Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 70

“Okay, now that time is up, then come and ask questions!”

Having said that, Lin Lei made it back to the stone that had been made for a long time, and said to Bai Yu seriously.

“Well, okay, now that you are ready, Young Master, let’s get started.”

Then, Bai Yu took out two pieces of paper from his storage ring and set them in front of Lin Lei.

“Young Master, this is the pharmacological knowledge summarized by the subordinates in these three days, without leaving the book given to you, as long as you memorize the book, answering these questions will not be a problem.”

Introduce Lin Lei to the content on the piece of paper that was taken out, and then stand again, waiting for Lin Lei’s answer.

“Well, you can do it too, otherwise you look weird looking at me.”

“Yes, Young Master.” After hearing Lin Lei’s words, Bai Yu’s eyes flashed with a strange expression, and then he walked to the next place and sat down.

“Hehe, do you want to bother me with these questions?”

Looking at the pharmacology of medicine ingredients written on the paper that Bai Yu handed over, Lin Lei was happy for a while. If Lin Lei might not have been last night, but after practicing Hong Meng Pill Concocting, everything about medicine ingredients or Medicine pill, as long as Lin Lei has seen it, it will never forget.

Lin Lei picked up the pen and wrote away Dragon Snake’s writing. This scene completely fell into the eyes of Bai Yu next to him. For a while, Bai Yu was all there. His eyes were full of disbelief, so he quickly He stood up and looked behind Lin Lei’s back.

“This … this … how is this possible, how is it possible for the Young Master to complete these questions in such a short time, it is impossible.”

After seeing the answers to the questions written by Lin Lei, Bai Yu was shocked for a while. He didn’t want to believe or believe it, because these were things he could learn in his life. Within a while, and can still use it so skillfully, how can it not surprise Bai Yu.

In such a fast way, within a few minutes, Lin Lei filled Bai Yu’s inscription with no blank space.

“Bai Yu, I’m done, you see, right?”

After writing the question, Lin Lei knew that Bai Yu had stood behind his back, so he turned around and smiled at Bai Yu.

“Uh … OK”

Lin Lei’s voice was awakened by the shocked Bai Yu, and quickly took the paper that Lin Lei handed over, and then looked at it. All the answers appeared in the eyes. These answers were like one. Smashing the sledgehammer of years, hammer by hammer, hit Bai Yu’s heart, a kind of wailing sprang up.

“Hehe, Hahahaha ……… It’s ridiculous. I have exhausted everything I learned in my life. I never thought that I would be taught in three days. What else do I have to do in the world? You are my Master. “

A burst of laughter came from Bai Yu’s mouth, and then two lines of tears began to flow from his eyes, severely filled with despair and decadence, filled his eyes.

Suddenly, Bai Yu, who was laughing at herself and crying, suddenly raised his hand and patted at his own door.

“Sou”, Lin Lei, who was afraid of trouble during the day, saw the scene and quickly stepped forward to stop it.


“Pu”, a thumping sound came out, followed by a sound of vomiting blood. Bai Yu, who had been about to commit suicide, felt what he felt, and quickly opened his eyes. Seeing this scene in front of him said that he was a dumbfounded, He also forgot what suicide, and quickly took out all the healing medicine pill from the storage ring.

It turned out that when Bai Yu’s hand brought thunderbolt Wan Jun just rushing to his own life door, Lin Lei rushed to catch this terrible palm with his own body, and finally caused this scene now.

“Young Master, you … you must be fine. Everything is my fault. I shouldn’t hit the Young Master.”

Compared to Bai Yu crying, not the kind of shameful crying, but the real crying, the whole person is crying like a teardrop, while crying, he keeps looking for this healing medicine pill.

“Ah, found it, Young Master. Hold on for a while. This is the healing pill that my Master has made for us when he hasn’t risen. He will definitely heal you.”

Bai Yu took a bottle of medicine pill, and excitedly squeezed out the medicine pill and put it in Lin Lei’s mouth. The moment Lin Lei ate, Bai Yu’s tight body relaxed.

Looking at Lin Lei’s pale face, Bai Yu regretted it. If it were not for himself, Lin Lei would not have held such a serious injury.

After a long time, Bai Yu kept looking at Lin Lei like this, without closing his eyes, for fear that Lin Lei would be OK.

“cough cough …”

“Young Master, how are you, is there anything uncomfortable.”

A cough awakened Bai Yu, who was fascinated, and when Lin Lei woke up, Bai Yu quickly asked with concern.

“Ah … it’s okay, it’s just a little uncomfortable, but you don’t have to blame yourself, let alone take guilt …”

“Wu wu wu …………”

Lin Lei, who hadn’t finished talking, saw that Bai Yu was crying in front of her, and watching such an old man with gray hair crying, Lin Lei really couldn’t stand it, so he was in a hurry.

“Bai Yu, don’t cry, it’s not your fault, as long as you don’t think about it in the future, if you come this time, maybe you won’t see me, hehe …”

Speaking, Lin Lei teased Bai Yu who was crying. Bai Yu’s despised eyes had nothing but regrets.

“Young Master, subordinates are not good, subordinates should not be jealous, and should not be confused.”

Hear Bai Yu’s words. Lin Lei’s mind was finally let go, and not only Bai Yu was guilty, Lin Lei was also very guilty. He did not expect that answering these answers would complete Bai Yu’s heart trauma.

“Okay, you go out first! I’m fine, you’ll come here again tomorrow and call me pill concocting.”

Having said that, Lin Lei issued a behind-the-scenes order. Bai Yu had wanted to stay and take care of Lin Lei, but was rejected by Lin Lei without giving him a chance to refute.

After seeing Bai Yu going out, Lin Lei sat up, then took out his healing medicine pill and ate it. As soon as medicine pill arrived in his mouth, he changed into a warm current and thought about Lin Lei’s body, and started slowly Moisturizing the wounded area, the medicine efficacy is very good, and the effect was seen within a short while, the pale face became rosy after a short while after eating the medicine pill.

“Hu”, Lin Lei put out a long breath, then got out of bed and slowly stretched out his injured body.

The sound of “crackle” rang from Lin Lei’s body. If Bai Yu were here, he would startled to fall the chin, because Bai Yu used eight points of force when he slaps his hands, but now Lin Lei managed to get out of bed.

“Oh, I didn’t expect that Bai Yu’s heart would be so fragile, but it was memorizing some pharmacology, and it made me hovered between life and death, which caused me to be slapped for nothing without any reason. Now. “

At this time, Lin Lei, thinking of the previous palm, and thought of the medicine pill that he just ate, he felt very distressed for a while, but this medicine pill was one less.

“Ding dong, the host must reach the Profound Level Alchemist within one month. If it is not completed within the time, the system will choose to automatically kill.”

“Ding dong, system has successfully dismissed Alchemist experience value, if you do n’t understand anything, you can directly ask the spirit of system.”

“Ding dong, the system has successfully started the first layer of Hong Meng’s pill concocting decision, and has also successfully opened the Primordial era pill concocting Venerable Lord. Hereby rewards two Erdan, Purple Gold nephrite XNUMX pounds, Purple Gold sand XNUMX pounds, Experience is XNUMX. “

Hearing the sound of this series of system hints, Lin Lei’s mood was terrible, but when he heard the reward of Duo Dan, Lin Lei’s mood was much better.

“Hehe, anyway, I have seen novels in previous lives. Dududan still knows more or less. In the previous novels, Dudan is a very difficult to deal with medicine pill. According to the novel, it seems to be Transcending. Tribulation period medicine pill. “

When thinking of this Lin Lei, I was very excited. At the moment of my thoughts, I took out a Dou Dan, and a golden medicine pill appeared in the palm of his hand. Its color was gold, its spirit was like flowers, and its behavior was like beads. There are nine tricks on it, there is a wonderful charm in the trick, and the moment the medicine pill is taken out, the fragrance of medicine pill spreads throughout the retreat Cave Mansion. At the same time, the thunder in the sky is shaking, as if looking for Lin Lei to take The medicine pill came out.

“Ka-cha”, with a sound, a thunderbolt hit the top of the cave, and the whole cave shook instantly.

“Quick, put the medicine pill up, put it down.”

Just when Lin Lei didn’t know what was going on, the sound of the system small dragon passed into his ears.

“Oh, I know.”

After speaking, Lin Lei didn’t say a word, and the medicine pill was in the storage bar of the system, and the thundercloud in the sky outside was again Lin Lei. The medicine pill lost its target after wandering in the air and dissipated. Come on.

Such a colleague, Bai Yu found something wrong, and quickly came to Lin Lei’s room.

“Young Master, you are fine!”

Looking at Bai Yu in anxiety, Lin Lei laughed and said, “Hehe, there is nothing. But it was really strange just now. Why did Cave Mansion become so turbulent?”

Hearing this sentence, the small dragon in the system looked at Lin Lei, who was lying but not blushing with disgusting expression.

“I do n’t know, but it ’s strange that when I was practicing in the room just now, I suddenly asked for the smell of a medicine pill, and I also found out that the smell of this medicine pill can even raise my cultivation base, but I have n’t After a while, the scent of medicine pill will be gone. I think it must be the mess that pill is in trouble with, maybe the grade of medicine pill is so good that it will cause a thunder. “

Hearing Bai Yu’s words, Lin Lei seemed to know nodded, and his clothes looked so original.

“Oh. So, what else do I think, if that’s the case, then you can go, nothing about you.”

After speaking, Lin Lei turned around and sat in place, closing her eyes and raising her head, and Bai Yu saw this scene and walked out of Lin Lei’s room with interest.

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