Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 82

“Uh, uh, uh”

Just a few minutes after Lei Lei walked away, there were several bursting sounds. I saw a few silhouettes flying towards the place where Lin Lei was killing the wolves. The speed was fast. If these people and Pill Sect this time The sent people are compared, it is just a little witch see a big witch, there is no comparability at all.

In just a few breaths, the silhouette watches have come to the place where Lin Lei left, looking at the dead head wolf and the entities of the magic cloud wolf killed by Lin Lei. The human body here is involuntary. Shake a bit, maybe no one has found this detail!

“His, this … these demon wolves are all killed in one hit, and it seems that they are all alone!”

“Well, there are probably a hundred of these corpses! So many magic cloud wolves have been killed by one person. It seems that the people in the Lingtian restricted area are not ordinary people.”

Looking at the entity of the magic cloud wolf, the expressions of several people standing here all revealed their solemn expressions. Perhaps they are worried about having such a terrifying opponent!

“Look at this quickly, is this wolf the leader of the demon wolf.” At this time, a young man next to the head wolf looked at the entity of the head wolf, and said to the others in an unbelievable tone. .

“What”, a few people stunned God, and quickly came to the young man who spoke, and said the young man’s fingers looked towards the head wolf lying on the ground, and suddenly everyone was blindfolded, eyes It was full of incredible expression.

“Well, this should be the head wolf! But this head wolf is brown-red hair, it’s incredible.”

After hearing the words of the young people, everyone looked again towards the head wolf. Looking at the brown-red head wolf, a word appeared in everyone’s mind.


“Well, the strength of this wolf should be the strength of the next period, but coupled with this beastly strength, it should be reached the state of the peak of Peak Valley! Someone can besiege by hundreds of magic cloud wolves The head wolf was killed, and it seems that this person’s strength is conservatively estimated to be in the next Golden Core or Middle-Stage. “

“Well, yes!” Hearing the young man’s expectation, everyone responded with nodded, his eyes full of expression of appreciation.

“Hehe, no matter what, this time seems to really have an opponent. It should be a very good thing to be able to play against such people!”

One of the young men who had not spoken, after hearing the man’s words, leaked a look of anticipation, as if he wanted to meet the man who killed the head wolf.

“Uh …” When I heard the young man’s words, everyone had an embarrassing smile on his face, and for a moment I didn’t know what to say.

“Well, it’s all there!” This is, a man who looks like a gangster came out of the wood on one side, with a little irony on his face, and his face was very pale, if not watching him walking. , He will think whether he is dead.

“Well, why are you here?” Watching the man’s arrival, everyone looked disgusted, as if he didn’t want to see him.

“Hmph, Fang Zhouzi, you’re wrong, can you come to me and the cloud can’t come?”

“Hmph, the villain gets his will!” Looking at Moyun, Fang Zhouzi said a moment of contempt and said to Moyun: “Your people who teach corpses and ghosts will not want to get some corpses back to make corpses. Come on! “

“Oh, what’s the matter, I’m still waiting for you to die, I’ll take it back for you, and then make you into a corpse, it’s better, you say it.”

After listening to Fang Zhouzi’s words, Demon Cloud said to Fang Zhouzi with a provocative expression.


When he saw “sou”, when he saw that he could not speak with Demon, he didn’t bother to talk to him, and immediately drove the flying sword to think about the distance, and the people who followed Fang Zhouzi also chased after seeing people go. Going up, when I saw the demon cloud in this scene, I couldn’t help revealing the conspiracy and laughter.

After a few people left, Demon Cloud came to the head wolf’s body and looked at the head wolf’s body. Demon’s eyes showed a dignified expression, but at the same time there was a hint of excitement hidden in the dignity.

“Interesting, it’s so interesting. It seems that I didn’t come here this time. I’ll see who the killer was.”

After speaking, Demon Cloud took away the head wolf’s body and drove the Royal Sword to fly away. This scene happened here. Of course, Lin Lei didn’t know it, and he never thought about it because of himself. Killing the head wolf brought in so many things.

In the past few days, Demonic beast died in the Lingtian restricted area, and the deaths were very similar. This incident made people in the Lingtian restricted area wonder.

In these days, Lin Lei, whoever encounters Demonic beast, no matter what grade it is, as long as it is Demonic beast, regardless of 41, it is a shot to go straight up, and it is never a drag, for the last experience value. God, Lin Lei keeps killing the Demonic Beast, which is to accumulate experience to break through the Middle-Stage. After several days of hard work, Lin Lei ’s cultivation base continues to grow, and every time he encounters a powerful Demonic Beast, Burst out some used or unused equipment, such as storing rings, Lin Lei now has more than he wants.

And the thunder that has always been behind Lin Lei, has been following so far, far away, he doesn’t want Lin Lei to find him. After a few days of follow, thunder has basically figured out Lin Lei’s habits, every day In addition to killing, killing, Kill Kill Kill all day long, keeps killing, which makes Thunder have some doubts, why Lin Lei killed that many Demonic beast.

On this day, in a place in the Lingtian restricted area, a man wearing gorgeous equipment was holding a long spear engraved with Dragon Mark, and was waving constantly at a yellow golden lion, a long spear was almost As if alive, she was extremely agile.

“Hmph, this is a big Golden Core-level big BOss. If you can kill it, then the explosion will be much better than the junk that you exploded before. Boy, keep working hard.”

Hearing this, Lin Lei’s eyes flashed a white eye, and he couldn’t help muttering “I still use you to say, of course I know, but you don’t want to think about it, but this is a Golden Core period of demonic beast, me ? I’m just setting the valley, this is a great realm. “

“Bumping,” while Lin Lei was talking, Martial Emperor divine spear in his hand was constantly fighting, a long spear was like his own arm, very agile, long spear went straight in and pierced Huang directly Forefoot of the Golden Lion.

“Roar roar …”

The angry roar shouted from the mouth of the yellow Golden Lion. The big eyes of the bronzer instantly became full of blood. The hair on the entire lion began to change color, and the golden slowly changed to red. Appeared, Lin Lei became aware of what was going on, but this time Lin Lei was really anxious. He couldn’t change the color of the lion, or he wouldn’t be the lion who died today.

“Hmph, if you want to beast, it depends on whether I promise or not.” Lin Lei’s long spear greeted him.

“Drink, Fire Dragon Ebara.”

With a rage, I saw the black angry dragon engraved from the long spear’s gun body, and escaped from the long spear alive, turning into a red dragon with a flame thinking of the crazy one Huang Golden Lion rushed over.

“Ao wu …………”

A dragon roar roared and rushed forward with Long Wei thinking about the lion, and the lion that was mad was thinking about Fire Dragon as if being provoked.

With a loud bang of “peng”, Fire Dragon instantly turned into a ball of flame that entangled the yellow Golden Lion child and began to burn.

“Ao oh, oh.”

A painful hissing came from the mouth of Huang Golden Lion, a pair of eyes full of hate stubbornly stood up against Jin Lei, and did not give up for a moment. With those eyes, Lin Lei saw the endless hatred, But Lin Lei was not afraid.

“Hmph, winner is the king, loser is the villain, this is the law of this world, the weak are prey to the strong is the order of this world, if you do n’t have enough strength, do n’t blame others for killing you, then you can only You’re not strong enough, World ability is so, so go with peace of mind. “

With that said, Lin Lei’s palm of fire was turned into a rocket, thinking of the yellow Golden Lion blasting away.

“Pu”, I saw that the rocket turned into blood of the phantom directly penetrated the body of Huang Golden Lion, and suddenly a smell of meat came out, and the body of Huang Golden Lion returned to its original state. There is also no vitality on the body.

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host for the first kill of the Demonic Beast in the Golden Core period, and hereby rewards 1 million experience points, Ling Tian Bao Jia (belonging to Treasure Item Top Grade), Ling Heavenly Sword (Treasure Item Top Grade), Ling Heavenly Sword (Heaven Grade mid-grade). “

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host for killing the Golden Core period. I hereby award Heaven Grade a hundred pounds of sand, a random lottery coupon five times, and a redemption value of XNUMX. Open the redemption mall.”

“Well, isn’t the gold level Demonic beast relatively better than the equipment that burst out?”

When the system finished talking about the reward, the small dragon appeared, showing off to Lin Lei, as if to say it, hurry up and praise me.

“Well, that’s okay! That’s it.”

Hearing Lin Lei’s words, the small dragon looked at Lin Lei with contempt, and his face could not help but skim.

“Okay, I admit that the rewards are all good!” Looking at the appearance of small dragon, Lin Lei’s heart could not help but faint, and immediately changed the topic and asked, “small dragon, Do you know when you will be able to leave the Lingtian restricted area and reach the Secret Realm of the Cloud Tower? “

“Well, it’s coming. As long as there is a day to go, you should be there, but don’t blame me for not reminding you. In the past few days, you have to find a place. Cultivation base to improve it, just as your cultivation base experience has reached the full grid. , Although there is only one day ahead, it is indeed the most difficult section of the road. “

Hearing the words of small dragon, Lin Lei was silent, and could not help but show a serious expression on his face.

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