Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 51

“You, I have promised you, why are you …”

“Oh, this is a must. If I let you out first, then what do you do if you regret it. I said that I never make a bad deal, so I do n’t eat at you.”

The system has a trick to escape, and this trick just happened to be the Black Dragon army. Now watch Black Dragon eat the medicine pill and it’s all right.

“Okay, I eat.”

Speaking of which Black Dragon can also be regarded as a courageous dragon. It is said that food is really eaten. When the system sees this scene, it is laughed, and it says nothing and disappears directly into this space.

“Hey, where are you going, didn’t you say you wanted to let me go?”

When Black Dragon saw the system running away, he yelled at the place where system disappeared.

At this time, Lin Lei had been suppressed by Wang Zhi from the outside. I saw that Wang Zhi had released all his cultivation base and coercion. I thought that Lin Lei would take over. Although Lin Lei had a reason, but Facing Nascent Soul’s cultivator, he can only break his teeth and swallow it.

“Hmph, a little cultivator, it’s nice to come here to spread the ground, it’s really my own courting death.”

Wang Zhi seems to be teaching Lin Lei as if he was teaching his child. Lin Lei has been overwhelmed at this moment, and the oppressed is out of breath. The entire face is flushed with red, the whole face is red, Guan Yu, the whole body and a half Squat, grasping Martial Emperor divine spear with both hands and sticking it on the ground.

“Oh, cough cough, old mixed hair, when my Lin Lei was born, you are not the first person to want my Lin Lei’s life, but those who said they killed me every time have been killed. Some of them are now on my kill list, so don’t say anything big now, wait until you can really kill me. “

At this point, Lin Lei laughed at Wang Zhi, and kept coughing for blood outside his mouth. The whole face was ugly.

“Hmph, the dead duck has a hard mouth. Is it so useful to say so, it ’s not about to die here now, originally I just wanted to kill you, but now, hehe, I changed my mind, I’m not just killing you, but Everyone related to you, I will send them to meet you below, you have to go slower, Ha Ha Ha … “

Looking at Wang Zhi’s face, Lin Lei can’t wait to slap him up until he can’t even recognize his mother, but now he can’t do it.

“You, aaaaaah ………”

Lin Lei heard Wang Zhi’s words, and the whole person shivered, blood red eyes roared out of Lin Lei’s mouth with a roar that was not human.

“Enough is enough for Wang Zhi, it has already become like this, do you still have to humiliate them, no matter what, this Lin Tian is recommended by Great Elder, how can you tell when Great Elder comes back like this?”

At this time, the old man sitting in the upper position really couldn’t stand it anymore, so I used the Great Elder to persuade me and found that it is the highest of their Pill Sect cultivation base and has the cultivation base of the distraction period, so I just believe that the Great Elder Wang Zhi will never be carried out.

“Okay, Lin Tian and that little girl, I can’t move, but I have to kill this person. He dares to despise Pill Sect, despise Sect Master, and despise me even more. This is something I can’t tolerate, so please also ask Sect. Master is done. “

In such a simple sentence, Lin Lei was sentenced to death, and the old man didn’t say anything, which meant that it was default.

“Okay, many Sect Master Xie are complete.”

With the recognition of the old man, Wang Zhi had no worries, and slowly thought about Lin Lei coming.

“No, you can’t kill me Master (Young Master)”

This is when Wan Yu and Lin Tian heard that they wanted to kill Lin Lei, they immediately guarded Lin Lei’s body. If you wanted to kill me, the Master would kill my posture first.

“Small dragon, is it all right?”

At this point Lin Lei was finally in a hurry too. He didn’t want to let Honglian’s incident repeat again. This was something he couldn’t afford, and it was impossible to let it happen.

“Hehe, of course it’s okay, and I also let him eat the heart control Dan, he will be your bodyguard in the future, but I have a word first, if it is not life critical, you can not let him come out to help you, I It’s also for your good. If you agree, I will use up all your reputation and exchange value, and then help him break the seal and let him out. “

“Hehe, okay, I agree with what you said, let him come out quickly!”

Originally, Lin Lei thought that Black Dragon could help him once at most, and then he could let him return to freedom, but I didn’t expect the system to help him think so thoughtfully, at this time Lin Lei completely had a problem with the system.

“However, your current two values ​​add still not enough to unlock the seal, so in the future, the two values ​​you get will be erased by yourself. You have no opinion on this!”

“Your grandfather.”

Lin Lei, who was just starting to change the system, was restored to his previous attitude after hearing the word system.

“Okay. I see. Hurry up and release the Black Dragon. I can’t stand it.”

After receiving the reply from Lin Lei, the system directly absorbed all of Lin Lei’s existing exchange and prestige values, along with Spirit Stone.

“Hehe, I can’t do anything to unravel all the seals, but I can still open the mouth to reply to Black Dragon’s freedom.”

Speaking, the change of the system was an imperial aurora rushing towards the seal. Instantly, the change of the system ripped a hole from the seal, and the roar kept coming. The system didn’t need to know, it was the voice of Black Dragon.

“Okay, don’t call me, I’ve rushed out of this seal, and you can go in and out freely later, but thinking of believing in this seal completely has to wait for the person you protect, only he can in the shortest time Lift the seal. “

When he broke the seal and came to the space where Black Dragon was, system explained to Black Dragon, but at the same time, the voice of system was extremely weak, just like it was optional.

“Okay, anyway, as long as you restore freedom, you don’t need to take it here. It doesn’t matter when it is, but now that the seal is still there, will he still absorb the power of me?”

Black Dragon agreed quickly, but at the same time he also expressed his concerns.

“Oh, you can rest assured that since the seal has broken a hole, it is equivalent to his spell failing, so basically it will not be, but just in case, you can use the medicine pill of Lin Lei Hang it first to see if you have enough strength. “

After that, the system completely disappeared, and there was no sound, no matter how Black Dragon called it, there was no echo.

“Hehe, now it’s time for me to fulfill my obligations. By the way, go and see if those girls miss me.”

Speaking of which, Black Dragon transformed into a person, and then put on a black suit, slightly adjusted his clothes, and then thought about going outside, but if this scene let Lin Lei know, I believe Lin Lei must be Can’t help but beat him.

However, when the system disappeared, Lin Lei was told that the seal had been lifted, and then Lin Lei was allowed to release the Black Dragon.

At this point, Lin Lei took out the Demon Realm weapon in the auction. Suddenly, the days on Lin Lei’s body were even more terrifying and cold.

With the sound of “sou”, I saw a black light coming out of the instrument. The speed is extremely fast, and probably only the director Lin Lei can feel it.


Lin Lei couldn’t help laughing, and then looked up towards the Black Dragon that day came out, but this look Lin Lei froze, which is Black Dragon, is this pretty boy?

I saw a dashing eyebrows star young man standing there, his eyes looked towards Lin Lei, two people facing each other for a time, as if this time they were free.

“Hmph, they are all dead. Even if they can still laugh, I have a bit of admiration for you now, but this does not mean that I will not kill you.”

After speaking, Wang Zhi pointed at Lin Lei with a sword, but Lin Lei was not afraid, but smiled.

“Hmph. It’s a courting death.”

After speaking, the long sword looked towards Lin Lei’s heart was stabbed away, but this vision suddenly appeared. I saw that Wang Zhi’s long sword stopped on Lin Lei’s body, and never saw it again. Wang Zhi in this scene looked towards the next blood evil, that is, the servant brought by Thunder.

“Hehe, don’t watch, not that junior.”

This was a voice that suddenly came from in front of Lin Lei. Except for Lin Lei, everyone was startled by the voice.


For a time, Wang Zhi was scared. He never thought about it. There was such a person who would protect Lin Lei, and this person was better than Xuesha.

“Hehe, Lin Lei, all right.”

I saw that a long-eyed, clear-eyed man appeared to Lin Lei’s side with no warning, a sleeve waved, and the pressure on Lin Lei’s body was disappeared without a trace.

“It’s all right, many thanks this time.”

After Lin Lei’s coercion disappeared, he straightened his waist, and then arched to the Black Dragon and thanked him.

But in this scene, in the eyes of everyone present, it was a shocking thing. Everyone did not see how the young man appeared, but three words appeared in everyone’s mind, “I believe that only the fitting period has this unique teleportation ability.

The old man sitting on top stepped down and said respectfully to the Black Dragon: “I don’t know Senior driving to excuse me for not going out to meet you, but also looking at Senior Haihan.”

However, Black Dragon did not look at the old man from the beginning to the end, and Black Dragon had nothing but Lin Lei in his eyes.

“The next thing is left to you. If anything is ordered, as long as I can do it, I will do it for you. If it is not possible, I will find a way for you.

Such a simple sentence represents his attitude towards Lin Lei.

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