Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 56

“Oh … oh, nothing. I just saw something I haven’t seen in my life. If it didn’t appear, it would probably be invisible to the teacher in my life.

Just looking, Great Elder’s face leaked a contented face, his eyes tightly staring at the medicine pill in Black Dragon’s hand, and he left reluctantly.

“Ah … what can make the Master like this, even the original Earth Grade medicine pill of the Sect Master did not let the Master do this.”

When they saw the strangeness of their Master, they didn’t know why for a while, they never saw the Master like this, never.

“Okay, don’t guess anymore, just stay by the side. I want to talk to this Senior.”

Seeing the doubts of his two disciples, Great Elder hurriedly took them to the side. He didn’t want to let the two disciples know what he was talking about, even his own disciples wouldn’t be allowed. Lovers are in danger.

“Oh, I know Master.”

Hearing what the Master said, the two teenagers thought about walking away. Although there were doubts in the eyes of the two, the Master’s order was daunting.

“Well, Senior, we are all understanding people. I want to know now where this medicine pill came from, and what this medicine pill is, and then there is something wrong with sect, is there something wrong? ? “

Great Elder’s mouth was like a machine gun. After the two teenagers left, he said so many questions at once, which made the Black Dragon next to him look surprised at his eyes.

“Cough cough, how do you want me to answer you?”

The surprised look in Black Dragon’s eyes flashed, and there was a distressed expression on his face. Hearing that Great Elder said so much at once, he didn’t know what question to answer first.

“Senior, you can just say it one by one. This is not a rush. We have time.”

Hearing the words of Black Dragon, Great Elder’s face turned red, and he became embarrassed instantly. He also knew that he had asked a lot of questions, but he couldn’t help himself with so many questions. If he didn’t ask them all, he would know Uneasy.

“Hu, okay! Then I will answer you first, the origin of this medicine pill! And everything happened because of this medicine pill. If it were not for this medicine pill, the next things would not happen.”

“Well, Senior, you said, the younger ears listen.”

Hearing the words of Black Dragon, Great Elder not at all was surprised. He certainly thought that this medicine pill might have caused trouble, so when Black Dragon spoke out, not at all gave a strange expression.

“Well, where is this medicine pill in my hand? He is a momentary grade. I don’t think you need to guess it!”

With that said, Black Dragon’s eyes looked towards Great Elder who was listening intently to himself.

“Well, you can see that this medicine pill should be made by a Heaven Grade Alchemist, and I still conservatively estimate it, or it’s made by realm after Heaven Grade. This is not guaranteed.”

“Hehe, I didn’t expect Great Elder’s vision to be really good. This is really not Earth Grade medicine pill, nor is it possible for Earth Grade Alchemist to make it.”

I found that when I heard Black Dragon’s words, his eyes flashed, and the unstoppable and excited expression on his face made his already pleated face even more ugly.

“Well, I will put down another question. I will have it after the answer. I don’t want to waste it here forever.”

“Okay, okay, Senior.”

Hearing Black Dragon’s words, Great Elder quickly calmed down his excitement and quietly listened to the answer behind Black Dragon.

“I heard that the medicine pill is called Xinxindan. The specific grade of medicine pill should be Heaven Grade. As for the effect, you should be able to analyze the name of this medicine pill. As for your sect, you don’t need to worry about it. There is no problem at all. It was Elder Wang Zhi who died. “

Black Dragon told Great Elder the name of the medicine pill and the role of the medicine pill, and even the death of Wang Zhi.

“Oh, Wang Zhi? That kind of person is dead, anyway, it is just me and you are the waste of the sect. As for this medicine pill …”

Looking at the hesitant expression of Great Elder, Black Dragon’s face immediately darkened, and said threateningly: “hmph, I don’t care if I die, I only know that even if you do n’t eat Lin Tian, ​​I will force it I’ll feed you, I believe my strength can still be achieved. “

Speaking, Black Dragon let out the breath on his body, it was a devastating breath, thinking about the Great Elder chopped it.

“Hmph”, after seeing that Great Elder felt the coercion, his mouth and face bleed, and his legs were shaking, a pair of eyes staring at the Black Dragon, the kind of praying look in his eyes Black Dragon.

“Okay, come here and eat it, eat it, and then help to do one thing, and then you can go wherever you want.”

Having said that, Black Dragon quickly collected his breath, then wrapped the medicine pill with Spiritual Qi and wrapped the medicine pill in front of the Great Elder, and the Great Elder was so overwhelmed by his pressure. After that, he reached the ground with one butt, panting heavily, as if he was hypoxic just now.

“Well, don’t pretend to be dead. I can also feel your strength. The coercion I just did will not cause you much pain, at most it will only make you a little bit of blood.”

Hearing Black Dragon’s words, Great Elder quickly got up and extended the hand, thinking about the medicine pill that Black Dragon handed over and grabbed it.

“Grumbling”, the moment Great Elder took the medicine pill, he put it in his mouth and took it off.

Black Dragon watched the Great Elder swallow up, with a relaxed expression, making people see that this is not the previous man with horrible coercion on his body. The current Black Dragon is more like a weak teenager reading a book.

After ten minutes of silence, Black Dragon came to Great Elder and asked him, “Goodbye, give you a mission.”

“Oh, yes, what Senior told me to dare not follow, and I asked Senior to tell me that.”

“Well, there is nothing else, just to find some children without father and mother, even beggar is fine. The important thing is that their qualifications are better, and they must not be more than thirteen years old. There are no other requirements. It doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman. “

Seeing that it was so obedient, Black Dragon was much easier to handle in a moment, so he gave the task of Lin Lei to Great Elder.

“Yes, the juniors will definitely fulfill their missions, and they will definitely complete the tasks explained by Seniors. But how many children do Senior juniors find and where should they be sent to?”

Looking at Great Elder’s expression of doubt, Black Dragon touched his head awkwardly, and was embarrassed for a while.

“Hehe, here, there is no limit to the number of people. As for where to send you, you will have to send all the children to sect. After sect, someone will pick you up. As for others, there will be no more. Well, I will also I ’m not talking nonsense to you. As for your Sect Master asking me for directions, you tell him that as long as he is in trouble, I will definitely go back and help him. You give this to him, as long as you are in danger, just pinch this thing I can sense the broken, and will arrive in the first time and rescue him. “

Then, Black Dragon passed a black scale-like thing from his arms to Great Elder.

“Oh, I know Senior, you go! If you explain, it will be an accountable thing, and the junior will definitely help you complete it.”

Listening to the words of Great Elder, Black Dragon always felt that there was a general feeling of giving betel, which made people extremely uncomfortable.

“Well, I know. Then you’ll be busy first, and I’ll go first.”

With a “sou” sound, Black Dragon disappeared in front of Great Elder as soon as he finished speaking, and Great Elder was adorable, and he had no idea how Black Dragon disappeared.

“Hu, it really is a powerhouse, how good it would be if I had such ability.”

I saw that the eyes of Great Elder, full of envy, looked towards the place where the Black Dragon disappeared, and I watched it for a long time before came back to his senses.

“Okay, the two of you, hurry up! We have a very important task, let’s go!”

Talking, Great Elder took two disciples towards the distance to complete the task of the Black Dragon account, while Lin Lei, who was sitting on the throne of the Pill Sect Sect Master, opened his eyes, his eyes flashed through. , Full of sharp eyes.

“Hehe, I ’m sorry that Black Dragon has already made the Great Elder. It ’s too fast. How good it would be to have such strength. At least now if you have such strength, the task of rescuing Honglian is half done. . “

Just now, Lin Lei, who was preparing to return to the room to practice, suddenly heard a prompt from system. At this time, Lin Lei knew that Black Dragon did not live up to his expectations, and the prompts rang one after another. Those who conquered the entire Pill Sect have reward experience, and reward items and medicine pill after completing the task.

“Hu, this has just used the kanshin, and this system has sent ten, really heaven helps me. With these kanshin, I can control a group of powerful people, and wait until then The timing is right, leading them to the central continent and start an era of mine. “

With that said, I was excited. I already have Lin Lei in the next phase. After completing the tasks entrusted to the system, the system has given a lot of experience. As a result, the current Lin Lei is almost only able to break through to the middle-stage Now, if this phenomenon is known to others, it will surely startled to fall the chin. This is just the breakthrough of the next issue, which will break through the Middle-Stage again. Who can do this.

“Hehe, I believe that in the near future, it must be the powerhouse that controls the entire Xuantian continent, a top-level existence that allows all sects to worship.”

At this moment, Lin Lei was full of the atmosphere of powerhouse. No matter what cultivation base Lin Lei is now, there is no doubt that he can really achieve what he said, relying on his breakthrough speed in the future. In a few years, he must be able to break through to the Great Ascension and accomplish things that ordinary people can’t.

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