei, and looked at Lin Lei with curiosity in her eyes.

“This Young Master, I’m really sorry just now. It was because of our disrespect for Wanbaozhai. I apologize to you here, and please forgive me, in order to show that we can make you and your What do you think of the servants entering the VIP room of 2-Layer and waiting for the next auction? “

“Well, yes, I had misunderstood your Wanbaozhai at first. In order to show that, I want to make a deal with you, but this thing can only be said in a quiet place.”

With that said, Lin Lei’s eyes glanced at some people around, and the girl immediately understood this scene when she saw this scene, and quickly extended the hand to make a pleased look toward Lin Lei.

“Go, go.”

Lin Lei said to the Dian Weientire group behind him, slowly, followed the girl toward the second floor.

“I don’t know what the Young Master’s last name is yet. I wonder if I can tell you.”

Hearing the girl’s words, Lin Lei stood for a while and finally let his name be said.

“My surnamed Lin is Lin Lei.”

“Oh, Lin Lei, I haven’t heard of it. I don’t know who the Young Master is. The family is there. Why haven’t I heard of the existence of the Lin Family in one step?”

Hearing Lin Lei’s words, the woman quickly swept through all the western families in her mind, but to his disappointment, he did not find it at all.

“Well, I’m not from the West. As for where I am and my family, I don’t think I need to tell you.”

Lin Lei didn’t tell his own family. He wasn’t afraid that the girl would go to the Lin Family to get revenge, but it was not necessary at all, because he felt that since he was out of the Lin Family, there was no need to be a Lin Family.

“Oh, okay, then don’t ask, come here.”

Having said that, Lin Lei was taken to an empty house. As soon as he entered the room, Lin Lei clearly felt that the Spiritual Qi inside was obviously richer than the Spiritual Qi outside, and looking at this room again Although the decorations of Lin Lei do not know, Lin Lei can feel that everything here is very precious, and they are not extraordinary.

“Oh, there is a Level 2 gas gathering method in this room, so the Spiritual Qi inside is twice as much as outside. Young Master Lin should not be surprised.”

Lin Lei was relieved when she heard the girl’s words. Lin Lei had seen things like the gas gathering before in her novels, so she wasn’t too surprised to hear the words of the girl.

“Come, Young Master, please sit down. I don’t know what the Young Master is going to do with me?”

The young girl made an affectionate gesture, and then did it first, leaning Erlang’s legs, holding a fruit picked up from the table in her hand, and eating it.

“I don’t know, Guibao Zhai does not accept Vermillion Fruit, such things.”

In this sentence, the girl who just sat down stood up in surprise, and looked at Lin Lei fiercely, as if looking at some baby.

“Um, girl please take care of yourself”

“Cough cough, that, Young Master Lin really has Vermillion Fruit?”

The girl heard Lin Lei’s words, realized that she lost self-control, and quickly sorted out her emotions, and asked Lin Lei.

“Well, there are, but not many. There are only two, which I got near a cold pool when I went out to practice. It seemed that there was still a day with big-footed boa constrictors.”

Seeing the girl’s excitement, Lin Lei decided to take out only two, because he saw from the girl’s eyes that this Vermillion Fruit was of great value.

“Oh, two more, that’s great.”

Talking, the girl jumped up and looked very cute, but Lin Lei knew. This young girl is not simple. It can make a group of cultivator who is more than a valley to be a bodyguard beside her. That must be a very strong family disciple.

“Please also ask the Young Master to entrust two Vermillion Fruits to our Wanbaozhai for auction, we can not have any money in the middle, all the auctioned down money can be given to the Young Master, but one thing is that one of the Vermillion Fruits wants the Young Master to be private Buy it for me, and I can buy it for twice the price of the first Vermillion Fruit auction. “

Seeing the girl’s firm expression on her face made Lin Lei very touched.

“Okay, but you have to protect my information. You must not share my information with others.”

Lin Lei agreed, and he expressed his concerns.

“Please rest assured that this Young Master, even if you don’t say it, we will be conservative for you. This is the law of our Wanbaozhai.”

The girl looked at Lin Lei with a confident expression, as if Lin Lei was thinking about it.

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