Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 71

“What’s wrong, is it my illusion, that’s not right, my cultivation base obviously smelled the smell of medicine pill and it rose!”

Compared to Bai Yu, he was full of questions, but in the end, he couldn’t find the answer.

At this time, Lin Lei in the room, after seeing Bai Yu going out, immediately entered the system space and came to the space with his own information interface.

Looking up, my information is in sight:

Name: Lin Lei

Age: 14

cultivation base: Opening Peak

Experience: (1000000/1000000) can be upgraded

spiritual root: thunder, fire, wood, three chaotic spiritual roots

innate talent: top

cultivation technique : Chaos Shintra (fragment) Devouring Heaven Method (growable) Hongmeng pill concocting (Introduction cultivation technique) Yun Jue (Sovereign level cultivation technique)

martial skill: butterfly step (beginner) star means (proficient) silent thunder shooting (Xuanjie advanced martial skill, now training to entry, can produce three thunder and lightning) Wan Jian Jue (sky order)

Lingbao: Martial Emperor divine spear, Spiritual Qi Advanced (growthable) Wan Fa Sword (No Grade) Manchu Treasure Furnace

Equipment: Tayun boots (Spiritual Artifact top), Ziyun Taopao (Spiritual Artifact top), Ziyun inner armor (Spiritual Artifact top)

Mount: Red Flame Tiger Refining Qi 9-Layer

lottery turntable: 0

War extraction system: The war extraction opportunity has been used up, and this system has been permanently sealed.

Reputation value: 0

Redemption point: 0

Spirit Stone: 0

pill concocting Apprentice XP: (0/100)

Top spiritual medicine:

heavenly material treasure: one hundred pounds of Purple Gold nephrite, one hundred pounds of Purple Gold sand,

Mission: Mainline mission. One Sect will be established within the next five years. If the mission is not completed or timed out, the system will directly kill it. In the next five years, I will receive the five best disciples. The qualifications of each disciplinary must be top-notch, and within five years, my disciples must make their own reputation on the entire Xuantian continent. If it is not completed within five years, it will be wiped out by the system directly like the previous task. Mainline task: Please ask the host to reach Profound Level Alchemist within one month. If it is not completed within time, the system will choose to automatically kill it.

Sideline task: In the next year, you must go to Windcloud Sect to kill sect third elder Wang Shen. If you ca n’t play it or it expires, the system will directly kill it. Sideline task: Control the entire Pill Sect’s high level within one day, become Master of Pill Sect.

medicine pill: body refinement Dan 30 pieces, Essence Condensation Pill 200 pieces, Building Foundation Pill 50 pieces, control heart 11 pieces, broken mirror 1 pieces, 11 baby broken pieces. Duerdan two.

“Well, it’s really a lot, but what are these things?”

Looking at the three extra things on his interface, Lin Lei understood only two at a time.

“Stupid, I don’t understand this, isn’t it obvious that the apprentice experience is not divided according to your grade of medicine pill? Now you are only in and out of the apprentice, when will your experience break through? Hundreds, by then you will be able to upgrade Alchemist’s next realm, but experience will be much more than doubled in practice later, you must be prepared for it. “

After speaking, the system small dragon quickly flashed without waiting for Lin Lei to speak. At this time, Lin Lei understood after hearing the explanation from system.

“Hehe, isn’t it Profound Level Alchemist, I don’t believe I can’t get there.” If this sentence made Bai Yu hear it, he would probably choose to commit suicide again. If he replaced it with another Alchemist, he would think it was bragging. Because it is impossible for anyone to reach Profound Level Alchemist within one month, even the most talented Alchemist is impossible.

“No matter, wait for a while to think about it, and raise the cultivation base first. Just now, Lin Lei saw the upgradeability behind his cultivation base experience. Lin Lei was so excited for a moment, he wanted to See what the experience value will look like after the trough period. “

Speaking, he sat up, Lin Lei flashed back and returned to reality, and then practiced the chaos and practiced cross-legged. All the Spirit Qi in the whole retreat believed that Lin Lei had come together in one place. This phenomenon made Bai Yu, who had just returned to the room, noticed that he was shocked, because Bai Yu knew that when Lin Lei had just arrived, it was at least just the Foundation Establishment Peak, but this was only a few days ago, and he had to break through again, like How can such a practice speed not allow Bai Yu’s true scriptures, Bai Yu stopped practicing and hurried to the door of Lin Lei’s room.

At this point in the room, Lin Lei’s face was extremely red, and her lips were already purple, and the whole person opened up like poison. Of course, only Lin Lei knew what was going on.

“Fuck, there are too many Spiritual Qis! I’m just breaking through the valley, is it necessary to come all over?”

Speaking of, Lin Lei started to use the phagocytosing method. At the moment when he started, Lin Lei clearly felt that the feeling of being squeezed by Spiritual Qi disappeared. The original and extremely overbearing Spiritual Qi and Lin Lei used the phagocytic method. At the same time, he became docile, and slowly all the Spiritual Qis thought about Lin Lei’s body within the body.

“Hu, it’s comfortable. It’s not enough to order more,” Lin said, after taking out a bottle of Spiritual Qi liquid that was collected in the Sentian mountain range from the storage ring. After drinking it, a warm and moist feeling like the jelly of the previous life entered into his body.

“Hong”. The Spiritual Qi fluid that entered Lin Lei’s body exploded in Lin Lei’s stomach instantly.

Hey, huh, I didn’t expect it to be so strong. When talking about Lin Lei, he devoured the devouring method to the extreme, which only made the pain feel a lot less.

Bai Yu, who was outside the door, was already shocked at this time. He wasn’t expecting it. It was just a breakthrough, which made it quieter, and it was bigger than his breakthrough, and Spiritual Qi absorbed so much. Breakthrough, this is exactly another existence that belongs to the monstrous talent level. Suddenly, Bai Yu touched the cold sweat from his head.

“Why hasn’t it reached saturation? It shouldn’t be like this!”

After absorbing it for so long, Lin Lei found something wrong, and panicked for a while, and absorbed so many Spiritual Qis. If they could not be used for breakthrough in a timely manner, then they would only be supported by Spiritual Qi and exploded.

“Small dragon, small dragon, come out quickly and see what is going on, why I have absorbed so many Spiritual Qis, why I haven’t broken through the trough period, is there something wrong?”

In the end, I really did n’t know what to do with Lin Lei, so I only put down my subordinates and asked for the small dragon, the spirit of the system, to dig a hole for myself.

“Well, isn’t this a great system master, what’s wrong?”

A particularly rude voice came out, and the sentence was very rude, but Lin Lei really admits it at this moment.

“Small dragon, good small dragon, please show me quickly, why is this happening, why give it this way, and at this speed, if I do n’t break through as soon as possible, I will probably explode and die.”

Hearing Lin Lei’s advice, small dragon took it seriously, and when he heard the problem that Lin Lei said, he quickly came to check the situation of Lin Lei’s body.

Just like this, Lin Lei didn’t do anything in front of him. After watching it automatically for a few minutes, system small dragon said unhappyly.

“I trust, you’ve encountered everything.”

“What’s wrong, is there anything wrong?” Lin Lei asked nervously, looking at the unhappy look of small dragon.

“Hmph, do n’t be nervous, these Spiritual Qis just help you squeeze Ji Realm. This is a good thing. If Ji Realm really compresses successfully, then your battle strength will be improved a lot, so you let go of Spiritual Qi run it by himself! I don’t know what dogshit luck your kid took, but he encountered such a good thing. “

With that said, Lin Lei disappeared in disgrace before Lin Lei’s eyes, and Lin Lei was happy.

After listening to the words of small dragon, Lin Lei was only responsible for running the chaos and the method of engulfing. As for Spiritual Qi, self-cultivation was compressed into the body. Two days later, Bai Yu was numb outside the door. Bai Yu doesn’t know what other words to use to describe his young master now.

The Spiritual Qi absorbed in the past two days is enough to create several Nascent Soul cultivators, but the Young Master himself has not yet broken through.

At this point Lin Lei looked inward, watching that the lines that had been compressed into a lightning bolt were about to take shape, which meant that he was about to reach the memory of the small dragon, so Lin Lei started the last madness, turning the two The cultivation technique worked to the extreme, and all the Spiritual Qis were thinking about Lin Lei’s room three times faster than before.

“This, what’s going on, is it really going to break through.”

Outside the door, Bai Yu noticed the change of Spiritual Qi, and instantly thought that his Young Master was about to break through, but this imagination is always so hurting, and the absorption speed is just another day, Bai Yu I don’t want to talk anymore.

At this time, Lin Lei in the room observed that his Ji Realm had been formed, so he felt the barrier that can clear the valley. Instantly, Lin Lei mobilized all the Spiritual Qis to rush towards the barrier. In the past, the power to go like a hot knife through butter, and when I hit the barrier, I only heard the sound of “wave”, so I rushed over with no difficulty.

With Lin Lei’s breakthrough, Lin Lei’s momentum and coercion looked towards all around and washed away, and then in his dantian, the newly formed Ji Realm thunderbolt rushed out lonely, in the room. The breath was destroyed.

The sound of “Boom, Boom, ka-cha” came out of the room. Bai Yu felt outside the door that Spiritual Qi had slowly recovered to normal and became relieved, but when I heard it from Lin Lei Sound, Bai Yu was so anxious that he didn’t knock on the door and went in.

Ji Realm Lei Inductor was approached by someone, looked towards the threat and rushed over. The speed was very fast. The moment Bai Yu opened the door, he felt a hint of threat, and quickly sent his magic weapon to resist. Ji Realm and Bai Yu’s magic weapon collided. “

The sound of “touch, ka-cha” came out. Ji Realm seemed to have returned to Lin Lei’s within the body to rest, as if he had been traumatized, while Bai Yu had her hair loose, and stood there as a bully. Looked at this scene with amazement.

At this time, Bai Yu had the heart to die. He did not expect that Lin Lei’s room would not have such a powerful attack.

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