Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 60


I saw that ice complied limped to Lin Lei’s front, picked up the roasted Spirit Beast and ate it, and Lin Lei saw that the movement of ice was inconvenient, and knew that it was all caused by himself. Lin Lei was distressed.

“Eat this and it will be fine after eating.”

Lin Lei took out a medicine pill from the system and handed it to Bing, and Bing saw Lin Lei’s movement for a moment and held it.

“what happened.”

“Oh, nothing.”

Bing reached out and took the medicine pill in Lin Lei’s hand, put it in his mouth, and ate it in one bite. While eating, Bing felt that his body was scratched by Lin Lei yesterday and it was warming up there. Bing’s pain, Bing looked at Lin Lei. For a while, he was crazy, and his complexion leaked out from his face.

Looking at Bing’s action expression, Lin Lei didn’t know what to say. All of this was caused by the phantom blood and fire, but now.

“Well, eat it quickly, or it won’t taste good after a while.”

Having said that, Lin Lei also picked up a piece of meat and put it in his mouth to eat it. The action was very unsightly. Compared with the ice next to it, it was really heaven and earth, totally incomparable.

At this meal, the two ate for a long time, and at the same time the two were silent for a long time. Neither of them spoke, as if they were waiting for each other.

This is, Bing finally can’t help it, so first come and say deliciously: “Young Master, you don’t have to be so embarrassed, I know that it’s not your fault, let alone, it is impossible to match in my capacity Young Master, so Young Master you … “

Speaking of which, Bing couldn’t help crying, crying more and more, which made Lin Lei next to him do not know what to do.

“Oh, Bing, sorry, it was my fault last night, I shouldn’t be irrational to you, and you shouldn’t say anything that doesn’t deserve me. I’m only from a small place, we are nothing No one deserves it. “

Lin Lei said guiltyly to Bing Bing, looking very guilty, and kept saying sorry.

“Young Master, don’t talk about it, no one will blame anyone, so Young Master, you don’t have to say sorry and guilt.”

Bing stopped crying, and then said to Lin Lei who was apologizing. When he said that again, Bing’s eyes were obviously dimmed, as if something had been lost.

“Well, anyway, I’m sorry, okay, let’s eat first, I’ll go out first, you don’t have to do anything during this time, just practice here!”

Speaking, Lin Lei replied to the original cold face, and then went out, leaving only Ice alone in the room.

“Wu wu wu …………”

Lin Lei, who just walked out, heard Bing’s cry and stopped. At this moment, Lin Lei’s heart is very complicated. I don’t know what the reason is, maybe it’s guilt, maybe it’s distressed, or it’s just a debt. Stop here. After a while, Lin Lei left.

The ice in the room cried for a long time, and also thought about it for a long time. Finally, the ice also returned to its original state and returned to the usual icy cold, but the ice at this time looks more beautiful and alluring than before, more icy, just It seems to be a different person.

Lin Lei didn’t know, because of his mistake, he caused a future Blood Fiend Asura, a woman who did not blink and completely passed by wherever he went.

At this time Lin Lei returned to the great hall of Pill Sect according to yesterday’s way. At this time, the great hall was doing Sect Master and Elder of Pill Sect.

“Oh, Young Master, you’re here, please sit up.” Pill Sect Sect Master, who was sitting in the great hall, saw Lin Lei’s arrival, stood up instantly, and greeted Lin Lin.

“Well, don’t do that either, I’m just talking about something, and I’ll leave after I finish.”

Hearing Lin Lei’s words, all of Pill Sect’s Elder Sect Masters raised their ears and listened carefully.

“After two days, you do n’t want to say that I am your new disciple. I do n’t want to have unnecessary trouble in sect. The second is that a woman suddenly came to my palace to make a fool yesterday. In the end I seemed to let me I sent him back, I believe that person also knew, I don’t want a second thing to happen, no matter who it is. “

Speaking of which, Lin Lei’s killing was not just looking at this kind of people. All of them seemed to be topped by some beasts, and all of them were sweating.

“Young Master, Young Master, I’m sorry, it was my fault. It was my fault that I taught the girl no way to let him fall down. Such things would never happen again, and I have given a warning to the girl, please also Young Master rest assured. “

Suddenly an old man came back to Lin Lei and said to Lin Lei with gratitude, and said to Lin Lei with gratitude, and the whole man almost cried.

“Well, you are the oldest. Can you just kneel and kneel down? It ’s not easy to drive. Also, as long as you control the disciples and do n’t let them harass me, I wo n’t take it.”

Hearing this, everyone was relieved, and all their nervous faces were relaxed.

“Yes, I must remember the words of the Young Master, and I dare not forget to ask the Young Master to rest assured.”

Hearing what the Elders said, Lin Lei nodded said, “And I am about to retreat, so you go and prepare me enough low-level medicine pill for refining spiritual medicine, and some high-level spiritual medicine, and then agree with Supreme Elder. Bai Yu said, and asked him to go to my place of retreat. “

“Yes, Young Master, I will definitely complete the task.”

Hearing Lin Lei’s words, Pill Sect Sect Master quickly agreed and did not dare to stay for a moment.

“Well, ah, I guess Great Elder will be back in two days. When he comes back, he should bring back many children. You give all those children to my five men, and the rest No need to worry about you, but they may use some resources, so … “

Before Lin Lei finished speaking, I heard the words from Sect Master: “Young Master, please rest assured, we will use the last resources to accompany these children, and they will make them a good assistant to Sect Master.”

“Well, there’s nothing else, you guys hurry up and go, I want to retreat as soon as possible.”

After speaking, Lin Lei turned around and went out, and those Elder and Sect Master acted immediately after listening to what Lin Lei said, and all went to the task assigned by Lin Lei.

At this time, Lin Lei took a slow walk in Pill Sect, with a relaxed expression on his face, no worries, no trivial matters, and the whole person was relaxed. It feels comfortable when it is elegant, but often this comfort can only be broken if it can not be maintained.

On the way, Lin Lei thought of his family in the 21st century, thought of going to school at home, thinking of making money for his family, and more of the day when he came to World, that day was the day when he separated from his girlfriend. one day.

Thinking of this, Lin Lei’s brows frowned, and there was a chill all over him, sometimes thinking of the woman saying “I want the life you can’t give,” “Lin Lei’s heart was very painful, The wound that had been healed was torn open again.

“Hmph, slut, I am so good to you. You are so good to me. Where am I afraid? Is n’t that money? I do n’t fight, and you do n’t even give me such a chance.”

At this moment, Lin Lei was getting more and more angry. Suddenly, Lin Lei uttered this sentence in his mouth, and his expression on his face was emaciated, his eyes became blood red, and he looked very scared.

“Master … Senior Brother, Senior Brother.”

“Hong”, Lin Lei’s entire body was trembled, and his face was scared, and his heart was very panicked. When he thought of the situation just now, Lin Lei was stunned.

“Senior Brother.”

A sounded voice came from the side, and Lin Lei recognized it. This is the person who awakened himself. If it were not for this person, then there would be no Lin Lei today.

Turning around, Lin Lei saw a teenager of his own age, very handsome, just this long bangs, dashing eyebrows staring, looking very spirited, plus the straight body, Lin Lei liked each other at first sight.

“Oh, I wonder if this little brother is?”

Looking at the boy, Lin Lei couldn’t help but ask the other person’s name, and the tone of the whole person’s speech was different, and he was very soft in his leisure.

“Oh, this Senior Brother, I ’m a disciple who has just joined sect. My name is Dong Xiaonan. I just accidentally got into the sect and separated from the senior Brother who led the team. Senior Brother. “

The teenager spoke very carefully, as if he was afraid of causing Lin Lei, Lin Lei saw this scene laughed.

“Do n’t do this. I do n’t have so many rules. Besides, I still want to thank you. If it weren’t for you, I would have died now. If it wasn’t for your call, what you see now is not me but me Demon. “

Speaking of which, Lin Lei gave the boy a grateful look. This look was in the eyes of those who were afraid of Lin Lei, and it was like death was beckoning to them.

“What, how come!”

The youngster heard Star Lean’s words, stared wide-eyed, looked very surprised, and thought of the scene just now, the youngster did not feel the abnormal shape of Lin Lei at all.

“Okay, okay, do n’t say it, since you saved me, I have to repay you, so, do n’t go to my place, let ’s have a drink, it ’s like thank you for saving me What do you say? “

Lin Lei looked at the teenager’s eyes, obviously feeling the surprise and unbelievable expression on the other side.

“This is not good, I am just an Outer Sect Disciple who has just entered Sect. According to Sect’s rules, it is impossible for Outer Sect Disciple to enter Inner Sect. If it is found, it is a capital crime.”

Hearing Lin Lei’s words, Dong Xiaonan’s eyes leaked with fear, and Lin Lei also clearly felt the other’s trembling body.

“Don’t be afraid, in this sect, as long as I am there, there is no place where I can’t go. Okay, let’s go. I’m alone when something happens.

With that said, Lin Lei took Dong Xiaonan’s hand and thought about walking to his place of residence.

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