Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 79

Hearing Lin Tian ’s report, Lin Lei was really shocked. He never thought that his female disciple would love such cultivation so much that he wanted to escape three hundred times in a month, which was amazing. Numbers.

“Hehe, do you want to cultivate like that?”

Looking at Lin Wanyu with a complaint in his face, Lin Lei approached step by step, then sat next to her and asked.

“Of course, Master, don’t you tell me that in this world, as long as you have the strength, you can do what you want to do, and the improvement of strength can also help the Master. Of course, I long for strength. “

Hearing Wan Yu’s words, Lin Lei felt a warmth in her heart, a smile appeared on her face, and she looked at Wan Yu indulgently.

“Foolish child, your current task is to grow up quickly, there is no need to be so nervous about cultivation, but at the same time you can not let go of cultivation, as long as you are good, do not break through as dangerous as a month ago, then the Master will give you a Guarantee, you wo n’t be banned from practicing in the future, okay? ”

“Well, well, I promised the Master that I would never do such a dangerous thing again.”

Hearing Lin Lei’s words, Lin Wanyu’s original expression of complaints instantly turned into excitement. As the saying goes, women turn their faces faster than their books, which is really true.

“Well, okay, let’s rest. I’m going to talk to Little Tian.”

When I saw Lin Lei waving his hand, he gave the prohibition set on Wan Yu to **, and then took Lin Tian outside.

“Young Master, do you know what you asked me to do?”

Lin Tian followed Lin Lei with a suspicious expression on his face, and when he saw Lin Lei didn’t speak, Lin Tian finally couldn’t help asking.

“Well, at this time, I want you to go to a forbidden area with me and let you experience the Life and Death experience. This will help your cultivation base. Now you only know about blind cultivation and no combat experience. , This will not help you in the future. “

Seeing Lin Tian’s doubts, Lin Lei laughed, and he said the doubts in Lin Lei’s heart, but this time, Lin Tian was broken.

“Ah, really, Young Master, are you really taking me out to practice this time?”

Hearing Lin Lei’s words, Lin Tian became excited. As a result of the excitement, the cultivation base on his body got out of control and was released directly.

“Hehe, really, haven’t I promised you before? While there is a Secret Realm at this time, this place will take you to practice.”

Looking at Lin Tian’s expression, Lin Lei laughed, not at all.

“Well, go back and get ready. This time we will go out for a long trial.”

Having said that, Lin Lei was thinking about walking to his small courtyard, and at this time, in a palace in Pill Sect, a teenager was sitting in the middle and talking to a middle age person.

“I’m going to the Secret Realm in Lingtian’s restricted area this time. You don’t want to block me. Also, don’t tell me that it means my father. This time, even my father cannot stop me. . “

Middle age person heard the words of a Young Master, and he stopped talking for a while, as if he was really hit by a teenager.

If Lin Lei is here, I will definitely know this. This is Lin Lei’s most annoying thunder. I haven’t seen it for a month. I can see that Lei’s breath has improved a lot.

“Young Master, you really ca n’t go this time. At this time, all young Sects of Sect are gathered in the Lingtian restricted area, and even those Super Sects and their families who have n’t been born for a long time have moved. According to reliable information, even That Young Master is out. “

Hearing the words of middle age person, Lei Dong’s eyes were full of incredibleness, and soon he calmed down.

“Hehe, it would be even more interesting. I have heard that the people in that family are born combatants. I will see how terrible their families are, and see if they are as scary as outside rumors.”

Speaking, there was a flash of crazy expression in Lei Dong’s eyes, but it was more excited that this scene made an illusion flash in the eyes of any middle age person.

“Small … Young Master, you can’t be mistaken, that family is very scary. Are you sure you want to go?”

The middle age person wasn’t quite sure, but soon, the middle age person became certain because he felt the firm expression in Lei’s eyes.

“Well, just leave this time alone, go back and tell me father, and say this time I will go anyway.”

“Yes, Young Master. If you do, I’ll pass it to Patriarch. If it’s okay, just say goodbye.”

After listening to Lei Dong’s words, the middle age person quickly agreed and dropped Lei’s salute, then retreated.

“Hehe, this time, I don’t believe that guy won’t beat.”

With that said, a bit of mysterious expression leaked out in Lei’s eyes, then he closed his eyes, practiced, and waited for Secret Realm to open.

In the Pill Sect great hall, all Elders are there, and besides them, there are some young disciples standing there respectfully.

“Well, I believe that you are all elites carefully selected by the Elders, so this time I have high expectations for you, I hope you will not let me down.”

Dan Yunzi, who was sitting at Sect Lord’s Position, looked at the disciples below, and there was a expression of relief in his eyes.

“Yes, I won’t let Sect Master down.”

Hearing Dan Yunzi’s words, all the disciple’s hearts were excited, and they immediately promised Dan Yunzi.

“Ha Ha Ha, well, you can be so determined, I’m relieved, but at this time you must be careful and not take it lightly. This time is not only our sect in the west, but also the continuous disciples in the middle. So at this time you have to keep a low profile and hide if you can, you know? “

“Yes, I will not be too aggressive if I obey Great Elder’s orders.”

Hearing Great Elder’s words, at this moment, all disciples were all kneeling on the ground and said to Great Elder.

“Well, well, there won’t be Elder leading at this time. As for who leads you, you don’t need to know now. You will know at that time, but I will give you a warning. People leading this time , You must not mess around, no matter what the other party says, you must obey unconditionally, even if he asks you to die, you have to obey, have you heard? “

Looking at the underground, Dan Yunzi sitting in the middle said warningly to them.

“Uh …, this.”

Upon hearing this news, all the disciples were stunned, and they did not expect that their Sect Master would say such things to them, and what made them wonder what was the leader of this time, and why even Sect The Master would say so. And when I look at Sect Master’s eyes, he is very respectful to that person.

“Why, have questions about what I said?”

Looking at his disciple’s expression, Dan Yunzi’s face immediately changed color.

“No … no, we just …”

“Well, I don’t care if you agree or not. As long as you don’t agree, your name will be completely removed from Pill Sect’s disciple roster, but I hope your name will always be on the disciple roster.”

Dan Yunzi’s words shook those disciple’s bodies again, and everyone showed a scared expression.

“Yes, I must obey the leader’s order this time.”

All the disciples going to Secret Realm promised that they didn’t want to be removed from Pill Sect’s roster.

“Well, that’s right, so let’s step back. For your brave performance this time, I will give you three spells. As long as you do n’t learn how to learn, it ’s up to you. This matter will be left to third elder. “

Upon hearing Dan Yunzi’s words, all the disciples came out of the previous atmosphere, especially Dan Yunzi’s reward, they were even more happy.

“Yes, Sect Master, I’ll take them to the Book Collection Pavilion to pick the spell.”

After hearing Dan Yunzi’s words, the third elder quickly stepped forward, saluted to Dan Yunzi, and took the disciples to think about going outside.

“Well, you guys also back off. At this time, they don’t know how to go there for a few months. You should prepare some medicine pill for them, what to heal, detoxify, and respond to Spiritual Qi. Do you have to prepare more, you know? “

“Yes, I will definitely complete the task.”

After hearing Dan Yunzi’s words, all the Elders spoke to Dan Yunzi and then backed out.

At this time, Lin Lei, who returned to the yard, also came to his room, lay on the bed, and fell asleep deeply.

“Tianyun, I heard that the Young Master is back. Do you want to talk to the Young Master about these children?”

In the small courtyard not far from Lin Lei, Minghe and Tianyun heard Lin Lei’s exit, so they gathered to discuss it.

“Well, I think I should report it. By the way, I would like to tell the Young Master about the cultivation of more than a hundred children.”

“Well, that’s right, let’s go!”

Just walk away, and after speaking, Fang came to Tianyun thinking about the small courtyard where Lin Lei was.

“” Dong dong dong “, there was a knock on the door. This was when Lin Lei was sleeping and was awakened by a knock on the door. There was an outburst of anger. Lin Lei, who had not slept for a long time, managed to sleep. As a result, I was woken up before sleeping.

“Come in.”

With an angry word, they came out of Lin Lei’s mouth. For a moment, Ming and Tianyun outside the door, after hearing Lin Lei’s words, the two were caught in place for a while.

“Tian … Tianyun, how do I feel that Young Master is not in a good mood, and it seems to be because of us.”

“Oh, I think so.”

The two of them were stunned for a while, then immediately pulled away and thought about walking in the room. At this moment, the two of them felt like eating a fly.

“Less … Young Master, sorry … sorry, we are not … not intentionally disturbing you.”

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