Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 97

“Ha Ha Ha, okay, since the Huiyuan Master said so, it ’s better to respect him from the bottom. From today on, Huiyuan is my second disciple of Lin Lei. As a teacher ’s disciple, he was dismissed after going out. When asked, they ca n’t always drop the price. Later, when they ask where your teacher is, you can say that Xuanzong Sect Master Lin Lei is fine. I believe that Xuanzong will be the overlord of Xuantian in the next few years. “

When saying this, Lin Lei’s body doesn’t always have a domineering look, and he wears clothes without wind. If he didn’t know Lin Lei cultivation base before, someone will think that he is in front of him. Is to be a world expert.

“Hmph, I said, I don’t leave my Master, and didn’t promise you to be your disciple, all this is not your wishful thinking that’s all.”

Looking at Lin Lei’s look, alienation felt a bit of unhappiness, but the Master was not good at the side.

“Distant, this is your fault. Did n’t the donor Lin Lei say it? As long as you worship him as a teacher, you can shine the lintel, so there will be a light on the face of the master after going out. No, Benefactor Lin’s cultivation base Not to mention, the single Nine Revolutions Golden Body Art that Benefactor Lin just brought out is enough to prove the power behind it. Let ’s look at it now, let alone Spirit Stone, even if it is a good one I ca n’t get the cultivation technique … ”

“Master, don’t say it.” I couldn’t listen to Master’s words, so I interrupted Huiyuan’s words, and then said, “Master, I don’t care what glorious doorkeeper is, I only care It’s just you, save me such a disciple by your side, if you have something that is three long and two short, then … “

“Distant, you do n’t have to go to Dao Heart. If you are worried about Huiyuan Master, then I can introduce Huiyuan Master to one Sect. This sect has good resources. If there is any need, I can do it casually. mention.”

Looking at the alienated anxiety, Lin Lei was even more anxious. In the end, he immediately broke the road to alienation. As long as alienation has no worries, is this disciple still hopeless?

“Hehe, the donor is serious. Although sect has nothing, I will not leave. Sect took me in when I was young and cultivated me even more. I will not leave my clan even if I die.”

Looking at Huiyuan’s decisive look, Lin Lei knew that this road would not work.

“Distant, just follow Benefactor Lin! I really hope to see you who sensational Xuantian continent, I don’t want to see a seedling with such a good cultivation fund buried in my hands, let’s go ! “

Seeing the Huiyuan Master begging hard, eventually Huiyuan, who had no nodded in the eyes, agreed with tears in his eyes, and Lin Lei was so happy to see this scene.

“Ha Ha Ha, that’s great, it’s really great, this time I can go to the east with peace of mind.”

“Well, is that right? But you can’t mess around outside, even if you are not my disciple, but now you are my son, you know? You must listen to Benefactor Lin’s words in the future, you must not Makes Benefactor Lin angry … “

Watching the Huiyuan Master settled to alienation, Lin Lei sent his whole head, and Huiyuan said almost two hours to Huiyuan just like the scriptures, knowing that Lin Lei said when he was hungry, Hui The Source Master reluctantly gave up.

“Let’s do it first! Let Alien now take Benefactor Lin to rest in the room, and I will definitely give Benefactor Lin the road map of the teleportation array tomorrow.”

“Yes, that’s the Adoptive Father. I’ll take the Master first.” Hearing Huiyuan’s words, the alienation hurried out, and saluted Huiyuan farewell, and took Lin Lei towards the door.

“Well, this will be fine. The alienation finally has its own place, and it’s time for me to do my own thing.”

The people who went out did not find it. When they stepped out of the room, they had a charitable Huiyuan, staring into the distance with a murderous aura, screaming, and the sound of the evil spirit walking to Abi Hell, very } People.

“Host, you will pick up a bargain, you know? Not only is this news of alienation, but even the person who claims to be Huiyuan is also a simple character!”

The coming out of Lin Lei, smiling, tangently hehe enjoyed the thrill of apprenticeship. At this time, the voice of system Artifact Spirit small dragon came out, and the information was particularly compelling.

“What, Huiyuan Master is not a simple task? What the hell is going on to hear?” Lin Lei immediately became interested after hearing the words of small dragon.

“Hmph, this self-proclaimed Huiyuan, I did not look carefully, but just when you left his room, a huge killing intent passed out of the room, although it was instantly Take control, but as a system Artifact Spirit, I have n’t seen anything. Although it ’s only a moment, I can feel afterwards that this source of benefits is a cultivator of the fit period, and the existence of the fit peak. “

“Combined Peak?” This sentence is enough to arouse Lin Lei’s suspicion, and even more skeptical is that he has such a good cultivation base, why not teach it to alienation, but let such a good seedling be buried.

“What’s the matter, scared, but you don’t have to worry about it. I can feel it. His kind of killing is not directed at you at all, so just rest assured to complete the task of the one-year covenant. Besides, you have received so A wonderful disciple of innate talent, don’t you plan to give someone a good meeting? “

“Hmph, will I be afraid?” Listening to the small dragon questioning himself, Lin Lei was upset, but thought that the disciple he had just received was still around, so he didn’t say much when he entered.

“Okay, that’s all for now! Since Huiyuan doesn’t want to say, I don’t have to listen, as long as he doesn’t interfere with my affairs, if it does, I don’t mind letting him go to Abi Hell A tour. “

Speaking, Lin Lei’s mouth and face could not help but skim upwards, one hand touched his nose, and said indifferently.

“Master … Master, we have arrived.” At this moment, a very uncoordinated passed into Lin Lei’s ear. Lin Lei, who was talking to small dragon, woke up quickly, looking at the room in front of him, Lin Lei didn’t act too much. many.

“Well, you come in as a teacher! I want to tell you about the principles and sect rules for teachers.”

Talking, without waiting for the alienation to say anything, he just pushed in the door and sat directly on the bed, and the alienation was standing beside him.

“As a teacher, there are no special rules. As long as you can remember three points, the first thing is that there must be mutual love and tolerance between same sects, and you must not fight for your life because of any benefits. The second is not to indiscriminately kill innocent people. Do n’t be too arrogant and do n’t take pride in others. Remember, do n’t underestimate anyone. The third is the most important thing. You have to remember that although we do n’t cause trouble, we are not afraid of it. The killer kills everyone, the respectful one respects it, and the other is nothing. ”

The estrangement there is now, after listening to what Lin Lei said, the previous performance of Lin Lei disappeared. It was also at this moment that the estrangement really took Lin Lei as his master.

“Well, I remember. In the future, the discipline will always remember what the Master said, but it will not insult the teacher.”

“Well, good.” Looking at the newly received disciple in front of him, Lin Lei is more and more pleasing to the eye, the more he likes it, and Lin Lei can feel that alienation has taken himself as the real master.

“Well, since you worship me as a teacher, then naturally you can’t treat you badly.”

Having said that, Lin Lei took out a set of glamorous clothes from his storage ring, and passed a cold light long sword to the standing alienation, saying with a smile: ” disciple, this is a meeting gift given to you by the teacher. Time is inevitable. There are only these Treasure Items. So, when you get the teacher ’s sect, you must make up for it. “

Looking at the clothes and long sword that the Master handed over, alienated eyes looked at Lin Lei with tears in his eyes, shaking his hands and finally worshiping.

“Many … Many thanks to Master. Disciple was offended a lot in the past. I also hope that Master will not be surprised.”

“Well, okay, you can change the Treasure Item first, oh, and this bottle of Spiritual Qi, after taking it, you can break through the existing realm and reach the next level.”

Hearing the Master ’s estrangement, he quickly took the bottle from Lin Lei’s hand, opened the cap and asked. The whole body was lighter, and the breakthrough barrier of the next period was felt.

“Master, this … This is really too expensive, I can’t afford it. Besides, the Master is also the key time to improve his strength, so leave it to the Master to use it.”

Seeing alienation, Lin Lei felt warm and didn’t pick it up with his hands, and said with a smile on his face: “You use it, so little Spirit Qi, for me now, there is nothing at all The most useful thing is to be refreshing. “

Originally, alienation wanted to talk and excuse, but after all kinds of persuasion by Lin Lei, he finally agreed, alienated and saluted, and the Treasure Item and Spiritual Qi went out.

“Hehe, it is really a child who has not been involved in the world, but this unpolished jade has been carefully polished by me, and I believe that it must be the existence of a giant in the future.”

First of all, Lin Lei laughed in the room alone.

Alienation After leaving Lin Lei’s room, he quickly came to his own room, drank the Spiritual Qi solution given by Lin Lei, and practiced. Lin already had a good foundation and Lin Lei taught Nine. Revolutions Golden Body Art, the estrangement soon broke through to the bottom of the valley, the estrangement after the break did not stop, but it took one night to consolidate the cultivation base of the bottom of the valley.

The night is always so quiet, but there is always a killing action under the quiet night. Of course, some people like it and some people hate it. As the saying goes, the night is dark and the night is high.

The calm time always rushed away. The quiet time of the night was spent by Lin Lei. The people in Putuo Zongzong gradually came out and moved around. Slowly more and more people came. This is Huiyuan. At the door of Lin Lei’s house, a knock sounded.

“Dong dong dong, Benefactor Lin, I will be Huiyuan. I do n’t know if I see it now. I have already drawn the map of the teleportation array.”

Standing at the door of Huiyuan, he smiled and said to the door, saying “speaks in a gentle tone”, which is not the same as Huiyuan who had a killing intent alone yesterday.

“Well, it was done so early. It seems that it’s time for me to set off for the East to complete a year’s appointment.”

Having said that, Lin Lei got out of bed, adjusted his clothes, and thought about the door opening. As soon as he opened the door, he saw the Huiyuan Master standing at the door.

“Ha Ha Ha, Master Huiyuan, I’m really sorry. I didn’t expect that the Master would send me the road map of the teleportation array, so I was really disturbed.”

Speaking, Lin Lei took the road map in Huiyuan’s hands with an apology and opened it. All the marks were clearly written on it, and some of them could not understand. Huiyuan also specially After making a note, Lin Lei’s affection for Huiyuan suddenly increased.

“Ha Ha Ha, many thanks Huiyuan Master. With this roadmap, I believe that I will be able to return to the east soon. All of this depends on Huiyuan Master. It can be said that Huiyuan Master is already my life-saving benefactor. . “

Speaking, all the expressions of sincere gratitude in Lin Lei’s eyes were included in Huiyuan’s eyes. Suddenly, Huiyuan’s eyes were filled with satisfaction.

“Serious, I just did what I should do, not to mention a life-saving benefactor, but the old monk wanted to know when Benefactor Lin planned to leave for the east. If time was sufficient, I wanted to prepare something for alienation. I wonder if … “

Hearing this sentence, Lin Lei knew another meaning in the words, but the situation was urgent, and a little delay would add a little danger to his life.

“Huiyuan Master, I really can’t do this. I’m in danger now. If I can’t return to the east within a month, then my life is really …”

Speaking of this, Lin Lei didn’t say any more. You can hear that Lin Lei’s words are already obvious. As long as the other party is not a fool, he can understand what Lin Lei means.

“Eh … Okay! Then I’ll rush to find a distant place and talk about it now.” After speaking, Huiyuan went straight to the place where the distant place was located, and Lin Lei didn’t stop it because there was no need at all. Lin Lei didn’t care.

The maps in those hands were tight with both hands, and the expression of excitement in his eyes was self-evident.

And Huiyuan came to the distant room and said a lot of things of concern, and then gave a lot of things, especially when I was going to give you jade pendant, Huiyuan said graciously: “Distant, this jade The meaning of pendant is far-reaching, you must protect it, do n’t lose it, you know? At a certain time, this thing will tell you a big secret, so you must use your life to come Protect it, I’ll say so much when it’s okay, you go quickly, your Master is already waiting at the sect mouth, come and go! “

Then, Huiyuan pushed the alienation out, tears in his eyes, his hands shaking.

With a “Pa”, Lin Lei turned around and knelt down on the ground, scratching his head at Huiyuan, trembling in tone and saying, “Adoptive Father, I’m gone, please take care of yourself when I’m away. The body of a child. When the child’s name moves, it will be the day when the child returns home. “

After speaking, alienating his head for three times, he stood up and turned to walk towards Sect. He didn’t twist his head all the way, he was afraid that he would be reluctant to turn around.

Lin Lei, standing at the mouth of sect, saw the estranged look of alienation, and knew what had happened, and said nothing. Turned around and followed the map along the line, heading east.

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