Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 91

“I rely, you are not! Why the experience value has risen so much, it still makes me not live.”

Putting in tiredness and seeing his experience value skyrocketed to XNUMX million points, this really surprised Lin Lei, and could not help but have a little worry in his heart.

“Hmph, aren’t you nonsense, oh, then only allowing you to increase the cultivation base will not allow the system to increase the experience value, aren’t you only the state official setting the fire on fire and not allowing the people to light?”

Hearing the words of small dragon, Lin Lei suddenly lost his temper, but it makes sense to think about what small dragon said.

“Even if you want to increase your experience, you ca n’t increase it so much! You also know that my practice speed is much worse than before, and the one-year period is still far away, just in case I have to change Raising my cultivation base to Nascent Soul, so I have the opportunity to go offline. “

When thinking of XNUMX million points of experience value, Lin Lei did not go away and became worried. Even if it is not a five-year task, the recent task alone is about to expire. If this is not complete, then To be wiped out!

“You are crazy! Are you still slow in your cultivation? Just rely on this sentence. If you go out for others to hear, then you will die very badly, and you do n’t want to think about it, others break through How long did it take, and you, within the next few months, have been promoted to the next Golden Core, and you should be satisfied! “

Listening to what Lin Lei said, the small dragon suddenly aimed at Lin Lei with two white eyes, and spoke his own words of humiliation.

“Cough … cough cough, this …”

“Don’t worry about this and this. As long as you keep looking for opportunities, just like this Cloud Tower, you can quickly increase your experience, and don’t forget, the five-year period But with 5 billion experience points, how many levels can be improved, so don’t take things too fast? “

Listening to the words of small dragon, Lin Lei keeps saying nodded because Lin Lei knows that if he talks back, small dragon will say endlessly here.

“Okay, okay, I know, I know that small dragon is for your good. I will definitely remember your words, and everything will not be rushed.”

After speaking, Lin Lei exited the system space and entered the 9th-layer space of the Cloud Tower.

“Ha Ha Ha, Xiaoyou really is extraordinary. Just now Bendi felt a strange energy in you, and this energy is not even what I know, but it is not much, after all, everyone Is there always a secret? What is most incredible to me is that after that energy flashes through, your heart also stops beating, this … “

A word from the reincarnation emperor completely stunned Lin Lei who had just come out of the system space, but later I realized that it was caused by himself entering the system space.

“Oh, Senior doesn’t have to be so nervous, it’s a cultivation technique, no major event.”

“Oh, this is the case.” Although the reincarnation emperor said so, Lin Lei could see from his eyes that the reincarnation emperor didn’t believe what he said at all.

“Senior, I’m now breaking through the Golden Core period, so should we accept inheritance?”

Looking at the reincarnation emperor, there was no movement. Lin Lei looked very anxious, and quickly told the inheritance to the reincarnation emperor.

“Oh, right, look at this had grown old, this mind doesn’t work anymore. Now that the little friend is ready, let’s start, but this emperor has to make it clear in advance. The process is very painful. For the sake of insurance, Bendi will only pass on your experience in cultivation and combat. If possible, Bendi will also pass on the knowledge of the refiner. As for the end, you did n’t learn this. It’s up to you. “

“Okay, many thanks Senior.” Hearing the words of the reincarnation emperor, Lin Lei thanked the reincarnation emperor with gratitude, and began to accept the inheritance of the reincarnation emperor.

“You little friend, please hold on. During my teleportation, you must not be sloppy, and the most taboo is passing out halfway. If you pass out, it means your life. It will also come to an end. “

“Yes”, after hearing the tired words, the reincarnation emperor’s fingers were pointed at the sword, and instantly changed the point in Lin Lei’s eyebrow, and suddenly a huge memory began to emerge in Lin Lei’s mind.

Slowly, Lin Lei began to comb the memories of the reincarnation emperor who has been integrated into his mind. Seeing these memories, Lin Lei really felt the process and experience of the growth of the reincarnation emperor.

“Unexpectedly, I didn’t expect it. This reincarnation emperor is a member of the mortal realm, because when he was a kid, he came to a cave by chance and got the reincarnation ritual and reincarnation beads. Then he started. Cultivation, but slowly, his family is getting more and more lazy. At the end, the relatives of each and everyone are far away from themselves. The reincarnation emperor will then be a major event. In the future, he will never find a mortal person as his own Dao.

Unfortunately, this is often the case. Everything seems to be the Will of Heavens. After the reincarnation emperor was repaired, he began to travel down the mountain. But he rescued a girl on the way. Finally, the girl began to repay the rebirth emperor’s life-saving grace. After stubbornly fighting, in the end, the girl changed her head and married the reincarnation emperor.

With time getting longer, the look of the girl who is busy with you is getting ugly, and the woman finds that the reincarnation emperor is still as handsome as before, and suddenly feels new and confused. After being entangled in the reincarnation of the reincarnation land, the reincarnation emperor finally Cultivation tells her that cultivation is cruel, whether it is cultivation or not, as long as it has strength, as long as it can be in this weak are prey to the strong era, whether it is your relatives or good friends, in the end greed is Can be defeated.

In the end, the woman learned that the cultivation technique of the reincarnation emperor could prove the eternal life, and finally chose to betray the reincarnation emperor, and sold the news of the cultivation technique of the reincarnation emperor to a subordinate from the giants of the upper world. Later, I wanted to kill, but eventually I could n’t do it, because the reincarnation emperor’s love for the woman had surpassed everything, so the reincarnation emperor was chased by the endless killer, and the reincarnation emperor relied on his own The innate talent and cultivation technique survived under constant hunting, and often walked on the edge of death. Therefore, the cultivation base of the reincarnation emperor also began to improve. Under the constant hunting, the reincarnation emperor had been in the thirteen years. He completed a task that no one else could complete in his life. Finally, when the reincarnation of the emperor was granted after three hundred years, who knew that the woman who fell in love with him had not died, and the cultivation base exceeded ordinary people. When the reincarnation breakthrough was the weakest, the woman died The reincarnation emperor only came to his senses. He regretted that he did not kill the life of the woman he fell in love with. At the last breath, the reincarnation emperor left his trace of Remnant Soul in the tower of clouds and the tower of clouds. Breaking into the lower bounds, which is now Xuantian continent.

“Well, the reincarnation emperor is also suffering enough in this life. I did not expect that his own life was created because of his kindness.”

Seeing this, Lin Lei couldn’t help feeling a sigh, and for a moment thought of the red lotus who was unconscious in the system space.

“No, didn’t Remnant Soul, the reincarnation emperor, show me the cultivation technique and combat experience? What kind of trouble is it going to cause now?”

Lin Lei, who was already feeling sorry, could not help but wake up. He never thought about watching the reincarnation of the emperor.

Soon, after three days of this, the reincarnation of the reincarnation emperor ended, but another Lin Lei wondered that the pain said by the reincarnation emperor did not appear at all.

“Well, now you have inheritance, my little friend. I should say it now!”

“Oh, I don’t know what Senior wants to say?” Listening to the reincarnation emperor Remnant Soul, he couldn’t help wondering.

“I want to ask you, when you reach a certain cultivation base, please take revenge for me, kill me that bitch, and kill the forces behind that bitch and the forces that have been pursuing me, I Being able to leave inheritance is also because of my obsession with this. I don’t want to be betrayed by a woman like this. I am not willing, I am not willing. “

Speaking of which, the reincarnation emperor’s tone is full of tyranny, and Lin Lei can feel the Murderous aura from Remnant Soul of the reincarnation emperor, even Lin Lei has never seen it.

“But Senior, the person who killed you is now in Immortal World, as far as my current cultivation base is concerned, I’m afraid …”

“You don’t have to be afraid!” Looking at Lin Lei’s expression, the reincarnation emperor knew Lin Lei’s mind.

“I’m not asking you to kill those people now. I mean when you get to the Immortal World and you have the strength to compete with them, it’s not too late to help me revenge, and I believe you can do it . “

“Oh, do you believe me like that?” Listening to the reincarnation emperor Remnant Soul, Lin Lei became interested for a while, he did not expect that this reincarnation emperor Remnant Soul believed in himself so much.

“Of course, when you come in, I want to be able to feel the power of you within the body, and since you can cultivate Ji Realm, it means that your future must not be under me, and see Your speed of raising the cultivation base, I believe there must be an unknown secret in you, or a treasure that can help you improve the cultivation base. “

After hearing the words of the Reincarnation Emperor Remnant Soul, Lin Lei realized that the Remnant Soul had been spotted when he entered.

“Okay, I can promise you, but I do n’t know if it is successful or not. It depends on when I can cultivate the realm you said, but I can assure you that if I can really reach If the realm you said and your enemy is alive, I will help you get revenge. “

Hearing what Lin Lei said, Remnant Soul, the reincarnation emperor, was sighed in relief, as if he was afraid that Lin Lei would not agree.

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