Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 77

“Um, Bai Yu, if nothing’s wrong, you can step down first, I’m in the workshop you gave me Pill Recipe.”

Lin Lei, who came back to his senses, spoke to Lin Lei, who was now in front of himself, and Bai Yu also heard the words of Lin Lei. Although he was a little surprised and confused in his eyes, he resigned out and said nothing. .

“Hehe, I didn’t expect to just make a medicine pill, which surprised Bai Yu like this.”

When thinking of this, Lin Lei has no pride. As everyone knows, Lin Lei’s pride, to outsiders, is simply showing off.

“Well, no matter what, let’s hurry and see what the Dharma Method has never been!”

Speaking of this, Lin Lei’s thoughts instantly changed the scene in front of him into a dark space.

“System, call me my message.”

“Ding dong, good host, please wait …”

Lin Lei, who came to the system space, came to the system command, and system, still flicking its mechanical incarnation heart responder without a trace of emotion.

“Ding dong, the information has been called up, please host slowly watch, if you do not understand, you can ask questions.”

After speaking, system lost his voice, and Lin Lei didn’t bother him. Instead, he put all his attention on his message.

Name: Lin Lei

Age: 14

cultivation base: Peak

Experience: (9999990/10000000)

spiritual root: thunder, fire, wood, three chaotic spiritual roots

innate talent: top

cultivation technique : Chaos Shintra (fragment) Devouring Heaven Method (growable) Hongmeng pill concocting (Introduction cultivation technique) Yun Jue (Sovereign level cultivation technique)

martial skill: butterfly step (beginner) star means (proficient) silent thunder shooting (Xuanjie advanced martial skill, now training to entry, can produce three thunder and lightning) Wan Jian Jue (sky order)

Lingbao: Martial Emperor divine spear, Spiritual Qi Advanced (growthable) Wan Fa Sword (No Grade) Manchu Treasure Furnace

Equipment: Tayun boots (Spiritual Artifact top), Ziyun Taopao (Spiritual Artifact top), Ziyun inner armor (Spiritual Artifact top)

Mount: Red Flame Tiger Foundation Establishment 9-Layer

lottery turntable: 0

War extraction system: The war extraction opportunity has been used up, and this system has been permanently sealed.

Reputation value: 0

Redemption point: 0

Spirit Stone: 0

pill concocting Apprentice XP: (110/1000)

pill concocting room: you can make medicine pill, as long as you put the spiritual medicine you want to make medicine pill in, the pill concocting room will be made automatically, but it is limited to the host’s pill concocting level, and it cannot be better, and Alchemist pill Concocting does not increase any experience value.

Experience of Wan Fa Method: (600/700), Law of Wan Fa: It is a spell used for pill concocting. It can make you decompose the ingredients of medicine pill faster, and it also allows users to freeze at the end. In the process of Dan, the final separation of medicine pill is completed. At the same time, he is also a method of controlling fire. It is a spell of the respected level. He was created by inheritance from the blood of the phantom.

Top spiritual medicine: None

heavenly material treasure: one hundred pounds of Purple Gold nephrite, one hundred pounds of Purple Gold sand,

Mission: Mainline mission. One Sect will be established within the next five years. If the mission is not completed or timed out, the system will directly kill it. In the next five years, I will receive the five best disciples. The qualifications of each disciplinary must be top-notch, and within five years, my disciples must make their own reputation on the entire Xuantian continent. If it is not completed within five years, it will be wiped out by the system directly like the previous task. Mainline task: Please ask the host to reach Profound Level Alchemist within one month. If it is not completed within time, the system will choose to automatically kill it.

Sideline task: In the next year, you must go to Windcloud Sect to kill sect third elder Wang Shen. If you ca n’t play it or it expires, the system will directly kill it. Sideline task: Control the entire Pill Sect’s high level within one day, become Master of Pill Sect.

medicine pill: body refinement Dan 30 pieces, Essence Condensation Pill 200 pieces, Building Foundation Pill 50 pieces, control heart 11 pieces, broken mirror 1 pieces, 11 baby broken pieces. Duerdan two. Essence Returning Pill (300), Body Forging Pill 1000, Detoxifying Pill 100 …

“Well, this … this this this”

Looking at his message in front of him, Lin Lei almost didn’t want to talk anymore, especially when he saw the pill concocting room. Although Alchemist didn’t gain any experience, it was also a cheating Divine Item. With the pill concocting room, later There will be more resources to create a sect.

“Hehe, you think of it, but it’s beautiful. Now that you don’t have the strength, you just want to create a sect. It’s …”

A voice that Lin Lei didn’t want to hear came from above the space of the system, and his voice was a little mocked.

“Hey, I said, can’t you come out and make trouble every time I’m enjoying it, just once, it’s the same every time, every time I’m still enjoying it, you come and pour me Lengshui, do you say I have resentment against you, or still have resentment.

Hearing this voice, Lin Lei sent it with his eyes rolled away, speaking with a touch of sourness and complaining.

“Well, you still say this to me. If I didn’t show up every time, I guess your tail is pretty good now. You’d better complain.”

Hearing Lin Lei’s words, Little Tian did not to be outdone’s attack on Lin Lei. In this way, for a whole few hours, Lin Lei and small dragon quarreled in the information interface space. Otherwise, the spirit of the system did not have fleshhy. body, it is estimated that they have been fighting for a long time.

“Hmph, dead small dragon, every time it ’s like this, every time I use the spirit of your system to press me, well, I wo n’t quarrel with you, this is still a few months for that eastern mission, I have to be here Raise the cultivation base well within a few months. Otherwise, if you can’t complete the mission and get killed by you, it will be a loss. “

The bitch, who had been a long time, finally stopped, and Lin Lei hurriedly showed weakness to the small dragon.

“Hmph, knowing how to talk back to me like that.”

After speaking, the small dragon retreated, and never said a word, and Lin Lei knew that this was to let him cultivate quickly, and Lin Lei didn’t say anything, and there was a smile in his eyes before he quit. Into the system space, back to the true world.

“In a few days of retreat, anyway, now the experience value is almost full. When the cultivation base breakthroughs, go out and practice again. If you have been practicing in this environment, it will not be the way to Peak.”

Returning to reality, Lin Lei, thinking of here, quickly sat cross-legged and meditation, and this time Lin Lei is bound to break through the Gu-Middle Middle-Stage.

At this time, outside of the retreat cave, Dan Yunzi and a group of Elders showed anxious expressions on their faces, and looked at the cave in front of them with a worried expression.

“Dan Yunzi Senior Brother, we have been standing here for a long time. Do you want to go in and ask the Young Master? If there is no Young Master at this time, we have a disciple of Sect. There is no chance at all in Secret Realm. . “

Among them, one Elder finally couldn’t wait, so he came forward and said to Dan Yunzi, Pill Sect Sect Master, all the first look at Dan Yunzi with a questioning expression while talking.

“Well, I also know, but the Young Master is retreating, will we just inexplicably bother …”

Looking at the eyes of Junior Brothers, Dan Yunzi knew that this was the stone door that he wanted to knock himself into retreat.

“Well, no, Young Master won’t blame it. If it really blame it, it will be a big deal for us to share it, but now we have such a good opportunity, we can’t give up, and the small forces around us have also gone Do you think if we don’t go? “

Talking, they started to quarrel, and you kept arguing with each other, just then, a door opened to everyone’s ears.

The sound of “Boom hong long long” sounded from everyone, and all the people’s eyes were looked towards the closed door at a time.

What are you guys arguing about here, don’t you know that this is the place where the Young Master retreats. If you disturb the Young Master, can you afford it?

Before the person appeared, the voice of anger and resentment swept through with horror and coercion, and for a while everyone was defeated, all kneeling on the ground.

This was a gray-haired man who looked out of the door and looked at this person with anger on his face.

“Cough cough, and … also ask Supreme Elder to be merciful. I didn’t mean to disturb the Young Master’s retreat. It was something unusual at this time, so …”

Having said that, Dan Yunzi looked up at Bai Yu’s face cautiously, for fear of an accidentally saying something wrong, and if he came here again, it would be really overwhelming.

“Hmph, get up!”

Looking at the crowd’s expressions, Bai Yu quickly rushed back and coerced them back, and then let the crowd rise from the ground.

“Say, what’s the matter, you have to bother the Young Master. If you don’t say a ugly man today, huh, you take care of yourself!”

“Oh, yes, there was a Secret Realm in Ling Tian’s restricted area a few days ago, and then …”

Looking at Bai Yu’s expression, Dan Yunzi hastened to say everything that happened in the past few days without a word falling.

“Oh, it turned out to be like this.”

After listening to what Dan Yunzi said, Bai Yu knew the seriousness of the matter, and quickly led them to the retreat of Lin Lei, but when they came to Lin Lei’s door, they felt Lin Lei in the room. The breath is rapidly improving this.

“What, how is this possible, how can it be promoted so fast, this one is less than a month old.”

After feeling the breath of Lin Lei, a smile appeared on everyone’s face, and Bai Yu’s face also looked surprised and unbelievable.

“Um, too … Supreme Elder, you are …”

After hearing Bai Yu’s words, everyone’s attention was all on Bai Yu’s body, and the expressions they saw when they turned around, I’m afraid they will not forget in this life.

“Oh … no … nothing, since Young Master is breaking through, let’s not bother, wait here obediently!”

Having said that, Bai Yu came to the side and found a clean place to sit down and wait for Lin Lei to retreat.

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