Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 52

“Well, many thanks.”

Lin Lei didn’t say much, because it was what he deserved. If it weren’t for her, Black Dragon hadn’t been able to come out, and his own price was quite high.

“Now do you still kill me?”

At this time Lin Lei came to Wang Zhi and said to him, his tone was cold and his eyes were murderous aura. The devil who came out of the Netherworld Hell was generally the same. Everyone who passed by Lin Lei could feel Lin The chill on Lei’s body was straight into their hearts.

“Um, this.”

“Wan Yu, come here,” Lin Lei suddenly turned and called to Wan Yu.

“Oh,” Wan Yu replied complied and came to Lin Lei obediently, waiting for Lin Lei to try it.

“You tell me, did you hurt him?” Lin Lei looked at Wan Yu and asked Wang Zhi.

“Well, Master, this is the bad guy, that he came over and injured me and Little Tian Uncle, and I can feel that he probably killed us at that time, if it were not for the Master you sent me Block jade pendant, we are dead now. “

“Hehe, okay, then Master now gives you a chance to get revenge and let you kill him, do you dare?”

Lin Lei looked at Wan Yu, and her eyes did not leave for a moment, just to see if Wan Yu had this determination, this time is to give him a stable Dao Heart, otherwise, I do n’t know how long Wan Yu will be in trouble Set your heart and practice well.

Everyone present, including Black Dragon, was stunned, especially Wang Zhi, who was even more surprised. He never thought that Lin Lei would let a child come to kill him.

“Master, Master, I …”

Hearing Wan Yu’s words, Lin Lei was disappointed to shook the head and turned around, thinking about walking next to him. However, Wan Yu’s voice came again, Lin Lei, who had been disappointed, was instantly energetic.

“Master, I dare to kill.”

Turning his head to look at Wan Yu’s firm eyes, Lin Lei knew that Wan Yu had really made up her mind at this time, and it was estimated that she would never be lazy or repaired again.

Seeing this scene, the Black Dragon next to him finally knew what Lin Lei meant.

“Okay, it really is a good discipline for the teacher. Well, now you kill him with the Martial Emperor divine spear for the teacher.”

Then, Lin Lei handed the long spear in front of Wan Yu, and Wan Yu took it very well.

Seeing Wan Yu take over the long spear, Lin Lei leaked a gratifying smile on his face, then turned his head and looked towards Black Dragon.

“Well, I know.”

When Black Dragon saw Lin Lei’s eyes, he knew that this was to let himself settle Wang Zhi, so that the little girl would kill him.


Seeing this, Wang Zhi finally couldn’t bear it anymore, and quickly looked towards Pill Sect Sect Master for help.

“Zong … Sect Master, please help me quickly, please beg them, I am not going to die.”

At this time, Wang Zhi was really anxious. He never thought that there would be such a moment. If he knew it, he would never be so messy.

“This, Senior you …”

“Hehe, don’t ask me. I can’t control this. I only listen to Lin Lei’s words. I don’t listen to him.”

In a word from Black Dragon, everyone’s eyes are focused on Lin Lei, and at this time the murderous aura on Lin Lei is enough to represent all the answers.

“Hmph, if I do n’t kill him, that ’s impossible. When he killed me just now, did you plead for me, and when he hurt my disciple and Lin Tian, ​​did you plead for me, Now when you want to kill him, you come to plead, don’t you think it’s shameless. However, today, I will let you remember a sentence, killer, people always kill him. “

Having said that, Lin Lei didn’t bother others, but let his disciple continue to do things that were not done, and Black Dragon had already subdued Wang Zhi.

“Killing him is the first lesson given to you by the teacher. Killing him, you are a real Immortal Cultivator. Remember, in this era of the weak are prey to the strong, only powerhouse can be permanent Survival, and the powerhouse is built on the Corpse Mountain Blood Sea. None of the powerhouses have never killed anyone in their lives. Some just kill more and kill less. “

Lin Lei’s words infected everyone around him. At this time, the wrong people’s state of mind was skyrocketing, including Wang Zhi, who was settled at this time. It was because of Lin Lei’s saying that they had loosened the realm that had not been through for a long time. .

“It’s Master, I know, and I will be a powerhouse in the future.”

With a “pu”, I saw Martial Emperor divine spear in Wan Yu’s hands stabbed Wang Zhi’s body directly, and stabbed it from dantian.

“How … how is it possible that you shouldn’t be able to kill me, you …”

After that, Wang Zhi had no more vitality, and Wan Yu, who killed Wang Zhi, also stood there with pale face, without spirit slowly recovers for a while.

“Spit, spit … spit …”

Suddenly, a vomiting sound spread, and Wanyu bent over, covering her stomach with both hands, and kept vomiting. Seeing this, Lin Lei looked at him distressed, but did not stop it because it was The first and most important step to becoming a powerhouse.

“Well,” this is a big slap Little Huang man emerged from the dead Wang Zhi’s body, thinking of the sky and rushed away instantly, but can he escape? Of course, the answer is certainly impossible. I saw that Lin Lei immediately reacted, took Martial Emperor divine spear out of Wang Zhi’s body, and immediately stabbed at Wang Zhi’s Nascent Soul who flew to the sky.

The current Wang Zhi is just a soul without a fleshhy body, and does not have much resistance. It can be said that it has no attack power at all. The only advantage is that it can be reborn with the help of other people’s bodies. The cultivator is different from a mortal person. Then, it is really dead, but Immortal Cultivator is not, knowing that as long as the cultivation reaches the Nascent Soul period, even if the fleshhy body is dead, as long as the Nascent Soul is not destroyed, it can be regenerated.

“Lin Lei, can’t you let me go, besides, I didn’t really kill you, did you kill to the last one like this …”

“Hmph, didn’t really kill me. If you kill me, do you still have it? He said I don’t want you to live and become my threat. This is the only option I have to come to this world, but it threatens me. No matter whether it is a person or a thing, or if it is an immortality, it must be eliminated. “

Lin Lei did not give Wang Zhi a chance to live at all. Martial Emperor divine spear in his hand was alive, and the gunpoint was constantly moving towards Wang Zhi’s Nascent Soul.

With a bang, Lin Lei’s gun passed directly through Wang Zhi’s Nascent Soul. It was such a shot that it completely solved a Nascent Soul period cultivator.

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host for killing the cultivator of the Nascent Soul period and gaining 300,000 experience”

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host for obtaining Dragon Spear’s first book of Heaven Grade inferior method, and practicing to the highest degree of Heaven Grade inferior method.”

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host for obtaining an alchemic furnace, the grade is unknown, I only know that it started the Hongmeng period.”

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host for upgrading to Kaiguang’s next Peak, the attack power is three times the original.”

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host ascending to the open light realm, as a reward to get a gift package.”

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host for upgrading to Kaiguang, the host can have three lottery opportunities.”

“Ding dong, optional task, may I ask the host to accept it.”

Seeing that there were still tasks, he opened it quickly.

“Well, accept it.”

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host for accepting optional tasks. Task content: Conquer all senior personnel of Pill Sect. Within one day, you can get 300,000 experience, five hundred thousand Spirit Stone top grade, ten heart-controlling dan, basic formation book. One (the basis of the matrix method, which is one of the ten most basic divine techniques in the Hongmeng period, but even the most basic one, no one can compare to the entire Xuantian continent). “

After killing Wang Zhi again, a sound of system hint came, especially when Lin Lei breakthrough came to light, Lin Lei was agitated. This was a lottery opportunity for the gift package, and Lin Lei was completely dizzy. Already.

Lin Lei has changed, and everyone in the great hall has already sensed this change. Lin Lei’s change really shocked everyone. Who did n’t come from this realm, but who has had such a breakout, Especially thunder, at this time Lin Lei’s vision was even more unpredictable.

“Fuck, I won’t put it. How can it be possible for me to subdue all the seniors of Pill Sect in one day? Aren’t you sincerely asking me to die?”

“Hehe, don’t blame me, it’s your acceptance. This is an optional task, not a mainline task. Who asked you to take it.”

Hearing the sound of system, Lin Lei had an urge to kill him if system was an entity.

“Well, you have to work quickly. You still have a few hours left. If you can’t finish it, hehe, you know the consequences.”

Suddenly, Lin Lei woke up from the god of wandering, his eyes thought about sweeping all around, and he saw that thunder was still standing, but his eyes kept looking at himself, which made Lin Lei feel uncomfortable all over.

“What’s your name, I can’t keep seeing your name, I’ll call you feed.”

Lin Lei turned his head and looked towards Black Dragon, and then asked, his tone was calm and he had returned to normal.

“You call me a dragon, and that’s it.”


The conversation between the two was very simple, but from the conversation of Lin Lei, the people present came to the conclusion that Lin Lei and mysterious powerhouse did not know it at all.

“Well, I’m going to announce a big thing now, it’s about Pill Sect.”

“Oh, I don’t know what Young Master Lin said.”

The old man heard that it was about his sect, but he just heard it seriously.

“I want to say that from today on, I will be the owner of Pill Sect.”

“Hong long”, everyone except Black Dragon, everyone in the field, after hearing Lin Lei’s words, all short-circuited and thought they heard something wrong.

“I know you may find it unbelievable, but the truth I said is that this is the price of the damage done to me, to my brother, to me, whether you want it or not.”

“You, how can you do this, do you really think that we have no one in Pill Sect, do you really think that we can all of us rely on him alone?”

At this time the old man was in a hurry. If he could accept the compensation, he would use sect as the price to hurt Lin Lei. It was too big.

“Hmph, it’s up to you.”

“Oh, is it possible that you will kill us all?”

At this point all Elders resisted.

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