Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 42

“Hehe, it will be more interesting next”

Seeing Lin Lei’s outcry, the teenager in the third-floor room became interested for a moment, with a faint smile on his face, but this person often felt terrifying the most.

“Five hundred thousand, is there any higher price?”

The auctioneer Wan Linger also had a puzzled look, because he knew that this thing was auctioned out by Lin Lei, but what is the situation now.

“Hmph, don’t think that only you have money, I don’t believe it is better than you know the outsider.”

So the man in room 213 stood up and shouted to the window, “5 million, hum, I don’t believe you are going to follow me now.”

The teenager’s voice passed directly to Lin Lei’s ears without concealment. This move was undoubtedly a provocation against Lin Lei.

“Oh, that’s interesting, so let’s go on, 6 million.”

“Wow”, a sentence from the boy on the third floor, the entire Wanbaozhai people are completely blind. They don’t know if they are auctioning Vermillion Fruit now, or are they earning that tone?

“Okay, I’ll follow it to the end, 7 million!”

With the sound of “hong”, everyone’s heads have begun to short circuit, and there are still people who are directly stunned by this number.


The 213 teenager heard Lin Lei’s words and made it directly from the chair. He looked at Lin Lei and the third floor with a humorous look, and the murderous aura in his eyes couldn’t stop the explosion.

“Hmph, just say no money, do we have to ask you to add money, isn’t it an auction, do you need such a blush and thick neck?”

When Lin Lei heard the boy’s words, he knew that the boy should be very angry at this time. If he really gave him a blade, he might kill him.

“Yes, this brother is right, isn’t it an auction? There is no money without money, so don’t worry so much!”

Although the words are said, these words completely misinterpreted the original meaning in the ears of the teenager, all of which turned into taunting him, but the fact is true. The only purpose is to allow the teenager to continue to increase prices.

“8 million”

This price shouted out, and everyone was surprised. Generally, this price was already the entire income that the sect hadn’t had for three years. I didn’t expect this boy to produce so many Vermillion Fruit at once.

In fact, the moment the teenager shouted, he immediately regretted it, but it was a foregone conclusion and there was no possibility of change.

“Wow, I didn’t expect it, I really didn’t expect it. You are as brave as you can, give up.”

When the boy reported the price, Lin Lei smiled and smiled very well, because this phenomenon was what Lin Lei wanted to see. He just used the words he had said to stimulate the boy, but he didn’t expect it. The people on the third floor also followed Lin Lei. This was something that Lin Lei didn’t expect. Lin Lei became interested in the people on the third floor for a while, and couldn’t help glancing at the third floor.

“Well, since this brother really wants it, then I’ll stop being gentlemen, and I’ll quit!”

“Hong long”, the young man sitting in 213 was a blank man of time, sitting there with his face as dead as grace, and his body was shaking constantly.

“How can this be, how can this be, clearly you should continue to increase the price, why should you stop.”

At this point the front was already crying, and his heart was aggrieved, because all this was not what he thought.

“Okay, 8 million, this Young Master said that 8 million, is there a higher price than 8 million.”

There was a two-minute pause. In these two minutes, everyone’s minds were playing their own selfish calculations. However, in two minutes, there was no higher price than 8 million.

“8 million once, 8 million twice, 8 million … three times”

With a “peng” sound, I saw Wan Linger’s hammer on the table.

“Okay, now I hereby announce that this Vermillion Fruit is a 213 guest on the second floor, and that the auction has ended here. Here, I, as an auctioneer, represent Wanbaozhai and welcome everyone. Time comes. “

Speaking, Wanlinger came to a ninety degree saluted, and for a time everyone’s eyes fell on Wanlinger’s chest.

“Hehehe”, a laugh that sounded like a yellow pheasant all his life, came out of Wan Linger’s mouth, everyone stayed for a while, but it was only temporary, and after a minute, everyone woke up, After seeing no one on the ring, they all dispersed.

“dong dong dong ”

Here is a knock on the door, Lin Lei gestures to Dian Wei, and then puts the knocker in.

“Ha Ha Ha, congratulations to the Young Master. This time, the victory was so good that I stuffed what I wanted, and even sold my stuff at a high price. It is really gratifying.”

“Oh, it’s you.”

Seeing that the man was the leader when he first entered Wanbaozhai, Lin Lei knew that he must be here to send money,

“Hehe”, Lin Lei smiled twice, without expressing too much.

“Well, now that the Young Master is so unwilling to see your servant, let’s get into the subject. I’m here to send money to the Young Master.”

Talking, the woman took the storage ring from her hand, handed it to Lin Lei, and explained.

“The Young Master sold 8 million mid-grade Spirit Stones at Vermillion Fruit in our Manpower House. According to what we said earlier, we do n’t receive a point for Manpower House, and another Vermillion Fruit will follow A Vermillion Fruit auction was bought at twice the price. “

Speaking of which, the woman paused and wanted to see Lin Lei’s expression, but the woman was very disappointed. From the beginning to the present, Lin Lei’s expression was as indifferent as ever and there was no extra expression.

“There are 4 million mid-grade Spirit Stones in the ring in your hand. As for this storage ring, it is an elder sister. I will give you an extra gift.”

When the woman finished speaking, she blinked at Lin Lei playfully, but Lin Lei didn’t look at it at all, but was tinkering with the ring.

“Uh, hehe, Young Master is really special.”

“Well, girl, now that the purpose of my trip has been achieved, let’s leave now.”

Talking, Lin Lei smiled and saluted the woman and walked out, and the woman was dumbfounded. He didn’t expect Lin Lei to be so simple.

“Young Master, are you gone now?”


Hearing the woman, Lin Lei didn’t know what to say for a moment.

“Ah, I didn’t mean that, I mean, the Young Master may have some trouble. If the Young Master needs it, I can let the Young Master top secret leave here.”

Looking at the woman’s unwavering eyes, Lin Lei’s eyes had a little smile, and soon they were hidden.

“A lot of this girl’s kindness, but don’t use it. The cultivation people will go against the sky. If they avoid it in the face of difficulties, then this will encounter obstacles in my future cultivation. This is not what I want.”

After talking about Lin Lei, he turned directly towards the doorway, and fell off the surprised woman.

“Going against the sky, blindly avoiding,” the woman muttered what Lin Lei had said. For a moment, something changed in the woman, as if her temperament had changed.

“Haha, it’s a bit of a wake-up dreamer. I didn’t expect that a casual sentence could break through my mood to the trough period, and as long as there is enough Spiritual Qi, I can go straight into the trough period.”

At this time, the hot look in the woman’s eyes, coupled with the transformation of the temperament of the body, the whole person is more moving, but from the side of the woman passing by, can not help but look at the woman.

When the woman was excited, Lin Lei had arrived at the door of Wanbaozhai. Lin Lei, who had already stepped out of the door, suddenly heard the call from the rear, so Lin Lei put down her foot and turned her head toward the sound Look at the direction.

“Hu, buddy and so on”

I saw a teenager who was not very old and was running towards Lin Lei, begging and shouting at Lin Lei while running.

“Dude, wait for me, but I’m exhausted.”

Soon, the man ran to Lin Lei’s side, and leaned on Lin Lei’s shoulder, panting heavily, looking very cute, especially his slightly fat body.

“Em, you’re”

Seeing this, Lin Lei couldn’t help but twitched his eyes, with confusion in his eyes, wondering what was going on.

“Oh, I introduced myself”

I saw the teenager extend the hand to Lin Lei and I said, “Hello, my name is Lei Dong, it will be the disciple of Pill Sect in the future. I’m glad to meet you.”


Seeing this scene, Lin Lei really didn’t know what else to say, but when he heard the teenager mentioned Pill Sect, Lin Lei seemed to find a reason to shake hands with him.

“Well, my name is Lin Lei. This is my disciple. You can call her Xiaoyu or Wanyu. This is …”

Speaking, Lin Lei introduced Lei Dong one by one. When introducing Wan Yu, Lei Dong’s expression obviously changed, his eyes widened, and his eyes were full of disbelief.

“Hehe, brother Lin, you are not kidding, how old are you now, and you have your own disciple? You will not be deceiving.”

Hearing this, when Lin Lei was about to speak and justify, Wan Yu squeezed out from behind Lin Lei, looking at Lei with a disgusted look.

“Hmph, does my Master have none of your business, and then, why can’t my Master accept disciples, none of your business.”

With such a simple sentence, Lei Dong asked without words, but his face was full of embarrassment.

“Uh, hehe, I didn’t mean that, I just thought … heh, forget about it.”


Wan Yu was coldly snorted towards Thunder, and walked behind Lin Lei, and Lin Lei was also very embarrassed.

“That, I’m sorry, Wan Yu is like this, still too young and hasn’t experienced anything. If you offend, look to Hai Han.”

Hearing Lin Lei’s words, Thunder was even more embarrassed. Originally it was his fault. Now Lin Lei apologizes first.

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