Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 76

“Start the final upgrade!”

Hearing the crisis notification of the system’s final mission, Lin Lei became nervous, and then thought that he could advance to the last furnace medicine pill, so the tension in his mind was relaxed.

“Next, I have to try Detoxifying Pill. As long as this is refined, slowly I can really be promoted to Profound Level Alchemist.”

Just do it, Lin Lei’s posture comes to the storage ring that stores spiritual medicine, and it is carefully selected to be able to refine the spiritual medicine of Detoxifying Pill.

“Well, let’s start simple. Success or failure is here, and it’s up to me if Detoxifying Pill can let me refine it.”

Talking about it, Lin Lei started to refine it. After this month’s refining, Lin Lei’s pill concocting technique has been able to catch up with the advanced Dan master, sometimes it is the extraction method of spiritual medicine. According to the method provided by Bai Yu, at most 50% of the spiritual medicine can be extracted, and the remaining 50% is in the process of being refined, and the flame of the person who has been refined is destroyed, but Lin In one month, Lei has refined the essence of spiritual medicine according to his own ideas, and has been upgraded to be able to extract more than 90%. This is already very powerful in Alchemist’s World, except for those pill concocting The existence of Peak, otherwise, there are few people’s technology that can be compared with the current Lin Lei mention on equal terms.

“Sou”, I saw Lin Lei move with my heart, and a bloody flame from his fingertips rushed towards the place where spiritual medicine was placed.

The birth of “pu pu” came from the front, and when I saw Lin Lei’s flame enveloping spiritual medicine, the essence of spiritual medicine was refined. At this moment, at this moment, it was Many Alchemist can never be beaten by Lin Lei, a novice who hasn’t learned it for a month.

Looking at the spiritual medicine essences that had been tempered out in front, Lin Lei’s face showed an excited expression.

“Hmph, this time, I want to succeed in one time and make Detoxifying Pill.”

Speaking of this, Lin Lei urged the phantom blood and fire to be divided into countless points and rushed towards the spiritual medicine essence that had already been tempered in front of him. The phantom blood and fire in front of the spirit medicine essence was like eating. Divided the essence of spiritual medicine.

The sound of “sou sou”, after the essence of the phantom blood fire divided into the essence, rushed forward, which had been used by Lin Lei for a month in the alchemic furnace.

The sound of “hong”, the blazing blood of the phantom spirit, burned in the alchemic furnace. At this time, Lin Lei was very careful to watch every move of medicine pill. For fear of an accident, he would enter the furnace. Baodan was destroyed.

“As long as you hold on for a while, I will be a Prochem Level Alchemist, and by then, I will take a step forward.”

I found that I have taken the goal of saving Honglian a step further. Do n’t mention how happy Lin Lei ’s mind is. If it ’s not refining the medicine pill, it is estimated that the cultivation base in front of Lin Lei will be released. Let this world Feel what he felt at this moment.

“Dong dong dong”, at this time, a knock on the door came out. Don’t think about Lin Lei who knows who it will be. In this Shandong, there is only Bai Yu.

“Well, come in, we have no locks.”

Hearing the knock, Lin Lei responded to Bai Yu, who was knocking outside the door. At this time, Bai Yu, who was standing outside the door, was very nervous. You should know that, more than ten days ago, Lin Lei never called. He, this made him very confused, didn’t he, finally, couldn’t help but ask today?

“Zhi Ya”, Bai Yu trembling with fear walked in from the door. After Bai Yu came in, Lin Lei’s hand was controlling the flame. This scene made Bai Yu frightened. For a while, Bai Yu froze there, her head was blank, and she just stood still without blinking.

“Cough cough, Bai Yu, do you have any urgent matters that come to me and want to notify me? Is something happening outside?”

Looking at Bai Yu’s appearance, Lin Lei didn’t think much, but asked about his purpose here, or what happened to sect, and came to inform.

“Bai Yu, Bai Yu, what happened to you?”

After Lin Lei asked the question, he couldn’t respond to Bai Yu, so Lin Lei called to Bai Yu again.

“Um, oh, Young Master, what did you just say, you lost your position, didn’t hear it clearly, it’s a goddamn.”

Bai Yu, who was awakened by Lin Lei, immediately knelt on the ground, and then pleaded guilty to Lin Lei, but his eyes did not leave Lin Lei’s pill furnace, which controlled the fire with one hand.

“What’s wrong with you, I want to ask, what are you doing here, is there something wrong with sect.”

Seeing Bai Yu’s question, Lin Lei asked the previous question again.

“Oh, this is the case. I wanted to see the Young Master. Why didn’t I call my subordinates more than ten days ago? I was so anxious that I didn’t listen to the words of the Young Master. “

After hearing Bai Yu’s words, Lin Lei knew that Bai Yu had not been contacted for more than ten days after being tempted to be promoted to Profound Level Alchemist.

“Oh … nothing, I just want to try pill concocting on my own. Isn’t this already me?”

Speaking of which, Lin Lei’s finger pointed at the pill furnace being refined, and there was not a hint of proud expression on his face.

“This this……”

With Lin Lei’s finger, after seeing the alchemic furnace, Bai Yu was already dumbfounded. He didn’t expect that in the past ten days, without his own teaching, the teenage Young Master in front of him was all right. It can do pill concocting on its own, and it is the one hand control flame that Alchemist has never tried.

“Then I don’t know what medicine pill this Young Master is refining. Why don’t I see the medicine residue of Young Master tempering spiritual medicine.”

Bai Yu didn’t say much, but looked towards all around, scanning her eyes constantly, trying to find out the residue of Lin Lei tempering spiritual medicine, but after a long time, Bai Yu was disappointed, and her eyes fell back to her young Master asked Lin Lei with a questioning tone,

“Oh, you said medicine residue, I already gave tempering, and I found out that during tempering, spiritual medicine can give tempering perfect, but I do n’t know why you want to leave so much medicine residue at the end. It is still possible to tempering a lot of spiritual medicine among those medicine residues. “

“This … how is that possible, Young Master, you mean, you give spiritual medicine to tempering until there is no medicine residue left?”

After hearing his Young Master’s words, Bai Yu was surprised to ask Lin Lei’s tone again.

“Well, it’s not tempering to the point that it’s not, it’s not, isn’t your feet the medicine residue left by my tempering spiritual medicine!”

Looking at Bai Yu’s question, Lin Lei pointed at the foot of Bai Yu where he is now with his remaining finger.


Speaking of the fingers of his own Young Master, Bai Yu bowed his head and looked towards the medicine residue stepped on by his own feet. The moment he saw it, Bai Yu was petrified.

“Aiya, I won’t tell you, my medicine pill has finished waking up, and I can’t lose anything at this time.”

Really, Lin Lei doesn’t care where the petrified Bai Yu is, but cares that he is about to finish the medicine pill.

“Drink, at this time you still blame me, give me condensate.”

Observing the riots in the pill furnace, Lin Lei calmly instilled the phantom blood into the road, and could not help leaking a mocking expression on his face.

“Ning Dan, Wanbao Detoxifying Pill.”

Talking, Lin Lei’s hand constantly changes the way of Ning Dan. This method is realized by Lin Lei in simplicity, and Lin Lei also found that using this method to print Ning Dan will improve the quality of medicine pill. And quantity, from now until now, Lin Lei has used this method of condensate, and then Lin Lei printed a name for this method called “Ning method”.

“Drink, Dan Cheng.”

With a wave of his hand, Lin Lei shot a lot of medicine pill in the pill furnace. For a while, Lin Lei had already prepared a bottle of medicine pill to place these medicine pills that had been summoned out.

“Hehe, this time is not bad. I did not expect that the coagulation method has improved to a certain level. This time, there are ten more medicine pills than the last time, a whole XNUMX. It seems that the next time I still have a good understanding of this coagulation method. mystery. “

For a while, seeing the medicine pill in his hand, although Lin Lei’s face showed an inductive expression, there was still a trace of regret in it.

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host for refining Profound Level medicine pill Detoxifying Pill, and hereby reward Alchemist with 30 points of experience, 20 methods of experience and 300,000 points, spiritual medicine XNUMX.”

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host, the Alchemist experience has been saturated and can be upgraded. Whether to upgrade now.”

“Congratulations to the host. The method of Wan Fa has already played over XNUMX experience points, and it has been shown. If you want to know more details, you can go to the host’s information interface. I believe the host will be very good surprise.”

After Lin Lei received the refined Detoxifying Pill, Lin Lei was fainted by the good news of the system hint, especially when he heard the long-awaited method of all things.

“Quick, upgrade Alchemist at Profound Level, I don’t want to finish it in the end, give me an obsession.”

“Ding dong, okay, host, please wait a moment, system is upgrading Alchemist’s level for you. The next level is Profound Level Alchemist. The next level is Earth Grade Alchemist. Please host to continue.”

Hearing what the system said, Lin Lei stopped pouting, and XNUMX heads in his heart felt like a tens of thousands of fuck your mother.


At this time, Lin Lei was awake from the joy of upgrading, only to realize that Bai Yu had just opened, so he turned around and found that Bai Yu’s two eyes, staring like bulls, were staring at him.

“Hey, what’s wrong, is it that I only know to see these days, without hitting myself, it seems a little dazed.”

Watching Bai Yu come to himself like this, Lin Lei couldn’t help teasing him, and touched his face with the action.

“Uh, hehe, Young Master, you’re really joking.”

Looking at his own Young Master, Bai Yu throws his huge white eyes at Lin Lei, who is teasing himself.

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host, you are now promoted to Profound Level Alchemist’s achievements, and hope to continue.”

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host, who has completed the task of becoming a Profound Level Alchemist for one month and completed it in advance. I hereby award 1 million experience, pill concocting experience XNUMX, law of one hundred thousand experience XNUMX, and babies. Ten. “

“Well, this is too rich.”

While drinking Bai Yu and talking, suddenly, the system came to the prompt, and Lin Lei was completely excited after hearing the prompt, especially the experience value of 1 million, you know, there is also experience value in the process of pill concocting, But that’s just a small profit, and there is no comparison at all with 1 million.

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