Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 86

“Ding dong, the practice experience value is full, whether the host should upgrade the cultivation base now.”

This is the sound of system hint as Lin Lei is trying out the power emanating from the quartet feeler Bloodline.

“Oh, so find a place to improve the cultivation base first, and then go to the 5th-layer!”

With that said, Lin Lei looked for a direction, thinking about flying in that direction quickly, and at this time, people outside Secret Realm of the Cloud Tower were already impatient.

“I rely on it. It’s been a few hours. Didn’t I say it will open after three hours? What is it now? Can’t I open it?”

“Well, don’t you talk nonsense, haven’t you seen the death of that person before? Do you want to be like that person?”

Hearing what the man said, now the side person quickly reminded him, for fear that he would say too much, which would affect himself.

“Well, don’t make any noise, reincarnation Artifact Spirit Senior said that three hours is three hours, you are useless in anxiety, you might as well sit there and rest for a while, save yourself shame.”

“What?” Suddenly, the two originally quarreling, group chat and enemies aimed at the speaker, preparing for a verbal attack, but when they saw the brain, they immediately persuaded.

“Oh … hehe, it was Holy Son of Central Continent Jianzhai. We were wrong just now. Please forgive me, Young Master.”

After speaking, the two retreated to the side with interest, and avoided the Holy Son of Jian Zhai far away.

“No, that’s the head of the famous five Great Young Masters in Central Continent, Jian Zhai Holy Son” Xiao “?”

After learning that this is the Holy Son of Jianzhai, not only all of them came together, everyone looked at this teenager who was about the same age as Lin Lei with horrified eyes.

“Well, it seems that at this time we don’t even think about what we are. Some are Young Masters, so we only have to watch.”

Talking, those who were interested would pull away from time to time and think about flying quickly outside the Lingtian restricted area. Before leaving, all the people who left did not look back and took a look at the cloud tower that was set there. Resolutely flew towards the distance.

“Hmph, a bunch of sacks.”

This is a gorgeously dressed teenager who saw this scene, with a look of disgust and ridicule on his face, looked towards the direction in which the group left, and his eyes were full of disdain.

“Dear testers, you did not leave, indicating that your mind is firm and not shaken by the foreign object. This is a place where I am deeply gratified. I deeply regret the people who left, but when they left At that time, you are no longer eligible for trial. “

Everyone who heard this sentence, those who hesitated for a long time and didn’t leave, showed cold sweat on their faces, they were very grateful in their hearts, they were grateful that they had opened up.

“Well, then I won’t stop talking nonsense. Close your eyes and I will take you to the waiting area of ​​the trial.”

Speaking, everyone closed their eyes and felt that their bodies were clear, and then everyone felt that the Spiritual Qi around their bodies became very rich. They wanted to see where they were now, but they did n’t Good-looking, they didn’t dare eyes opened without the permission of reincarnation Artifact Spirit.

“Okay, you can have your eyes opened,” and heard the reincarnation of Artifact Spirit. Everyone opened their eyes the next moment, and when they saw the scene in front of them, everyone was shocked, all fascinated by the scene in front of them.

“Here, this is the interior of the Cloud Tower?” At this time, Holy Son Xiao Jian, who was the Jianzhai, first asked when he came to his senses.

“Yes, this is the interior of the Cloud Tower. Why is it so incredible that it feels like a dream?”

After hearing the words of the Artifact Spirit reincarnation, Xiao’s face suddenly turned red. This scene was immediately noticed by everyone present, and suddenly fry the pan. In their cognition, Xiao was the kind of unruly As a vicious and vicious generation, Xiao Jing did not expect that there would be another year. At this time, they suspected that the rumors about him were false.

“Oh, those towers of clouds are a space of Immortal Artifact 喽.” Feeling the same in the surroundings, and thinking of the previous behavior, Xiao suddenly looked upright and asked the Reincarnation Artifact Spirit.

“Well, one of these questions has been asked before, and I do n’t want to say it anymore, there is no need to tell you this, you know that you are here for the trial, not for you ! “

Seeing the impatience with the reincarnation of Artifact Spirit, Xiao closed his mouth obediently, but when he heard such a person asked before, the man who knew Xiao for a while was not enough.

“Senior, dare to ask who has asked you such a question, and before this, the Tower of Clouds has never passed away. Could someone have come in before we did?”

Everyone heard Xiao’s words, everyone responded, and everyone’s eyes focused on the reincarnation of Artifact Spirit.

“Hehe, your kid is quite clever. You are right. It was true that such a person had come in before, but at this time that person has entered the trial ground, and the level of customs clearance is quite high.”

“What, how did this happen, how did that person come in.” Everyone heard the Artifact Spirit reincarnation, and they never thought anyone could come in before that.

“Okay, you guys are enough. I will start the trial land now. As for how many levels you can pass, it depends on your personal chance and fortune.”

“Senior …”, when there was anything else to say, I saw everything in front of me, all changed, and everyone was separated, and samsara threw everyone into the individual space. 9th-layer, they can meet again, that is to say, they were fighting alone before then.

“How can this be? No, I have to rush in front of that person, and not let him get the inheritance of the reincarnation emperor.”

Speaking, Xiaobian looked towards the place in front of him, and looked carefully, and at this time in a cave of 4-Layer, Lin Lei was coming to an important moment, and Lin Lei’s face rose at this moment. Red, cold sweat on his head, and his lips trembling constantly. I really want to experience this kind of pain.

“Quickly, we are about to break through the previous period.” At this time in the Leidian’s meridian, the Spiritual Qi wanted to run uncontrollably.

“Why, what’s going on, why did you run the cultivation technique on your own?” Seeing this, Lin Lei panicked. At this time, when I didn’t know what to do, small dragon came.

“Well, what’s wrong? It’s so rare to show this expression. What kind of problems will you encounter? Tell me to hear it, maybe I can solve it for you.”

“No, no need, I can fix it!” Lin Lei refused to hear the words of small dragon. At this time, Lin Lei didn’t play with the small dragon at all, so he quickly started the cultivation technique and wanted to control it. Staying there was the Spiritual Qi to control, and suddenly an inexplicable force pushed Lin Lei’s control away.

“Is it Fei, is it Ji Realm breakthrough again?”

Seeing this, Lin Lei couldn’t help but think of the situation when breaking through the Ji Realm, so Lin Lei boldly relaxed his mind and let the Spiritual Qi bump into the vein, although it was painful, But the thought of Ji Realm breaking through again, this pain is nothing.

“Oh, sigh, sigh.” The voice came from the body, which was a little simple for Lin Lei to think, but at this moment, the voice of small dragon came, and the voice was anxious. .

“Hurry up, run the cultivation technique at the same time, and swallow that Spiritual Qi. You can’t let him run so brazenly. Then, your meridian will probably be ruined.”

Hearing the words of small dragon, Lin Lei didn’t care about the three or seventy-one, and started directly to devour the cultivation technique. Thinking of the Spiritual Qi swallowed up, Lin Lei felt that the Spiritual Qi was huge. This kind of illusion, there are more Spiritual Qi fluids than that pool of Spiritual Qi fluids.

Ten minutes later, Lin Lei’s devouring cultivation technique didn’t stop, he continued to devour that Spiritual Qi.

“How can this be, why is this Spiritual Qi so huge, and it seems to be very pure, what is going on?”

At this time, Lin Lei’s world view was completely subverted. Although he knew everything about Immortal Cultivator, Great Thousand Worlds was strange, like the Spirit Qi that is now swallowing up.

“Hmph, now know to ask me. So what did you do just now, or if I didn’t feel something wrong, you have now become a sentence controlled by Spiritual Qi.”

Listening to Lin Lei’s words, small dragon could not help complaining, his voice was full of worry and anger.

“Sorry … I’m sorry, I thought it would be like Ji Realm Lei Yin’s breakthrough, but who would think so.”

“Hmph, you …” Looking at Lin Lei’s look, the small dragon was out of breath for a moment. The whole person doesn’t know what to say.

“Anyway, after encountering such a thing in the future, you must tell me that I will not harm you. If I kill you, I will disappear with it. Do you know?”

Hearing the words of small dragon, Lin Lei lowered his head, his face showing guilt.

“Well, even if this matter has passed, just at this time, you should quickly borrow this Spiritual Qi breakthrough. As for other Spiritual Qi, you will save it first and wait for the next breakthrough.”

After speaking, the small dragon disappeared, while Lin Lei listened to the words of the small dragon, carefully controlled the cultivation technique, and concentrated enough Spiritual Qi to overtake the barriers in the early period of the valley.

The sound of “touch … ka-cha” came from the body. At the same time, coercion and breath climbed at the same time, and soon reached the extreme.

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host for breaking through to Middle-Stage.”

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