Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 90

“Yin”, after Lin Lei finished speaking, a sound of dragon yin was released from Lin Lei’s body, and then a golden moment changed from Lin Lei’s body and shot into the sky.

“How is it possible that this Lin Lei is who he is and why is there a dragon to help him? What is going on?”

Seeing all these things that they haven’t seen before and never appeared in life, this has completely subverted their imagination, and you made them inexplicably try to be silly for more than ten years, they are all at this time There is a feeling of being played.

“Hmph, let’s all die!” Instantly, Lin Lei took Martial Emperor divine spear in his hand and rushed up, all the cultivation bases of Pigu Peak were released, and the logging started.

“Aaahhhhhhh! ………………”

Suddenly, in addition to the screams in the courtyard of the entire Lin Family, all others were begging for mercy. At this time, the eyes of the talk were full of fear.

“Lin Young Master, please let us go! We also listened to the villain’s words. It was their fault that everything was wrong. We were just used by others. We also asked Lin Young Master to raise his hand … … “

“Hmph, now I know I’m begging for mercy. What did you do before then? It’s all a bunch of cowards.”

Before the group of people finished speaking, Lin Lei directly rejected them, and then continued to kill. There were not many people. After a while, the entire Lin Family except Lin Lei’s mother and him, there were no more living people. Already.

And Wang Yurou, who watched this scene all the time, didn’t know what to say, at this time Wang Yurou’s eyes were dull, his mouth was thinking big, the unbelievable eyes in his eyes were exposed, and all fell on Lin Lei’s Eyes.

“Hehe, mother, what’s wrong?”

Seeing my mother in this illusion, I don’t know why, the kind of affection in Lin Lei’s heart is so real.

“Ray … Ray, what the hell are you doing all these years, and those that have been expelled by you, this …”

Looking at mother, Lin Lei explained it without any concealment, and also explained the illusion of Bessam.

“In short, everything that mother is going through now, but it ’s all the illusions that the owner of the Tower of Clouds reincarnates, and I have n’t been at all silly in the past ten years, I know what you are doing, but only then I’m in a state of confusion, so … “

Hearing these words, Wang Yurou was even more unbelievable. He never thought that Lin Lei would say such a word, and even that the place where they lived was a fantasy.

“Ray, I don’t care if this is a real illusion, I only know that you are my son, born of my pregnancy in October, and the meat that fell from my mother. How distressed I am for my mother over the years. “

As he talked, Wang Yurou was crying. All the white eyes and insults he had suffered in the past ten years were now vented.

Seeing mother like this, Lin Lei could not help but burst into tears, but was quickly stopped by Lin Lei.

“Well, mother, now I will take you to the Imperial Palace to explain the reason with that host, what is it to poison grandfather, why should we kill our last family to our Lin Family.”

“Well,” after hearing his son’s words, Wang Yurou quickly nodded and agreed.

“Go”, in an instant, Lin Lei put Wang Yurou on the imperial sword under his feet, pinpointed the direction of the imperial palace, and rushed over quickly. On the way, Lin Lei saw Little Golden Dragon and Red Flame Tigers are killing wildly throughout Imperial Capital. This kind of scene can not be compared to Asura hell.

“Everyone at Imperial Capital listens to me. I am Lin Lei of the Lin Family. If you blame it, blame your lord. It is he who wants to kill my Lin Family to the last one, so I will use his entire empire. People come at the price. “

A casually sentence completely defeated the whole people of Imperial Capital. At this time, they only knew why they suffered this kind of calamity.

quickly. Lin Lei drove the imperial sword and came to the Imperial Palace. There was no more nonsense. Lin Lei directly held the invincible divine spear and killed everyone when he saw someone, no matter if they were enemies with him, as long as they were in this palace Almost all died in the hands of Lin Lei, and Wang Yurou, who followed him, was numb to see the scene. On the way, Wang Yurou saw more cruelly than this.

“Stop and stop, that’s enough. All of this is my fault. Everything is my fault. You kill him, but I just ask you to let go of those innocent people!”

Just when Lin Lei was struggling, a man in a dragon robe came to Lin Lei’s body and knelt on the ground, begging Lin Lei for mercy.

“Hmph, it turns out that you are the lord, that ’s right, I do n’t need to go to you, saying, Lin Lei came directly to the lord in one step, and stabbed him directly with a shot. Money-like, want to spray out. “

“Remember, go to a good person in your next life, don’t think about this life.”

Having said that, Lin Lei gave the landlord the kneel on the ground a happy shot.

“Grandfather, did you see it? Leier is fine, the lord is dead, and our family’s revenge is finally revenge.”

The moment Lin Lei killed the lord, Wang Yurou knelt on the ground and supported his hands with his hands. At this time, Wang Yurou was already crying.

“Leier, let’s go. Now that the vengeance has been reported, there is nothing to be nostalgic for. Those who are sent out should quickly find it. Don’t let them kill, they are all innocent. “

“Well, I know!” Hearing his mother’s words, Lin Lei didn’t dare to take any violations, and quickly took back the Little Golden Dragon and Red Flame Tiger, while Lin Lei disappeared with his mother. This scene moved everyone, and since then there has been an extra Sect on the rivers and lakes.

Since Lin Lei retrieved the memory, Lin Lei directly saved the memory. Even the reincarnation of the reincarnation of the Emperor’s Best can not seal the memory again. After experiencing the first life, in the next In time, Lin Lei never lost any memory.

From the Great Demon of the first life, the merchant, the infatuation, ……… and so on, to the general of the Life and Death Battle field of the last life, Lin Lei tasted all the sweetness and bitterness in this century of reincarnation, everything, The repercussions that were originally left due to the rapid upgrade, after passing through the reincarnation of the century, the mind began to soar quickly, and finally reached the realm of the fit.

“Ha Ha Ha, that’s great. This century’s reincarnation has finally broken through.” Seeing how the reincarnation emperor’s last test was broken by myself, I’m so happy to mention how I feel now.

“Ha Ha Ha, yes, really good, I really did not read you wrong, I didn’t expect you to be able to complete it within a month. I have woke up in the rebirth of the century, and it has gone through the century. You are qualified When I inherit, inherit my legacy. “

Just after Lin Lei experienced playing the last reincarnation of the Best Reincarnation, Lin Lei returned directly to the last floor of the Cloud Tower. Lin Lei was very happy to see this familiar scene.

“Yes, Senior, let’s start!” Lin Lei couldn’t wait to hear the words of reincarnation.

“Well, but before I do, I will send you a good fortune. Now you are already a Peak Peak. Then I wish you a helping hand to step into the Golden Core and get the Golden Core avenue.”

After finishing speaking, a pure and incomparable power appeared in his body in an instant. In an instant, Lin Lei directly operated the phagocytosis method, began to devour the pure Spiritual Qi, and thought of Golden Core. go with.

“Turn left to the cultivation technique. The Spiritual Qi that mobilizes the whole body condenses towards his dantian. Although the progress is slow, Lin Lei is not a little irritable.”

Soon, Lin Lei has passed through the Golden Core period for three days. Many things happened in these three days. After the reincarnation emperor passed the Spiritual Qi to Lin Lei, he put all the things in the Cloud Tower People were expelled, and although they all complained a little bit, they also got a lot in the Cloud Tower.

“Bang …” Lin Lei, who was sitting on the 9th-layer of the Cloud Tower, suddenly felt a muffled sound in his body. I saw that Lin Lei’s dantian was no longer the same as before, at this time in the dantian, A colorless bead appeared, and Lin Lei could clearly sense the powerful force from this bead.

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host for breaking through the Golden Core period, hereby the reward needs redemption points, 5 million experience points.”

Let’s go and see what happened to your information after breaking through to the Golden Core period.

First here, Lin Lei went directly to the system interface for viewing his information. Looking at his information, his information appeared in the air and was clearly visible.

Name: Lin Lei

Age: 15

cultivation base : Golden Core next issue

Experience: (1000000/100000000)

spiritual root: thunder, fire, wood, three chaotic spiritual roots

innate talent: top

cultivation technique : Chaos Shintra (fragment) Devouring Heaven Method (growable) Hongmeng pill concocting (Introduction cultivation technique) Yun Jue (Sovereign level cultivation technique)

martial skill: butterfly step (beginner) star means (proficient) silent thunder shooting (Xuanjie advanced martial skill, now training to entry, can produce three thunder and lightning) Wan Jian Jue (sky order)

Lingbao: Martial Emperor divine spear, Spiritual Qi Advanced (growthable) Wan Fa Sword (No Grade) Manchu Treasure Furnace

Equipment: Tayun boots (Spiritual Artifact top), Ziyun Taopao (Spiritual Artifact top), Ziyun inner armor (Spiritual Artifact top)

Mount: Red Flame Tiger Golden Core Peak

lottery turntable: 4

War extraction system: The war extraction opportunity has been used up, and this system has been permanently sealed.

Reputation value: 0

Redemption point: 5

Spirit Stone: 0

Earth Grade Alchemist: (10000/50000)

Top spiritual medicine:

heavenly material treasure: one hundred pounds of Purple Gold nephrite, one hundred pounds of Purple Gold sand,

Mission: Mainline mission. One Sect will be established within the next five years. If the mission is not completed or timed out, the system will directly kill it. In the next five years, I will receive the five best disciples. The qualifications of each disciplinary must be top-notch, and within five years, my disciples must make their own reputation on the entire Xuantian continent. If it is not completed within five years, it will be wiped out by the system directly like the previous task. Mainline task: Please ask the host to reach Profound Level Alchemist within one month. If it is not completed within time, the system will choose to automatically kill it.

Sideline task: In the next year, you must go to Windcloud Sect to kill sect third elder Wang Shen. If you ca n’t play it or it expires, the system will directly kill it. Sideline task: Control the entire Pill Sect’s high level within one day, become Master of Pill Sect.

medicine pill: body refinement Dan 30 pieces, Essence Condensation Pill 200 pieces, Building Foundation Pill 50 pieces, control heart 11 pieces, broken mirror 1 pieces, 11 baby broken pieces. Duerdan two.

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