Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 66

“I rely on it, no! How could this be so, why did my experience value increase so much?”

At this time, Lin Lei looked at his experience and was so scared that he couldn’t speak. The whole person was stuck in place, with an expression of disbelief in his eyes, and system small dragon smiled when he saw Lin Lei’s condition.

“Hehe, just such a little experience value will scare you. If it is Golden Core, then should you faint directly?”


Hearing the small dragon laughing at himself, Lin Lei hurried to pull himself together and asked the small dragon, “Little … small dragon, isn’t there any rule for this experience to rise?”

“Well, yes, but this is confidential. You do n’t have the right to know it based on your current permissions, but the only information I can provide you is to leave it up tenfold after you break through the Golden Core period. But be prepared. “

“What, ten times?”

Hearing the words of small dragon, Lin Lei is not good for the whole person. I thought that some of the previous cultivation speeds could be cultivated faster to the level of being able to go home, but now all the dream shadows have become a bubble, plus Do a good job without the system release, thinking of Lin Lei, the whole person has become decadent, and there is a sense of despair in his body.

“Hey, Lin Lei, I haven’t finished talking yet. Do you need to show this virtue?”

Seeing Lin Lei’s look, the system small dragon became angry in a moment, and then shouted at Lin Lei.


After hearing the roar of the small dragon, Lin Lei stared at the sky over the system with a confused look.

“Although the experience value will be much longer, many double experience cards will also appear randomly, but these experience cards are not given to you in vain. They are exchanged for a reputation value. With the double experience card, you will have It can quickly improve its strength, and it should be no problem for the tasks given by the system five years later. “

When Lin Lei heard the Doubling Experience Card, his original confused eyes were swept away, replaced by a pair of hopes and firm eyes.

“Well, I see. It’s my fault this time and I won’t do it again.”

Thinking of what it looked like just now, Lin Lei’s cold sweat broke out. Lin Lei’s entire body was wet with cold sweat for a while. If you take it off now, it is estimated that you can get a lot of water out.

“Well, I won’t charge for this time, but I won’t be so lucky next time, so please ask for blessings!”

After talking, the small dragon was disappeared without a trace, and Lin Lei stood for a while, then exited the space of the system and came to reality, and Lin Lei returned to reality felt the pillow on his arm. Holding a head, don’t even know who it is.

Slowly, Lin Lei opened his eyes and looked at the ice on his arm. Lin Lei slowly pulled his arm out, trying not to let his arm wake up.


This is when Bing made a sound. When Lin Lei didn’t know what to do for a while, Lin Lei found that it was not at all, but he was still sleeping.

“Hu”, Lin Lei exhaled, then slowly got up from the bed, thinking about going out with Wan Yu, who had been away for a few days, and met many people along the way But Lin Lei did not have a chance, but accelerated to think of Wan Yu’s yard.

At this time, Wan Yu was doing a cultivator desperately in the room. There were many bottles of medicine pill in front of her, but the bottles were empty.

And Wan Yu’s breath was soaring at the moment, for example, and Wan Yu’s face also showed the expression of looking at death.

“Hurry … fast, it’s almost time to the Foundation Establishment Stage, as long as the Foundation Establishment Stage Master is better for me.”

Wan Lei, who was already working hard, did not see her again after enlightening Pill Sect, so Wan Yu attributed this to her. She felt that her actual situation was too weak, so Lin Lei She didn’t come to see him, so Wan Yu took out all the medicine pill given to her by Lei Lei and ate all her brain.

“Just … it’s almost there, it’s almost … it’s almost … Aaaaaahhhh …”

Wan Yu had already touched the barrier of the Foundation Establishment Stage, but at this moment, Wan Yu, who had exhausted all her energy, suddenly appeared a horrific Spirit Qi in Dantian. This is the voice that Wan Yu most wanted to hear.

“Keep your spirit, try to be as ethereal as possible, run your cultivation technique, and then refining the Spiritual Qi I passed, then try to rush to the Foundation Establishment Stage in one go.”

Upon hearing Lin Lei’s instructions, Wan Yu immediately raised her twelve-minute spirit and started her own cultivation technique refining the Spirit Qi passed by Lin Lei.

The Spiritual Qi, which was full of overbearingness, was docile again after being refining by Wanyu, without the original overbearing feeling.

“Well, at this time, a piece of luck breaks through the Foundation Establishment Stage barrier you already feel.”

At this moment, Lin Lei felt that the Spiritual Qi he had passed on was completely disconnected, and then ordered to Wanyu sound transmission.

“Well,” Wan Yu, who heard Lin Lei’s words, was unconsciously undded, and then mobilized all the Spiritual Qi in her dantian looked towards the barrier of the Foundation Establishment Stage that she felt, and the docile Spiritual Qi changed instantly The fierceness became fierce, as if it were a sleeping Demonic beast.

With a “hong” sound, the fierce Spiritual Qi thought about the barriers of the Foundation Establishment Stage according to the course of Wan Yu’s cultivation technique.

“Pu”, the result is not very obvious, but it is already very good. At least after one impact, the barrier is obviously loosened, and Wan Yu extruded a bite of blood after the impact, her face paled, but her eyes were Without a shrunk expression, he became more and more determined.

“Wanyu, don’t panic, transfer all your Spiritual Qi back to dantian and store it, then run for a week and then move again to that barrier.”

Lin Lei told Wan Yu all her experience during the Breakthrough Foundation Establishment, and then just how Wan Yu did it.

It didn’t take long, after a week of operation, Wan Yu once again gathered all the Spiritual Qis towards the barrier according to the tune of Lin Lei.

“Pu” was another vomiting blood. I saw Wanyu spitting blood once. This time Wanyu’s face was obviously paler than the last time, but her eyes did not look decadent, but she became more frustrated and brave. .

Knowing this method, Wan Yu repeated several times, but every time it was the end of vomiting blood, Lin Lei really couldn’t stand it and quickly came up to stop it.

“Wan Yu, or just forget it! Anyway, if you miss this time, there will be another time. There is no need to use your life as a bet, so you will damage your foundation.”

“No, I have to break through the Foundation Establishment Stage today. I am confident that I have the feeling that I will be able to break through the Foundation Establishment Stage today.”

Having said that, Wan Yu did not listen to Lin Lei’s instructions, but instead ran a big Sunday again, and then mobilized all the Spiritual Qis to embark on the journey again.

At this time, Wan Yu’s eyes leaked a look of unsuccessfulness, and Lin Lei knew that he could not stop, and could only quietly feed Wan Yu to guard the law.

I saw, Spiritual Qi’s Spiritual Qi came to the barriers of the Foundation Establishment Stage and stopped, as if in the weakest part of the observer’s barriers.

“Oh, here it is, this time I must break through the Foundation Establishment Stage.”

This is Wan Yu’s eyes laughed at the weakest part of the barrier, and then mobilized all the Spiritual Qi to rush out.

“Break for me!”, A terrible roar roared out of Wan Yu’s mouth, and then Wan Yu’s body shivered.

“Ka-cha”, Wan Yu laughed, and Lin Lei next to him also observed the change of the breath on Wan Yu, so he walked over and hugged Wan Yu, who had collapsed on the ground, and was ready to go. Good healing medicine pill stuffed into Wan Yu’s mouth.

“Hmph, with this lesson I see if you dare to have the next time, do you know how dangerous this time is, do you know if you accidentally ruin your name? You are a teacher The first disciple, the teacher didn’t want to collect your body. “

Although Lin Lei said so, the deep concern and heartache in his eyes passed on undisguisedly.

“Cough … cough cough, Master … Master, it’s my fault this time, I … never dare.”

Looking at her Master’s eyes, Wan Yu instantly persuaded, completely absent from the domineering expression when she sprinted the Foundation Establishment Stage barrier for the last time.

“Hmph, you also know that I am your Master. Then I just let you stop. Why do n’t you stop. Do you know that you are such a disciple as a teacher, I do n’t want you to hurt yourself for cultivation base. ? “

Looking at Wan Yu’s pale face, Lin Lei’s voice shivered. If it wasn’t for Lin Lei’s firmness, it would be uncontrollable to cry now.

“Master, I was wrong, you should spare me this time! Really, I will never dare in the future, and I will definitely listen to the Master in the future and never dare to disobey the Master’s orders. “

I saw that Wan Yu of the pale face was using a coquettish method to ask Lin Lei, who was pretending to be taut.

“Well, just at this time, next time is not an example. If there is another time, I will never recognize you as a disciple again.”

Having said that, Lin Lei came to the bed with Wanyu in her arms, gently put Wanyu on the bed, and then asked, “This time I came to tell you what I want to retreat with.”

“Ah, Master, are you going to retreat?”

Wan Yu, who was put on the bed by Lin Lei, was shocked when she heard the news from Lin Lei, and then she was relieved, thinking about it too.

“Then Master, please go to retreat. I will let Uncle Little Tian take care of me. I will work hard when I’m fine. Otherwise, I won’t be ashamed of the Master.”

“Hmph, still thinking about cultivation. Your main thing right now is to take good care of yourself. Before I leave the customs, I will tell Little Tian and let him wish you not to practice.”

After hearing the words of her Master, Wan Yu didn’t know what to say for a while.

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host, your discipline has been upgraded to the Foundation Establishment Stage, and the host has completed one of the five-year missions, so we hereby reward the host with twenty broken baby dans and experience XNUMX.”

The sudden voice of system hint excited Lin Lei’s heart, but there was no expression on his face.

“Well, this is the end of this matter, I don’t say much, I don’t want to have the next time, you can take a good rest during this time!”

Having said that, Lin Lei walked out without waiting for Wan Yu to speak, and Lin Lei came out towards Lin Tian’s residence.

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