Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 61

When returning to his residence with Dong Xiaonan, Lin Lei learned a lot and knew a lot during this time. Dong Xiaonan is the youngest son of a landlord’s family, which is about the same as his own birth. Life was not bad. It was impossible to live as Beggar as he was then. What would he want at home? He could have lived as a First Young Master, but the family that had been competing with their family at this time did not know Please come back from a cultivator, so he began to crack down on his family. In the end, Dong Xiaonan couldn’t see it. When he died, he vowed that he must become a cultivator, so that he could cover the family property, so that his family would not have to collect To the shame of others.

Knowing this, Lin Lei is very sympathetic to Dong Xiaonan, and because he saved himself just now, Lin Lei likes him like you.

Soon, Lin Lei returned to his place of residence. This is Bing sitting in the yard with his eyes closed and basking in the sun, but his face does not feel a little comfortable, and some only have a cold breath, and the windows are tightly knit, as if Thinking about something bad, Lin Lei couldn’t help but feel the pain when he saw this scene.


Lin Lei gently called for a sound of ice sitting there, but it seemed that Ice had not heard Lin Lei, and Lin Lei was helpless to see this scene.

“Well, go ahead. I’ll be looking for you in a while.”

Lin Lei said to Dong Xiaonan behind him, and said nothing before and after. He crouched beside Bing alone, took out a blanket from the storage ring and stayed on Bing’s body, and then looked at it so quietly. With ice, in addition to the complex look in his eyes, he was more gentle.

When Dong Xiaonan saw this scene, he didn’t say anything, and thought about walking in the room according to Lin Lei’s words.

After watching this quietly for a long time, Lin Lei stood up and looked into the air, and said, “Go and make me some wine, and by the way make some good food, and by the way, prepare some women’s clothing. Treasure Item is the best, as much as possible. “

Then, Lin Lei threw a storage ring into the air. This was a person who suddenly appeared in the air, grabbed the storage ring with one hand, and saluted Lin Lei. go with.

Lin Lei kept watching until the silhouette disappeared, and then Lin Lei came to the ice and sat down, watching her quietly.

Looking at Bing’s frown, Lin Lei involuntarily reached out and stretched out on Bing’s frown, but Lin Lei’s development didn’t matter how he stretched.

“No … no, no.”

Suddenly, Bing, who had been sleeping, talked, and she seemed to be intimidated when she talked. She shrank involuntarily, grabbed one hand tightly, and the hand on her forehead was so tight. Clutching.

“Oh, it’s all right with me, and there’s me, don’t be afraid, I’ll be by your side to prevent you from being harmed in any way.”

Seeing the strange shape of ice, Lin Lei’s heart seemed to be hurt by being choked.

“Ah, no.”

Suddenly, when Lin Lei saw Bing talking, her eyes burst into tears unconsciously.

“Well, all of this is caused by me. If it were not for me, you would never have been so afraid of dreaming, it was all my fault.”

Talking, Lin Lei did not consciously shed tears, but was quickly wiped away by Lin Lei, and it was not visible to anyone, including the sleeping ice.

Time passed quickly, Lin Lei’s hand was held by the ice for four hours, and previously, the life of going out to buy food has returned, but Lin Lei really didn’t want to wake up the ice, so she stayed with her here For such a long time.


At this time, I didn’t know how long Bing had been awake, and I saw Lin Lei at the first glance of eyes opened, and I saw that I was holding her hand. For a while, Bing was panicked. Stood up, but at this moment, because he slept for a long time, his legs were weak, and he thought about Lin Lei’s arms and fell down.

“Ah, sorry, I’m sorry Young Master, I didn’t mean it, I really didn’t mean it.”

The ice that fell on Lin Lei’s arms suddenly knelt down on the ground and humbled, and the whole body shivered, and his eyes were full of fear.

“Come on, get up, what’s wrong with you, didn’t I say that, don’t you have to worship me when you see me?”

Seeing Bing ’s move, Lin Lei quickly lifted her to a chair and sat down, then covered her legs with a blanket, allowing her blood to flow quickly.

“Well, now that you’re awake, just sit down and wake up, then come in for dinner. If you have a guest at home, I bought some vegetables again. Until now you haven’t eaten yet.”

After speaking, Lin Lei didn’t wait for Bing to talk, and then gave Bing a back directly and walked towards the room.

At this time, Dong Xiaonan, who had been waiting in the room for a long time, fell asleep. He used to be bored or sleepy.

Lin Lei, who came to the room, watched Dong Xiaonan fall asleep, but did not wake him up, but walked directly to the dining table and sat down, picked up a pot of wine and poured it into his mouth.

The voice of “Guru Guru” came out of Lin Lei’s throat, which woke Dong Xiaonan, who was asleep.


Wake Dong Xiaonan rubbed his eyes and sat up, confused, but when he saw Lin Lei, the whole person woke up.

“That, Senior Brother, sorry, I was too sleepy just now, so I fell asleep.”

I saw Dong Xiaonan come in front of Lin Lei, and said embarrassedly to Lin Lei.

“Hehe, it’s okay. I’m sorry to say that it’s me too. I originally invited you here, but at the end of the day I put you aside for so long.”

Looking at Dong Xiaonan’s appearance, Lin Lei really wanted to laugh, but he didn’t laugh when he had to face.

“Come on, let’s make it. This is not my food and wine are already prepared. Sit down and eat.”

Looking at Dong Xiao’s son-in-law, Lin Lei hastily asked him to sit down, otherwise he would have been standing there.

“Yes, Senior Brother.”

Hearing Dong Xiaonan’s title to himself, Lin Lei laughed didn’t say much, it was just a title and he didn’t need to care so much.

“Come, for you to save me today, I’ll dry this bottle first.”

Lin Lei spoke to Dong Xiaonan better, then grabbed the bottle of wine and drank it. Dong Xiaonan saw this scene and was surprised, he never thought that Lin Lei said that drinking is exactly like this.

“Grumbling”, watching Lin Lei drinking and drinking, Dong Xiaonan’s throat could not help but bite a spit, a look of distress in his eyes, but soon was covered.

After a while, the flask was empty in Lin Lei’s hands, but Lin Lei’s face was not drunk.

“Come, this second cup is for us to meet, otherwise I’m still a body dies and Dao disappears, and everyone did this bottle together.”

After drinking the first bottle of Lin Lei, he picked up a bottle of wine and touched Dong Xiaonan, and he looked up, and Dong Xiaonan was just as good as Lin Lei, and he directly killed the bottle. I got up and vomited twice on the way, but in the end I completely dried the wine.

“Ha Ha Ha, it’s really good. It’s been a long time since it happened. If I didn’t meet your brother today, I don’t think I’ve felt that way yet.”

After drinking, Lin Lei snorted happily, then hugged Dong Xiaonan’s neck and spoke, at this time Lin Lei’s face was not cold.

“Well … yes … yes, this is the first time I have had a drink. I never expected that wine would be so exciting.”

At this time, the faces of both were red, but the eyes of the two were really different. Lin Lei’s eyes revealed blurry and remorse, while Dong Xiaonan’s eyes revealed loss of stimulation and excitement.

“Brother, do you know? As soon as I see you, I have an illusion, as if we have met before, and I think we will be good friends and brothers in the future.

At this point, Lin Lei sat down for a while and looked at Dong Xiaonan with a look of intoxication.

“Yes, I … I feel the same way … but I don’t know why.”

“No … for whatever reason, from … from today on, you are my brother, Lin Lei, if it goes against the law.”

“Hong long”, just after Lin Lei had finished speaking, a thunderous thunder suddenly came to mind in the sky, as if he heard Lin Lei’s words and gave them a testimony.

“Well, my Dong Xiaonan is, this life, this life, eternal life, no matter what you become, you are my brother, eternal life is the same, if you violate it, I will fall forever and you will be eaten by the ghost of the nine ghosts.”

With a “hong long” sound, Dong Xiaonan had just vowed, and responded to Lin Lei as if he were a witness for them.

“Ha Ha Ha, okay, I recognize your brother. Don’t call me Senior Brother in the future. Seeing that we are about the same age, please call me Lei Ge!”

“Well, Lei Brother, you will call me my boyfriend in the future, that’s what my family calls me, so it makes me feel very close.”

The two became the Life and Death brothers on the day of Xuanli 3589. At the same time, no one knows that Dong Xiaonan’s future achievements are also limitless, and they have become the lord and male emperor of one side, except for cultivation base. Under Lin Lei, and in the future he will also be one of the Elders of Xuanzong.

“Come and drink.”

In this way, the two drank for a long time, and glanced at it. The entire room was full of wine bottles, but the dishes on the table were not eaten at all, and the room was full of alcohol. The two had been drinking unconsciously.

“Zhi Ya”, at this time, Bing came in from the door, came to Lin Lei and looked at Lin Lei. There was a complex emotion in his eyes, and he looked at the wine bottle in this place, and shook the head with a grin. With a whistle, Lin Lei thought about going to his room, and Dong Xiaonan, who was next to him, walked in through the door after Bing left, then carried him back, and walked to the other room. go with.

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