Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 8

“Hmph, kitten, can’t wait to die in such an anxiety?” Looking at the Red Flame Tiger, Lin Lei’s blood boiled, as if he enjoyed it.

“Roar,” it seemed as if he understood Lin Lei’s words. Chiyan Hu immediately rushed over to Lin Lei.

The sound of “dong dong dong 咚” sounds daunting, but in Lin Lei’s opinion, this is exactly what he wants.

I saw Lin Lei smiling at the Red Flame Tiger who came over with a smile, showing a bloodthirsty expression.

“Star finger”, I saw Lin Lei shouting loudly, the right hand lifted up instantly, the middle finger turned into the color of white jade, and instantly poked on the forehead of the red flame tiger that rushed over, this action looked nothing in his eyes However, in the eyes of the two Xiaohus, that was simply a life-threatening situation. The two of them really couldn’t figure out where the young man’s confidence was. He wanted to kill the Red Flame Tiger with one finger.

“Ka-cha”, I saw Lin Lei’s finger inserted into the red flame tiger’s brain instantly, and a white bloody substance flowed out of the hole pierced by Lin Lei.

“Roaring”, a roar of pain shouted from Chiyanhu’s mouth, a pair of bloody eyes covered Lin Lei, as if he wanted to eat Lin Lei instantly.

“Hehe, you still don’t want to be convinced, so let’s die now!” Lin Lei rushed up when he was playing, and his feet went up to the ground, and he jumped onto the back of Chiyanhu instantly, and then forced towards Chiyan. The aorta of the tiger poked away.

With a “pu” sound, I saw Chiyanhu’s neck splattering outward. It is estimated that the blood will dry out and die soon.

“Ah, heroic heroine, thank you for saving us both. I didn’t expect you to have such a high cultivation base at such a young age. We really admire it. We still do n’t know the name of the heroine. If we can, we want to repay the heroine. “Life-saving grace”, after seeing the situation of Red Flame Tiger, the two came to Lin Lei beside him and said sincerely.

“This is not necessary. I just fancy this Red Flame Tiger. I don’t really want to save you, so you don’t need to do this.” After speaking, I didn’t look at the two of them and went directly to Red Flame Tiger. , Looking at the red flame tiger who is about to die.

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host for killing the Red Flame Tiger. The Red Flame Tiger practiced eight steps and gained one thousand experience”

“Ding dong, Red Flame Tiger, growable Demonic beast, five talents, it is recommended that you can subdue Red Flame Tiger as a Spirit Beast, and Red Flame Tiger contains a silk dragon Dragonline, if you practice Nine Revolutions Golden Body Art in the future, you can grow To the point where Immortal World is unobstructed. “

“Mount Spirit Beast?”

Suddenly, a virtual interface appeared in front of Lin Lei’s eyes, with his message written on it.

Name: Lin Lei

Age: 14

cultivation base: body refinement eighth order

Experience: (0/900)

spiritual root: thunder, fire, wood, three chaotic spiritual roots

innate talent: top

cultivation technique: The Chaos Classics (Fragment)

martial skill: Star Finger (Getting Started)

Lingbao: None

Equipment: None

Mount: Can conquer Red Flame Tiger

Reputation value: 100

medicine pill: body refinement Dan 50 pieces, Essence Condensation Pill 100 pieces Building Foundation Pill 50 pieces Dragon-Tiger Dan piece (can expand the veins is very useful for Early Stage practitioners), 1 Marrow Cleansing Pill.

“I really have a mount interface. In this case, let me subdue it! Anyway, I won’t suffer”, and after seeing it, I saw a ghost drifting from the body of Red Flame Tiger into Lin Lei’s mind. in.

“What’s the situation”, when I saw that trace of soul coming into my mind, I quickly explored. As a result, there was already a Red Flame Tiger sitting on the original mount page. It showed that the Red Flame Tiger cultivation base body. refinement 7th grade.

“Body refinement 7th grade, isn’t it? Didn’t you just say that the body refinement is eighth? Why is it one step lower now?” Seeing this, Lin Lei quickly asked the system.

“Because the Red Flame Tiger was killed by you, after you subdue it, it will automatically drop the first-order cultivation base.” After hearing the words of the system, Lin Lei wanted to drag the system out to slap him.

“Okay, you can, isn’t it just to drop the first order? What’s the big deal? I can’t use spiritual medicine to make up for it,” Lin Lei corner of the mouth twitched.

“Engong, Engong”, suddenly heard Xiao Hu’s voice, so Lin Lei came out of the virtual interface and looked up at him.

“What’s wrong, is there anything else?”

Lin Lei was puzzled. They killed the Red Flame Tiger for themselves and why they could go.

Suddenly, Lin Lei saw Xiao Hu’s eyes fall on the body of Red Flame Tiger, which made Lin Lei wake up.

“Well, you can take the body of Chiyanhu! I don’t need those things.”

Hearing Lin Lei’s words, Xiao Hu and the two of them were very surprised. They knew that Demonic beasts such as Chiyanhu were scarce, so they were very valuable at the outside market price. I didn’t expect this teenager to give things up as much as possible. Got them.

“Engong, how can this work? You must know that this Red Flame Tiger is very valuable in the market, so you gave it to us like this?”

Hearing the boss’s words, Lin Lei didn’t say anything, and no matter how much money is useless, what she needs most now is to quickly raise the cultivation base. Without saying anything, she rushed straight into the depths of Morita.

“Well, it ’s really Longbao. The flight system is the purple crocodile. It says the neon baked badge.

“En? I just forgot to look at it, it turns out that I have already reached the eighth level of training, Ha Ha Ha, it’s so good that it won’t be long before I break through Refining Qi.”

The thought of Lin Lei’s heart was relieved, and the previous one was swept away.

In the next few days, Lin Lei was hovering on the first floor. In these days, Lin Lei killed a total of six trainers in the ninth order, eighteen in the eighth order, and thirty-two in the 7th grade. The next Lin Lei didn’t remember, because it is not necessary, he now sees the demonic beast of the eighth and ninth stage. Basically, he doesn’t have to do it by himself. He just released the red flame tiger and solved it. In these days, the red The flame tigers have been upgraded from the 7th grade at the beginning to the XNUMXth level now. Now they can go sideways on the first floor of the system planned by the system, and the cultivation base of Lin Tian has also changed from the eighth level of training to the current XNUMXth level. I believe that it won’t take long before you can go directly to the Refining Qi period.

On this day, Lin Lei sat on the Red Flame Tiger’s body and walked around the first floor, but the Demonic beast, who met everything on the way, felt the breath of Lin Tian and the Red Flame Tiger and ran away far away, and he dared not approach. .

Immediately Lin Lei felt bored, so he lowered his head to the Chiyanhu under his butt and said, “Little tiger, you said that we have no opponents on the first floor, it would be better …”

Speaking of this, Chiyanhu raised his head unconsciously, and stared at Lin Lei with the enthusiasm in his eyes.

“Hehe, I haven’t said anything yet, you will know again, that’s it! Then let’s go directly to 2-Layer and see how powerful the 2-Layer’s Demonic Beast is. It can also be used for breakthrough Speaking of this Lin Lei patting the Red Flame Tiger under him, he immediately moved towards the depths of the forest sky.

“Roar”, when I reached the boundary of the 2nd-layer, I heard a loud roar. This sound is much more powerful than I heard on the first layer, and from the source of this sound, at least I get Refining Qi IV to the point of 5-Layer.

“Haha, it is still challenging for the 2nd-layer, and the Spiritual Qi of this 2nd-layer is much better than one layer.” Lin Lei, who just arrived here, immediately felt the gap between Spiritual Qi on both sides.

“Hou”, the red flame tiger under the butt replied in a low voice, seeing that this situation is probably stimulated.

“What’s wrong, Xiaohu, do you feel uncomfortable if you don’t feel that the source of the roar just now is strong?”

“Roar”, after hearing Lin Lei’s words, Chiyanhu nodded the huge head without denying it.

“Hehe, Xiaohu, do n’t be unhappy. They just practice a few days more than you. Besides, you have a Bloodline in your body. This is your powerful capital, not to mention those demonic beasts. Comparable divide, so you don’t have to be sad. “

The Red Flame Tiger who heard Lin Lei’s words suddenly lifted his head, his eyes were full of fighting intent, and it felt as if he wanted to rush over to make a show.

“That’s right, let’s go! Let’s hurry up and don’t disturb their territory”, after finishing, Lin Lei went inward as soon as he patted the Red Flame Tiger’s head.

After a short while, Lin Lei and Red Flame Tiger came to a place 10 kilometers away, but Lin Lei, who had just arrived at this place, felt abnormal.

“Xiaohu, put me down first. I feel that the Spiritual Qi here is several times stronger than when I first entered the 2nd-layer. I guess there must be something good here.”

After hearing this, Chiyanhu squatted down and set Lin Lei down.

“What the hell is it, can make the Spiritual Qi multiply several times”, thinking and walking, Lin Lei came to a cave in a while.

“Well,” Lin Lei didn’t feel anything unusual when looking at the entrance, but just as Lin Lei was about to turn around to leave, a gust of wind blew out of the cave.

“I trust, No way!” Lin Lei felt that the Qi was accompanied by the cloudy wind several times.

“It won’t really be in it!” Lin Lei felt a bit of seeping for a while looking at the dark hole.

“Oh! Regardless of him, the wealth and danger seek, if he is in danger, he runs away,” he said, beckoning to Red Flame Tiger, and walking towards the cave.

“Hiss”, why is the wind so cold? It stands to reason that I’m already fourteenth level. I can’t feel the cold anymore. Even in winter, I won’t be cold. Why is it just gently by the wind? It’s cold like this after blowing it a bit, which is unreasonable.

Thinking of this Lin Lei immediately stopped and looked carefully at the situation in the cave, but in the case of the two eyes in the dark before seeing nothing, Lin Lei gave up.

“Well, now that you have chosen, what are you afraid of walking right now?” After finishing, Lin Lei raised his feet and moved on.

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