Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 73

“Yes, Young Master.”

Hearing Lin Lei’s subpoena, Bai Yu immediately woke up from the shock, and then hurried to Lin Lei’s side again. He grabbed Lin Lei’s refined medicine pill and looked at it. This became more and more shocking. Bai Yu saw that there are still two Dan patterns on the medicine pill. This is the king of medicine pill, especially this is the first time that Lin Lei has made it.

“Less … Young Master … Are you sure you have never refined irritability before?”

Bai Yu’s tone was full of unbelief, and the expression in his eyes was more shocking than before.

“Well, haven’t you seen it? This is really the first time I have refined medicine pill, and I haven’t seen anything related to it except the pharmacology you asked me to carry.”

Looking at Bai Yu’s unbelieving look, Lin Lei, who was in a good mood, immediately became unhappy

“Well, it ’s really more deadly than popularity. I did n’t expect Young Master to be such a genius. I never thought of it. Young Master, you can pill concocting for the first time to make a Dan pattern. This … it really makes My subordinates feel ashamed. “

After speaking, Bai Yu didn’t say anything, but sat down silently again, and the expression of mixed feelings on his face really made Lin Lei funny.

“Ah, okay, Bai Yu, how old are you. Still playing with a temper.”

Talking, Lin Lei came to Bai Yu, who was sulking and comforted.

“Well, now that I have learned the first medicine pill, let’s start a new medicine pill, I don’t want to waste my great time.”

After speaking, Lin Lei didn’t look at Bai Yu, but went to the pill furnace and started to prepare the following things. When Bai Yu was sitting in place, seeing his young master was full of energy, he hurried up and took Preparing work for refining the next medicine pill.

“Young Master, you hold this, this thing is all the Pill Recipe of this door, which contains many kinds of medicine pill, and there are medicine pill before the fit period, so it will be helpful for you to refine medicine pill, And there are a lot of former high-level medical pill medicines on it. “

Looking at Pill Recipe, Lin Lei took it without hesitation.

“Well, yes, so I can make it myself against Pill Recipe.”

The longer and the more excited, Lin Lei ignored the medicine pill that had been prepared for him, and the more excited he became, the more he threw his hand and almost threw Pill Recipe into the fire.

“Okay, what medicine pill are we going to make next?”

Looking at the look that Lin Lei looked forward to, Bai Yu quickly said: “Young Master, what we are going to make is the more difficult medicine pill, called Essence Returning Pill. The so-called Essence Returning Pill, it is a kind of cultivator Quickly restore the Spirit pill of Spiritual Qi, but this kind of medicine pill is limited to the Early Stage, and the realm above will not use these medicine pills. “

Speaking, Bai Yu talked about the refining method and part-time process of medicine pill, and Lin Lei was also learning it very seriously. After a while, Bai Yu taught the refining process and method in full. Lin Lei.

“Young Master, just now all the processes and methods of Essence Returning Pill refining, can you see?”

Listening to Bai Yu’s questioning spoken language, Lin Lei did not explain, but directly took the spiritual medicine of the Essence Returning Pill, walked to the pill furnace, and began to refine it. Seeing Bai Yu in this scene I wasn’t surprised. He felt numb to this feeling. Even if Lin Lei was doing something incredible, he wouldn’t be surprised because it has become a habit of Bai Yu.

Lin Lei, who took spiritual medicine to make medicine pill, recalled the process and method that Bai Yu said, while refining medicine pill. With the spiritual medicine that was previously made from medicine pill, everything can be said to be flowing, but it’s right there. In Dan Cheng’s last step, the abnormal situation suddenly occurred.

With the sound of “peng”, the whole retreat was completely black, and the thick black smoke was emitted, and from time to time, it also smelled charred.

“Cough cough, this … what’s going on.”

Looking at the scene in front of him, Lin Lei quickly recalled where the previous refining process had missed, but after thinking about it for a long time, Lin Lei didn’t want to understand.

“Small … Young Master, don’t be discouraged. It doesn’t matter if you fail once, as long as you know where you are wrong, you can refine.”

Seeing the situation of his Young Master, Bai Yu couldn’t bear it for a while, and then came up comforted.

“What’s wrong with it, exactly …”

With that in mind, Lin Lei’s eyes quickly turned to his feet, walked to the exploded pill furnace, and speculated slowly, for a long time, Lin Lei’s original sober face finally leaked a smile.

“Ha Ha Ha … let me just say, I can’t be wrong, it turns out something went wrong here.”

Having said that, Lin Lei quickly stood up, walked to the side where Bai Yu had prepared a new pill furnace, and once again refined the medicine pill. This time, Lin Lei’s method was obviously more complicated than Bai Yu said. There are many, but all this is indeed more proficient than the previous Lin Lei refining.

Seeing this scene, Bai Yu couldn’t help leaking the expression of excitement. In addition to excitement, it was more comforting.

“Drink, Dan Cheng.”

I saw Lin Lei loudly shouted, and with a wave of his hand, a Spiritual Qi rolled up the already refined medicine pill in the pill furnace and flew out.

“Sou sou sou”, bursting into the air, saw 30-40 medicine pill flying out of the pill furnace, accompanied by medicine pill is the seductive medicine.

“Haha, at this time, I finally knew that it was my own sake. When I pill concocting, I only knew how to paint a scoop than bottle gourd, but I didn’t really understand that the essence of refining medicine pill is really …”

Speaking of which. Lin Lei was ashamed. Lin Lei, who was originally after pill concocting, pondered for a long time. At noon, I thought that it was not that the process of refining medicine pill was wrong, but I only knew how to imitate Bai Yu’s pill concocting method, but not Knowing that Dao of Alchemy truly belongs to him, after everything is the same, he has the medicine pill now in the hands of Lin Lei.

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host for refining the yellow order medicine pill, with a special reward of ninety points for pill concocting and four points for the experience of the Dharma Method.”

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host now that his apprenticeship experience is full. Should we upgrade to the yellow-rank Alchemist now?”

There was a sound of system prompts, but Lin Lei was very curious. On the system’s personal information interface, I did not find the experience value slot of the method of doing everything.

“Ding dong, may I ask if the host wants to break through the Sovereign level Alchemist now.”

Lin Lei, who was thinking about what the law of all ways is, woke up when he heard the mention of system.

“Well, ascend now, you can be more solid in your early ascent.”

“Okay, then the host should not be busy refining the medicine pill within these days, because even if the host refines more medicine pill during the level-up, it will not increase the experience value, so there is this Please ask the host to cultivate well in a few days! “

After speaking, the system disappeared and disappeared, leaving Lin Lei with a stubborn look on the spot.

“I see, what is this thing called? I didn’t expect such a high-level thing to have such a flaw. It really annoys me.”

I originally wanted to break through the yellow order Alchemist, and then I would work hard to work part-time as a medicine pill, and strive to break through the Profound Level within one month, but I never expected that the system came in such a hand, it really made Lin Lei want to cry and laugh.

“Well, Bai Yu, you go back these days. I’ll call you when I have time. I’ll see this Pill Recipe first.”

Lin Lei thought, now that it has become a yellow-rank Alchemist, it will be sooner or later to become a Prochem Level Alchemist, but when thinking of the task given by system, Lin Lei is really big head.

“Oh, my subordinates retire.”

Bai Yu did not ask all sorts of questions, but instead decisively highlighted Lin Lei’s room and walked towards his room.

Lin Lei, who was flowing in the room, also sat down and practiced as he said in the system.

At this time, the great hall of Pill Sect was really lively. In this great hall, all Elder and Dan Yunzi were there.

“It’s great that Great Elder is returning today. In the future, Pill Sect will have Great Elder, so we can safely break through the cultivation base.”

At this time, Dan Yunzi stepped out, came to an old man, and laughed on the shoulder of Pats Old Man and said.

“Yes, Great Elder, but our movable signboard of Pill Sect. With Great Elder in there, we can rest assured.”

“Sect Master, do n’t say that, no matter what, Pill Sect also has a Sect Master, so it was carried forward. Old man is just a person who works in Pill Sect. It is the job of Pill Sect, so Sect Master need not say that. “

Everyone laughed when they heard Great Elder’s words. It was an Elder who stood up and said to Great Elder.

“Great Elder, Young Master, before retreating, said that you would bring back many good children from the outside. I do n’t know where these children are now.”

Upon hearing this Elder’s words, all the people in the great hall suddenly became serious.

“Report to the Sect Master, I did bring back some children, and these children are now waiting outside the door. If the Sect Master wants to meet, the old man immediately asks the discipline to bring them all in and let the Sect Master look.”

Great Elder, when he heard what Elder said, he quickly said where the child was coming.

“Well, that’s not necessary, Young Master said, I want you to give all the children you bring back to Minghe Tianyun, it’s strange to try your best, so you bother Great Elder to take a hard trip and you know this is Young The order given by the Master, we as subordinates do not have a reputation, you say yes! “

Hearing Dan Yunzi’s words, Great Elder quickly said yes, and then slowly backed out, and led the children outside the hall toward the small courtyard where Mingyun and Tianyun were located, and the three of them were doing it at this time. Together, we discussed what happened in the past few days. It turned out that during the time of Lin Lei breakthrough, the generals who came out as Lin Lei summon have also improved their strength, and it is not a little bit, but it has been from Kaiguang Peak so far. Breakthrough reached the realm of Peak.

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