Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 48

Lin Lei noticed the strangeness of thunder, but didn’t say it. He didn’t want to trouble himself.

“Well, Lei Dong said it well, as soon as possible.”

After that, Lin Lei took them to the mountain and went back. On the way, Lin Lei saw a lot of people, poor people, rich people, more beggars in rags, and young men wearing python robes.

“Hehe, there are quite a lot of people here. It seems that there is so much trouble this time.”

On the way up the mountain, Lin Lei faintly felt a few people who were not lower than his cultivation base, and it seemed that he was very strong and background.

“Hehe, how about, have you seen so many masters hitting their hearts?”

Lei Dong saw Lin Lei’s brows frown, and thought that Lin Lei was worried about it, but he thought wrong.

“Hmph, just a few of them don’t bother me, they can at best be a few tricks in my hands.”

“Uh, huh, you … you’re really welcome. Isn’t so many people able to hit you.”

Lei Dong doesn’t believe this evil yet, he doesn’t believe that so many people can’t beat Lin Lei.

“Oh,” Lin Lei didn’t explain more, but used a thankful expression to let Lei move himself to experience it.


Looking at Lei Dong’s expression, Lin Lei was very happy. This scene is exactly what Lin Lei wants to see.

“Master, I will be leaving with Little Tian Uncle in a while. You must take care of yourself after I leave.”

At this point, Wanyu Yu turned around and said to Lin Lei, her eyes full of perseverance.

“I see, Master is not a small child, and does it need your reminder? Go ahead and go, there will be more people in a while.”

“Well, I know Young Master, and I will take good care of Wan Yu.”

Lin Tian took Wanyu, worshiped Lin Lei, and thought about the man at the door of Sect.

Seeing this scene, Lin Lei’s eyes became wet, but this phenomenon was quickly covered by indifference, and the people next to him did not even notice Lin Lei’s.

Lin Tian had now come to the man, and the man noticed Lin Tian.

“Here, this Senior Brother, I came here to worship, and I would like to ask you to inform me”, saying, Lin Tian took out a quaint token from his sleeve, which was sent by an Elder from Pill Sect. For him.

“This, this, you … how do you …”

“What’s wrong, Senior Brother, is there anything wrong?”

When Lin Tian saw the expression of the man, it was a bit inexplicable for a while, but what Lin Tian didn’t know, this token thing was Pill Sect’s celestial order. There are eight tokens of this kind, which have been used in earlier years. I lost six dollars, but I did not expect another one to appear here. What is even more incredible is that it still appeared in the hands of such a teenager.

“Oh, oh … no, I just saw this token a little incredible.”

“Oh, how do you say, what is this token baby?”

Lin Tian heard the man’s words and felt that the token had some big beginnings.

“Oh, I won’t talk about this first, let’s meet the Sect Master first! Everything will be known when I see the Sect Master.”

Suddenly, the man’s attitude changed XNUMX degrees. Lin Tian was still a bit uncomfortable for a while, but Wan Yu next to her felt nothing, because she didn’t know much about them.

“Okay,” Lin Tian turned his head and moved towards Lin Lei. Then he took Wan Yu to follow the man and walked towards Sect, and this scene all fell into the crowd who came to participate in the Sect selection.

“Fuck, I didn’t expect it, I really didn’t expect it, Brother Lin, you guys still have a heavenly order in your hand, it’s really not easy.”

This was Lei Dong next to him and he said to Lin Lei, his tone was full of shock and wonder.

“Oh, Heavenly Order?”

“No, you don’t know that you don’t know what it is.”

Hearing Lin Lei’s words, Thunder was even more surprised. I thought Lin Lei knew it, but didn’t expect it.

“Oh, okay, just do n’t know, anyway, you will know sooner or later when you enter sect, but what I can tell you is that there are eight pieces of Tianji Ling, which will be sent out before, plus this in the hands of Lin Tian One piece is the seventh piece. You can say that this day is extremely important. The most important thing is the highest token that makes Pill Sect the most. “

Hearing this Lin Lei, I finally knew why Thunder would be so surprised to see the token in the hands of Little Tian.

“Oh, got it”

After speaking, Lin Lei closed her mouth and didn’t talk, and Lei Dong knew about Lin Lei’s habit and didn’t care.

Lin Tian and Wan Yu, who were taken away by the man at this time, were taken by the man to a magnificent palace.

Looking at the palace in front of him, in addition to being surprised, Lin Tian’s eyes remained unbelievable. He had never seen such a large and spectacular palace.

“Hehe, the youngest junior brother, do you think these are majestic and tall!”

When the man next to him saw the expression of Lin Tian, ​​he immediately knew what Lin Tian thought.

“Uh, huh,” Lin Tian was a little embarrassed and laughed, but still nodded.

“In fact, these are not the most important. These are only foreign objects. As long as you have the strength, let alone this palace, even if you want to treat the planet as your palace, but on the basis of all this, you It has to be powerful, as long as it has nothing, it’s nothing. “

When the man said these words, the firm and brave look in his eyes infected Lin Tian.

“Well, Senior Brother said, I will definitely practice well in the future.”

“Oh, remember, don’t talk nonsense when you get inside. In case something is wrong, Sect Master’s temper is bad.”

Hearing the man ’s reminder, Lin Tian nodded agreed, and his performance was still calm, but the man next to him was different. I saw both of his hands clenched, except for a lot of sweat on his forehead. It’s like.

“Um, Senior Brother, are you okay?”

Lin Tian couldn’t help asking this simple situation.

“Oh, it’s okay,” he said, and wiped the sweat off his forehead with his sleeve, and then straight back to the original.

“Zhi Ya”, at this moment the sound of opening the door reached Lin Tian’s ears, Lin Tian, ​​who had not been nervous before, also became nervous.

“King Armament, is this the child you said took away this sect of Heavenly Order?”

This is the old man who came out of Hefa’s childhood. He looked very kind, but he spoke with a very proud voice. When talking about Lin Tian, ​​he didn’t look at Lin Tian at all.

“Yes, yes, this is him, Elder Wang, I brought you to me, then I will go first.”

It was Elder Wang who saw and greeted him. The man was stunned first, then the body was stunned, and he quickly saluted the old man, then turned away.

“Okay, come with me!”

At this time, Elder Wang said to Lin Tian, ​​and walked towards the great hall by himself.

“Wan Yu, let’s go. Remember not to get into trouble inside.”

Lin Tian cautioned to Wan Yu, and then pulled Wan Yu into the old man’s steps and walked in. When Lin Tian was just Lin Lei, he saw the big chair sitting in the middle at first glance. On the old man on this look, Lin Tian suddenly leaked a weird expression on his face, and Wan Yu next to him was also startled.

“How could it be you, old grandfather, why are you here?”

This is, Wan Yu simply looked at Hou and gave God a look, and then asked the old man with a puzzled tone.

“Wan Yu, don’t talk nonsense, do you forget what Young Master said?”

Lin Tian, ​​who heard Wan Yu ’s words, scolded to Wan Yu, because he did n’t know what the old man was. The former was an old man talking to them, but now he was sitting in Pill Sect great hall Neutralizing Elders’ existence, in case it’s something extraordinary, that’s bad.

“Hehe, no matter, young friends don’t have to do this to a small child, as the saying goes, children’s words carry no harm, don’t they?”

The old man saw the strange shape of Lin Tian and knew what happened.

“Many thanks Senior is forgiving and generous, and does not care about a child. In the future, we will be more critical, but I don’t know if Senior is …?”

Lin Tian heard the words of the old man and quickly saluted the old man, and then asked the old man.

“Second time, we at Sect Master can also know.”

Suddenly, an angry drink came, and as the angry drink came with strong coercion, Lin Tian was overwhelmed by the coercion, and Wan Yu next to him was the same. The oppressed flushed, her legs gradually went up, but just did not kneel, the old man who saw this scene increased the coercion for a while.

“Before … Senior, don’t you feel a little shameful to treat the two children like this, if you pass it out, it may damage your reputation and sect’s reputation.”

“Well, that’s it for Elder Wang! They are just two children, you don’t have to be like this, in case this thing goes out. Our sect reputation will be damaged.”

At this point, the old man stood up and stopped Elder Wang’s movements. All the coercion was taken back by Elder Wang. Lin Tian Wanyu, who had been struggling to support him, felt that he had no coercion. Just sat on the ground.

“Light rain, are you okay, it doesn’t matter.”

Lin Tian, ​​who had just sat on the ground, did not look at his injury, but went directly to Wan Yu’s side and looked up.

“Cough … cough cough, no … it’s okay, just a little uncomfortable, just rest for a while.”

As soon as the words were finished, Wan Yu passed out. Lin Tian was angry when she saw this scene, and was very sad.

“You, old fogey, how can you do this to a little child, do you know that she is still a child, just because you want this?”

At this moment, Lin Tian’s eyes glowed with red light, and the bloodthirsty rays of light in his eyes leaked without reservation.

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