Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 67

At this time, Wan Yu was standing by the window, watching Lin Lei’s silhouette drifting away, with a firm look in her eyes, as if a decision had been made. Soon after Lin Lei’s silhouette disappeared, Wan Yu turned and came. Cross-legged practice on the bed, if Lin Lei is here, he will be furious.

Lin Tian lives not far from Wanyu, so Lin Lei came to the door of Lin Tian ’s house without walking for a while. At first glance, I saw Lin Tian sitting under the tree in the yard to practice. .

“Well,” just as Lin Lei’s feet first stepped into the courtyard, Lin Tian felt someone coming in, but he wasn’t sure who it was. When Lin Lei came in, he was vigilant.

“Hehe, I did n’t expect it, I really did n’t expect it, Little Tian, ​​your cultivation base has progressed so fast. We just did n’t see it for a few days, and you broke through the Foundation Establishment Stage. It ’s incredible.”

For Lin Lei’s realm who opened the Peak, Lin Tian’s actions have long been exposed to Lin Lei’s Divine Consciousness. Although Lin Tian’s actions have been known for a long time, Lin Lei’s actions are still very satisfied.

“Ah, it’s the Young Master. The subordinates are really damn. They are wary of the Young Master and ask the Young Master to lower the punishment, otherwise the subordinates will feel ashamed.”

Hearing Lin Tian ’s words, Lin Lei was all bad, so he faced Lin Tian with a stern face and said, “I said Little Tian, ​​did n’t I say that already? Although the two of us are nominal masters and servants Relationship, but we have been playing companions since we were young, we have already surpassed the intention of the master and servant, and became brotherhood, so no matter what crime deserving ten thousand deaths belong to in the future.

“But, Young Master, when the wife was alive, she already said, let me be a servant of Young Master for my whole life, so.”

Hearing Lin Tian’s words, Lin Lei’s head was big, because he didn’t expect that Lin Lei would lift up the dead cheap mother.

“Well, I don’t care about it, whether it’s my wife or not. In short, I just want to say a word. I don’t want to hear those words again. If I repeat it, hum, don’t blame me for being impolite. “

“Amount, this…”

“Well, don’t say that, I’m here to tell you something, because I will be closed in two days. So …”

Before Lin Lei had finished speaking, Lin Tian rushed back and answered, “The Young Master will do whatever he orders. As long as it is what the Young Master orders, his subordinates will do well.”

“You … you, forget it, call it whatever you like!”

Lin Lei heard that Lin Tian was still addressing himself as before, so he was sighed, with a brainless expression flashing in his eyes, and then relieved.

“Lin Tian, ​​I am going to retreat in the next time. I do n’t know how long the retreat is. During the retreat, I looked after Wan Yu. She just disobedient, she just wanted to come to the Breakthrough Foundation Establishment Stage. I ’m by the side, otherwise it ’s bad, but even so, Wan Yu is not badly injured, so during this time, you must watch Wan Yu, let her do not practice, Consolidate the cultivation base, and I will make a conclusion when I come out. “

Hearing what his Young Master said, Lin Tian became nervous, especially when he heard Wan Yu’s injury, Lin Tian became even more nervous. Although she has n’t known each other for a long time, Lin Tian has long regarded Wan Yu as His own loved ones.

“Young Master, rest assured! During your retreat, I will definitely urge Wan Yu, and of course I will not let Wan Yu cultivate.”

Hearing Lin Tian ’s words, Lin Lei showed a satisfied expression, admiring Lin Tian: “Well, yes, so just to my liking, after this matter is done, I must have a lot of rewards, well, since this is so I’ll go first. “

“It’s the Young Master, congratulations to the Young Master.”

Lin Lei didn’t say anything, he went straight out and walked towards the great hall of Pill Sect, while Lin Tian stood in place, seeing that Lin Lei’s back was no longer visible, Lin Tian was anxious. Walking towards Wan Yu’s place.

Soon, Lin Tian with anxiety came to the door of Wanyu and shouted loudly: “Slight rain, light rain, how are you, are you okay! I heard the Young Master say that you are suffering because of breakthrough cultivation base Injury, come out and show me. “

In the room, Wan Yu heard Lin Tian’s shout and quickly awakened from the practice. She quickly got out of bed and opened the door.

“Uncle Little Tian, ​​come and do it in the house! I’ll make a cup of tea for you, let’s sit for a while.”

Wan Yu came out looking at Lin Tian with a charming expression, and her tone was very gentle, which was completely different from the usual Wan Yu, just like a change of look.

“Um, this … Xiaoyu, just say anything! You don’t need to be so cynically, it sounds strange to you.”

“Hehe, Uncle Little Tian, ​​the Master must tell me about you! I believe the Master also told you to look at me and not let me stay in his retreat, to look at me and not to let me practice!”

Hearing Wan Yu’s words, Lin Tian also knew what Wan Yu was asking, but is this possible?

“This, Xiaoyu,” you also know. This is the decision of Young Master. As a servant of Young Master, I don’t have this right, so Xiaoyu, don’t embarrass me.

I saw Lin Tian looking at Wan Yu with a look of embarrassment, hoping she could let herself go.

“Ah … Uncle Little Tian, ​​don’t you do that? I just practice occasionally to make sure the Young Master won’t discover it, OK?”

Wan Yu saw that playing with gentle Uncle Little Tian did not eat this set, so she turned into a fleshy routine, hoping to get time for cultivation.

“Well, light rain, don’t waste your time with me. I can’t waterproof you. I came here to see your injuries, but Young Master told me that you are not sad now Able to cultivate, but it can strengthen the cultivation base, so in a sense, you can still cultivate in light rain. “

Hearing Lin Tian’s words, Wan Yu, who had no hope at all, blinked in her eyes instantly, as if she had a chance.

“Hehe, I know that Uncle Little Tian is the best, so it’s set.”

I saw Wan Yu being very happy. She didn’t bother with Lin Tian, ​​but walked to her room alone.

“Oh,” seeing this scene, Lin Tian smiled, with a helpless smile on her face, a look that didn’t know what to do with Wan Yu.

“Well, forget it, I should go now, so hurry up!”

Lin Lei didn’t stand long, but left Wan Yu’s yard and went back to her yard.

At this time, Lin Lei came to the great hall of Pill Sect’s deliberations. The scene inside was the same as the first two visits. Everyone was there, including two Supreme Elders.

“Bai Yu, Bai Yun, Dan Yunzi … Apocalypse, etc., meet Young Master.”

The moment I saw Lin Lei, everyone in the great hall knelt down on the ground and bowed down to Lin Lei.

After seeing this scene of Lin Lei, I didn’t know what to say for a while. To say the cultivation base, their cultivation base is higher than Lin Lei, but the current scene is not what most people can imagine.

“Let’s all get up! This kind of common etiquette can be exempted from blame, and this is what I can’t stand the most.”

Lin Lei said helplessly, but the unintentional listener intentionally, seeing that everyone was not up, still kneeling on the ground and said respectfully to Lin Lei.

“Young Master, these etiquettes are not inevitable. These are the most basic etiquette of the lower to the higher, so …”

“Okay, all of them are exempt.”

Lin Lei was really impatient. He really didn’t know how these old men lived to the present.

“Let’s all get up! I don’t care if you love what happens after you.”

In the end, Lin Lei couldn’t stand the old man kneeling down in front of him, spread out both hands, indicating that he sat helplessly in the upper chair.

“Yes”, when everyone heard Lin Lei’s words, everyone stood up, and respectfully stood just like that. No one said a word. In the end, Lin Lei finally couldn’t help the overly quiet scene, so he opened it first. the mouth and said.

“Well, I came here today to tell you that I’m going to retreat, so let you take me to the place where I retreat. As long as the retreat is inaccurate, I will go to find something as I said before. He will notify me of the ice in my yard. “

Lin Lei said, and he got up to Bai Yu’s side, and then just looked at him like that.

“Bai Yu Elder, you will retreat with me in a moment. I need your help when I retreat.”

“Well, obey Young Master.”

Hearing Lin Lei’s orders, Bai Yu did not refute, but agreed with his mouth.

“Well, then, let’s go.”

Having said that, I went out of the great hall again, and Bai Yu and the Elders followed Lin Lei very respectfully.

“Oh, by the way, I patronized and left. I don’t know where this retreat is yet?”

Suddenly, Lin Lei, who was on the leading edge, suddenly turned around and asked the entire group behind him.

“Um, Young Master, come with me!”

This is, Dan Yunzi heard Lin Lei’s words, walked out quickly, and led Lin Lei to think of where the retreat was.

Along the way, Lin Lei asked a lot of questions, most of them were about important retreats, and some pharmacological knowledge, and Bai Yu next to him could be said to know everything, no matter what Lin Lei asked Anything, Bai Yu can answer it perfectly. Although it seems perfect to Lin Lei, but to other high-level Alchemist, this is a particularly simple problem.

“Young Master, in front of you is the place where you retreat. This was originally a forbidden area of ​​sect, but as a Pill Sect Sect Master, you can enter.”

Hearing Dan Yunzi’s words, Lin Lei looked in the direction that Dan Yunzi was pointing at, and saw a simple door standing in front of his eyes.

“Is this where the retreat is?”

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