Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 87

“Hu, finally broke through the last period, but unfortunately cannot break through Golden Core at one time.”

Lin Lei not at all, who raised the cultivation base to the previous period, feels happier because of the upgrade, but has a little more regret on his face. If the zombie is made known to outsiders, he will definitely chase Lin Lei with a knife of.

“Lin Lei, I think you should take out the map of the Cloud Tower, so that you will go faster. With your current cultivation base, it is impossible to reach the top. If you do n’t take the map, you may go to the first He died at eight levels. “

Just when Lin Lei got up and wanted to go to the next level. The disappearing small dragon suddenly spoke out.

“Oh, the map?” Lin Lei remembered the small dragon before he remembered that there was such a map when he broke through the cultivation base.

“Yes, that map clearly shows that the authorities and levels of the past few years have passed. If you go this way, you will soon be able to reach the ninth level and get the inheritance of the reincarnation emperor, and there is still a chance. To this cloud tower space Immortal Artifact. “

Hearing the words of small dragon, Lin Lei’s eyes showed an excited expression, but his face was still that cold expression.

“Well, I know. As long as I can get this space of Immortal Artifact, I can do anything. As long as I have this Immortal Artifact, I can better cultivate the future Xuanzong disciple.”

Speaking of which, Lin Lei took out the map. A map resembling animal skin shows the organs in the various tower layers, and there is the last 9th-layer controlling the central hub of the Immortal Artifact. Clear location.

“Hehe, this time really happened. I didn’t expect system to give such good things. I always thought that system only knew pit people.”

After speaking, Lin Lei showed an incredible expression, but there was no way to conceal the trace of joy in his eyes.

“Hmph, you know that you say bad things about system. If you want to know, let system not give you this map and let you die in these years. It ’s really kind of a donkey.”

At this time, when the small dragon could not hear what Lin Lei said, he stepped out and pointed at Lin Lei and scolded him.

“Uh, hehe, okay, this time is my fault, I won’t swear next time, okay?”

Listening to what Lin Lei said at this time, the small dragon didn’t say anything, but looked at Lin Lei with a grim expression, as if thinking of bad things.

“Lin Lei, you have to remember, if you ca n’t just rely on such a map, you have to adjust at will, or you do n’t know how to die in the end. Although the map gives the location of the institution, it does not. It shows that there are no powerful people in the place where the institution is located, so be careful about everything. “

Suddenly I heard the small dragon say so, Lin Lei didn’t turn around for a while, not only looked at the small dragon dullly.

“Hey, hey, did you hear what I said?” Looking at Lin Lei’s expression, small dragon’s heart came to Lin Lei’s ear and screamed loudly.

“Oh … oh, I see.”

After speaking, Lin Lei looked at the map and went directly to the fifth level, where Lin Lei felt his body sinking, as if there was a large stone on his back, which made him breathless.

“I, I rely, what is going on?”

Seeing the sudden situation, Lin Lei quickly took out the map. At a glance, I realized that this level is a gravity level. At this level, the reincarnation emperor has set the gravity matrix method, as long as your strength is stronger , Then the gravitational matrix will increase up by a factor of two, and every time the strength increases, the weight will increase by one level, knowing that the person can’t afford to be crushed directly by the gravitational matrix at the same time, at the same time the matrix method is against itself Physical fitness is also a great test.

“I rely, why is this reincarnation emperor so busy, what is not good to set up, but to set up the gravitational matrix method, isn’t this a clear tester who wants to get in?”

Looking at the explanation given by the map, Lin Lei learned that the real purpose of this 5th-layer is to tell the tester, do not rely on your own mana, and more importantly, your own physical ability.

“Hehe, if I came here before, it would be a good idea to walk ten meters, but after passing the third level, my body has reached the Treasure Item level, which is still difficult for me.”

Speaking of this, Lin Lei followed the route that the map said and walked towards the place where the institution was located. This way, Lin Lei did not feel anything at all, but felt that his fleshhy body was slowly improving, although The speed is minimal.

Soon, Lin Lei came to a valley following the route on the map. Looking at the surroundings, Lin Lei stopped.

“Small dragon, do you say that there is really a mechanism in this valley to crack this level? Why is it dangerous to me here?”

Feeling that something was wrong, Lin Lei hurriedly said to the small dragon, hoping that the small dragon could give the answer, after all, is this map for it?

“What’s wrong? Where.” Hearing Lin Lei’s help, small dragon walked out with a look of relief, glanced over and saw what Lin Lei said was the valley.

“Well, why is there such a thing here?” Looking at the valley, small dragon could not help talking.

“How about. Is there any danger in it, or have you seen whether the cracked machine is in it?”

Looking at the small dragon’s silence, Lin Lei couldn’t help but ask the small dragon.

“Well, there is nothing dangerous, but there is something in it that will definitely help you in the future. As for whether there is any mechanism to crack this layer, I don’t know.”

It’s still the same, and before waiting for Lin Lei to ask, the small dragon disappeared, leaving only Lin Lei staring at the valley in front of him.

“I depend. Can you stop being so irresponsible? Since you know what’s in it, you can’t wait to tell me there?”

Although I knew I wouldn’t say anything about these small dragons, Lin Lei couldn’t help it. It was the so-called vomiting and unhappiness. Lin Lei felt much more comfortable overall.

Knowing that the valley was not in danger, Lin Lei lifted his feet and thought about walking into the valley. As soon as he entered the valley, Lin Lei felt a gust of wind coming from deep in the valley.

“How do I feel like I’ve been pitted by a small dragon again.”

At this point in Lin Lei’s heart, there was a feeling of regret listening to the words of the small dragon, but now that all have come in, it means that there is no way back.

Looking at the map, Lin Lei came to the level where he cracked the level with skepticism, but Lin Lei was very glad that there was really something in mind.

“It’s pretty real looking at this map!”

Looking at the institution in front of him, Lin Lei hurriedly walked up, and Spirit Qi, the carrier of the extend, wanted to shoot forward and wanted to destroy the level authority, but this was another thing that Lin Lei came out unexpectedly, and looked very similar. naughty.

“Hmph, human, why are you here.”

It was a dragon with a one meter length and golden glossy scales.

“You … Are you a dragon?” Lin Lei asked the thing that came out with a skeptical tone, his eyes filled with unbelievable expression.

“Hmph, boy, please do n’t say so rudely. Although Ben Dragon is also a Dragon Race family, Ben Dragon is indeed the most powerful Golden Dragon family in Dragon Race. Those miscellaneous pieces are impossible to be on the Dragon family. equal terms. “

After hearing the words of Little Golden Dragon, Lin Lei officially confirmed that this is really a dragon, and listening to the words of Golden Dragon, it seems that it is still very difficult to deal with. For those who have survived in the 21st century, For the dragon, it is the existence of Divine Beast, and also the symbol of Huaxia.

“Oh, no wonder the small dragon said there is something here that will help me in the future. Sure enough, a dragon comes out.”

It wasn’t until this time that Lin Lei understood what the system small dragon meant.

At this moment, the Golden Dragon was completely angry when he saw Lin Lei’s unwillingness to answer his words.

“Human, you are as good as turning a blind eye to what I said, aren’t you afraid of dying?” Then, with the Little Golden Dragon, which was only one meter long, the body became bigger, only when the body was about five ten zhang stop.

“I rely, this can still be expressed, I said, how can it be that Dragon Race is so small, it turned out to be smaller.”

Looking at Little Golden Dragon, Lin Lei had no fear in his eyes, and some only had a frantic expression.

“Little Golden Dragon, how about a deal?”

“Oh, trade?” Little Golden Dragon’s body changed back to what it was when he heard Lin Lei’s words.

“Yes, I’ll make a deal with you, I’ll take you out of here, but you have to protect me for XNUMX years, and after XNUMX years I will return you freedom, how you see it.”

When he heard this, Little Golden Dragon’s eyes shook with excitement.

“You … can you really take me out of this place?” Little Golden Dragon asked Lin Lei in a dubious tone,

“Well, yes, I can really take you away from here, but you have to agree to my request. If I don’t, then I can’t help it.”

“Okay, okay, I promise, isn’t it your XNUMX-year protection? But you have to talk, and you will return to my freedom after XNUMX years.”

After hearing the words of Lin Lei and being confirmed, Little Golden Dragon hesitated without hesitation and directly agreed.

“Okay, let’s just make that decision, but wait until I leave this tower of clouds first.”

Having said that, Lin Lei was not at the opportunity of Little Golden Dragon, but went directly to this level to crack the institution, and the carrier set up the valley ’s previous cultivation base and photographed it towards the institution.

With the sound of “peng”, the jade-like stone was completely broken when it came in contact with Lin Lei’s fist, and suddenly, the gravity that had been blessed on the body completely disappeared.

“Congratulations to the tester for passing the 5th-layer Gravity World, this level rewards the gravitational matrix map, both of the matrix experience.”

After hearing this reward, Lin Lei laughed not at all cared too much, but turned his head and looked towards the Little Golden Dragon who was playing next to him.

“Let’s go, Little Golden Dragon, let’s go to the next level!”

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