Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 65

“Yes, Dan Yunzi Senior Brother, then we leave first.”

After that, all the Elders stepped back, and Dan Yunzi sat down and watched everything in front of him so quietly, he became silent, and no one knew what he was thinking.

Lin Lei, who came out of the great hall, returned to the small courtyard where he lived. At this time, Lin Lei was very tired.

“Well, now that everything is ready, I will send the cultivation technique to that group of children.”

Lin Lei came to the room thinking about Bing while thinking, Bing was sitting on the bed at this time and didn’t know what he was thinking.

“What’s wrong, what are you thinking about?”

Lin Lei came in and saw Bing sitting on the bed without talking, and kept her eyes fixed on the front. She didn’t hear her when she came back.

“Ah, Young Master, you are back.”

Hearing Lin Lei’s voice, Bing woke up and quickly got up and moved towards Lin Lei and walked.

“Well, what are you thinking, so focused, you don’t even know that someone came in.”

Lin Lei stretched over the thin waist with ice, then thought about walking to the bed, and Bing didn’t have any discomfort, but showed a touch of shame on his face.

“No … nothing to think about.”

“I didn’t really think about it,” Lin Lei, who looked at Bing’s dodging eyes, knew that there must be something, but Bing didn’t want to say anything.

“Well, nothing really matters.”

“Well, since there is nothing, I’ll sleep first, and call me if something happens.”

Speaking of which, Lin Lei didn’t care about the ice, but lay alone on the bed and closed his eyes, while Bing lay in Lin Lei’s arms and fell asleep.

In a dark space, Lin Lei stood there and shouted above the space, “Small dragon, turn on the lottery system.”

“Okay, please wait a moment, I will transfer you to the lottery space right away.”

As soon as the spirit of the system finished speaking, the scene in front of Lin Lei changed. The original dark space became a white cloud and there was a large circular jade pendant hanging in the sky, and jade pendant There are still many grids on it, this is the upgraded lottery system.

“Small dragon, I want lottery.”

“Well, okay, please wait a moment.”

“Ding dong, lottery system is on, please wait …”

Immediately after the small dragon had finished speaking, he saw the white jade turntable in the air turning quickly. The time didn’t change for a long time and stopped. I saw the pointer on a yellow grid.

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host for getting a baby pill (a baby pill, which is a golden pill used by Immortal Cultivator to break through Nascent Soul’s medicine pill), which belongs to Grade 6 medicine pill. Xuantian Continent’s broken baby dan is the most up-to-date Grade 4 Alchemist is practiced, and it is only a defective product. It has no real effect. It is a medicine pill belonging to Earth Grade Middle-Stage.

“What, Broken Dan, does that mean that I can create a Nascent Soul master with a broken baby?”

Hearing that it was Baodan Dan, Lin Lei was excited for a while, and soon fell silent because Lin Lei didn’t get what he wanted.

“Small dragon, pump, I don’t believe I can’t pump what I want today.”

“Okay, please wait a moment, the lottery system will start immediately.”

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host for drawing a million swords. (Million swords are classless swords. They are made of a special material. They are the swords used by the great gods in the Primordial era.” The sword is still defective now. If you want to collect it completely, you need three more. After the collection period, it will become a Dao of Primordial Chaos.) “

“What, the great God of Hongmeng, I’ll go. What kind of trouble is going on? How come the great God of Hongmeng has come out. Is there at least one era that will not come in the sky.”

When Lin Lei heard the words of system, he was surprised for a while, then he became unbelievable, because he had not thought of it, there would be an era before coming to heaven, and there was no record in history.

“Ding dong, ask the host to ask another question. This question is not yet known to you. After reaching a certain level, system will explain to you what you want to know and now you have the right to know.”

Hearing what the system said, Lin Lei always felt that this was a pit, a pit that he didn’t know how much and mostly deep. This pit was also scared by him now, but he had to go into the pit.

“Well, I don’t know if it’s good or bad to get you.”

After listening to the explanation of small dragon, Lin Lei thought about everything since the rebirth, and was confused for a while.

“Host, don’t think about that many, now that you have been on this thief ship, why bother to stick to these. Some of this time is better to look forward. Maybe the front is not the pit you said, and Is it a Gangming Avenue? “

Hearing the words of the small dragon, Lin Lei smiled bitterly and said, “Oh, Guangming Avenue, small dragon, are you kidding me? Why don’t I even feel that this is a Avenue of Light.”

“Host, you have to remember that things can’t just look at the surface, you have to look at the results more. If the results are good, it means that he is also a good decision, so it is good to look at them.”

“Okay, okay, anyway, I mean you, but you can say what you want, and you’ll know it at the end.”

“Well, you’ll know what I’m saying right after you wait. Don’t apologize to me then, even if I apologize, I won’t forgive you.”

Hearing what small dragon said, Lin Lei smiled. He didn’t expect to be a spirit of system, but he would still have a temper.

“Well, all right, you are right, let’s not talk about this topic, let’s hurry up lottery, I must get a cultivation technique today, this is something that will affect my future sect.”

After hearing what Lin Lei said, the small dragon eased a lot, and then said to Lin Lei, “hmph, is the cultivation technique the one you want?”


“Don’t say this, let’s hurry up lottery, and use up all the last one or two times opportunities, draw two times at a time.”

“Okay, please wait a minute, the lottery system will start right away.”

As soon as system had finished speaking, Lin Lei saw the big jade turntable in the air and started to rotate again. This time Lin Lei was obviously nervous, staring at the turntable in the air, and he dared not leave for a moment. It didn’t take much time slowly, the turntable stopped, and the pointer stopped on two grids.

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host for the Wan Jian decision, (Heaven Grade sword decision is the most powerful one in Heaven Grade. If you practice to the extreme, and the user ’s Spiritual Qi is strong, you can sit with one thousand faces.) Way of attack.) “

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host for the cloud decision, (cloud decision, belongs to the Sovereign level cultivation technique, is a cultivation technique that can control the human heart, and the person of the cultivation technique can be loyal to his cultivation technique. Ingredients.) “

“Ha Ha Ha, that’s great. I didn’t expect to get such a good cultivation technique. With him, I wouldn’t be afraid of them making trouble.”

When Lin Lei heard Wan Jian’s decision, his eyes lighted up tightly, without much interest, but when he heard the second prize said by the system, Lin Lei was obviously excited. .

“Hmph, small dragon, I remember you said that system would not give cultivation technique at will! What is this now?”

Looking at Yun Jue, Lin Lei thought of what the small dragon had just said, and turned to laugh at the small dragon.

“Hmph, what’s so good, I forgot to tell you, this cloud determination practice is very demanding.”

“What, and requirements, why don’t you say it earlier.”

Hearing the words of the small dragon, Lin Lei was obviously stunned. He did not expect that the small dragon, who is the spirit of the system, would still stubbornly hide the lottery information.

“Hmph, because I want to see you in a hurry, if you don’t agree, bit me if you don’t agree!”

“You … you are cruel.”

Hearing the words of the small dragon, Lin Lei never speechless again, he did not expect that the small dragon was so flat.

“Well, now that I have seen it, I will tell you that the so-called cloud is a Sovereign level cultivation technique, but his biggest flaw is that the person who cultivates it must have a spiritual root of top quality, and Anti-natural understanding, otherwise everything is in vain, so this cultivation technique can only be regarded as a help book, and cannot be used as a major. “

“Well, I’m thinking of a way. I hope that the people they bring back are qualified. When Long went out, he forgot to tell him about the quality.”

Thinking of this, Lin Lei regretted it for a while. If he could know that there would be such a cultivation technique, he would say it.

“Well, don’t worry too much about it, you still have to look at your information, but your information has changed a lot. I believe that your cultivation speed will not be so fast in the future.”

After speaking, the small dragon had no sound, and Lin Lei didn’t know why.

Lin Lei came to the interface space of his information as soon as he thought about it. Looking at his information, Lin Lei froze.

Name: Lin Lei

Age: 14

cultivation base: Opening Peak

Experience: (940000/1000000)

spiritual root: thunder, fire, wood, three chaotic spiritual roots

innate talent: top

cultivation technique : Chaos Shintra (fragment) Devouring Heaven Method (growable) Hongmeng pill concocting (Introduction cultivation technique) Yun Jue (Sovereign level cultivation technique)

martial skill: butterfly step (beginner) star means (proficient) silent thunder shooting (Xuanjie advanced martial skill, now training to entry, can produce three thunder and lightning) Wan Jian Jue (sky order)

Lingbao: Martial Emperor divine spear, Spiritual Qi Advanced (growthable) Wan Fa Sword (No Grade) Manchu Treasure Furnace

Equipment: Tayun boots (Spiritual Artifact top), Ziyun Taopao (Spiritual Artifact top), Ziyun inner armor (Spiritual Artifact top)

Mount: Red Flame Tiger Refining Qi 9-Layer

lottery turntable: 0

War extraction system: The war extraction opportunity has been used up, and this system has been permanently sealed.

Reputation value: 0

Redemption point: 0

Spirit Stone: 0

Mission: Mainline mission. One Sect will be established within the next five years. If the mission is not completed or timed out, the system will directly kill it. In the next five years, I will receive the five best disciples. The qualifications of each disciplinary must be top-notch, and within five years, my disciples must make their own reputation on the entire Xuantian continent. If it is not completed within five years, it will be wiped out by the system directly like the previous task.

Sideline task: In the next year, you must go to Windcloud Sect to kill sect third elder Wang Shen. If you ca n’t play it or it expires, the system will directly kill it. Sideline task: Control the entire Pill Sect’s high level within one day, become Master of Pill Sect.

medicine pill: body refinement Dan 30 pieces, Essence Condensation Pill 200 pieces, Building Foundation Pill 50 pieces, control heart 11 pieces, broken mirror one piece, broken baby one piece.

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