Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 53

“Hmph, if you resist, I don’t mind killing a few disciples for the outside.”

Those who wanted to see what Lin Lei said were all shivering. They couldn’t believe who the boy was.

“Dragon, give these medicine pill to them and let them eat, if not, kill without mercy.”

Having said that, Lin Lei suddenly appeared on the hands of a medicine pill that was no longer than a longan, and each medicine pill had a few Dao Pill patterns on it.

As soon as Black Dragon saw this medicine pill, he recognized that this was the one he had eaten before.


Black Dragon always spoke so concisely, and when he saw the medicine pill, he thought about the group of Elder and Sect Masters.

“You, we won’t eat it. If we eat this one, wouldn’t we be equivalent to prisoners?”

Although they don’t know what the medicine pill from Lin Lei is, they can imagine that this must be an obedient medicine pill. How can they eat it after the beat?

“Hmph, dry tongue”

With a “peng” sound, when the Black Dragon’s hand was waved, the cowardly Elder’s body exploded, all around the bacon and the minced meat that had previously been blurred, and the scene was terrifying.


“Hmph, I don’t care about anything else, I now like to ask you whether you want to eat or not. If you do n’t, you will see it in the end. Even if you do n’t eat, I can control the whole Pill Sect. I just want to give you a chance. Think about your cultivation base. Is it easy to cultivate to Nascent Soul period? “

Not to mention, Lin Lei’s words moved the Elders who had been holding on to sect.

“Yeah, haven’t we cultivated till now to live?”

This is, an Elder stepped out and reached the Black Dragon firmly, reached out and took a heart-controlling Dan in his mouth.

Seeing this scene, Lin Lei laughed, and this was exactly the scene he wanted to see. The other Elder saw there is a person ate the medicine pill, and the others also came to the Black Dragon and picked up the medicine pill. Now, all five Elders have eaten the control heart, and now the only one left is the Pill Sect Sect Master.

“Why, your Elder has already eaten, do you still want to resist?”

Seeing Pill Sect Sect Master indifferent, Lin Lei was anxious. Would he really kill him if he didn’t eat?

“Hmph, it ’s not impossible for me to eat. I just want to know where your medicine pill came from. I can see that your medicine pill are all Top Grade, and they are not ordinary products. If I guess Well, the people who make these medicine pills should be Heaven Grade, simple, right? “

“What, Heaven Grade … Alchemist?”

A word from Pill Sect Sect Master shocked everyone present. Who knows, the only Alchemist with the highest grade in Xuantian is Earth Grade.

Not only them, but even Lin Lei himself was shocked. He always thought that this was just a normal medicine pill, but he did not expect that it would only be a medicine pill made by Heaven Grade Alchemist.

“Hu, this … this is made by my Master.”

Lin Lei put out a long breath, and then lifted out a master who was completely unavailable. If this is not the case, then you can’t say that it just happened out of thin air!


Lin Lei’s words hit them again, especially the follower behind Thunder. At this time, the expression on his face is the richest?

“It’s not impossible for me to eat, but I have a request.”

“Okay, you said.”

“I want your Master to teach me the pill refining technique, even if I don’t teach it to watch.”

When I heard Pill Sect Sect Master ’s request, Lin Lei was in a dilemma. What the hell is this? You want to see me Master, and my fucking wants to see it, then I really have to be talented.

“This, this, my Master is not here, he travels all year round, erratic, and the last time I saw him was a year ago. I do n’t know exactly when he will return.”

Hearing Lin Lei’s words, Pill Sect Sect Master smiled, then picked up the control heart and put it in his mouth, and said to Lin Lei.

“It’s okay, I’ll wait, as long as you wait for the Master to come back, you can tell me.”

After hearing the words of Pill Sect Sect Master, Lin Lei nodded, I thought, wait, when I will become Heaven Grade Alchemist, I will tell you by then.

I thought that Pill Sect Sect Master had eaten all the Pill Sect high-level executives after eating, but the system did not prompt until now, which made Lin Lei anxious.

“Are all of your seniors at Pill Sect here?”

Hearing Lin Lei’s words, Pill Sect Sect Master’s eyes flashed a vague but quickly covered up, but Lin Lei noticed it.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s all the seniors, and there is a person Elder hasn’t returned yet.”

“Master, in addition to Great Elder, there are two Supreme Elders, both of whom are practicing at mountainside.”

This was the Elder who had eaten the control heart next to him, and said to Lin Lei, with a very respectful tone.


Pill Sect Sect Master is very different. He doesn’t know why the Elder Council is like this, and it is also called Master Lin Lei.

“Hehe, it seems the medicine pill is working.”

Seeing this, Lin Lei knew that the medicine pill would work, otherwise they wouldn’t talk like that, and they wouldn’t torture themselves.

“Dragon, you worked hard.”

Lin Lei did not look at the Elders, but spoke directly to the Black Dragon next to him.

“OK”, after speaking, Black Dragon’s body began to blur, and within a few seconds, the silhouette of Black Dragon could no longer be seen in the great hall. Seeing this scene, Lin Lei’s eyes flashed There was a hint of envy.

“Hmph, I’ll keep this account for you, and I’ll calculate it for you later.”

Talking about Lin Lei coming to follow you, watching Lei moving, Lin Lei had nothing but gratitude in his heart.

“Many thanks just now, no matter if you saved me in the end, at least you came out first, I’m very moved, so thank you.”

With that said, Lin Lei bowed to Lei Dong, then turned to think of Pill Sect Sect Master’s seat.

“After today, I’m going to retreat. Everything in sect is still working as before. You still perform your duties, but when I’m away, if you want to find me, you can go to Lin Tian He will come to me. “

When he got to the seat, Lin Lei sat down and told the Elders underground that his tone was completely domineering.

“Yes, master, I will obey your words.”

All the Elders, including Pill Sect Sect Master, who had previously concealed the facts, would all be on the ground, and bow to worship at Lin Lei.

This scene shocked everyone present, and they couldn’t believe that the ants who had been slaughtered by the people became the slaughter in an instant. All these changes were too fast and were beyond their understanding .

“Well, okay, you will arrange a place for them in sect, preferably a place with a strong spiritual Qi,” said Lin Lei, thinking only of Lin Tian and Wan Yu.

“Yes, master, I will definitely take care of the Young Lord, and please rest assured.”

The Nascent Soul period Elder kneeling on the ground agreed quickly, without the slightest disrespect in his eyes.

“Well, you guys, get up. Do n’t call me my master anymore. Listen, obediently, call me Young Master in the future!”

Lin Lei heard them calling themselves masters, and they all went goosebumps for a while, so they asked them to call themselves Young Master like Dian Wei.

“Yes, Young Master”

Hearing Lin Lei’s words, everyone changed his name, then stood up, respectfully now beside him.

At this moment, Black Dragon came in, and behind him were two old men from Hefa. Don’t think about it, these two must be Supreme Elder of Pill Sect.

“Bai Yu, Bai Sheng, meet the master.”

All I saw was that the two old men came in and worshiped Lin Lei. Lin Lei knew at this time that Kanshin Dan had merged with them.

“Well, okay, get up, and you can just call me Young Master like they are, nothing else, you are just as usual, what should you do?”

Lin Lei looked at them and didn’t think about asking them to do anything for a while, but suddenly Lin Lei thought of the Great Elder and hadn’t returned yet.

“Dragon, give you a task. When this task is completed, you can do your own thing, but this thing must be done today. Can you do it?”

Lin Lei found the Black Dragon’s teleportation spell, and thought of asking him to solve the Great Elder.

“Okay, you say it!”

Hearing Lin Lei’s words, a smile flashed on Black Dragon’s face. He was still thinking about how to leave, but he thought of the opportunity.

“After a while, get the Great Elder’s soul card, and after feeling his breath, catch up with him and let him eat this medicine pill, so that your mission is complete, and bring some ten outside. Children under the age of age must be all helpless orphans, you know? “

“Well, I see, then I’ll go first.”

Black Dragon seemed to be in a hurry. He didn’t listen to Lin Lei at all, and nodded agreed.

“Well, let’s go.”

Watching Black Dragon with an Elder was like walking outside, and there were only Elders and thunder in the great hall.

“Well, all of you will perform your duties, Bai Yu Supreme Elder will stay, others will be, by the way, arrange a place for Wan Yu and Lin Tian.”

Lin Lei looked at the others and ordered them, and this person heard Lin Lei’s words and all went out, including Lin Tian and Wan Yu.

“Well, Thunder, you also follow Xuesha Senior, you can’t achieve anything here.”

Looking at Lei Dong, Lin Lei didn’t have much to say, besides that Lei Dong had previously said that he would go somewhere else.

“What, hey, brother, don’t do that, I don’t want to go now.”

“Uh, this”

“Hey, aren’t you? The whole Pill Sect is now yours, and you are not so bad as Spirit Stone. I am alone.”

Hearing what Thunder was saying, Lin Lei didn’t say anything, but nodded agreed, “Okay, if you want to be here, then here, but I plan to retreat all year round, you can see where you are at Pill Sect You just practice wherever you are, and I have no time to entertain you. “

“Well, I don’t need you to entertain me, even if you don’t say I won’t be kind to you, well, that’s it, I’ll go first.”

After speaking, Lei Dong went out with his blood and some followers, and Lin Lei was helpless when he heard the previous words of Lei Dong, laughed and said nothing.

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