Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 5

“Yeah, how did you kill Lin Zhi, no matter how the kid was also a body refinement 7th grade monk, how could you be killed by a Little Brat without a cultivation base?”

Lin Lei heard the two Elders chirp chirp twitter twitter on endlessly, and then became speechless.

The middle age person next to him was even more embarrassing. He originally wanted two Elders to come and adjudicate Lin Lei, but it didn’t occur to him that it turned out to be like this.

“Two Elders, Lin Zhi really died in Lin Lei’s courtyard. When we arrived, we didn’t see anyone else. We only saw Lin Lei and his slaves, so we were sure.”

“Oh … according to what you said, if you don’t see it, it doesn’t mean you don’t know who killed Lin Zhi?”

“Yes, disciple did not see it, but at that time Lin Lei said that he was murdered, and he admitted it himself.” When I saw the two wanted to see and questioned himself, the middle age person quickly wiped the cold sweat on his forehead with his sleeve. .

“Hmph, since you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a bad idea to do so, isn’t it a bit bad for you to do this!” Then, the faces of the two Elders gloomed down, eyes staring at the middle age person.

“Um, here …”

When Lin Lei saw a sudden change in the style of painting, he felt a little confused for a while, didn’t he say that no one was protecting the waste? How come now.

“Sorry, I’m sorry Elder, I didn’t think of that many at the time, I just thought that the genius disciple of the family was killed, I wanted to find the killer quickly, and when I asked Lin Lei, he made it clear that the man killed So … so disciple sent him over. “

After seeing the gloomy faces of the two Elders in Zhengtang, the middle age person quickly explained.


The two old man’s eyes were confused, so they locked their eyes on Lin Lei’s body again, and wanted to see something on Lin Lei’s body.

While speaking at the Law Enforcement Hall, the disciple who invited Patriarch had already come to Patriarch’s door.

“Ah, aw, aw,” the disciple cautiously knocked on the door, afraid of knocking it hard.

“Come in!” Suddenly, there was a thick voice, and I heard that the person’s cultivation base was very high.

Disciple outside the door, after hearing the people in the room agreed, quickly opened the door and went in.

“Patriarch, a Young Master and a few servants of the family were killed just now. The Elders were undecided, so they wanted to ask you to go to the verdict.” The disciple who came to the room stood respectfully at the desk, sitting at the desk Said in front of the middle age person.

“Oh, who is he, and there are still two people that Elder can’t solve?”

Middle age person seemed to be interested at this time, looked up at the disciple and asked.

“Home … Patriarch, the disciple who was taken to the Enforcement Hall is Lin Lei”, the disciple said tentatively.

“Lin Lei?” Lin Batian was silent when he heard the name, as if thinking about something.

“Who is he and which of Elder’s children?”

When I thought that Patriarch was about to say something, I suddenly burst out with these words, and immediately threw the disciple in the thunder.

“Patriarch, don’t you really remember who Lin Lei is?” The man asked uncertainly.

“Should I remember the one named Lin Lei?”

Seeing that disciple asked himself that way, Lin Batian’s eyes were suddenly confused.

“Patriarch, the disciple named Lin Lei, is your second son! It ’s just that I have n’t cultivated innate talent since I was a child, so I was sent to live somewhere else.” Face, as if you want to see what Patriarch’s expression looks like.

“Oh, this is the case. Why do I say this name is so familiar? Since it is my son, go and see!”

After Lin Batian had finished speaking, he suddenly stood up and walked towards Law Enforcement Hall, and the disciple quickly followed from behind.

“What’s the name of the killed disciple, what cultivation base, and why did Lin Lei kill them!” Lin Batian walking along the road asked the disciple behind.

“The disciple is called Lin Zhi, and the cultivation base is in the body refinement 7th grade. As for why Lin Lei Young Master wanted to kill Lin Zhi, this is unknown. It is only known that Lin Lei himself acknowledged that he had been murdered, and listened to Lin Yang. The deacon said that when they went to the courtyard of Lin Lei Young Master, Lin Lei Young Master was running away with his servant with luggage. “When Patriarch asked, the disciple hurriedly told the story.

“Oh, that’s it!” After speaking, the two didn’t say anything else, but just accelerated their pace.

The same thing happened in a courtyard in Lin Fu, a servant hurriedly entered a room.

“Small … Young Master is not good, Lin Lei Young Master has been arrested in the Law Enforcement Hall,” said the servant who came in to the teenager who was writing at the desk.

“What, Lei Di was arrested, how is this possible, what is going on, isn’t Lei Di’s life good, why was he arrested?”

I saw that teenager heard Lin Lei’s arrest, and the reaction was fierce. The pen for writing was left aside, and a piece of paper without writing was soiled.

“I don’t know, but just faintly heard, it seems that Lin Lei Young Master killed someone, and that person is still a good family member who the family wants to cultivate.” Seeing his young Master so excited, the servant quickly All the brains I knew were spoken.

“How can this be? No, let’s hurry to the law enforcement hall. Lei Di will not be able to do so. If he is being tortured, it will be over.” After finishing speaking, the boy in Chinese clothes walked towards law enforcement hall.

Lin Lei at the Enforcement Hall did not know that he still had a big brother who cared about him so much. At the same time, Lin Batian who was coming to the Enforcement Hall also arrived.

“Well, Patriarch is here. Come sit here.”

The two Elders who were talking on the stage saw Lin Batian at the door and quickly stood up to meet them.

“Hehe, the two Elders laughed and said, if you are elders, you should sit on it. I just sit and watch.”

Speaking, I saw Lin Batian come to the chair next to him and sit down, but his eyes kept on Lin Lei never leaving.

“Okay! Patriarch, but this matter involves your son, you see,” said the old man in embarrassment.

“You don’t have to worry about me. You take care of it. As long as he commits something, don’t look at my face. What can I do?”

Hearing Lin Batian’s words, the two looked exhaled for a while and were relieved.

“Lin Lei, you said you killed Lin Zhi and those servants?”


“Then why did you kill them, and how did you kill them?”

After hearing the words of Lin Batian, the two Elders hurriedly approached Lin Lei and questioned.

“Because they wanted to kill me, they were killed by me. As for what to kill, you have to ask Lin Yang, he saw it.” At this time, Lin Lei’s words guided Lin Yang’s body. He didn’t want to. Say that many.

“Back to Patriarch and Elder, when Disciple checked Lin Zhi’s body there, they found that they were all killed and they seemed to be poked to death.”

“What, someone was poked?”

After listening to Lin Yang’s report, both Elders were startled. Looking at Lin Lei didn’t know what he was thinking, and Lin Batian was even more surprised. He didn’t expect that his almost forgotten son had such means.

With a “sou”, I saw that Elder’s hand suddenly fanned at Lin Lei, without warning.

Lin Lei suddenly felt a powerful force approaching himself, and quickly used the star finger. Although he knew that this attack was not within his own range, Lin Lei used the fastest reaction speed for the dangerous defense. .

When Lin Lei’s finger touched the palm of the Elder’s hand, Lin Lei was immediately injured by the shock, and his finger heard the sound of a fracture.


Lin Lei was immediately angry, and had originally liked the two Elder freshmen, but now they have been fiercely punished by Lin Lei, for whatever reason.

“Sure enough, this kid”

When the Elder felt Lin Lei’s attack, he was already shocked. Just now Lin Lei’s hit had the ability to train the ninth level, which surprised him.

“how about it?”

At this point, Lin Batian, who was sitting there watching it, asked Elder the shot after seeing the result.

“Patriarch, when I tried Lin Lei just now, I found out that his attack power has already been trained in the ninth order, but the cultivation base is only the sixth order. This is what surprised the old man most.”

After hearing that Elder’s words, Lin Batian was also very surprised. He practiced Tier XNUMX and had the ability to train Tier XNUMX. How powerful it is, even if he is not as strong as his peers.

“Well, now that things have been proven, then Lin Lei will be punished for abolishing the cultivation base and imprisoned for life in the family. No family steps can be taken.”

A sudden sentence surprised Lin Lei himself and everyone here.

“Patriarch, do you think there is a problem with this method of processing? If it is okay, then do so.”

I saw Lin Batian frowned and didn’t say anything, but it was undoubtedly a fatal blow in the eyes of Lin Lei.

At this moment Lin Lei’s faint hope finally shattered. The original heavy body suddenly lightened. Lin Lei knew that the predecessor’s obsession had finally completely dissipated, and the body truly belonged to him.

Lin Lei, with a somber face, was reluctant immediately. If he abandoned his cultivation base, how could he cultivate to the realm required by the system, then how could he go back to the 21st century!

“System, is there any way to hide them?” At this time, Lin Lei had no way. He naturally didn’t think he could escape from this group of people. Now the only way is to rely on system.

“Ding dong, there is a way, there is a way, that is, you have to consume your health value and can only maintain it for three hours. During these three hours, your health value will be reduced by 30%, so please consider it carefully.”

“Hurry up, help me, it only takes three hours,” Lin Lei said, looking up at them coldly said.

“Well, in this case, I’m dead, Lin Batian. I thought that if you didn’t like me anymore, you would defend me because I was your son. It seems I was wrong.”

Speaking of which, Lin Lei looked at Lin Batian, then looked at this group of people, and everyone here was deeply in his mind.

Lin Batian moved his mouth to say something, but he didn’t say it at the end.

“That being the case, then I announce that from then on, Lin Lei and Lin Tian will withdraw from the Lin Family, and since then I have nothing to do with you, and you, Lin Batian, you are not my father, and everything will be nothing to do with me. “.

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