Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 93

“You … you dare to despise my cultivation base, it seems that you have really done nothing wrong with phantom blood fire exercises, but in order to keep your memory long, I will work harder to give you an unforgettable and beautiful memory Yes, see if you dare to look down on me like this in the future. “

After speaking, Lin Lei once again increased the smelting strength of the phantom blood fire to the control hub. At this time, the control hub wanted to die.

“Don’t, don’t don’t, master, I’m wrong, I’m really wrong, and I won’t dare in the future, you can spare me for a while, as the saying goes, adults do not remember villains You treat me like a calf born, don’t care about me, okay. “

Listening to the words of the control hub, Lin Lei’s heart suddenly softened, thinking about it, and finally kindly retracted the phantom blood fire.

“Okay, since you have said that, I will spare you this time. I am disrespectful to you. If you dare to have the next time, I will make you completely disappear from this era. You can not believe it, but do n’t deny that I have This ability. “

“Yes, it’s the master.” Hearing Lin Lei’s words, the control hub shuddered noticeably.

“The master, let’s conclude the master-slave contract. As long as this master-slave contract is in place, it will be impossible for me to betray you.”

“Master-servant contract” heard these four characters, Lin Lei was blinded, because he had never heard of it, let alone.

“Small dragon, small dragon, come out quickly and tell me what this master-servant contract is suitable for.”

“Hmph, look for me as soon as you have something. You push me aside as soon as things happen. You really are a fickle person.”

Although it is true, small dragon came out and sat in front of Lin Lei and said.

“Um …, well, small dragon, I know it’s my fault. I’ll be good to you in the future, but it’s most important to resolve the issue at hand.”

Looking at the speaking attitude of small dragon, Lin Lei couldn’t help showing an embarrassed expression on his face, but recalling the past, he really wanted to be what small dragon said.

“Fool, who said you have to use the master-slave contract, you won’t have the master-slave contract, big deal, can you confess the master with blood?”

In a word of small dragon, Lin Lei suddenly opened his mouth and scolded himself in his heart.

“It really fainted. I read that many novels in previous lives. I forgot about it at this critical moment. Since I don’t know the master and the servant, I can recognize the Lord with blood.”

Thinking of this, Lin Lei quickly bit his finger and thought about the control hub dripping, and the moment his blood contaminated the control hub, the entire Cloud Tower vibrated.

“Bang … hong long long”, Lin Lei in the Cloud Tower couldn’t help but also shake, but the people outside were suffering from seedlings, and some people who were drinking or having fun, or eyebrows were listening. After reaching the vision of the Cloud Tower, all of them were uplifted, and concentrated attention completely watched everything that happened here.

“I trust, what is going on here, is it possible that this tower of clouds has already been refining by the person in the tower?”

No … it’s impossible. At least this Cloud Tower must have Immortal Artifact level. If you want to refining it, you must have the cultivator of Great Ascension or Transcending Tribulation to refining him. However, in this tower, People not at all such strength.

Looking at the change of the Cloud Tower, all the people in Lingtian’s restricted area discussed it separately. Of course, except for a few individuals who did not speak, including Lin Lei who knew and did not want to see Thunder.

“Hehe, it seems that this time is really given by that guy, it ’s incredible. If this cloud tower was given by him, then the pattern of Xuantian continent would have changed.”

Talking, his face could not help but pick, his face reveals a matter that does not concern himself and does not care, making people look very embarrassed expression.

“Fast, inform sect, if someone really comes to this cloud tower, then it means that the long silent Xuantian continent will start to mess.”

“Yes”, this is another place in the woods. A gorgeously dressed teenager looked at the Cloud Tower, and said to the person behind him, his tone was very dignified.

“The tower of clouds moves, all parties gather, and once Secret Realm comes out, the world is in chaos.”

Suddenly, in the mid-air of the Cloud Tower, two lines of typing appeared, when everyone’s eyes were all focused on these words.

“No, the kid who got the Tower of Clouds will definitely not be able to leave Lingtian’s restricted area alive, otherwise the entire Xuantian continent will become wary because of this child.”

This idea not only appeared in one’s mind, everyone who saw the two lines of words had the idea.

“Rely on, what’s the matter, isn’t this to play with Lin Lei’s kid?” Seeing the thunder of this sentence, I never thought about killing Lin Lei, but worried about Lin Lei and looked around. A group of glare like a tiger watching his prey looked at the Cloud Tower, and suddenly Lei Dong felt a sense of weakness.

“Well, it seems that this kid really couldn’t escape this time, so many powerhouses, even if my father is here, may not be able to break out.”

Looking at the crowd, Lei Dong could not help but sighed. The feeling in his heart that he could only look at his friends and sit still was full of Lei Dong’s body.

“No, I can’t just sit around and ignore it, even if I can’t save him, at least I can delay a little time for him.”

Just do what you say, and when you’re done talking about thunder, think about walking around, holding the French Seal in your hand without being known.

However, Lin Lei, who was among the Cloud Towers at this time, was glad to completely refining the Cloud Towers. However, when he refining the Cloud Towers, he did not know that the Cloud Towers had been refining to death.

“Ha Ha Ha, Xiaoyou really is out of the ordinary. When I thought about refining the Cloud Tower, I wasted a lot of energy. I didn’t expect Xiaoyou to refining so easily, I really feel ashamed of this emperor. . “

Speaking, the reincarnation emperor shook the head. Although he said so, there was no shame on his face.

“Hehe, Senior joked and laughed, I still know about this little cultivation base, how dare I mention it with Senior on equal terms.”

“Ha Ha Ha, okay, not arrogant and impatient, it really is a person who has done major event. It’s good, it’s good.”

Listening to the words of the reincarnation emperor Remnant Soul, Lin Lei didn’t say much on the surface, but he had despised the reincarnation emperor to the extreme.

“Well, I won’t greet you anymore. I will see you one last thing. Can you do it for me, if you can?”

“Senior, whatever the order is,” Lin Lei became interested as soon as he heard the reincarnation emperor Remnant Soul.

“That’s it. I once received a disciple at Immortal World. I want you to go to Immortal World to find him. If he has any trouble, I would like you to help me out.”

Looking at the look of the reincarnation emperor, Lin Lei was also embarrassed to refuse, because he could not make this mouth. After all, eating people’s mouths was soft and people’s hands were soft. This took others but did not help others. I am afraid this world There is no such good thing yet,

“Okay, Senior, if you are lucky enough to go to Immortal World, you must go back to your disciple. As for lining, I’m afraid it’s not me who lining him but he lining me.”

“Ha Ha Ha, you will know when the time comes.” Listening to what Lin Lei said, the reincarnation emperor laughed.

“Well, my disciple’s name is Long Aotian, and he is a special physicist. If he doesn’t break the physic, I’m afraid the cultivation base can only stay at the level of Mysterious Immortal and can’t improve.”

Listening to the reincarnation emperor Remnant Soul, Lin Lei couldn’t help regret it, but it was too late.

“Okay, that’s it. I’ll be back when the time comes. As for whether I can help him, it’s not necessarily.”

“It’s okay, at the last moment, I’ll help you for a while. Don’t let the Cloud Tower appear in the eyes of the world after you go out, unless you are a trusted person, otherwise you wo n’t know how to die at that time? ? “

Both persuasion and warning, after listening to the reincarnation emperor Remnant Soul, Lin Lei knew the seriousness of the matter.

“Well, now I use my last little power to send heredity to a certain place. The future will be your own. As for why you see it, you will know.”

Speaking, with the wave of the reincarnation’s hand, a crystal illusion appeared in the sight of Lin Lei. Looking at the picture in the environment, Lin Lei was instantly lost because Lin Lei saw the tower around the cloud and waited. The new owner of the Cloud Tower, looking at densely packed heads, Lin Lei’s goosebumps were all up.

“This … what’s going on.” Lin Lei looked at the group of people and asked with a serious look at the reincarnation emperor.

“It’s not because you got this Tower of Clouds. As long as you go out now, then you will become the enemy of the entire Xuantian continent. They will chase you down to the Tower of Clouds in your hands, and of course in the Clouds When Taeje changed hands, you died. “

Listening to the reincarnation emperor, Lin Lei could not help feeling that he had fallen into a trap.

“Well, don’t even think about it, you are my inheritor, no matter how I don’t let you die like this.”

“Thank you Senior, this time if Senior didn’t do it, I don’t know what to do next.”

Looking at Lin Lei, the reincarnation emperor’s eyes flashed a flash of light, and no one found it in an instant.

“Well, close your eyes now, and when you open, you will reach a safe place, but you have to remember to help the disciple of the Emperor break his own special physique.”

Hearing the words of the reincarnation emperor, Lin Lei looked at the serious nodded of the reincarnation emperor, then closed his eyes.

“Hehe, although my body is gone, it can still be done in this already closed space, Yin-Yang Cycle, space shuttle …”

I saw the seal in the hands of the reincarnation emperor quickly, and the silhouette of Lin Lei began to blur gradually. After a while, the silhouette of Lin Lei disappeared completely, not only Lin Lei’s cloud tower that had already recognized the Lord suddenly disappeared. not see.

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