Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 47


Hearing the rewards from his men, Lin Lei quickly let go of Divine Consciousness and looked around, right in front of the booth not far from Lin Lei. Thunder was thinking in the direction of Lin Lei. Seeing this scene of Lin Lei momentarily, the helpless expression on his face appeared.

“My grass, how did this guy keep up?”

Lin Lei, who saw the thunder, couldn’t help but swear words in his mouth, which made everyone around him look at him with a strange look.

“What happened to Master.”

Wan Yu next to her saw her master swearing, but she didn’t respond.

“No, let’s go quickly, we can’t let that guy catch up, or I’ll be finished in two days.”

After speaking, Lin Lei took Wan Yu and they walked forward quickly, but this action made the thunder in the back look in the eyes.

“Hehe, it seems to have found me.”

I saw Lei Dong’s face cocked, and he quickly speeded up and chased in the direction that Lin Lei disappeared.

“Hurry up. There is Inn in front. Don’t come out in your room as soon as you go in. When the sect is selected tomorrow, shall we go out and know?”

Lin Lei saw the Inn in front, and a relaxed smile suddenly appeared on his face, as if as soon as he entered, everything was settled in this Inn.

“Oh, oh”

Wan Yu and Lin Tian have weird expressions on their faces. They have never seen Lin Lei when such expressions were leaked, even if they are no higher than their cultivation base. What happened.


After speaking, Lin Lei went into Inn first, and then gave the Spirit Stone to Inn’s boss without saying a word. Then he took the key to the room door and was introduced into the room by the shop junior, Inn Boss. See this scene It doesn’t matter, as long as the money is given, even criminals with unforgivable lives can live.

“hu …”

When I came to Lin Lei in the room, I took a long breath and the tension finally relaxed.

“Hehe, Brother Lin, why are you so anxious to go, see me, are you hiding from me?”

Just after Lin Lei closed the door, and finally felt that the broken thunder had been shaken, a voice suddenly passed from the room behind him into Lin Lei’s ear.

“You … how did you get in.”

Lin Lei knew it as soon as he heard it, which one he didn’t want to hear.

“Hehe, don’t forget, we are all cultivators. I only need to use Divine Consciousness to find out where you are, let alone, even if I don’t go through the door, are there any windows?”

Then, Lei moved his finger to the window, and what kind of face you could have appeared in Lin Lei’s eyes.

“What do you want, I said, now that you have reached Dan King City, you will do your business, I do my business, we are not a World person, so I still advise Lei Young Master to leave earlier Okay. “

I saw that Lin Lei had lost the indifference of the past, and some just looked pleadingly, looking very funny.

“Well, how can you say that, you see, I’m going to Pill Sect to be a teacher, aren’t you going to Pill Sect? We’ll be the same sect again, so it’s better to contact the relationship now. “

No matter what Lin Lei said, it was finally passed by Thunder, which made Lin Lei wonder what to do.

“Well, Brother Lin, since the two of us met in the sky, it means that the two of us have a fate. Since we have a fate, what do you hesitate to do, anyway, you have identified this brother, but you do n’t recognize me Are no longer important. “

Listening to Lei Jiang’s words, Lin Lei really wanted to cry without tears. What’s the matter with this, how can such fate be told.

“Uh, hehe, I served, can I do it?”

Lin Lei really said that Thunder did not move, so he closed his mouth, and came to the bed to practice cross-legged, while the Lei next to him was like Lin Lei, sitting next to Lin Lei to practice, only during practice, Lei Dong obviously felt that Lin Lei’s practice absorbed significantly more Spiritual Qi than him. This is what shocked Lei Dong’s heart, but he didn’t say it because he was practicing. If he interrupted rashly, it would cause irreparable errors .

Time passed quickly, and one night passed so quietly, and Lin Lei woke up from the practice.

“Well, is it gone?”

Lin Lei laughed, thinking Thunder had gone, but a voice came from outside.

“Lin Lei, hurry up for breakfast, hurry up, or else you won’t be able to catch Pill Sect’s selection.”

When I heard this voice, Lin Lei, who was in a good mood, was in an instant.

“Oh, I see.”

In response to the thunder, he got out of bed, cleaned his clothes, went to the side to wash, and went downstairs to the place to eat.

“Master, Young Master”

Seeing the arrival of Lin Lei, Wan Yu and Dian Wei both stood up and asked Lin Lei for their regards.

“Well, just sit down and eat. We’ll be entering Pill Sect in a while, but it won’t be so easy in the future, you know?”

Hearing Lin Lei’s reprimand, everyone looked towards Lin Lei with a firm look in his eyes, as if to say that we were ready.

“Well, let’s eat it. Little Tian, ​​you enter with Wan Yu first and let them see Wan Yu’s qualifications. I believe they will wait for Wan Yu to stay after watching it.”

“Ah, what about Young Master, aren’t you going in with us?”

Hearing Lin Lei’s words, Lin Tian froze, and then asked Lin Lei quickly.

“I, huh, of course I have to look at their selection and see how their selection is, and by the way give them a shock, I don’t want to have unnecessary trouble as soon as I go in, I go to sect and more Important things to do, I can’t afford it. “

Speaking of which, where Lin Lei froze, with a trace of sadness in his eyes, but more bloodthirsty and domineering eyes.

In this scene, let Lei move next to him for a while, then Lei move also reacted, then looked at Lin Lei with admiration, and appreciated it even more.

“Don’t hold back anymore, hurry up and eat.”

Lin Lei laughed and ate it. It ate quickly and seemed to be in a hurry. This made everyone next to him eat faster.

This meal was eaten fast, maybe because of the selection of sect, or because Lin Lei didn’t want to be with Lei Dong. It was finished within a few minutes.

“Master, are we going to sect now?”

Lin Wanyu stood up next to him, and asked Lin Lei, who had finished her breakfast.

“Well … yes, wait a while and you go to Sect with Lin Tian, ​​and then let their Elder or Sect Master see your qualifications, I believe they will rush for you, and you will have to practice well at that time . “

Lin Lei stood up, touching Lin Wanyu’s hair with her hand, said the coveted old man, and she spoke with a very reluctant tone.

“Wu wu, Master, I don’t worship them as teachers, I want you to be my Master.”

This is, Lin Wanyu cried. This atmosphere also inspired Lin Lei. At this moment, Lin Lei’s eyes burst into tears, but in the end he was held back by Lin Lei and did not let it flow out.

“Hehe, silly disaster, how can I let others be your masters? In this world, it is only me who can be your masters. Others do not have this qualification, and they do not have this ability.”

Lin Lei looked at him, crying disciple, and very uncomfortable in his heart, so he arrogantly promised Lin Wanyu that it was better to say that it was a vow.

“Uh-huh, I knew the Master wouldn’t abandon me, hehehe …”

Hearing Lin Lei’s words, Wan Yu laughed. This smile was what Lin Lei wanted to see. He didn’t want Wan Yu to be sad or cry, but he just wanted to see Wan Yu always have a bright smile. Face, this is what Lin Lei wants to see.

“Okay, just follow Little Tian Uncle, remember, everything to the mountain must listen to your Little Tian Uncle’s words, don’t you just mess with it?”

Before leaving, Lin Lei did not forget to bless Lin Wanyu, and the thunder that saw this scene was also moved by Lin Lei and Wan Yu.

“wu wu ……”

At this moment, Lin Lei saw the thunderous situation next to him, and everyone looked towards him for a while.

“Um, that’s you.”

“Don’t worry about me, I’m just touched by you guys to continue, I’m crying”

Hearing this, everyone is speechless, never seen a person, it will be like this.

“Well, let’s go, let’s leave him alone.”

Then, Lin Lei took Wan Yu’s hand and asked someone to ask Pill Sect for his direction, leaving only the thunder that was still crying.

“Hey, I said you guys who have no conscience, don’t know wait for me, anyway, I’m crying for you, how can you treat me like this?”

The thunder of came back to his senses, when he found that there was no one in the place, the whole person was panicked, so he quickly moved towards Lin Lei in the direction of the chase, shouting while chasing, and treated Lin Lin with what he had done to him.

“Wow, Master, how can there be so many people, shouldn’t they all come to participate in the Pill Sect selection?”

“Hehe, Xiao Wanyu, you do n’t understand, they are all some Great Clan disciplines, and all of them come to Pill Sect to learn pill concocting, and they continue to hope that their children can become Alchemist, so in the past years When Pill Sect was selected, all were crowd crowd. “

Lei Dong, who looked at Wan Yu, didn’t understand anything, so she quickly explained, while she explained, her eyes didn’t listen to glance around, as if she was preparing for something.

“Okay, let’s not talk, let’s hurry up, while there are few people now, or there are more and the others, we won’t be able to squeeze in.”

Although it is said that way, it seems to be very anxious to listen to the tone of Thunder. Lin Lei realized that this was a matter of interest, in the end, what could make such a strange and nervous.

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