Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 95

“So, the task of finding my Zongyun Tower is left to Great Elder. As for the person who got the Cloud Tower, I do n’t need to say more, you know what to do! Remember but you have to There is complete preparation, no matter whether it is the lower or upper bound, you must not take it lightly. The person you send to must be astute without sect, you know? “

Looking at the heavy task of sitting in the lower position, Xuandao Xiandi squinted and looked at the Great Elder sitting in the first place.

“Knowing the Sect Master, this one will definitely send out the most elite disciple, absolutely foolproof.”

After seeing the expression of the Emperor Xuan Dao, the subordinates shuddered subconsciously, even the most prestigious Great Elder.

“Newspaper”, just when everyone was about to send out the elite, they saw a young disciple coming in, and he didn’t dare to lift his knees on the ground.

“What’s the matter, didn’t you see that we were discussing? Who is your disciple? Didn’t your Master tell you the rules of sect?”

Looking at the disciple kneeling on the ground, Great Elder questioned immediately, while talking, with the coercion of the cultivation base, thinking about the disciple rolling over.

“Pu”, a sound of vomiting blood, saw the disciple holding her hand to her chest, and her face trembled with painful expression.

“Oh …, Sect Master, Elder, disciple, I was obedient to find the breath of my Zongyun Tower, and suddenly found that the Tower of Clouds is in a small planet that has been sealed for a long time, and this seal is in my book There is no record at all in the Collection Pavilion. What is even stranger is that the seal can pop up our query. Although the atmosphere of the Cloud Tower only appeared for a moment, it is certain that the Tower of Cloud was sealed there. Above the planet, so disciple came to report. “

“Pu … 噗噗 pu …”

Just after the disciple had finished speaking, he even spit out a few bloody faces and passed out, leaving only an awkward look at Great Elder and a group of Elders who were preparing to go to the theater.

“Well, Great Elder, I said when can you change your rottenness, how can you hurt yourself at every turn, and why you don’t ask to realize it.”

At this time, the seated Xuandao Xiandi saw the disciple, and his sighed face was full of helplessness. This situation did not appear one or two times, so Xuandao Xiandi was also used to it, but he had to show his face. The strongest also said a few words casually.

“Uh … hehe, that Sect Master, can’t you blame me? Sect has regulations in place, and anyone who breaks into the great hall without any notice must be severely punished, so”

Speaking of this, everyone didn’t say anything, but they would think about what the previous disciple who passed out said, and for a while, the atmosphere inside the great hall became very strange.

“All elders, how has the Emperor never heard of such a planet, and the disciple tells that this planet should have been discovered long ago, why has n’t the Emperor ever heard of it since cultivation? , You often go out and travel and have heard of you. “

Looking at all elders, Emperor Xuan Dao asked the Elders who sat down awkwardly.

“Um … Sect Master, this is the fairy emperor who has read the Scriptures Pavilion. If you do n’t know it, then we ca n’t even know it. Besides, planets in this lower bound can be seen everywhere. Who cares about such a perennial seal? Ah planet. “

Looking at the appearance of the Sect Master, one of the Elders sitting down quickly stood up and touted to the Emperor Xuan Dao for a while, and the Elders who saw this scene threw a huge white eye and looked like the Elder. .

“Sect Master, the disciple of the show, this planet is very likely to be the planet that was accidentally left when it was opened, plus the seal outside the planet, it is likely to be a natural seal. This kind of seal is impossible. Someone broke, unless Fiendgod was able to come and help. “

While everyone was distressed, Great Elder stood up and explained to everyone what was possible based on his own analysis.

“Oh, if that’s the case, then it really hurts. If there is a seal, how can we get into the planet, let alone the tower of clouds, how can this be good.”

After listening to Great Elder’s words, Emperor Xuan Dao first responded, and looked at the crowd with dignity, as if the situation was serious.

“Hehe, Sect Master, this is not necessarily true. All natural arrays have a fatal flaw. According to the information I got in a Secret Realm, it is inevitable for everyone to own such an array. But the real strength of this array is that it can only go further, so many people know that they can only look at it sloppily and cannot take action. If this is the case, then we disciple in and want to come out again. That is almost impossible. “

After speaking, Great Elder observed that the surrounding Elder looked at his own eyes, his eyes were full of surprise and surprise, and even the high-ranking Emperor Xuan Dao looked at himself with admiration.

“Great Elder is really Great Elder, and it really is that the yin and yang are connected by astronomy and astronomy. I didn’t expect to know even such things, but even if you can only enter and cannot go out, then you have to go. There will always be a way, as long as you can get The Tower of Clouds is not a part of our Kunlun Immortal Sect, so I can collect more beliefs and break through the realm faster. This is not a fear of being a good bird. How good the tower can collect faith. “

Looking at Xuandao Xiandi’s excited look, the face of Great Elder sitting in the lower position showed an embarrassed expression. This scene of Xuandao Xiandi sitting in the upper position naturally noticed.

“Why, does Great Elder have different suggestions or opinions on the emperor’s thoughts?” The originally excited Xuandao Xiandi changed his face immediately after seeing Great Elder’s expression, and said to Elder in a very cold tone.

“No, no, it just seems that the Sect Master I just said doesn’t seem to understand thoroughly. I said that this kind of formation can only go in but not go out, no matter whether a person is alive or not, as long as he goes in, he cannot go out. This is what I call the power of natural matrix, but this is not only able to be formed naturally. As long as the cultivation base reaches a certain level, I can think of it after I think of the Great Dao’s principle. Of course, this cultivation base Already soared, so “

When everyone heard the words of Great Elder, everyone had a disappointed expression on their faces, especially the superior Emperor Xuandao who was sitting in the upper position, and his face was extremely stinky at this time.

“Well, okay, this is the thing! As long as you can get the Cloud Tower back, even if you can’t get it out, the Cloud Tower is in the hands of your own sect. By the way, let the people sent this time open on that planet. The division of sect allows them to find people with innate talent in the Nether to strengthen the strength of Great Sect. Let it all go! This matter is left to the Great Elder to supervise. “

After speaking, the Emperor Xuan Dao did not give everyone a chance to speak, and disappeared silently, while everyone did not forget to saluted to the higher level, and then went their separate ways, each doing his own personal thing.

This kind of thing has attracted the attention of Immortal World’s major strengths, and there are also many people. Those who follow Kunlun Immortal Sect walk towards the lower bound, although those people do not know the purpose of this trip.

However, at this time Lin Lei, who is within a one Sect in the south of Xuantian Continent, certainly does n’t know, even if he knows it, of course, Lin Lei is even more unaware that at this time he is facing the entire continent. Hunting, although Immortal World also sent a lot of people, but for Lin Lei now, it is still very late.

At this time, in the Putuo sect in the south, a distant Little Monk was taking Lin Lei through the formation in the sect and walking towards Huiyuan Master’s residence in the depths. On the way, Little Monk kept asking sect. The outside world, and Lin Lei is also very little Monk very fate, and then talked about it.

“Ding dong, congratulations to the host, and found a highly qualified disciple. It is recommended that the host collect it immediately under his own door. In the future, it must be a warlord who fights the Quartet.”

While explaining Little Monk’s weak but powerful Huahua World outside, the silent system gave a hint.

“What, disciple, and the future warlord, system you will not be the alienated Little Monk around me!”

Listening to system, Lin Lei didn’t want to believe it, but he could definitely point out the people that system suggested.

“Ding dong, the host is really smart. I am referring to the alienated Little Monk around you. I just checked the situation of Alienated Little Monk without your permission. I found that this alienated Little Monk is the top spirituality of the Jinmu dual system. root, and talent is even better, but I do n’t know why, this alienation from Little Monk is still just a little cultivator of the Peak of Light? ”

Listening to the system’s report of alienating Little Monk, he had to say that Lin Lei was very motivated.

“Ding dong, the host must not think before thinking about it. The systematic initiative to introduce the disciples must be particularly good. If you miss this time, then you wo n’t know when it will be until the next meeting. Do n’t forget the host. Now, during the five-year covenant, there is a mission to accept the disciples. Until now, you have only received a disciple. If you cannot receive the amount specified by the system within five years and become famous in Xuantian Continent, then the consequences You know, I won’t say much. “

At this point Lin Lei really wanted to kill the system. There was something in mind. Every time something was left for moving things out of the system to kill things, but I have to say that this trick really worked.

“Hmph, if you take it, don’t you just take a disciple. Even if he has a Master, I will let him willingly worship me as a teacher.”

Thinking to himself, Lin Lei turned with a smile and looked towards the alienated Little Monk who was walking in front.

“Distant, do you want to go out and see the world outside, look at the flower world outside, and countless days of pride.”

He was estranged leading the way. After hearing Lin Lei’s words, his heart stopped and he said nervously.

“The donor, it ’s not the little monk who does n’t want to, but the Master said that there was no place to fight back after I went out with my current strength, so the Master let me ascend to the distraction period in the sect, and then let me leave the sect and go out. Experience, to be honest, I really want to go out to see the World that the donor just said, but the teacher’s order must not be violated. “

Listening to the estranged words of Little Monk, Lin Lei moved in his heart and heard the meaning of estranged words, and knew that this matter was a matter of eyebrows. Then he used the words of the outside world to seduce without estrangement.

“It’s okay, as long as you worship me as a teacher, I can take you where you want to go, and I can also promise you to make you famous throughout the Xuantian Continent, and I can make your cultivation base overnight Breakthrough, so … “

“No, one day as a master is a father for life.” Before he said anything, he was immediately estranged and given back. He said angrily: “Although the little monk wants to go out to see the outside world, but Little Monk has Little Monk’s principle is that it is impossible to betray the Master for its own selfish desires, and it is impossible to betray the Master, and please ask the little donor not to say this again in the future. If there is another time, even if the little monk does not have a high cultivation base, but The little monk will still fight with the donor. “

Having said that, Little Monk hastened his pace and thought about Huiyuan Master’s room, and Lin Lei also followed this Little Monk in an embarrassing manner. He didn’t dare to lose it for a moment, and he quickly brought Lin Lei here. Huiyuan’s residence.

“come in!”

Just then, the alien who was about to knock on the door, heard Lin’s voice, and pushed Lin Lei directly to open the door and enter the room.

“Amitabha, Master, this little donor came to this sect, and wanted to ask where to go, but disciple didn’t know and came here with the little donor, and asked the Master to make atonement.”

Talking, Little Monk turned back to the ground, with an annoyed expression on his face, and looked at a wrinkled old monk in front of him.

“Hehe, no matter what, you get up! When you come to my yard, I already feel the breath from the donor.”

oh? ”Looking at the old monk in front of him, Lin Lei had a sense of seeing through, but how did he see that the old monk was a person without a cultivation base, but when Lin Lei heard the old monk ’s words , You are ready to fight, even if you ca n’t fight, you are ready to fight.

“Hehe, the little donor doesn’t have to be nervous. I have a secret method called Yunyan. By practicing this secret method, you can detect people who are better than your cultivation base, no matter what the other person uses to hide the cultivation base.”

Hearing here, Lin Lei’s heart was relaxed a lot, but a vigilant heart was inevitable.

“It’s a miscalculation, why did I forget to hide the power with system, oh! If I meet the enemy, wouldn’t I have exposed myself to the enemy’s eyes.”

Thinking of this, Lin Lei’s back could not help but sweated, and at the same time Lin Lei was also very glad that this time it was not the enemy.

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