Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 45

Lin Lei didn’t know that when he killed the boy, his father already knew and sent a killer to find his whereabouts.

At this moment, Lin Lei, who practiced in the room, opened his eyes, his expression was very sad and sad, and the loneliness in his eyes and the lonely atmosphere on his body made Lin Lei feel suffocated.

“Well, if Honglian is fine now, how good it should be. Only him, oh, maybe only she can understand my mind.”

Suddenly, Lin Lei thought of Honglian, who was unconscious because of being hurt by herself, and could not help tears in her eyes. If this scene of Lin Lei is seen by outsiders, she will be crazy because How could they never have thought that Lin Lei, who killed and did not blink during the day, would cry alone in his room in the dead of night, and looked very sad.

“Small dragon, you said, is there really no way to make Honglian wake up faster, is it really only necessary to be a Heaven Grade Alchemist?”

At this time, Lin Lei emerged from the sadness, wiped the tears on his face with his hand, and asked the system, but there was no hope in his eyes. He asked this, but only sought comfort that’s all.

“Well, host, I know you are sad, but I have already said this question the first time. The most secure way is to become the Nascent Soul period, and Heaven Grade Alchemist, and even if this way, then There are also deadlines, and Honglian ’s deadline is only three years. It ’s been more than a month now, so your time is running out. If you ca n’t complete all the requirements within this deadline, then Honglian will Will die forever. “

Although I have already known this is the result, when Lin Lei heard the words of system again, it was the same as the first time, and the whole body became tight. This action has become the habit of Lin Lei. When something can’t be solved, the body will be tense and cannot relax for a moment.

“Oh, yes, I forgot to tell the host that when you rescue Honglian, Honglian’s attitude towards you may change a little bit.”

Speaking of system, the sound inevitably paused. This was never a thing, and Lin Lei heard bad feelings all at once.

“What’s going on, what happens to Honglian when she wakes up, and why?”

“Hehe, do n’t worry about this, it ’s not as bad as you think. Maybe this thing will help you better in Tian Xuan Continent. By then, you may upgrade twice as fast as you do now. . “

Lin Lei, who was anxious in his heart, became even more anxious after hearing the words of system, and was confused there.

“Come on, what will happen to Honglian when she wakes up, why would you say that it would be helpful for me in Tianxuan to wake up.”

“It’s nothing, just in the process of sleeping, she will remember her previous memories, including whether she had Dao Companion before, including family or something, but if she remembers the previous memories, her personality will change a little, but this also It ’s too bad. The most important thing is that her cultivation base will skyrocket in the process. It may exceed you. You must be mentally prepared. “

“hu ……”

Hearing this, Lin Lei exhaled a long breath, and the lifted heart was released, but the thought of Honglian’s memory will be remembered, Lin Lei will inevitably have some concerns, he was afraid that Honglian would have Dao Companion, what if you do?

“Well, as long as Honglian can wake up, even if her personality changes, even if he is going to leave me, I will recognize it, as long as he … has me in his memory, oh, nothing else matters Now. “

However, when speaking this sentence, Lin Lei’s eyes obviously had a more loneliness, and the surrounding atmosphere became different, as if he was about to lose something precious.

Lin Lei thought of this, walked down from the bed, moved his mind out of the space of system, and then slowly placed her body on the bed, her actions were very gentle and completely There is no momentum like that during the day.

Now Lin Lei next to the bed, looking at the red lotus lying on the bed, his face was very pale, and his expression was very painful, brows tightly knit, seeing this scene, Lin Lei’s heart was aching, that feeling It was as if someone had walked directly through Lin Lei’s flesh and came to the heart. A hand was fiercely rubbed on it, and he felt asphyxiated.

“Red … Honglian, you … Do you know, I really miss you, I miss you so much. Since that day, I have nightmares every night, and all the things that always appear in my dreams are the ones you were injured. One scene, that ’s why, since that day, I have never slept, because I ’m scared, I ’m scared to see that scene, I ’m scared to see you hurt in a dream and I ca n’t save you, every time When I think about it, I will regret it. I hate myself. Why did n’t I protect you at the time? I did n’t have the strength to protect myself. I hate that I did n’t protect you and I was injured because of me. How good, me, at least so you don’t have to suffer this sin … “

With that said, the tears in Lin Lei’s eyes burst out like money without breaking the restraint, and the whole person turned towards the wicked woman in the mighty gate, washing his face with tears all day.

Lin Lei looked at the red lotus on the bed. Lin Lei started to sort out the messy hair and clothes of the red lotus, and his movements were very gentle. There was no momentum like daytime, and there were rare appearances on his face. Smile.

After the incident, Lin Lei slowly lay on the bed next to Hong Lian, and the landlord had Hong Lian in one hand, letting her cling to her own body. That’s it, all night, Lin Lei kept watching Red Lotus , Did not close the eyes.

“dong dong dong ”

The knock on the door passed recently, in a quiet room. It was so broken, and Lin Lei you changed from a smiling face to a gloomy, and your eyes recovered the same coldness, even more so.

With a “peng”, Lin Lei’s hand waved at the door, and the door opened, and it was his disciplin Lin Wanyu who stood outside.

“Master … Master, I … I know it was wrong.”

This is, after seeing the door open, Wan Yu looked towards the room, and saw Lin Lei’s cold eyes staring at herself. At this moment, Wan Yu knew that she had done a terrible disaster, and this is, Standing next to Dian Wei, she heard Wan Yu’s scared voice and knew she was in trouble.

“Young Master, I’m sorry, I didn’t like Wan Yu”

Dian Wei, who came to Wan Yu, kept confessing her mistakes to Lin Lei, and took all these mistakes to herself.

“Hmph, I’ve said it many times, but don’t bother me if nothing happens, why do you always forget, I’ll say it here again, don’t come to me if there is no major event, just take this time It’s a lesson. “

“I know Young Master (Master)”

“Young Master, Honglian she …”

This is, Dian Wei noticed the woman on the bed, and Dian Wei knew that this was the red lotus who quarreled with him, his comrade in arms, and you were his young lady in the future.

“Well, I haven’t woke up, but I have found a way. I only have three years now. In these three years, I must break through the Nascent Soul period, and the medicine pill realm must also break through Heaven Grade. Then … then really won’t come back. “

Speaking of which. Lin Lei was silent for a while, and Dian Wei also knew that this question was useless because it was no longer within his ability.

“Well, now that you are all awake, pack up and get ready for the journey. We will be at the Pill Sect station in nine days.”

“Well, we know.”

After that, Lin Lei didn’t care about them either, but cleaned up by himself.

“Soon, everything is packed, and Honglian may not be received in the system.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

Out of town, summon out of the Red Flame Tiger, pinpointed the direction and ran towards Pill Sect.

What Lin Lei didn’t know, just after they left, a group of people came to Inn.

“Hey, junior, have you ever seen the group that killed my Young Master?”

At this time, the headed person, when he saw Paotang, turned to ask him.

“Uncle … uncle, the person you said has already got up and checked out today. The villain does not know where they went. This is a matter of others, and I ca n’t ask.”

Hearing this sentence, the leader immediately ate, and he did not expect that this was the case, and you did not expect to be one step behind.

“Then do you know which way they went?”

When the leader just wanted to die, I asked Paotang.

“This, they seem to be out of the city. I don’t know which direction to go. No one can guess this.”


“Hmph, let’s go, let’s get it right, even if you can’t find it, you have to find it.”

After that, the leader rushed towards the direction of leaving the city, and behind him was a group of people dressed like him.

Lin Lei was rushing towards Pill Sect at this time. I didn’t know someone had followed him, and this person was riding a Demonic beast. If Lin Lei saw it, he would know him. It depends on the thunder of Lin Lei Martial Emperor divine spear.

“Brother Lin, brother Lin, wait for me, you wait for me.”

“Well, who is calling me?”

Lin Lei heard that someone was treating himself well, so he looked left and right, but no one thought he had an illusion, but.

“Brother Lin, brother Lin, wait for me.”

At this moment there was a shout, from the back, this time Lin Lei was really listening.

“you you…”

Lin Lei turned his head and saw everyone he didn’t want to see.

“Hehe, Brother Lin, I’m finally following you.”

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