Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 59

“No, the deity is the emperor in the fire. The deity will not be smelted so easily. Wait for the deity.”

The fiendish blood that has already become a foregone conclusion, in this matter, I don’t know where to emerge a large force, and directly thought of Lin Lei’s dantian and rushed forward.

“Hmph, the light of rice grains dare to compete with the sun and the moon, it is a courting death.”

Lin Lei Mental Power, a villain gathered, watching the attack of the phantom blood fire, there is a serious contempt. If Lin Lei has not used ice fruit, then Lin Lei is absolutely impossible to catch this move, but It’s hard to say now.

Lin Lei gathered all the Mental Power into an attack, and patted it towards the phantom blood fire attack.

“Peng”, I saw two attacks collided directly, but Lin Lei’s attack was obviously stronger than the phantom blood fire’s attack. The phantom blood fire which was bitterly supported was finally given by Lin Lei. defeated.

“Hmph, you want the deity to die, and that deity will not make you feel better, just wait to regret it! Ha Ha Ha ……”

Listening to the sound of the phantom blood fire getting smaller and smaller, Lin Lei finally lifted his heart, but thinking of the last sentence of the phantom blood fire just now, Lin Lei really did not want to understand, feeling the pleasure of upgrading, There was a smile on Lin Lei’s face.

Slowly, Lin Lei calmed down his mood, opened his eyes, and saw the ice looking straight at him next to him.

“Cough, cough … that …”

“Oh, Young Master, you’re awake, let’s get up!”

Hearing Lin Lei’s cough, Bing quickly walked to Lin Lei’s side, and extended the hand to support Lin Lei. But when Lin Lei felt the breath on Bing, he suddenly found that his breath was slowly moving. Promote this.

“What’s going on, how do I mean …”

Suddenly, Lin Lei’s ears reminded him of the words that the ghost had killed when he died, and he felt something wrong for a moment.

“Ice, you … you stay away from me, I worry, I …”

Speaking of this, Bing saw blood red in the eyes of his Young Master. Seeing this scene, Bing was frightened to move even a little bit.

“Less … Young Master, you … you can’t … you can’t do this, Young Master … Young Master.”

Bing watched his young Master step by step towards himself, and changed his clothes while walking. Even stupid people can think of it, and looking at Lin Lei’s abnormal situation at this time, Bing is even more sure. Lin Lei answered Things to do now, looking at his own Young Master, Bing begging Lin Lei with a trembling body and body, but at this time Lin Lei had been swallowed up by desire, and he wouldn’t even care about Bing’s words, and wouldn’t care Situation of ice.

With a “sou”, Lin Lei’s slick body was already rushing towards the ice, and the ice was dodging from instinct. Lin Lei went to the air all of a sudden.

“Roar …” Angry roar shouted from Lin Lei’s mouth. His original cold face became distorted when the ice dodged. The whole person looked very stingy, plus his blood-red eyes. When Lin Lei did n’t look like a human at all, it looked like a ghost corpse crawling out of Jiuyou * (ghost corpse, produced from Jiuyou, was caused by Jiuyou ’s Lord to Jiuyou after his death. A kind of fighting race. This kind of ghost corpse has no consciousness, and it is very different. The only benefit is to fully obey the Lord of Nine You, and the biggest feature of the ghost corpse is that the body is stronger than ordinary Immortal Artifact. This kind of low-level plane will not appear, this race is always sealed in Jiuyou, unless Jiuyou mainly do something, otherwise it will not be born.) Generally, horror like this.

However, Lin Lei failed to see it once, and then rushed towards the ice again. This time Lin Lei didn’t know whether it was autonomous or how it happened. He opened the coercion of Kaiguang Peak. Although the ice is also the Kaiguang Peak, but From Lin Lei, she was also a lamb who was staying. I saw that after Lin Lei let go of the coercion, Bing’s body was fixed and could not move.

“Wu wu, less … Young Master, don’t.”

At this time, Bing had been scared by Lin Lei’s actions, but her body could not move, so she could only cry and begged Lin Lei, hoping that Lin Lei would wake up and let her go.

“Roar”, how could Lin Lei, who had been occupied by desire at this time, let go of the prey in front of him.

Lin Lei did n’t have the opportunity to cry and ask for mercy. He drove directly to the side of the ice and threw the ice on the ground. He groped with one hand on the body of the ice, and Lin Lei ’s lips came from instinctively. Up ice lips.

When I stabbed, I saw Lin Lei pull out the clothes on the ice, and there was no one left. The whole room was full of spring, and in the 21st century, it was in this room. There are scenes that are not suitable for children.

“Ah …” A painful moan came out of the room, and then there was a torrential storm, which lasted for four hours and then stopped slowly. Maybe it was too tired, and the two of them just snuggled directly After falling asleep, the moonlight outside the window came in and reflected on the faces of the two people.

Time passed quickly, and in the blink of an eye the next morning, Lin Lei, who was now resting on the ice, had a change.

“Um …”, when Lin Lei slowly opened his eyes and rubbed his head, suddenly Lin Lei felt the abnormality around him, and turned his head to startle Lin Lei directly.

“How … how, how can this be?”

Lin Lei was completely blinded at this time. As soon as he saw the ice around him, Lin Lei’s head was blank for a while.

Slowly, Lin Lei remembered everything he did to the ice yesterday, including the madness of last night, and everything rang.

“Oh, is this the regret that Phantom Bloodfire said?”

At this moment in Lin Lei’s mind, the last sentence of the blood of the phantom appeared, and for a while Lin Lei fell into depression, looking at the ice in front of him with guilt in his eyes, Lin Lei didn’t know she was awake What to say or do after you come.

Looking at the naked ice, Lin Lei hurriedly took out a snow-white earth bear’s skin from the savings ring and was still on Bing’s body, breaking up very much.

After doing all this, Lin Lei quickly stood up and looked at the clothes he had torn. He smiled bitterly for a while, his eyes full of sadness, and then he took a suit from the storage ring and put it on , And then put on the robe from the system to the body, dressed neatly Lin Lei went out.

What Lin Lei didn’t know was that when he went out, the ice that originally slept with his eyes closed opened his eyes, and tears couldn’t help flowing in his eyes, and his arms rolled up with his arms wrapped in his arms. Burst into tears.

At this time, Lin Lei came to a courtyard where Spirit Beast was housed, grabbed a few Spirit Beasts, flew to a no-one corner, sat down, washed the Spirit Beasts, and put them on the fire that was already lit. After taking the exam, I saw that Lin Lei had taken out all the seasonings he had bought, and was busy working, so that until an hour later, a scent of meat was uploaded from the Spirit Beast on the fire.

“Hu … huh, Lin Lei grabbed Spirit Beast’s leg and put it in his mouth. After a bite, Lin Lei’s eyes leaked a satisfied smile.”

“Well, sooner or later. Go back!”

Lin Lei thought of the ice still in the room, and the smile in Lin Lei’s eyes was replaced by a sorrowful guilt. Lin Lei stood up, holding the leg in his mouth with one hand and the fire in one hand. On the already burned Spirit Beast, I looked towards my room and walked.

Lin Lei seemed to have had it for a few days. Maybe it was Lin Lei who didn’t dare to see the ice, maybe it was Lin Lei’s guilt to Honglian, but in the end, he came to his room.

And the ice in the room, when I heard a noise outside, lay down quickly, wiped away the tears on my face, and then lay down, covered the animal skin, closed his eyes, and went out with Lin Lei Is the same.

“Zhi Ya”, the door rang, Lin Lei came in from outside the door, and Bing felt Lin Lei’s breath, and he became tense for a while.

“Well, I know you’re awake. Now that you’re awake, get dressed and eat. I’ve given you a test for Spirit Beast.”

In fact, Lin Lei had already heard the cry of ice outside the door, so when Lin Lei came in and saw the movement of ice, Lin Lei watch already knew it was installed.


Hearing Lin Lei’s words, Bing already knew that he couldn’t hold it anymore, so he held the animal skin’s eyes and floated towards all around, but what he saw had indeed become cloth-striped clothes, and for a while the ice became embarrassed.

Seeing Bing’s move, Lin Lei thought about where Bing looked, towards the clothes when he saw Bing’s clothes. Lin Lei became embarrassed for a while.

Nodding his head, he said embarrassingly to Bing: “That, I’m sorry, or you should wear my clothes first!”

Talking, Lin Lei came to Bing, and Bing was thinking of the scene where Lin Lei rushed over yesterday. When he saw Lin Lei coming over, his body stepped back unconsciously.

Seeing this scene, Lin Lei didn’t say much, so he took out a set of his own purple gown and trousers from the storage ring and gave it ice, and handed the robe he got from the system to the ice. , And then turned his head.

After Bing took the clothes, he quickly put them on, and it was fast, as if something was chasing after him.

A short while later, Bing came neatly to Lin Lei’s face. At this time, Bing had lost the original cold feeling, and replaced it with a really gentle feeling, as if completely changed.

“Less … Young Master.”

Bing’s voice was very low, but Lin Lei listened really, and didn’t know why. When he heard Bing’s voice, Lin Lei always remembered the scene from last night.

“Oh, okay, come and eat and talk later when you’re done.”

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