Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 92

“Okay, okay, okay, I didn’t read the wrong person. You are very nice. I ’m better than the people I ’ve met in my life. I want to see where you can go in the future. Alas, yes, mine. This Remnant Soul is about to dissipate. “

I had a look of expectation, but at the end of the day it turned into understanding, and I was very happy in my tone.

“Well, World’s All Living Things will always die. Even the Immortal or Immortal of Immortal World will die one day. In this person cannibalism the weak are prey to strong, all this will always be faced. “

Listening to Lin Lei’s feelings, Remnant Soul, the reincarnation emperor, could not help but shine, and the transcendent breath on his body became stronger.

“Ha Ha Ha, it’s ridiculous, ridiculous. I didn’t expect that I have practiced for many years in reincarnation, and I always thought that I had learned about the avenue. But now I have listened to a friend’s conversation and lived for hundreds or even thousands of years.

After listening to Lin Lei’s words, Remnant Soul, the reincarnation emperor, seemed to have gone mad, and laughed upwards, his tone full of loneliness.

“Ha Ha Ha, okay, I have some friends calling and don’t wait for me to live for so many years. Before I was dying, I was giving my friends a chance. I don’t know what my friends want to know.”

“Then many thanks Senior, but the juniors are disrespectful!” After hearing the words of the reincarnation emperor Remnant Soul, his eyes brightened, and he agreed without any consideration.

“Haha, okay, I want to tell you about this opportunity that I also accidentally discovered, but the killers were really chasing too tightly at that time, so I used a matrix method to hide the Secret Realm At that time, judging from the energy emitted by that Secret Realm, it must be a very dangerous Secret Realm, and the cultivation base of my Immortal Monarch at that time must not be able to break in, and my conservative estimate is at least to You can only enter it when you are at Xianzun ’s level, so I ’ll pass you the method and the location of the Secret Realm there. When you reach Xianzun ’s level, you can try it. ”

Hearing the news, the smile on Lin Lei’s face was even more prosperous. Originally, he thought that only inheritance and the Tower of Clouds, did not expect the reincarnation emperor to tell himself such an important news.

“Many thanks Senior for giving the chance, the junior must keep to your promise and there will be no one left who will kill Senior’s enemies.”

Hearing Lin Lei’s words, the reincarnation emperor was not saying anything, but the smile on his face was already able to represent what he said.

“Well, I don’t have much time. Hurry to complete this last thing, and I can really be relieved.”

Having said that, Remnant Soul, the reincarnation emperor, did not wait for Lin Lei to speak, and he waved his hands directly, and a ball suddenly appeared in the air, floating in front of Lin Lei.

“Little friend, this is the control hub of this cloud tower. As long as you can refining this thing, you can control the cloud tower through the control hub. You can do whatever you want the cloud tower to do.”

After speaking, the reincarnation emperor did not speak anymore, but looked at Lin Lei quietly.

“This is the control hub of this tower of clouds, it’s finally mine!” Looking at the things in front of him, Lin Lei’s mind was very excited, this is something related to the fate of the future rise of sect.

“Well, don’t watch, as long as you can refining this control hub, then this cloud tower is yours. As for how you refining, it’s not my business.”

Hearing the words of the reincarnation emperor Remnant Soul, Lin Lei did not answer, but instead pouted and smiled, and began to act.

“Phantom blood fire, melting all things, melting.”

Suddenly, a bloody flame appeared in the hands of Lin Lei, and immediately rushed to the control hub suspended in the air. At a glance, the phantom blood fire wrapped the control hub.

“What, what is this flame? I have never seen it before.” Looking at the flame in the hands of Lin Lei, sitting next to Remnant Soul, the reincarnation emperor who watched the show, he immediately stood up, staring wide, eyes It was full of surprise and shock.

“Impossible, how can this thing appear in this basically abandoned space, impossible, impossible …”

Lin Lei didn’t know that the moment he released the blood of the phantom, he had deterred the reincarnation emperor, and even made the reincarnation emperor unable to believe this fact.

“Hmph, the small control hub dares to resist me as much as possible. If you dare to resist, watch out for a torch. You burned it and then refined one.”

Lin Lei, who was refining the control hub, saw that the control hub was not honest, and immediately attacked the control hub with harsh words, not to mention that under the threat of Lin Lei, this control hub was really honest.

At this time Lin Lei was cheerfully refining the Cloud Tower, but Lin Lei was not aware of the qi, and now waiting for him was the entire Xuantian continent’s powerhouse.

As soon as everyone except Lin Lei left the Cloud Tower, they immediately sent sound transmission to their sect, and told everything about sect here, telling them to arrange some cultivation base cultivator.

The Zhong Prefecture continent, the western continent, the eastern continent, the southern continent, and the Northern Section continent, all the sects that received sound transmission, sent the disciple out at the first moment after learning about it, thinking about the west gathering.

“Hmph, I don’t care who got the Cloud Tower in the end, anyway, this thing is mine, I don’t allow anyone to take the Cloud Tower away.”

“Yes, Crown Prince. When I obey the words of the Emperor Longtian, I will inevitably grab this tower of clouds. Coupled with the prestige of our empire and the people sent by us, we can crush the crowd.”

At this time, in a wood in the tower of clouds, in a temporary shed, a person calling himself Crown Prince looked at the tower of clouds with greedy eyes, full of confidence in his tone, As if the Tower of Clouds was already his.

Thinking about the situation here that they claim to be Crown Prince, not only is this one, in the entire Lingtian restricted area, but the powerful sect or empire, they came. All have this idea.

Of course, the matter here, whether it is people or their ideas, Lin Lei, who is currently refining the Cloud Tower Control Hub, has no idea at this time, Lin Lei is quietly refining and receiving the pleasure of Cloud Tower information at this time.

“Fuck, I didn’t expect this tower of clouds to be so stubborn. I really made this time. With this tower of clouds, then the thing I create a sect is not a thing.”

Lin Lei, who was refining the control hub, couldn’t help but have a smile on his face. Of course, all this, Remnant Soul, who was sitting next to the reincarnation emperor of dementia, all looked in his eyes.

It turned out that just when Lin Lei refining the control hub, he began to accept the information of the Cloud Tower and how to control him. Of course, at this time, Lin Lei knew that the Cloud Tower was also a very powerful one. Magic weapon, know more about the origin of this cloud tower.

The cloud tower was originally the treasure of the Righteous Sect of Immortal World Giant of Immortal World Kunlun. However, after the reincarnation of Kunlun’s forces in the killers of the reincarnation, the reincarnation began to revenge. Therefore, the reincarnation emperor sneaked in. At the end of the reincarnation, he was finally found, and he fought against the heroes for three days and nights, but the reincarnation emperor was defeated, he stole the cloud tower, and refining it. From then on, Kunlun did not He stopped sending sects to chase the reincarnation emperor, and this cloud tower also became Immortal World’s view of the Kunlun Mountains. Of course, it can also be said as a joke.

“I depend on it. I did n’t expect that the reincarnation emperor was so arrogant. At that time, he should be cultivation base was not so good. I did not expect him to be as good as the magic weapon of the Immortal World giant. This refining is too handsome, but it is still not as handsome as me. In the end, did this magic weapon still fit in my pocket? “

When I got here first, Lin Lei couldn’t help laughing, his heart was so refreshing and cheerful.

“Well, this kid is really true. This is the most important moment for refining. He can still laugh out of it. If I could have some kid’s opportunities, let alone immortal emperor, even if I am immortal. I ’ve already practiced it! I really do n’t know what dogshit luck this kid has taken, and he will be able to get lucky, and I ca n’t even count his life, it ’s a strange kid. “

Hearing Lin Lei’s laughter, the huge white eyes of the reincarnation emperor were thrown directly at Lin Lei, and a hint of jealousy was revealed in the tone of his speech.

“Come here, the most critical time is coming.” At this moment, feeling the breath of the Cloud Tower, a pair of eyes tightly fixed Lin Lei, who was refining the control hub, and his eyes were full of worried and excited expression. It is impossible for a normal person to have such an expression.

“Hmph, it ’s such a bad thing. I was thinking that as long as you obediently surrender to me, I did n’t expect you to to refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit, okay, then I will send you to death . “

Lin Lei, who was refining to a critical moment, suddenly felt the last struggle of the control hub. This was also because Lin Lei, without any patience, directly increased the power of the phantom blood and rushed towards the throbbing place.

“Hmph, demo, all said don’t struggle, don’t struggle, but you just don’t listen, that’s all right, I don’t need that many saliva.”

Lin Lei was talking to himself, while fastening his seal with both hands, the speed was getting faster and faster, and only a trace of afterimage could be seen in the end.

“You … you can’t, you can’t do this to me, I … surrender, as long as you don’t kill my Divine Consciousness, I will always follow you.”

“Hmph, follow me, how do you change your mind now?” Lin Lei said with a bitterness in his eyes, listening to the control hub.

“I’m sorry, I’m not not following you, you know, after all, I am a magic weapon on Kunlun Fairy Mountain. When the reincarnation emperor refining me, it was more than a hundred times stronger than your current cultivation base, I must not look at Do you have any patience, but who knows you have such a terrible fire. “

Hearing that Divine Consciousness, Lin Lei came to understand that the Artifact Spirit of the original instrument looked down on his cultivation base.

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