Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 68

“Yes, Young Master, this is where you will retreat in the future, and there is also a Gathering Spirit Formation portrayed by the Heaven Grade Formation Master, where you practice for a day or so outside and practice for more than ten days …”

Listening to Dan Yunzi explaining this next, Lin Lei heard the name “Formation Master”, but it was just a moment of interest, not at all I was going to dig deep, so I did n’t pay special attention.

“Well, all right, Bai Yu can come in with me, everyone else is outside! If there is nothing to worry about, don’t come over Pill Sect.”

He whispered to Elder and Dan Yunzi, and then led Bai Yu to the cave where he wanted to retreat.

When Dan Yunzi heard Lin Lei’s words, they turned around and thought about where they were going.

Walking into Lin Lei in the cave, looking at the place where the retreat was about to take place, there was a little excitement in my heart, maybe it was the first retreat, or maybe it was finally possible to pill concocting and leave to wake up the red lotus. One step sake!

“Well, Bai Yu, what are we going to do next? Can we start? I can’t wait now.”

Looking at the prepared things, Lin Lei shivered with excitement.

“Young Master, this is not the time to start pill concocting, let’s start with the first one.”

Hearing Bai Yu’s words, Lin Lei froze, puzzled: “The first part? What is the first part.”

Looking at Lin Lei’s bewildered expression, Bai Yu quickly explained: “This first is a little understanding of the types of spiritual medicine, the name of spiritual medicine, and their medicinal properties.”

“Oh … that’s the case. So, let’s get started!”

Looking at Lin Lei’s expression, Bai Yu didn’t know why his own Young Master was so eager to learn the technique of pill concocting, but it didn’t matter. What was important was that Lin Lei had to listen to what he said.

I saw that Bai Yu took out a thick book from his storage ring, and then said in front of Lin Lei.

“Young Master, this is our collection of sect sect protecting. There are medicine ingredients on the outside that are unknown and unknown. It is the first generation of Pill Sect Old Ancestor abdicated. After traveling through the positive Xuantian continent, you first take Go back to the meeting, look at the pharmacology above. After these are all over, I will come up with some questions about pharmacological cooperation. If these can answer half of them, then you are over, then we are working on the second part. “

Lin Lei took the book handed over by Bai Yu, and for a while it was dumbfounded that he did not expect that pill concocting had to be endorsed first.

“Well, that Bai Yu, is this really going to be memorized? Can you change it? It’s too much!”

Looking at the book in his hand, Lin Lei really didn’t want to hesitate. At this moment, he seemed to be back to the 21st century where he had endorsed the whole day and then took the exam.

“Young Master, if you want to be a good Alchemist, you must understand the pharmacology of all medicine ingredients. The book you have now is just a little bit. You have to look at yourself in the future. This is not One book can sum it up. “

Lin Lei listened to Bai Yu’s bitter persuasion, Lin Lei’s face suddenly collapsed.

“Okay, Bai Yu, don’t tell me anymore, I’m back right now, I’ll be there when I get back …”

“Young Master, there is time for endorsement. I will only give you three days. Within these three days, you must know their names and the pharmacological attributes between them. I will wait for three days later. I started asking questions. “

Before Lin Lei’s words were finished, they were interrupted by Bai Yu, and the worst part was that the endorsement had a deadline, which was … wasn’t this playing to his rhythm?

“Okay, okay, I’ll finish it for you in three days and make you look at me.”

Lin Lei, who heard Bai Yu’s words, did not refute, but patted his breast to Bai Yu and promised.

“Well, in this case, then Young Master, you can start, I will buy the next cultivator, if there is something you do not understand, you can wake me up at any time.”

Having said that, Bai Yu just thought about going back to the stone chamber next to him, while Lin Lei was those who sat down in a chair-like place with a book and seriously looked at the medicine ingredients that Bai Yu gave. Awareness book.

The time passed quickly, and I chatted in a blink of an eye. Lin Lei hasn’t closed his eyes in these two days. Whenever he wants to sleep, he will slap on his face without mercy. Make yourself as sober as possible, this kind of behavior, Lin Lei could not help but think of the scene of the junior high school sprint test, a deliberate, completely involuntarily recalled.

“Hey, stupid host, wake up quickly. It’s been two days. Tomorrow is the time for Bai Yu to come and ask questions.”

An extremely nasty voice Lin Lei awakened from memory.

“Hmph, die small dragon, can’t you let me rest for a while, I just felt a little happy, I was called by you, now all is gone.”

Lin Lei, who had a bitter gourd face, said to the system small dragon with dissatisfaction, the whole body exuded a kind of feeling that made people feel very unhappy.

“Hmph, am I here to help you? I never thought I would still be scolded by you. It’s a good person who hasn’t paid me well, regardless of you.”

It seemed that the angry small dragon showed a disappear without a trace in a flash, and Lin Lei was stunned.

“What, what are you talking about, small dragon, small dragon, come out …”

For a time, no matter how Lin Lei’s face didn’t work, the small dragon wouldn’t even die. This is Lin Lei who really didn’t know what to do.

“Well, let’s hurry up. It’s been two days since I just remembered a little bit. It’s …”

Speaking, Lin Lei forgot what the small dragon said, and Lin Lei also started the endorsement mode.

“Hehe, you’re in a hurry. When the evening comes, I’m telling you how I can get the chance to get the Pharmacopoeia that is nothing.”

The small dragon disappearing at this time is hiding in a place where Lin Lei cannot see, silently staring at this Lin Lei. With my eyes exposed, I will not tell you how you can look at me. If Lin Lei sees it, he will Come up and scold him.

“Fire Spirit Mushroom, spiritual medicine that grows on warm sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces. Some medicine ingredients that return to life force will not have much effect if you eat it directly, but if you use it in conjunction with other spiritual medicine In the words of Extreme Yang Dan, that is the real medicine. The medicine is strong: the attribute is fire. You can’t mix and match spiritual medicine without Water Attribute. “

“Extreme Yang grass, growing in the warm grass of the spiritual grass, the main medicinal property is to relieve cold poison, is one of the essential medicine ingredients of Extreme Yang Dan, medicinal properties: strong, attribute is fire, clear Spirit Fruit is a Kind of ……………… ”

Lin Lei was sitting there carrying the whole word without daring to miss it, and it continued for a day like this until Lin Lei stopped at night.

“Well, this will really be a big deal, knowing that there is no such capability, you have to go down to Haikou to do it, you can’t live by yourself.”

Lin Lei, with a dim look, thought of Haikou, who had been under his breath two days ago, and could not help showing a bitter smile on his face.

“Hehe, don’t you know what to do, don’t you think Haikou, your majesty, did not know how to complete it?”

Just when Lin Lei didn’t know what to do, a ridiculous voice appeared in Lin Lei’s heart, Lin Lei’s tiger body shocked, he looked up towards the air, and saw a little child exposed with rays of light. Standing in the air and looking at myself, the waking mocking on his face was unabashedly revealed.

“Little … small dragon?”

Looking at the child in the air, Lin Lei would not dare to recognize it for a while. If it were not for that nasty voice, Lin Lei couldn’t believe it, the child in front of him was the small dragon of the system.

“Hmph, how about it, wasn’t it shocked by the great body of Young Master, but it’s no wonder, how can it be that you are so small …”

“Ha Ha Ha…”

The small dragon who hadn’t finished speaking heard a burst of laughter coming, and immediately had a temper, yelling at Lin Lei.

“Your shit, what’s your kid laughing at, what’s ridiculous, why, is it so funny to see Young Master?”

“Haha, no … I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it, I blame you, little boy, you say you don’t know what to wear when you come out, it’s really not bad.”

Looking at the appearance of small dragon, Lin Lei couldn’t help it, so he explained the status of small dragon.

“What, you dare to call Young Master, are you crazy?”

Hearing Lin Lei’s words, the small dragon rushed up in desperation and wanted to tear Lin Lei talking.

“It’s the same, you don’t look at yourself, you don’t say anything when you are young, but you have to wear clothes anyway, you will seduce me so naked in the broad daylight, I will be embarrassed . “

Speaking, Lin Lei could not help but show an embarrassed expression, let small dragon watch, the whole person had goose bumps, although he did not.

“Hmph, I’m not arguing with you anymore, this time I’m here to tell you how to memorize that garbage book.”

I saw that the body of small dragon was right, and looked at Lin Lei seriously, but Lin Lei was not the same. When he heard the words and expressions of small dragon, Lin Lei was very careful, and looked suspicious. Looking at the small dragon, I didn’t speak and didn’t know what I was thinking.

“You … would be so kind, why would I not want to believe it.”

It’s not that Lin Lei didn’t want to believe it, but that the small dragons had dug too many pits for him before, so that he now suspects it.

“Hmph, do you think I am willing, do I still want you to upgrade quickly? It was originally kind, but now it seems that I am worrying blindly, just like that, goodbye.”

“wait wait wait”

The small dragon who was about to turn around and disappeared was contacted by Lin Lei. At this moment, a small sense of conspiracy flashed in the eyes of small dragon.

“what happened.”

“Well, small dragon, do you really have a way for me to memorize these medicine ingredients quickly?”

Lin Lei looked dubiously at the small dragon who had lied to him countless times before. He did not want to be confident, but there was no way …

“Well, you actually have this thing, but you just didn’t watch it.”

Hearing the words of small dragon, Lin Lei asked puzzledly, “What, what do I have? How is this possible, and I don’t know if I have it?”

“Hmph, will I lie to you?”

Hearing the words of small dragon, Lin Lei involuntarily nodded, but shook his head when he found something wrong.

“You won’t forget, don’t you still have a basic cultivation technique for pill concocting? As long as you learn it, you will memorize it.”

After hearing the words of small dragon, Lin Lei eyes shined, and then I thought of what small dragon said, it turned out to be the incomplete cultivation technique.

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