Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 40

“Well, that’s pretty much the same, but when will I be able to unlock the seal?”

“Hehe, give the host a wake-up call, the host will not be able to turn on a little bit until the fit period.”

Hearing the words of system, Lin Lei stunned for a while, then disappeared, and all that remained was quiet, very quiet.

Just then, a sturdy voice reached Lin Lei’s ear.

“The Young Master, otherwise, please settle the bill first so that I can explain to the steward.”

Hearing this, Lin Lei woke up and looked at the complexion pale boy in front of him. He didn’t say anything, but took out the 700,000 Spirit Stone needed to purchase the Demon Realm weapon directly from the ring and gave it to the boy.

“Okay, then the little one will leave first.”

The teenager took Lin Lei’s Spirit Stone, put it in his hand, and then worshiped Lin Lei and walked towards the door.

“Well, I don’t think this person will last long, really.”

Lin Lei saw the teenager go out. So he said regretfully, and the eyes of Wan Yu and the others were very confused.

“Master, isn’t that person good, why do you say he’s dying.”

Wan Yu, who had been hesitant in the end, did not resist her curiosity and asked.

Lin Lei looked at this kind of person and explained what he said just now: “He just came up holding the weapon, but his body was eroded by the baleful aura carried by the box instrument when he didn’t come up Body, so I say he has lived a short time. “

Lin Lei did n’t say anything, but turned his head, his eyes looked towards the ring, and after looking at the lots being auctioned, Lin Lei not at all intervened, but quietly waited for what he needed arrival.

Time passed quickly, and over time, what Lin Lei wanted finally arrived, and I saw some people on the ring carrying a seemingly heavy thing, and it looked very hard, so those people took a step One step slowly carried the thing and came to the center of Yantai.

A snoring sound, a very heavy voice, came out when a group of people were present, and they were able to ask a scent of medicine pill, although it was very faint, but everyone heard it. Already.

“Okay, let’s auction the XNUMXth lot. This one is sent away. It is an alchemic furnace that was used by Dan Wang, and the grade is not low. I believe everyone’s name for this thing. It shouldn’t be too strange. His name is Manchu Treasure Furnace. “

“Hey, girl Linger, don’t stop talking nonsense, we are here today for this thing, so come quickly.”

“Yeah, yeah, come on, my heart is already boiling.”

Before Wan Linger had finished speaking, the people on the ground floor began to stir up, as if all were coming to this lot.

“Hehe, okay, it seems that our customers can’t wait any longer, then everyone will be fine with the price of this lot. This lot’s base price is 900,000 Spirit Stone, and each increase is five hundred thousand. Then, everyone is free to increase the price. The one with the highest price will get it. I hope you can buy what you want. “

“Not much nonsense, now the beast treasure furnace is now auctioning.”

“1.5 million Spirit Stone”, just after the auctioneer had finished talking, one person underground was worth the high price of 1.5 million, but this was not the highest level, and then many people reported the price they wanted to say. .

“2 million” shouted out of a robust man sitting side by side with the good 1.5 million man. Seeing this, I just thought that there was any grievance between the two, and their brains were full of hatred and killing intent.

“Okay, 2 million, 2 million and still love 2 million for a higher price.”

“3 million” is such a simple sentence. The people underground and in the ring are uproar. They are very surprised. However, some people are too high at 1 million at a time. What a bullish thing. This 1 million pair They all have to praise for a long time before they can have it.

Everyone looked for the sound of 213 on the second floor, looking with envy and greedy eyes in their eyes.

“Okay, 3 million once, 3 million twice, 3 million three times, into …”

“4 million”

A sudden auctioneer interrupted the auctioneer, and everyone’s eyes instantly moved to the 4 million high-priced room, which was also on the second floor 204.

“Master, why are you buying that iron golem for 4 million? It’s not a good thing.”

At 204, a little girl said to the teenager dissatisfied.

“Wan Yu, don’t say this, this thing is a good thing if bought, and if used properly, he is an amazing thing.”

That’s right, the boy who shouted 4 million was Lin Lei. Lin Lei originally planned to shout out the price early, but then he thought it was troublesome, so he waited until the end.

At this point, Lin Lei’s eyes were fiery, and he was very excited at this moment, thinking that now the alchemic furnace is gone, and only the pill refining technique is left. He must join Danmen as soon as possible.

However, the room 213 on the opposite side was not calm. At this time, a teenager was sitting there in the room 213, and there was an old man standing next to him.

“Uncle Wen, go and check who is the person who bargained on the opposite side, and I want him to regret opposing me.”

When the teenager said this. With a killing intent in his eyes, his whole body was icy, and he looked very shy.


Immediately after speaking, the old man walked towards the outside of the room and slowly walked to the door of Lin Lei’s room.

“Uh, uh, uh”

There was a knock on the door, Lin Lei had no extra expression, and he was always indifferent. When he looked at the door, Lin Lei already knew.

“Go open the door.”

Lin Lei said to Dian Wei, and Dian Wei came to the door with vigilance and slowly opened the door. A white haired old man emerged from the door.


The old man didn’t say anything else, but walked in with a smile. When looking at Lin Lei, there was a little surprise in his eyes, because when he came here, he saw Lin Lei’s cultivation base. Of course, this is also Lin Lei did it intentionally, otherwise don’t say this old man, even if it is Great Principle Golden Immortal, don’t want to see his cultivation base clearly.

“I don’t know what this old man called here, I don’t seem to remember I’ve seen you.”

Lin Lei sat in his original position with his legs crossed, his eyes full of cold breath, and his tone was very cold. He looked indifferently at the old man.

“That’s it. My Young Master likes this beast treasure furnace, so I also want to ask this little brother to give things to my Young Master.”

The tone of the old man did not have the disdain and ridicule of the previous kind, but was more cautiously, because he was not sure if Lin Lei had the strength behind it, and seeing Lin Lei at such a young age is already Foundation Establishment Peak. He is not sure if there is a sect or family behind Lin Lei.

“Oh, what you said is not right. I bought the things with the money I paid. If your Young Master wants it, you can buy it back with money, but if you want me to give it to him, then I can only say ,impossible.”

Lin Lei didn’t give him any face at all, but decided to go back because he didn’t feel the need to give the face in front of him.

“This little brother, my Young Master is the Young Master of Xun Zong, and he is also the favorite son of Sect Master. If you do this, you will not give Xun Zong the face. If Sect Master knew it, it would …”

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by Lin Lei. I saw Lin Lei’s somber face facing the old man and said, “hmph, let me tell you, don’t say it is the son of Xunzong Sect Master, even if it is Tianwang Laozi Sons are useless, and do n’t try to challenge my bottom line, let alone threaten me, I said, if you want to take a lot, buy it back with money. “

“You, are you really …”

“Come on, drop off.”

Before looking at the pleasing eyes, Lin Lei directly ordered the passenger, and the old man felt that his face had been lost, so he went straight to the outside.

The old man returned to his room with a somber face and looked at the teenager’s eyes. The old man looked down and then bowed his head.

“Well, did you find out who the other party is?”

When the teenager saw it, he asked quickly, but when he saw the face of the old man. The teenager already knew the result.

“I’m sorry Young Master. I went to find that person, but the strength and background of the other person are unfathomable. That young man is only XNUMX or XNUMX years old. The other person has the strength of Foundation Establishment Peak. And there are several Foundations next to him. Establishment Peak. “

Speaking of this, the old man’s voice was low, and in the end, there was no sound, and the teenager’s heart was also shocked. When I thought of the old man saying that the other party was a XNUMX-year-old boy, and he had the strength of his own Peak. He knew that the opponent’s strength and background should be great, but on the contrary, what kind of background they thought, Lin Lei did not have it. If their ideas let Lin Lei know, they will laugh.

“Well, that’s it for Uncle Wen. Although I really want that thing, I can’t bring unnecessary trouble to my father.”

Although the young man said so, it can be seen that the killing intent in the young man’s eyes could not help but burst out, and the old man standing next to him saw this scene. Silent.

“Well, then this sixteenth lot belongs to the VIP of Room 203.”

Having said that, as before, a person came up and used the storage ring to set up the Beast Furnace towards Lin Lei’s room.

“Well, then we will go to the end of today’s auction. The following lot is a very precious plant. He can nurture the soul, so that the soul of a dead person has been preserved, and his efficacy is still There are many, I will not introduce one after another here, but his name is very famous, that is Raising Soul Wood. “

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